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"roland ewere" Discussed on Talk 1260 KTRC

"Rotunda something like that just little you know look quick lunchtime it actually astor piazolla yeah exactly in the end it you know the show p people in santa fe the you know there some really good stuff you know down in the southern part of the state while richard you've been talking to a lot of politicians slide may will i'll tell you if i can work units at the thought that lay are fed up we'll talk to the quartet may be us inner worth in and speaker e gough could could help us out with we'd be very open to that you'll just a little lunchtime thing you know the for the legislators in ah and for the public yeah all right and this is going to be really cool because the eu symphony and the school for the art they also get to partake right yes they do they get to attend the dress rehearsal which is a great learning experience for young players because you know they you symphony people they have fast students from elementary school through high school and one of the things we found out about the our program is that approximately somewhere between thirty and forty percent of the petition participants in their program actually go on to steady music at a post postsecondary level and we're talking school for the urge no we're talking though santa hanifi you simply association i don't actually know what the percentages are at the school for the arts at roland ewere 100 percent while that's probably true incurred isaac very motivated gives over yeah oh they are an and you know their new chair of the music department kurt isaac stern has been really fantastic to work with two of we've enjoyed that collaboration and his background as classical yes it is okay all right so along with the professors added in mexico came up the program so fill a thin on the program why will people wanna go see your show well it has three big hitters on it buck beethoven and schubert the buck brandenburg concerto number five which we came in with which we came in with and that's heavy on the strings tonight plus flute and uh keyboard plus very popular plus it's very well no i asked you know franz before we started what's your favorite favorite brandenburg and he said all of them you have to go what one through six he can just you know pick out number three other six yes but.

santa fe richard e gough dress rehearsal isaac kurt isaac stern mexico franz brandenburg eu roland ewere beethoven schubert forty percent 100 percent