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"roland compu" Discussed on Hit Parade | Music History and Music Trivia

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"roland compu" Discussed on Hit Parade | Music History and Music Trivia

"I'm gonna go crazy but probably the most transformative sonic evolution of the 80s came from Shaka Khan. Her first big shift came thanks to the group she thought she had left behind. Rufus ain't nobody was born when Rufus keyboardist David hawke walensky was playing around with what turned out to be a seminal piece of technology. The Lin drum. We've talked on hit parade about some inspired 80s singles that came out of artists tinkering with new technology. How, for example, the prophet 5 spawned Phil Collins spooky in the air tonight, or the Roland compu rhythm, which powered Daryl hall and John Oates sleek I can't go for that. The lindrum was one of those. It had already appeared on major hits by the human league. Don't you want me you know I can't believe it when I hear that you won't see me and prince. All night but what hawk wolinski did on ain't nobody was truly inspired. He ran the lindrum's beats through a sequencer, which made the rhythm off kilter and strangely enveloping. It was like the beat and the synth lines were either fighting or playing off of one another. Then he added a monster kick drop. Which was doubled in the studio by Rufus actual human drummer, John Robinson. None of this would have mattered if shock a con weren't singing the song. On 8 nobody. Con holds back for two verses. Snarling and purring before the explosion of the chorus. It was Rufus last hit and arguably their tour de force. Ain't nobody love me better than her makes me happy makes me feel ain't nobody reached number one on the R&B chart in October 1983 and a more modest number 22 on the Hot 100, two months later. It remains Rufus most played radio track to this day. Rivaled only by tell me something good..

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