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"roken rocha" Discussed on Thug Mills - How Good Is This?

Thug Mills - How Good Is This?

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"roken rocha" Discussed on Thug Mills - How Good Is This?

"Suck meals for twenty radio because it's four twenty somewhere of embarrassing but toilet paper over here going on. You can't spare three square Morozov now. I don't have a square to spare. I can't spare square. We're talking about right now invincible. I'll take one social distancing. Daw have good is this. This is great sense that you race is to Miss Jaren. Here they get. Yeah Oh just thought. It was so long since we checked him with what custom growth for twenty jelly was doing. If you couldn't recognize the the the wonderful country he gives to his he's Bonk's anyway twenty everyone one. We missed it by a couple of days. It's the twenty third But you know lazy and welcome to the PODCAST. How good is this? Is this the first time you're listening to this podcast? I'm very sorry allergy shooting up. The numbers are shooting up and so is race. I'll give you back to you in a minute. I'm good how you guys doing. I'm very very I'm tired of the moment because I can tell Steve he's up to something. He sends us a message demanding us. We put it in Stereo sitting from his computer and he keeps looking down these fate. If you brought that fucking portable back this year one show redemption all right or is he just going to do this. Let's start the first segment. Let's get into the pattern cry. She don't want to get into Japan. Alex you want to dig deeper on us. Dave I've got something here and it really is a question of what the fuck is wrong. Here we go yes. My Name's paint and your Chin clubbed to death getting touched by facebook. If you like or text in our four hundred zero three one six seven and going to give a shout my friends Dave. Thanks for getting in touch with you when you mentioned. Pumpkins STEVE PBS. What was it like twelve thirty? Seven Death Death Pete Bramley PBS. And then of course you're just. Sms-ing radio stations asking them to play the Pumpkins shoe. That's the thing I was just like. I'm just GONNA Message Sale. Oh I was just like well we may everyone does play some pumpkins on an old. Stralia and independent. We'd roken Rocha and he's a he's a great show. It's really good and beck on your bullshit stuff. We actually got a message from a listener. And this is this is true. No Shit he said. This is from rob. I can't believe Steve. Claims to hate the pixies but he danced to them so deep so deep Dan. He doesn't hate them. I reckon now. Do you hate the pixies. Oh not one of my favorite bands in for it. What other bands? Yeah you're you're pretty black and white so like you're eighty love something so so would you say you hate the pixies? This is not like the question whether I danced to the pixies. Is that what I think you know? I have happened I tire. Yeah if it was a golden planes. I don't remember ever court transcripts and apparently you. What other bands would you say? You hate? Very parliament's pavement. Yeah that's same thing. Golden Plains is like this is great That's interesting 'cause I'm did you. Did you watch the TV last night? Did you sixty nine minutes Jennifer arm. Richard Call on Giles fully. I'm Tracy Kierra. I'm Liz Hayes. I'm Ellen I'm Tara Brown on I'm I'm not and I am researching the funny one tonight on sixty nine minutes thornberry man thinks he doesn't like the band pavement. The alternative music scene in the nineteen nineties was a diverse melting pot of genres seeing the emergence into the mainstream of what was traditionally thought of as underground with the rise of punk bands such as Nevada and experimental pop indie bands such as blur although music tastes differ between fans. Recent research has proven without a doubt that it is scientifically impossible for thirty eight year. Old White Man who lives in thornberry to not like pavement. Steph squid chips. Whoever has attempted to defy this is adamantly claimed throughout his loft to not like pavement and despite sharing a name even actively disliking Stephen Malcolm and the jukes sixty nine minutes has come across damning evidence that will show you that infect several squid chips does at least have some affection for the band and in this sensational experts. Say we set out to set the record straight for all lovers of ninety s indie music. Meet amy she's a decade-long friend of stem cells and even more importantly a lover of pavement amy. How long have you known steps that twenty years and amy in all this time knowing Steve? Ross how would you describe his relationship with pavement? I really aggressive. We'll anytime I put payment on or even if it were potty or a buy in some plight of tight-knit songs it's something like what is this shit or place in Pumpkins. That sounds incredibly annoying. Yes yes sixty nine minutes is come across. Cici TV footage of what appears to be a modestly disheveled man clearly neighboring added at Melbourne venue. Which will blow the doors open on this investigation? Amy Can you please tell me what you see on the TV video? Save the tires. And that's sterile. Amy You show. Is that drunken homeless man. You see in the video. Definitely Sergeants devils. Yeah for sure. He's lifting arms dancing and smiling. Amy What music is he dancing to anywhere? That's cut your hair by pavement. Even more damning experts from the critically panned documentary. The thuggish do China in which a few frames of footage shared the same vagrant watching Stephen Malcolm us and the jigs performed there pavement cover of Summer Bay from the side of stage. Yeah that's team again. Fucking hell what an asshole and they. You have definitive proof that even for the most hard of smashing Pumpkins fans the lyrics of range. Life Aren't enough to stop you loving pavement next week on sixty nine minutes. The powerpoint does hoarding credit card. Points make you six year or just smarter a shocking reveal. The six minutes has got an infused ever wrote threatening to get back with dodgy. Landlords neighbours hell Steph. Guess which one man without anything. Decipher Yourself Steve. And your defense I I. It was might up at those other evidence. That was actually left out so and we'll gladly. I didn't already did. Tender was wife of next year. I know for a fact. The sixty nine minutes producer was trying a little different avenues to get that footage. We thought it was recorded on an iphone. Maybe you're housemate has apparently the producers washing us for a week. We couldn't locate it. Well let's not bury the lead. Steve You people knew the show Steve We we are for US catch up. My mom was asking about this. Podcast shared to my mom She might be listening and to give her some information they just give us the run up to this look basically Donte recently ordered some split fans but more importantly I Ordered some fleecy track pants and they have arrived. And I'm about to give them the devout on live on the podcast. I'm currently in my disabled old bonds. Hang on this sorry race. It's quite interesting issue. Alive alive opening you live reveal fuck man because honestly the Dougie's firm lines have been going off.

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