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"Radius staple right here. Good morning, everyone. Welcome back. I'm Randy Lemon. Just one last little segment. I got calamari here will bring in my very end of the program today from about 9 40 on and say goodbye to him, even though he'll be here tomorrow. Just I came to the studio today because I got a little gift. I want to give him a Z walks out the door and we'll see whether he wants to actually try it or not. Yeah, he just didn't know what it is. Yeah. What's the Esso Aberdeen, Scotland, only 200,000 ish. Well, it's a burning in that the name What was the name of the lady in Ah Hunger games. Katniss is at Aberdeen ever Dio sound like a burning. I don't watch it as much as the kids do this. It's the Katniss Aberdeen Granite City. It's very gray all the granite there, so they harvest granite and send it around the world. Yeah, it's pretty, though, When the sun does come out, it has that sparkle to it. But most of the time, there's no sun. Alright, what's that? What is an Aberdeen role? Leading role just like a buttery. Okay, what says what is averaging known for averting rolls. A buttery Roey will every time I come back from there, I'll bring them in my suitcase and freeze them, but they go. It's essentially like a smushed Chris on TTE, but with even more layers and even more fat 1000 hood, and they used to make them for the sailors back in the day because they would preserve For so long at sea. They would they wouldn't go mouldy. Right. So must have Taste. I found out just a couple of weekends ago that Because of Scotland and so smoked salmon is a staple over there that you and I love like smoked salmon on bagels with cream cheese on eggs Benedict that kind of stuff. Once I started I was probably about your age has tried 22 23 years old when I got introduced toe smoked salmon for breakfast Oye by a Jewish friend of mine, OK, and who's you know, got New York ties. So that's where that came from. Now, if I see smoke salmon on anything from eggs Benedict to just playing on a bagel with cream cheese and capers and lemons and onions. I'm all over it. And I had that you were in met Michigan a couple weeks ago like that, so any other like staple foods that Aberdeen are especially Scotland is known from that we haven't thought about talked about, but Aries a macaroni pie. It's just a pie. What is that pie? No, that's that's different. It's like a pork beef pie. What a pies over there. It's so easy to make Lauren sausage sausages this square. You know, sausage is made out of Not the best cut, but it's good tablet tablet is just sugar, just butter and sugar. And it was wonderful in that caramel or caramel here. Ah, a little different. Dundee marmalade and rolling jelly. Okay, Rohan Jelly sounds interesting to me. Because it's made from Berries. You go native to Scotland. I Amber's couldn't have that iron brew to drink. It's not on this website, so I can't go out on the world and then last finale, Sheepshead broth. I haven't had that. Really? No, I don't know if I would either. Still like that. I have burning Roey thatjust rally. I would like a rally. So next time I go. I'll bring it to you. I was going to say, Could you make some this weekend and bring him in? My sister made them but they're not as good as somebody back home. We won't get into that. Okay. Martino, Marty in Fairfield. Of course she listens. Good morning. This is a note for you. Too early in the morning to talk about stomach and innards of sheep. Sorry. Sorry. I'll take the blame for that s O. And then last finales. What are you going to miss about the garden line? Processing and calls and you miss anybody off course I'm going to miss all the Marty Lynn and humble. Who else got theirs. But there's some people that will be concerned about you. They may have not listened in the last couple weeks and come back from summer vacation. What happened? Callum will be here. He'll be here in Siem. I'm actually seem more than I do. But we can show it on Monday, something I like to come in and get work stuff taken care of. I haven't done that for the last few months, but I like to get work stuff taking care of office wise. Production. I like working production one days and Tuesdays with Jeremy. Oh, yeah. Jeremy's great. Yeah, he's good. Everything so Oh, miss. I mean, of course, all the callers in every single one of everything I want of you s Oh, that said, let me get ready to go into a break. And then, as soon as this breaks down, we'll start answering calls. Your guard line calls. I got Kenneth and Angleton up first. It's 713 to 1 to Katie rates that 713 to 125874 to one to catering to 125874 were talking about salvos fertilizer little while ago and we mentioned that They carry just about everything. They have lots of different organic fertilizers, but one that has been on their shells since pretty much day one and it is at all the feed stores and more and more Ace hardware stores. Starting Carrot is the micro life line of fertilizers, had a friend of mine who's definitely into Ah, I would say organic garden, but definitely just into vegetable gardening. He was asking me about, you know, prepping his fall vegetable, Ben what you know, howto like, not rest and everything I said, Well, you're got all this great soil. Put that together. You know, you kind of two parts of someone part compost, but then take micro life 60 for the green label and just start incorporating into the soul start blending it into the soil. Oh, by the way, did you know that nature's way resource is blends Micro live 64 into a lot of their soils. So let's do what nature's way does and just get that already working in the soil, So that's feeding the plants immediately. When you start doing some transplant about a month, maybe a month and 1/2 from right now, Michael I 60 for the Green label. They have the red label. That's the plant food, acidified. And then, of course, the orange label for anything having to do with Citrus avocado. Any fruit trees, stone fruit, Barry Vines, They've got it all. And micro life Fertilizer. The website micro life fertilizer dot com. Check out the map. You're going to be blown away and impressed how many places carrying the micro lie fertilizer products today since 1996 on a never ending quest to stop the yearly crape.

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