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Republicans Could Really Be on the Cusp of Something Great

The Charlie Kirk Show

01:31 min | 2 d ago

Republicans Could Really Be on the Cusp of Something Great

"And if some of you are skeptical with all of the results coming in in Arizona, but now you see the result, just trust me with this every single one of these candidates can win. Your artist is starting to see the chattering of some people in the center right media. Maga candidates can't win. That is nonsense. How many times do we have to prove that thesis wrong? If you have a charismatic articulate, wise. Candidate. That understands the issues. They will win. If they stand on principle, Myra Flores one in the Rio Grande valley being a strong border hawk conservative, not pandering to the middle. But instead, holding the line, maga candidates swept the entire state of Arizona. Maga candidates swept in Missouri. Swept in Michigan. The Republican Party we've done our job. So what does that mean now going into November? We must acknowledge suppression polls, suppression polls. We must acknowledge we're going to be outspent and we have to get to work because this right here, this midterm election can be one of the most consequential not just for the country. I'm so tired of people saying that. Charlie, this is the most important election in my lifetime. I think 2020 actually was. I think this election is important in a different way. It's important to begin the process of a long term Republican Party takeover.

Maga Myra Flores Arizona Rio Grande Valley Republican Party Missouri Michigan Charlie
Trump ally Kari Lake wins GOP primary for Arizona governor

AP News Radio

00:50 sec | 2 d ago

Trump ally Kari Lake wins GOP primary for Arizona governor

"Trump endorsed candidate Terry Lake has won the Republican primary for Arizona governor A former TV news anchor who centered false claims of election fraud in her campaign Carrie Lake secured the Republican gubernatorial nomination in Arizona That puts her up against Democrat Katie Hobbs Arizona Secretary of State in November Lake appeared to be trailing on election night when she thanked her supporters And I want to thank president Donald J Trump He's the one that got this whole thing going But she pulled into the lead against primary opponent Karen Taylor Robson after Maricopa County released the results from thousands of ballots that had been dropped off at the polls After the race was called Lake issued a statement saying arizonans who have been forgotten by the establishment just delivered a political earthquake On her social media Lake says she's thrilled to be speaking right before Trump at the conservative political action conference in Dallas on Saturday Audio courtesy canon XV I'm Jennifer King

Terry Lake Arizona Carrie Lake Katie Hobbs November Lake Donald J Trump Donald Trump Karen Taylor Robson Maricopa County Lake Dallas Jennifer King
AP correspondent Walter Ratliff has the Religion Roundup.

AP News Radio

02:09 min | 2 d ago

AP correspondent Walter Ratliff has the Religion Roundup.

"And this week's religion roundup an AP investigation and covers abuse reporting failures in the Mormon church a Christian flag flies over Boston and Iraq's Yazidi community commemorates a tragic decade on stage Three of 6 children who accused their father of sexual abuse are suing the Mormon church for not going to authorities and letting the abuse go on for 7 years It didn't stop The eldest daughter of Paul Douglas Adams says when she reported abuse on a phone helpline it was kept within the church It didn't go away They just let it keep happening AP investigative reporter Michael resendez says the Arizona case follows a pattern found in other states The Associated Press has received nearly 12,000 pages of sealed records from another child sex abuse case in West Virginia which show that the helpline stands at the center of an elaborate system to divert child sex abuse complaints away from law enforcement And instead send them to attorneys for the church who may cover up that abuse leaving children and victims in harm's way Attorneys for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints say church officials feel they were constrained by confidentiality rules To lay at the feet of these bishops the blame for that is absurd and it's wrong Arizona's child sex reporting law says anyone who reasonably believes a child has been abused or neglected has a legal obligation to report the information The Christian flag that became the focus of a free speech legal battle that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court has been raised outside Boston city hall The flag raising took place about three months after the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the city unjustly discriminated when it refused to fly the banner in 2017 Artists from the Yazidi community of Iraq commemorated their tragedy during a stage performance in Iraq's Kurdish region It has been 8 years since the lives of the Yazidis were torn apart by Islamic State militants The United Nations has called the attacks a genocide I'm Walter ratliff

Mormon Church AP Paul Douglas Adams Michael Resendez Iraq Arizona Boston West Virginia Boston City Hall U.S. Supreme Court United Nations Walter Ratliff
Polio fears rise in New York amid possible community spread

AP News Radio

00:58 sec | 2 d ago

Polio fears rise in New York amid possible community spread

"New York State health officials are upping their call for residents to get vaccinated against polio citing evidence of community spread They're describing it as the tip of the iceberg in a statement New York health commissioner doctor Mary Bassett warns residents that for every one case of paralytic polio observed there may be hundreds of other people infected The polio virus has now been found in wastewater samples in both rockland and orange counties both known as centers of vaccine resistance fast it is urging the community to get it to keep from suffering the fate of an unvaccinated young adult who developed paralysis The first person known to be infected with polio in the U.S. in nearly a decade Doctor Jennifer nuzzo is an epidemiologist with Brown university This is not the first vaccine preventable illness we've actually seen in rockland county and just before the pandemic there was a very large measles outbreak in brocklin county Also due to low vaccine coverage Infected people could have no symptoms but still transmit the polio virus which can cause paralysis and even death I'm Jennifer King

Polio Mary Bassett Orange Counties New York Jennifer Nuzzo Rockland Paralysis Measles Outbreak Brown University Brocklin County Rockland County U.S. Jennifer King
Syndergaard, Phillies beat Nationals in rain-shortened game

AP News Radio

00:30 sec | 3 d ago

Syndergaard, Phillies beat Nationals in rain-shortened game

"The Phillies won for the 7th time in 9 games by defeating the nationals 5 four in a rain shortened contest Alec baum hit a three run Homer and Rhys Hoskins added a solo shot to back a shaky Noah syndergaard The right hander allowed four runs and 11 hits over 5 innings of his Phillies debut Bones blast was part of Philadelphia's 4Runner third Hoskins put the fills ahead in the first inning off loser Paolo espino Nick castellano center to Washington rally in the 5th by starting a 9 two double play The game was stopped for good after those outs I'm Dave ferry

Alec Baum Rhys Hoskins Phillies Homer Noah Paolo Espino Nick Castellano Hoskins Philadelphia Washington Dave Ferry
Breitbart's Alex Marlow on the Nature of the Media Landscape

America First with Sebastian Gorka Podcast

01:49 min | 3 d ago

Breitbart's Alex Marlow on the Nature of the Media Landscape

"Let's start with that overall question. So if you are in a battle, the first thing you have to do is we teach in the U.S. Military. You have an estimate of the situation. You take a snapshot of the battlefield and you measure what is going on. What is the nature of the media landscape today, Alex? And in what ways has it changed most significantly since you were first hired by that great man, Andrew breitbart, what would have been the biggest tectonic changes in the last, let's say, decade. Yeah, thank you as always for mentioning the book. And I think is what made me decide the book was necessary, was seeing that toggle switch that was flipped within the media when Donald Trump came down that escalator. It went from the media was simply this is liberally biased and they would prefer if Democrats. One, but they would try to present both sides to a certain degree and they weren't literally trying to destroy the people that they were writing about just for having different politics. And that did change with president Trump and we've seen it manifested in just about every prominent conservative political politician or activist or even business owner who stands for judeo Christian values now. When the media writes about them their weaponized, their weaponized against that individual or against the entity upon which they're writing about. And that really changed to me. And that's why books like Bernie Goldberg's bias, which all of us read 25, 30 years ago, which are very important. And all the great work that my Friends and the media research center do to track the media, all of that was, those are components of what's going on, but it did no longer told the full picture, the full picture was these people out to destroy your audience doctor G, you personally, president Trump, my audience, et cetera

Andrew Breitbart President Trump Donald Trump Alex U.S. Bernie Goldberg Media Research Center
Indiana Rep. Walorski, 2 staffers killed in head-on crash

AP News Radio

00:48 sec | 3 d ago

Indiana Rep. Walorski, 2 staffers killed in head-on crash

"Police have now changed the official account of the crash that killed Indiana representative Jackie warski and three others I'm Lisa dwyer with the latest Police have now changed their description of the crash that killed Indiana Republican U.S. representative Jackie warski They now say it was the SUV driven by war loor ski's staff member Zachary Potts that crossed the center line causing the head on collision while in two members of her congressional staff died in the Wednesday afternoon crash in northern Indiana along with the woman driving the other vehicle the sheriff's office initially said that the car crossed into the congresswoman's SUV's path but the office now released a statement saying investigators decided that their preliminary determination of which direction the vehicles were traveling was incorrect I'm Lisa dwyer

Jackie Warski Lisa Dwyer Indiana Loor Ski Zachary Potts U.S.
US says Russia aims to fabricate evidence in prison deaths

AP News Radio

00:48 sec | 3 d ago

US says Russia aims to fabricate evidence in prison deaths

"U.S. officials believe Russia's working to fabricate evidence concerning last week's deadly strike on a detention center for prisoners of war in Ukraine An official familiar with the intelligence finding tells The Associated Press Russia's looking to plant false evidence to make it appear Ukrainian forces were responsible for the July 29th attack on the prison the left 53 dead and wounded dozens more the official ads the classified intelligence shows that Russian officials might even plant ammunition for medium range high mobility artillery rocket systems or himars As evidence that the systems provided by the U.S. to Ukraine were used in the attack I'm Charles De Ledesma

Ukraine The Associated Press U.S. Charles De Ledesma
Donald Trump’s Perfect Endorsement Record in Arizona

The Charlie Kirk Show

01:14 min | 3 d ago

Donald Trump’s Perfect Endorsement Record in Arizona

"Trump made some pretty bold endorsements here in Arizona. So Blake masters has won. Mark fincham has won, rusty Bowers, who testified in front of the J 6 community, committee has lost and farnsworth in opposition has won. And it looks like Carrie is going to win. There's a 100,000 ballots outstanding. People are a little worried they say, can they still do some shenanigans with those 100,000 ballots, but talk about the type of voters and what are these ballots Tyler? These are the people that went to a vote processing center on the day of the election and then put in their ballot, of which, for example, my wife and my mother in law, they're like, we don't trust the mail and system. We're literally gonna go give I just thought of that as an archetype example of hard R's that did that. Am I right? Yeah. I mean, I didn't see the final number, but most of yesterday was trending like 85% of all the votes that were cash yesterday were Republican. And clearly the day of votes that were cast yesterday were 67% in favor of Carrie Lake. Which tells you that there's probably the likelihood is probably going to be a 60 something percent number for those early ballots that were dropped off because it's the same kind of people. Because they're confused, right? Because what the Democrats have done is confused everybody.

Mark Fincham Rusty Bowers Farnsworth Donald Trump Blake Carrie Arizona Tyler Carrie Lake
Rosario hits 450-foot homer, Guardians top Diamondbacks 7-4

AP News Radio

00:31 sec | 4 d ago

Rosario hits 450-foot homer, Guardians top Diamondbacks 7-4

"The Guardian state of game off the AL central lead with a 7 four downing of the Diamondbacks Ahmed Rosario crushed a three run Homer that traveled 450 feet to dead center It was the longest blasting Cleveland this season and it gave the guardians a four zero lead in the 5th inning Rookie Oscar Hernandez furnished a solo Homer and an RBI double Shane Bieber now has 8 straight inner league wins after limiting Arizona to two runs and four hits while striking out 8 over 6 innings Losing pitcher Tommy Henry allowed four runs over 5 innings of his major league debut I'm Dave ferry

Al Central Ahmed Rosario Homer Oscar Hernandez Diamondbacks Shane Bieber Cleveland Tommy Henry Arizona Dave Ferry
Indiana Congresswoman Jackie Walorski, three others killed in car crash

AP News Radio

00:39 sec | 4 d ago

Indiana Congresswoman Jackie Walorski, three others killed in car crash

"And Indiana congresswoman has been killed in a car crash The office of Republican congresswoman Jackie wolofsky says the accident occurred in her northern Indiana district The Elkhart county sheriff's office says deputies responded to the scene of a two vehicle crash shortly afternoon Investigators say a car traveled left of the center lane and collided head on with the SUV will ski was riding in Two others in the vehicle also died as did the woman driving the other car The 58 year old warski served on the House ways and means committee She was first elected to represent Indiana's

Jackie Wolofsky Elkhart County Sheriff's Offic Indiana Warski House Ways And Means Committee
Troopers: Drunk woman drove golf cart on Florida highway

AP News Radio

00:46 sec | 4 d ago

Troopers: Drunk woman drove golf cart on Florida highway

"A highway patrol report says a woman has been arrested for driving a golf cart on a Florida interstate The 58 year old woman is facing misdemeanor charges of disorderly and intoxication in a public place and resisting an officer without violence The Florida highway patrol says she was arrested Saturday night on the shoulder of interstate 95 Florida's busiest highway The report says the woman had an open bottle of Jack Daniel's whisky in a bag when she was stopped in Brevard county Troopers say a semi truck driver spotted the woman driving the golf cart in the center lane and used a semi to steer the driver to the shoulder of the highway They say the woman started arguing with troopers when they arrived on the scene I'm Mike Hempen

Florida Florida Highway Patrol Golf Jack Daniel Brevard County Mike Hempen
Vin Scully Was Woven in the Fabric of the U.S.A.

Mike Gallagher Podcast

01:30 min | 4 d ago

Vin Scully Was Woven in the Fabric of the U.S.A.

"I think I can say with great confidence that this guy was the absolute greatest of all time. And more than that, Vin Scully was woven into the fabric of the USA. Once again, a standing ovation for Henry Aaron. Though the confrontation for the second time, Aaron walked in the second inning. He means the tying run at the plate now, though we'll see what downing does. Alice about delivers and his low ball one. And that just adds to the pressure. The crowd going, downing has to ignore the sound effect. And stay a professional in pitches game. One ball and no strikes, and waiting out for your deep and straight away, fast forward is a high 5 in the deep left center field, but they're both back to the city. That was Vin Scully, calling Hank aarons milestone milestone home run. When he passed Babe Ruth for the most career home runs with his 715th Homer, Vin Scully, the beloved voice of the Dodgers for 67 years. Passed away at the age of 94.

Vin Scully Downing Henry Aaron Aaron USA Alice Hank Aarons Babe Ruth Dodgers
New CNN Chief Makes 'Apology Tour' to Republican Officials

The Dinesh D'Souza Podcast

02:11 min | 4 d ago

New CNN Chief Makes 'Apology Tour' to Republican Officials

"CNN has a new boss. The CEO is a guy named Chris licked. LIC, HT, Debbie's like Chris licked. What kind of a name is that? Sometimes people have weird names. But you know, it would be nice if everybody had a really normal name, like dinesh d'souza. Instead, we got all these eccentric names, people, you know, Chris Lake, really. Anyway, this guy evidently has been camping out in the, in the capital, talking to Republican senators. And he has been seeking out private meetings with them. In fact, he does it sort of surreptitiously, so it's not covered in the media, but evidently his goal is to try to make peace with Republican senators. What he's telling them is please come back back is the key word and be interviewed on CNN. Now the Republican center has stopped going on CNN. They're invited, but they go, no, I'm not coming on CNN. I can't expect fair treatment. I've got these nakedly hostile hosts who scream at you and smarmy and smug and make all these sarcastic comments. Who needs it? Why should we do it? Who are we appealing to? That's not our audience anyway. And CNN is so much ideologically dug in on the other side that Republican centers are like, give it a pass. By the way, by the way, this is also kind of my approach. I frequently get texts or I'm writing, I'm calling writing from the daily beast and I'm trying to confirm or deny and I'm like, no response. That's the right approach. We just ignore the other side and they're not used to that. They're used to us jumping up and down and trying to justify ourselves and so on. And we don't need to do that. So and Chris lick now realizes it's not hurting the Republicans and sorting CNN. And so he's like, please come back and he goes, we'll treat you fairly. And the Republican center is like, how do we know that? And they're like, well, he's like, you know, I'm going to, he says, I'm going to be talking to our producers about doing that. I'm going to praise the producers who are featuring both sides.

CNN Dinesh D Republican Center Chris Chris Lake Souza Debbie Chris Lick
Doug Reflects on JFK's Inauguration Speech

The Doug Collins Podcast

01:27 min | 4 d ago

Doug Reflects on JFK's Inauguration Speech

"All of a sudden here is this young energetic president who takes the world stage and this is the speech this sort of began the I will say the mistake around John Kennedy. Let's start off in the speech where he goes into it and he's talking about observing a celebration of freedom, but he says to this an interesting part in that very first paragraph. He said, for I have sworn before you and almighty God, the same solemn oath, our forbearers prescribed nearly a century and three quarters ago. It was the connection there that I think he begins in this, that he felt a part of the process when the very beginning of our country. He was not, you know, it was his background. It was Irish or it was the Catholic. It was all, it was saying, no, I'm swearing that oath to the country that I claim allegiance to that I fought for, he was in, of course, famously in World War II. And his PT boat. I mean, that was the mystique that had already started to build around John Kennedy. But this was one, I think it was a sort of a symbolizing moment. All of us should realize that is Americas that we are bound together by a purpose that was bigger than ourselves. It was brought forth on our country. The founding fathers to give to us a vision of a country in which the country was from the constitutional perspective, a federal government state governments and people being at the very center that,

John Kennedy
New lab gives early alerts for zoonotic diseases

AP News Radio

00:44 sec | 4 d ago

New lab gives early alerts for zoonotic diseases

"Monkeypox and COVID-19 have raised awareness around the world of zoonotic diseases that are passed between animals and human beings According to the Centers for Disease Control more than half of all human infections such as malaria Ebola and SARS are zoonotic in origin It's scientists estimate more than 6 out of every ten known infectious diseases in people can be spread from animals Now the Ugandan government has built a lab that tracks zoonotic diseases in national parks where many communities live close to a wide variety of wildlife The Uganda wildlife authority says the country must address the major challenges faced in wildlife conservation and disease control I'm Charles De Ledesma

Monkeypox Ugandan Government Ebola Centers For Disease Control Sars Malaria Uganda Wildlife Authority Charles De Ledesma
'Black Ops' Author Enrique Prado Discusses His Fascinating Background

America First with Sebastian Gorka Podcast

01:59 min | 5 d ago

'Black Ops' Author Enrique Prado Discusses His Fascinating Background

"A legend in the national security community. Of course I heard of him, but we are delighted to have Enrique Rick Prado on one on one here on America first. Welcome, mister Prado. Thank you very much, doctor. Thank you for having me on. And Steve may be exaggerating a little bit because he happens to be my best friend, so. That's all right. We trust seals. A little bit of embellishment is fine, but anybody who runs the butt course about course is a serious individual. So you have a fascinating background. We'll talk about how you came to America. You've got a book out called black ops, everybody has to check out this book black ops, the life of a CIA shadow warrior, former head of CTC. That's kind of terrorism, the cantors and center at the CIA. But first, just for those who aren't familiar who haven't read your book, will you tell us a little bit about your national security career in the shadows? Yes, sir, I did 24 years at CIA. I started out as a paramilitary officer. I'm a former pair of rescuing. So I came in through the paramilitary side, special activities division, which is for lack of a better word is the special operations forces for CIA. The body of this draft that is from what is now called soko. I have 6 overseas tours. I've been a chief of station. I have been a deputy chief of station twice. I am a plank owner of the bin Laden task force, which I started with Mike shoyu in 1996, January of 1996. And when 9 11 happened, I was chief of operations of the counter terrorist center. Was my boss. After those 24 years, I spent another 9 years doing exactly the same thing mostly for the military side as an SME, but actually doing the work and I just not teaching, but actually operating with the team.

National Security Community Enrique Rick Prado Mister Prado CIA America CTC Steve Bin Laden Task Force Mike Shoyu
Kash Patel Campaigns for Abe Hamadeh, Arizona Candidate for AG

The Charlie Kirk Show

01:04 min | 5 d ago

Kash Patel Campaigns for Abe Hamadeh, Arizona Candidate for AG

"Here with the legendary cash Patel sub cash. It's great to be back in Arizona. I love it. Yeah, so your campaigning, tell us about it. Let's go and so, well, I tell you what, we got America first candidate, we were in Tucson last night with Blake masters the next center from the state of America. Amen. You just had him for a full hour. Yeah, we had Abe out there and Carrie Lake as well. The crowd was ridiculous. So tell us about Abe, I haven't endorsed it. I don't know that well. We get some emails from people. They're not so crazy about him. Tell me about ape. Well, here's the reason I like, hey, because of his military background, his experience overseas. He's actually been a prosecutor in the pit, which to me, maybe I'm a little biased. Being an actual prosecutor not being a high level guy who's done the work and, you know, and I told him, I'm happy to endorse you, but, you know, you're going to have to hold up your end of the bargain. And his biggest bargaining point was, I'm going to go down and take on the cartels in Mexico. And for Arizona, that's a big thing. That's everything. To declare them a foreign terrorist organization, which I haven't heard a single other state attorney general candidates say they would do. Yeah, he better get armed security. Well, you know what? I believe that he's going to do that. And that's why I like it.

Carrie Lake America Arizona Tucson Blake ABE Mexico
"  center center" Discussed on Comedy Bang Bang

Comedy Bang Bang

01:52 min | 11 months ago

" center center" Discussed on Comedy Bang Bang

"I've seen that direction. God yeah customer so you need someone going at. What was it google. Google who just hire someone to do. Ask jonathan thomas. He'd like to see this guy get kicked in the nuts. Yes yeah he's been giving them free alterations for years. Old guy randy a hate. This guy sounds like a jerk. Hey that's how things work in york. Pennsylvania that's why did you save the beginning. It's not interesting to agree with this. The answer seger i. I'm almost tempted to freelance. And kick this guy in the nuts for you. But i don't want to drive out to york you. You could freelance. Get ninety nine. Is it the tax thing. Is that why you don't wanna freely. You isn't taxes. Is that what you really wanted to do. Taxes you've been bullied into taking this job. I wish i. I wish. I worked at the tax center center if you do the job scott. Do you get paid in pennsylvania or in california. Yeah you have to get paid in pennsylvania's vanya know ever you should start up your own shop my own. Irs okay. Not your own irs. But you should be doing. Randy's taxes all i see yes i thought you meant your own sealant company. I mean that's not such a bad idea. I mean anything would be better than this buchanan. Shit i mean look at this stuff but let me try this other exit over here. It's like yeah just tears right apart. Wow so i had no leverage. If you hadn't giving me the answers. I seek to look. You're really interesting guy like talking to you is going. Well he's going super well. We think hard to believe with this show but we are running out of time. We just have time for one final feature on.

jonathan thomas Google tax center center randy pennsylvania Pennsylvania york scott Randy california buchanan
"  center center" Discussed on WBAP 820AM


05:56 min | 1 year ago

" center center" Discussed on WBAP 820AM

"Is in for Rick Roberts continue to pray for Rick. He is well on his way towards recovery, and we do look forward to his return all kinds of things going on in the news today. Will mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks. Will the national anthem be played before the Games were? We're hearing that the NBA has generally reminded Mark Cuban that, you know, we do have this league wide policy about playing the national anthem. Right. So then the New New New York Post is now saying that yes, Mark Cuban will be playing the national anthem. But the question is As mark Cuban himself come out. Now that he's been reminded about the national anthem and the league mandate, will he come out and say You know what? My bad sorry. Here's the other thing, And I'm gonna get into this and in more detail here in a little bit, But I've got to cover the impeachment trial first. But with Mark Cuban know a lot of people have been thinking Will he run for president will clearly With this decision. Mark Human has zero interest. In running for president, So we'll sort all that out coming up here on new stark a 20 w b a P 100 to end a w p A P Wanted 100 to 88 92 27. I have spent the last couple of hours. Watching the impeachment trial of President Trump former president Trump and I've got to tell you that for the Democrats and we we did speak a little bit about some of this yesterday. You know the page A really good picture. You know, they tell a really good story. They've got all of these people that are saying well, Donald Trump in on Twitter. Donald Trump Center Center San You know, we came at the behest of Donald Trump. We we came because the president told this to and they're there. Taking a whole bunch of speeches from the president. And they're saying Well, you know, listen to all of the times that the president used the word fight. Listen to all the times that the president tweeted the word fight. Clearly, the president wanted people to fight. No, that's actually not with the president was doing And so the more that you watch this and it is like one Democrat after another. They're just going up and they're having their say, and they're all essentially saying the same thing. Now the Democrats have three stages. The provocations, the attack and the harm in right now, I believe they're still in the provocation stage and so what they're saying. Is that following the election Donald Trump spent Six or seven weeks as we all know Saying that the election was stolen, saying that there was fraud and all of these other things that the president said, and so part of what the defense or I should say part of what the Democrats are doing The prosecutors if you will Part of what the house impeachment managers are doing is they're saying listen. He made all these speeches and he said that the election was stolen. And clearly what that means is that he wanted people to rush the capital, which is so stupid. So did the president say that he wanted people to come to Washington D. C for great rally, and it's going to be wild and all these things. Well, yeah, he did. That's all part of his past tweets. And he said that as well on in speeches and social media, and so on, But you know what? Nowhere. Can they prove that the president ordered people told people inspired people to rush the capital? Now you do have people, by the way, Just so you know, in case you you have not been watching all of this. You do have people that are out there saying And I've mentioned this Well, Yeah, we we came because the president told us to we We rushed the capital because the president told us to. Well, some people are saying that I say. They're just because they were motivated, they say by the president's words doesn't necessarily mean that that is truth. Because here's the thing, the more that they speak, the more it is clear that what they're trying to do is they're trying to kiss bye to the Democrats because they know that that's the only way that they can stay out of jail. Is by throwing Donald Trump under the bus. I think that's part of what's going on. So you've got this whole long list of of tweets and comments and audio montages and everything that the Democrats say. We're part of the provocations and by the way, part of this is this conversation regarding whether or not the election was stolen. Well, remember one of the things that that I would say. Is that the president when he was talking about the election being stolen? There were a number of different things that he was mentioning He was mentioning. Yes, voter fraud. But he was also speaking about the constitutional issues that we all know are a knish. You and these are all things that the president First Amendment right to free speech. He is allowed to say, you know, Ben Sasse was out there, quoted as saying that Trump was delighted at what he was seeing on that fateful day. No, I don't know where bin says, comes off saying that I don't I don't know if he was with the president at the time, and I also have nots necessarily seen anything that was new. You know, they're one of the big headlines out there. The last couple of days is that there is this new evidence this new never seen before. Evidence that they're going to be bringing to the table. I haven't seen it. I've been speaking on the radio, so if it's coming, come up, I haven't seen it..

president Donald Trump Mark Cuban Democrats Donald Trump Center Center San New York Post Rick Roberts NBA Dallas Mavericks Mark Human Ben Sasse fraud Washington
"  center center" Discussed on TalkRadio 630 KHOW

TalkRadio 630 KHOW

05:46 min | 1 year ago

" center center" Discussed on TalkRadio 630 KHOW

"Roll through the weekend. We are 20 minutes after the top of the hour. Our phone numbers We talked a little home improvement is 800. A 238255 rebel line. Maryland welcome Gary, How are you doing today? No good. Don't go. Okay, um My next door. Neighbors had a problem last summer with skirts, squirrels running for us the power lines and then coming right up under their gutters and chewing and getting in their attic, huh? And, um so they hadn't exterminated Terminator come out, and they trapped. You know, I don't know More than you know, They got least one I don't know. And apparently, you know, try to pass set up the best they could. Now I notice. You know, they're out of town, and they had said to me before their left. They're gonna have to handle it when they come back. They're doing this again. Yeah, you know, so, um, would screw for rodents Wouldn't mouth magic help repel them? Boy. Squirrels are a different animal, though. Um, you know it may I don't know. To be honest with you. They you know the problem with squirrels is there They get their way. I mean, they Dios. I mean, just told everybody you can do this. Yeah, I could literally see a squirrel and again. I don't know if you know Mouse magic for people who don't know what it is it zest, sensual oils. Of spearmint Peppermint, which mice don't like and so they, you know, you put a pack of that in the pantry and they're not gonna go in there. You know, squirrels. I could see them picking it up and throw it outside. E mean, I could just see him doing that look really is even score skinny through a chain link fence if it wants to. Right? Yeah, I can tell you, you know, so I don't know. It certainly cost too much to tribe. But I would doubt Um, that is gonna be real effective. Um, what probably happened. And this is a part that is for everybody when you have animals in your attic. Squirrels probably being the worst raccoons too. Um, there's more to it than just trapping him in removing him. Obviously they did that. They came in, trapped removed. No, they tracked him on the roof. Well, they trapped him on the roof. They tracked him on the roof. Did they get in the house? I think they did that. Yeah, So if they got into the house, and even if they nested a little bit, right, there's gunk in that insulation. Yeah. On and they patched. You said they patched. You know, little bit where they were getting in. So my assumptions they did get in. But if they didn't really clean and sterilize that attic, right, other squirrels that's a call that safe harbor, right? Yeah. Mm. Some rats nested here before. That's where we're going to nest. Right? So anybody dealing with animal removal from their house? There's really three things you need to consider. And the first one is what everybody gets excited about removal of the animal. Um, but that's beginning because the next step is cleanup, sterilization of the areas so they don't come back or other ones don't come back. And then the third thing is to make the repair. And make sure that there's no softwood that they can dig through etcetera, etcetera. Center center, the gutter. I'm wondering, maybe their gutters or not, Well, yeah, we start today's show off. I'm always preaching about clean gutters and, you know, you know not clean ones caused leaky basements and Goes on and on but also won a gutter is clogged. It fills up to the top. And if we behind the gutter weeps up to the edge of the shingles underneath the shingles. And that that would gets, you know, soft and begins to dry rod and animals will find that I mean animals will find out every time even where there's a 90 degree corner, And they've been miter diff it tied effects been wet and dry multiple times on the corner of the house. Little Joint start separating and they get their little claws, and they're not pull it right off right off, right. Yeah, well, OK, well, I'll just I don't pass that on. And Gary, can I give a plug for one of your products? Sure. Um, I'm a big fan of odor exit and it was half first very long time ago. And it was about 20 years ago and my son move this furniture out because he was moving out. And I bought a new mattress and springs and it was a queen size and I realized I didn't have any sheets. So I thought, OK, I'll wait till they go on sale. So I did and I want to shape and I start to put him on the bed. And I'm thinking, what do I smell? And I realized the cat decided to mark on that mattress and I did. I used everything on earth that I could think of Every I used for Bree's. I used everything. And I heard you on the radio one Saturday morning, and I thought, Well, I'm gonna swing into the next hardware store and get that. What? You couldn't do that at that time he had ordered online so I came home and I ordered it. And a week later, I didn't have it. I called Marty and I said, You know, you're in Hamilton. I'm in Fairfield. I could've walked up there and I have several dogs and I use it if they have an accent or something, I throw the There is, um Cal, starring in.

Gary Maryland Bree Center center Fairfield Marty Hamilton
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"Two women standing next to each other a c one with kids. Now single of course, and I see one with kids and I see another one with no kids I'm going to go to the one with no kids. You know. I'M NOT GONNA pursue a woman with kids That's just my personal choice. Now, there's man I don't care I do and I'm Santa's impossible that I won't get with the woman with kids I'm just saying is very unlikely. I'm not going to assume because it just brings on you know is is difficult. Enough, you know between two people in making a relationship or marriage work, and you don't need other factors that complication dealing with the X.'s. the kids start disrespect you because they know your. Father you know all that bullshit the to deal with from extended families. I choose not to deal with it. Some people accused deal within and that's fine. That's their. Choice. My choice is not to deal with it. So. I'll refer to date women with no kids if just less trouble. Less chance we trouble. Now there's some Mrs where. You know there's other extended families word that the kids weren't demands of the kids weren't the mothers you know Center Center. And family. Turn out. Perfect. You know there's always exceptions to the rule. You know I'm not saying that just because you marry someone with kids, you have no chance of having to have a marriage I'm not saying. I'm seeing that want to. Take the chance. You know our? Have Kids I want to want start off just like me. I want someone that. You know when we have kids, they don't know what the fuck there either I don't want a veteran. So I don't know what is you know that so many women off I guess. You know there's a lot of women out there. That are single mothers in they don't like to be disqualified because of their kids. But..

Center Center Santa
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"Is sending a state on club Albert of the Koga News Center Center go county health officials today reporting 361 new cases of the Corona virus in the entire county. 53 of those cases are among students at San Diego State since the fall semester began August 24th. There have been 566 confirmed or probable cases among STDs, You students University announced Thursday they plan to continue mostly online learning at a next spring. The county today also reported five new covert 19 deaths, bringing the total to 730. President Trump was in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Today on this, the 19th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001, the president praising the passengers of flight 93 that was hijacked and crashed in a field. After the passengers onboard fought back in this Pennsylvania field 40 intrepid souls of flight 93. Died as true heroes. Their momentous deeds will outlive us All. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden also visited Shanksville today, Governor Newsome today toward the area of one of the biggest fires in California, But Butte County, seven more bodies have been found in the devastation of the North Complex West Zone virus. It's called bringing the Fire's death told a 10 Cal fire ashamed Lauderdale's saying that Wild wind shifts have caused big problems by pushing the flames in multiple directions. This is a fire that is impossible.

Shanksville Pennsylvania Koga News Center Center San Diego State President Trump Butte County Joe Biden You students University Governor Newsome president Albert Lauderdale California
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"And it was based on that fraudulent steel dossier, which ah has been thoroughly debunked and was debunked at the time. So the whole thing was set up in the end it and from the very beginning, beginning to get going the evidence if they just keep declassifying stuff. I'm just telling you some of the stuff that they keep thieving class play. I don't know how the Democrats that my friends across the aisle can ever ever hold their head up when you got people like Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, just telling thinks that whoppers out there Yeah, well, you said it's criminal. Do you think I mean Mark Meadows, your former Ah, colleague with the Freedom caucus now, the chief of staff of the president said last week on TV. He thinks indictments are coming. You want him to come and we're dying for it to happen. Do you think it's ever gonna happen? I was told last night again that they they they've got some on their way. And when I saw that seaQuest white document last night, I thought Oh, man, is this the indictment? Let me know what turned out to be just the class right back. Which is important, too. But it wasn't the indictments. So I'm opening your told they're underway. Well, they're all away. You know, I've been told that for a year now, So I'm you know, Center center later with believing in the unicorns and rainbows, right? So Ya unbelievably want that to happen, Congressman Andy Big. Thank you for your time your knowledge and pushing for the right things to happen. Appreciate it, So have a great weekend. Thank you to Garrett. Thank you. We'll continue its canister. The morning.

Mark Meadows Adam Schiff Congressman Andy Big Jerry Nadler Freedom caucus Center center Garrett chief of staff president
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"One of the the issue here is the collection agency possum on his credit report which is fine but then he's they started to call him we should listen I never went to the school or never completed my classes I need you to send me the documentation you have so the full back and forth out keep in mind we're doing some other things for him so he is a client he knows what we would tell him he's been he's been through this dance before so he said listen I need you to validate the death right I am not certain that this is mine I'm not certain that I'm obligated to pay it or what all of the charges are inotes center center goes to the whole thing so the collection agency says to him well that's fine but we need to make arrangements for a payment for you right now right you need to pay if you listen you listen to our show for any amount of time at all you understand full well that once do you say to a debt collector I want this data validated I needed validated even if there's an inkling that you think it's right I'm not telling you to scam I'm telling you to just get the information that they need to provide to you they have this and they have a collection agencies have a job to do but at the same time part of their job is to follow the rules fall the FDCPA the fair debt collection practices act and within that it states that once a consumer asks to have the debt validated the collection agency still provide within five days what's called the Dunning letter validate the debt that letter is going to go out within five days so this by the way this you know there's there's a an argument could be made that if our client didn't cancel in time they may have held seats for him and maybe there's a an opportunity for that election agency to really collect on that money maybe the debt really is in fact do he believes enough notice was given and the school told him they would refund that money right so now it's time to do get out a little bit but it doesn't comments until the collection agency actually says here's the documentation because he's in he's not going to get anything from the school at this point because they've sent it to a collection agency so there you go always ask the did that be validated always ask if the debt is being reported will be reported on the credit report in this case we know that it's in fact the case that's some of the deaths within statute for them to sue you right because you want to know whether you can be sued or not it's Katie W..

inotes center center FDCPA Dunning Katie W
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"Markets all but froze with many any banks reluctant to sell mortgages but for cash buyers the glut of cheap property was it appealing investment opportunity and some of the biggest beneficiaries of the flesh housing market it were private investors who began buying homes in the millions. Sandy Jolly was one of the nearly ten million Americans who lost their homes between two thousand and six and twenty any fourteen. A bank foreclosed on her Los Angeles property in two thousand thirteen. We just walked around the house you know remembering how long my parents had been there how much they loved that house. How proud they were of that house? I was thinking of all the memories when the house was sold at auction. The new owners offered sandy to stay. But this time as a renter. Those letters said to me they're going to put a tendon in here in. It's either GONNA it'll be you and you're going to agree to their terms or it's going to be somebody else and we don't really care and Sandy story is all too common. A Shell Company called. Kofin Hey I five California. LLC had bought the deed for her home in an all cash transaction according to the Census Bureau after the recession almost three million homes and thirteen thirteen million apartments had been bought by similar entities like LLC's LLP's and other obscure investment vehicles now new reporting from reveal and the Center Center for investigative reporting has peeled back a layer of the corporate facade. That conceals who really owns the. US is housing stock. According to reveal these essentially anonymous owners owners decrease the number of affordable houses on the market and can spell trouble for tenants and communities and now reveal is suing the Treasury Department to get the identities of the wealthy investors festers behind these shell companies.

Sandy Jolly US Los Angeles A Shell Company Census Bureau Treasury Department LLC's LLP California Center Center
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"Center center let me bring you into this car day four of impeachment hearings is over it ended with a top Pentagon official testified that Ukraine knew about the hold up an ex military aid earlier than first thought Laura Cooper says email show they were asking about it in July the twenty fifth the same day president drop by this call with Ukraine's president lord Cooper testified alongside state department to David Hale he says the order to hold up the money came from the president ambassador Gordon Saunders testified this morning real the president it ordered him to pressure Ukraine into investigating Joe Biden the ACLU taking a bit apartment of homeland security to federal court the issue alleged violations of the first amendment the suit claims five journalists were track detained and interrogated by customs and border protection in twenty eighteen to nineteen all the journalists are American citizens they were covering conditions of the southern border the suit also alleges border officers pressured the journalists to give information on their sources and also searched through their photos and their notes amid misconduct allegations tied to dead sex offender Jeffrey abstain the Duke of York has resigned from all royal duty member of the royal family stepping aside from their official role due to controversy is unprecedented in the modern era since prince answers no longer working for the palace he will no longer receive public funds he does however still have access to the queen's private fines if she so chooses not to be so easy but pilgrim jussie Smollett two attorneys of filed a counterclaim against the city of Chicago they allege malicious prosecution but because their client humiliation and extreme distress the city is planning to continue it severed to recover the cost of the investigation of a small let's claims but he was the victim of a racial and homophobic attack no WGN's boards the hawks will host Tampa Bay tomorrow night Chris bones got to pre game at seven o'clock face off at seven.

Pentagon Chris bones Tampa Bay hawks WGN malicious prosecution Chicago York Center center ACLU Joe Biden Gordon Saunders David Hale president Laura Cooper Ukraine official twenty fifth
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"Boyfriend answer the phone but what he says to Marcia doesn't swayed her fears it only makes her more frightened for her sister the first words out of marshes now are where is my sister yeah same and the man replies what do you mean and marches like you guys went away you know what I'm talking about and he starts to get quiet and something in his energy or his tone just chef and Marcia can feel a change and he says Patty do you mean like Patty from Honda this girl I know the school that I center center and she's like yeah that's exactly who I need and in between his stuttering and stammering he just says well I don't know what you're talking about so he's pretending like he hardly even knew her like they didn't go away together and like the war in any kind of relationship what Marcia immediately called her other sister who's in Indiana visiting with their mom and she has to be the one to tell them that something is really wrong Patty is missing and she thinks something bad has happened to work by seven PM that night Marcia has filed a missing persons report but by three AM she's doing her own detective work she called the man's wife and tells her everything tells her about the relationship that's been going on for a year about the gifts that Patty would buy for him when they travelled and the wife seem to could be completely in the dark and didn't want to believe it she caps like asking and probing like having questions and after about fifteen minutes she hands the phone over to her husband who kept asking more questions and more questions and Marshall wanted to keep him on the phone to learn as much as she could hoping he would admit to knowing where she was he never did he denied everything and in hindsight she wishes she didn't stay on the phone with them maybe wishes she never called at all because she realized they or or at least he was probing her trying to figure out what Marcia did and did not.

Marcia Patty Honda Indiana Marshall I center center fifteen minutes
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"He's loud and carries his thin build with confidence game is one of with the mini former conversion therapy leaders who have left the movement and come out as LGBTQ so this isn't like a one off thing happens all the time right. It's not unusual that a lot of these people who are in the business of trying to stop gayness are they themselves actually gary and trying to suppress a truth about themselves and they're trying to you know lash out at others to threaten others in order to avoid dealing with their own issues in two thousand fourteen nine founders and leaders from some of the country's most prominent programs and ministries wrote an open letter calling for a nationwide ban on on the practice. Now that's not the solution. I don't think we need to be threatening. I don't think the solution to a bad program is more violence violets and more threats right because the threat the threat of hell is essentially a threat of violence right like it's not going to be enacted by the person threatening it so it's not the same thing thing is a real threat if i say i'm gonna kill you then. That's a that's a real threat or whatever you're taking me. Seriously going to hell is infinitely worse than in writing and killed but you can't call the cops on somebody. Who says if you do that again son. You're gonna go. You're gonna burn in hell. You can't call the cops on that 'cause is that's not actually legally a threat because the person who saying it cannot enact it right but in this case. It's still a pretty scary thing because people believe in hell. Even though it's silly man made concept that's designed to scare people into compliance they still believe in it and it's an effective tool at manipulating. I think people so many christian sects do not believe in hell. There's really don't yeah they call themselves. What do you mean he said. There's many of them. All of the jehovah's witnesses don't and several i mean i would imagine yeah. I'm there's there's several of them. Don't i mean i can't tell you all of them and what all their era beliefs are or anything like that but the witnesses standout glaringly as an organization that does not believe in hell yeah so. I don't think that the solution of banning this conversion version therapy is a good idea. There's all kinds of kooky programs within various religions around the country and many people don't agree with with the these practices remember years ago we talked about the fundamentalist church of jesus christ of latter day saints and how they like to marry it's super young ages and it's pretty weird appeared and they take the boys and they sort of shut them out or shun them and luminary off young girls to older men older guys and you know it's it's weird <hes> but it's their beliefs. It's their religion. They should be free to practice it and anybody who doesn't like it should be free to leave. Absolutely the letter was published by the national center center for lesbian rights quote as former gay or ex ex gay leaders having witnessed the incredible harm done to those who attempt to change their sexual orientation or gender identity..

gary national center center
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"Have the fight able what does that mean you want walking shoes are comfortable readable washable durable and affordable that's the fight Abel's and Skechers go walks have it all it got to go the mat insoles for lasting comfort washable breathable materials they're adorable and their wonderfully affordable they're very able should get Skechers gowalk center center store near you former ever stylish shoes are sold questions and suspense will there be more violence will China's government intervene as Hong Kong braces for more mass protests A. B. C.'s in panels they're developing leading the pro democracy movement said people have been coming out on the streets were planning to hold a big March here on Sunday the police have refused to grant them permission but they say they're going to define those orders and go ahead again setting the stage for more violent confrontations led the ones that we see in for now people are starting to gather with this new rally the slogan is power to the people stand with Hong Kong fewer opportunities to buy abodes A. B. C.'s Scott Goldberg the commerce department says US home construction fell four percent in July weighted down by a dip in the construction of apartment buildings so far this year housing starts have declined three point one percent making it harder for would be buyers in this market to take advantage of low interest rates up for the day but down for the week the major Wall Street indexes the national rifle association leader turned critic Oliver north Iran contra figure is expected to be questioned Tuesday at new York's Attorney General's office it is investigating whether the NRA broke laws governing its nonprofit status police in suburban Detroit say they busted a bootleg zoo keeper who was holding more than three hundred hedgehogs six Flemish giant rabbits three large iguanas to kangaroos a peacock the animals have been given to experts who can care for them this is ABC news companies time seven oh foreign.

Detroit Attorney Iran Oliver US Skechers gowalk center center Abel ABC Skechers NRA new York commerce department Scott Goldberg Hong Kong A. B. C. China four percent one percent
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"Mediator X. center center center to help kids put him in the right direction that they may need help with so Christine his point of view is that's what these officers do on campus every single day not just protect students and staff and teachers but also help students learn to make a connection right because when else do students see police officers ever if you're a young person right you don't you don't see them other than on campus okay then there's the money side of the discussion because there are real dollars involved in and this is John Carter he was a school administrator in Indiana two thousand thirteen and he talks about the financial limitations that schools are facing now a school resource officers are great if we could long as we have to take a teacher out of a classroom to have a school resource officer will have resource officers anywhere we have some security at the high schools and that's it if we're adding resource officers you know I don't know what a good citizen is it one for school so there's twenty more staff members well I just can't help but think of like some of the issues we've had with school lockdown or you know some of school shootings even I mean and and being able to have a law enforcement officer there who can call for help quickly I mean it just seems like a bee super valuable and here are some numbers on that by the way this is from the national center for education statistics in terms of violent crimes in schools so we start in nineteen ninety three there were fifty three per one thousand and by twenty ten it dropped by nearly seventy five percent to fourteen per one thousand so went from fifty three to fourteen a drop of seventy five percent at a time of course when a lot of attention was brought to these be no school shootings we all pay a lot of attention and when we saw a lot of that many school districts reacted by hiring more resource officers so it has had an impact but if you're sitting on the Sacramento unified's district school board and you gotta find thirty five million dollars all right I mean do you cuts what do you cut sports do you cut teachers do now or do you cut the resource officer gather difficult choices that have to be made at any rate there that that and I would just brought that up because it's not just discussion being had in northern California go it goes on all over the country all the time so okay let's get out to traffic.

X. center center center Christine administrator Indiana officer Sacramento California seventy five percent thirty five million dollars
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"Welcome back, it is Frankie Boyer, and Robin Blakely is back with us today, creative centers center of America and Robin. It's always a pleasure. Welcome. And thank you. Many of us are dealing with in our businesses, whether you're, you know, the CEO of high profile business, or you're just self employed. I'm one of them. I mean our stress levels in this country. They are to the roof. And along without you, are, you are absolutely right. And along with that comes the fear, so, you know, how do you get around this? Well, I, I don't think that you get around here, I think that you have to face it head on. I think that it is a real problem. It's commonly overlooked a factor commonly overlooked in your ultimate success. And you have to take care of your emotions and your response to things through through your work. You have to be able to tap into what are your feelings. And you know how can you nurture your own emotional states? It's very important to recognize fear for what it is. You are, you know, obviously a Forbes your, your affords coaches, you're on the Forbes coaches council, and you work with leaders. And you work with all kinds of people. And why are we so afraid what is it that this fear is coming from? I think that one of the things that were afraid about it. They need to be perfect. You know, it's, it's about the common Sears that I see are questions that you'll ask yourself like, you know, am I good enough? You know. Well, other people like me, you know, will I look stupid saying this doing this. Well, I say the wrong thing those are the kinds of things that people are afraid about and, and in the environment that we have right now. If you do something make a mistake. It's really eight may be made fun of. Or you may have a lot of Nimes on online or you know, snarky remarks on social media. So there is a reason, you know, I it is different than Easter baby. His you are seeing things happen. You are seeing things that didn't use to happen occurring so that there is a certain reason to have these fears, but, you know, they, you have to just be able to face them and and and handle them differently than than maybe we used to. It's still the same remedy. Be clear beyond be yourself. You know, be kind the answers to it. You know, when when you're working with individuals, and, and I wanna ask you about the CEO's, primarily is it more pressure for them, because they don't want to have people see their under abilities. I think that there's more, you're right. They don't want to have people see their own abilities, and there's so much more opportunity to see them, you know, right now, they're everyone has a phone. Everyone has a recording device a video camera in their hands so that the opportunity to see Volterra builder and have it broadcast is much bigger than it ever was in the past. But, you know, people are vulnerable, and the, the thing that is hard to embrace the more open that you can be the more able to be vulnerable. It actually shows your strength. Yes, yes, I, I love that myself when I see that and you, but you also are a big fan of Winston Churchill and tell us why. Well, one of the things I mean, think about the history with Winston Churchill, one of the things that the he was working in time. That was so intense. And one of the things that are is interesting to me about him if he was painter and people don't usually remember, thinking, church painter, and he, he also is someone who suffered from depression, and he, and he was under an intense amount of pressure and his work. He used his paintings to, to kind of steady his busy mind. His mind was very, very busy. And, and when you know, his thing I liked about him is that he, he understood that people can't just say put your mind at rest? Don't think about it right now. Don't worry. He understood that a busy mind is always busy. And so what he believed was that he you could take your mind. And focus it somewhere else like painting immerse yourself in the intensity of something else. And it would allow that other part of your mind to rest while you were focused over here over, there could rest. And I think that's really important. And an incredible insight for folks today. Yeah. I love that. Absolutely. That is a great insight. Who do we find to talk to when we're going through some difficult fears who's who who do we reach out to do? We reach out to someone like you a coach business coach. I think that you, you know, from you can reach out to someone like me who's a coach. And, and, you know, set aside that time or you may have a circle of very close allies, that you can brainstorm with or collaborate with. But there does need to be in the inner circle of some type so that you have a, a moment in which you are able to be afraid or be Frank or tell what, you're, you know, facing, and it won't be put out there in the in the main moral to be picked over it needs to be someone with you that you can trust that. You can, you know, wrestle those ideas and thoughts together, and look at from both sides of the table. Yes. And how often do we get to play in nature induce fun stuff? And I think that that's also part of this. You know, we're so intense with our world in our life. Right now, when do we have that time out to just take that break and just be nature? Get lost in nature. It's, it's it's been a while. For me. I know. I mean, I think you're absolutely right. I mean, they that's where you're gonna find a little bit of peace, even if it is the nature of fountain, or, you know, some somebody of water is a good place to, to set with, you know, just to, to watch and to calm yourself into, you know, have a moment where you can meditate or take a breath. A lot of people don't have much time during the day, and needs to be on your schedule, if it needs to be right to relax and rest do it. Isn't that crazy? We have to put it in our schedule. It's, it's nuts. But it's it's what we have to do. Oh my goodness, Robyn. Thank you so much for being with us today, creative center of America. And I know that there's a website and, and give us the website in how we can find out more about you in the work, you're doing well, if you go to creative center of America dot com, that's the best way to reach me, and it's filled in the American way center is C. E N, T, E R. So it's creative center of America dot com. Awesome,.

Winston Churchill CEO center of America Frankie Boyer Nimes self employed Volterra Forbes Robyn Robin Blakely America Sears depression Frank
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"Center center, shrink with anti forces on the right and environmentalists on the left got stronger in England poll, say the establishment conservative and labour parties are shrinking and the new populist Brexit party is getting stronger. Is this a sign of things to come here in the United States, we're going to talk to ABC political analyst, Alex Cussing Janos now with more on that? So do you think the president could ride this kind of global wave of populism to win reelection? So in so do a lot of academics who've done a little bit of modeling. When you look at the polls, it doesn't look so good for Donald Trump. They say Donald Trump can't possibly win in twenty twenty just like he couldn't possibly win and twenty sixteen. What's going on? Well, these academics look at the forces driving polls is the economy growing is inflation low who's the incumbent and when they looked at twelve different models. Donald Trump one in every single one of them, and it's because I think of that growing economy and the things are getting better through a lot of Americans, what happens do you suppose, Alex with the with the relationship between the United States in a number of members of the EU going forward as a result, that, that does this change the, the complexity the dimensions of their relationship at all? But what happened over the weekend with with these votes? It does make it more complex just like politics. Is getting more complex here. But in Europe over the weekend, what we saw is that the Trump like parties populist outsider parties won. They won in Italy. They went in France. They're winning all over the world in Australia in Israel in Brazil. So what's happening is that in addition to benefiting from a strong economy here, all over the world, people want the outsiders to beat the insiders, the old insider, establishment politicians people feel like you know, they've made government work for them, but not for us working class type. So he's riding that wave of outsiders. He's got a strong economy here. The only thing holding in back at home is it's personal. A lot of people think Donald Trump is good medicine that tastes bad. And that's what's keeping the polls lower than the models. Interesting. All right. ABC political analyst Alex Castellanos, thank you so much for your time. appreciate it it's coming up ten past the hour we do this every morning at ten paseo we do weather and traffic.

Donald Trump political analyst Alex Cussing Janos ABC United States Alex Castellanos president Alex Europe France EU Italy Australia Brazil Israel
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"They wouldn't have any problem and keep them in the garage out side now stealing their containers. My question is about six foot tall, look very healthy. They're absolutely awesome. Should I do some pruning before I put them in the ground? And if so how much money on a new brand new tree the seven foot six foot tall. Okay. You're not gonna like this at all. Everybody wants to listen to because. They are not gonna believe me. I would put it in the ground unless you bought a variety that is intended to be in a rather large container. It's a good time to put it in the ground number two. You will probably cut the tree down to somewhere between twenty eight and thirty two inches tall. Yeah. That's drastic. Isn't it? Well, what your goal is is you're looking to build the scaffolding over the next couple of years. So that the has good strong branches support peaches. Okay. Just across the board. Not trying to thin out the middle of this point just cut it down twenty thirty two inches all over. No, you're gonna it's gonna look like you just planted a stick in the ground. Yeah. You're gonna look like you have a single whip coming out of the ground. And again, the reason for that is to get that structure started. Out of the side branches pick, the longest shoot center centers leader. Yeah. Later and cut the others. All right. I would take a minute. AM has a couple of good pictures of this and a good website about it. Make sure you're comfortable with it. But most people will think that that's an absolutely crazy thing to do. But that's how you get a good strong, peach. Okay. And yeah, they're they're. Feliciana and Sam Houston both of which have been good trees in the past. One. Ground one, actually. Placing. Okay. So yeah, that's gonna look real strange. But I can do it. If it's what I need to do. Well, and you wind up with a better harvest because the stronger the tree the more fruit can hold. You're still going to have to of course. But you're gonna start that shape that everybody sees when you look at a Peachtree looking at these trees cut it down to that. Twenty eight to thirty two actually, it's very obvious. There's only one name on each one short branch until about three feet talk. I'm gonna cut off all the top of the tree, right? Yeah. Pretty much. And and like I said take a minute to go to the site. So you can get a visual of what they're doing. But it is so disappointing at the nursery when we have people who come in and they're buying a peach tree, and they're picking out the biggest and tallest tree. They can find. And then we tell them you're going to cut that in half. Yeah. Okay. All right. I'll do it. I'll just grit my teeth and okay. Thank you very much. Yes, sir. Good luck. Yeah. Yeah. Folks. This is a excellent time. If you have those fruit trees, they can go in the ground. It is probably the most shocking thing you're gonna see with a peach and Plum, you're going to go. No. That can't be right. We're not supposed to do that. They're all wrong. Nope. You don't purchase a new tree our new peach Plum, whether it's in a container or bag tree and grabbed the biggest one because the first thing you're going to do is you're going to cut it down. And you're going to you're going to swear you're just putting a stick in the ground and trust me. That's exactly what you're going to do. You're going to get the tree to build a low three or four branch spread coming out that cutline to build that nice strong structure, we cut it that low because you can reach the fruit. I know people who have peach trees that are fifteen foot tall, and they cannot get to the fruit and the tree can't be thinned properly, and they have problems with this is how we do it. It also makes it possible for to fit in your backyard. Lot of folks, we don't have very big backyards, but we'd like to have fruit. Well, you can do that with a peach and a Plum they liked to be trimmed down to a size that works just fine in the backyard. So if you're going to a nursery, if you were purchasing one of these ask them, stop and asset staff, hey, how am I supposed to do this because they should have some really good information on it? Ben, very big economic crop in Texas for many many years, and we've researched it. Well, we've got good solid information on it and Texas AM the egg rely extensively used called the extension agent. They have the information you need to really be able to see this. And I know it will scare you. You'll be like no this can't be right? But if you do it you give your tree the best start. You will have a tree that can fully support the fruit. And you'll be amazed at how quickly it will grow into the shape you need. You're not removing year's worth growth. It'll make it up. They grow quick. They'll put all that structure back on you'll be just fine. It's just kind of nerve wracking to do that that I cut so bear with it. Folks. This is gardening naturally. You can give me a call at five point two eight three six zero five ninety we're up against our first break, and we'll be right back. We.

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"Show. Will actually the weekend was joepags joepags show Friday, if you don't have a word, you are let me know where you are. And we'll figure out why it's not there. Hundred twenty stations now, and we are grown all the time. So hopefully, we can make something happen where you are. I do appreciate either way. Even if you don't have to be Monday through Friday, I love being on the weekend with you. Let me go back to the phone lines were a lot of people want to be heard on a lot of what we're talking about today line one is Michigan and Colton high. Colton what's going on? Hey, how are you living the dream, man? What's happening? All right. I just wanted to you were talking earlier about how Trump at the state of union address. You know, if Democrats start to, you know, make a riot and try and interrupt and make disturbance how it's going to make him look bad. But the way I see it as no, no. Hold on. Hold on. I want you to finish. But it would make the Democrats look bad. Not trump. No. Of course. Yes. They would be careful to us. You know, level-headed patriotic Americans have the other happy I live in Grand Rapids. It's just a leftist. You know? Cesspool. It to them. It's gonna look good. You know, they're gonna think. Wow. He's standing up to you know, literally Hitler. They see him as Hitler. So how you know how they're going to see it as good. So I just I don't. I guess I don't know where I'm going with that. I just wanted to say, you know, I I just think it's wild that. Of course, we'll see it as as a win for Trump. Wow. They look ridiculous. But they're going to get as a win for themselves. I hear that. But they're only going to be speaking to the require see Trump got a lot of people who were either center, right or center center center left a little bit. Those people don't support the tactics of the left those people don't support the tactics of the of the media, or academia or Hollywood or big sports. So as much as they'll be applauded and Twitter will go nuts about how great it is that that they're letting Hitler, no his proper place, the rest of us who are really, you know, over the ones that elected Trump are going to say that's wrong. You can't do that. I'll give you a quick example, the Golden State Warriors have won the championship in the NBA. The last couple of years. They refused to go to the White House. The first year they were invited the second year. They said they wouldn't go and Trump disinvited them recently just this past week they went and they visited with former President Obama at his house in Washington. Now, there are people on social media and in the left, and and who hate Trump that loved that. They think that was amazing. How wonderful is that? Whereas people like you and. Me say this guy is the president of the United States. It doesn't matter if you agree with his policies or his politics when you get invited to the people's house you go. I've been invited to the White House twice by President Trump, and I've been honored to go. Obama never invited me had he invited me as much as I disagreed with his policies and as much as I think he did a really bad job in the office. I would have been there with bells on because that's appropriate. So I don't think that you take normal Americans, and you change their opinion to agree with the radical left because the radical left likes what they're doing. I think that normal people like you and me, we'll still see it as disrespectful, and I think that AT him Chuck Schumer will look stupid, of course. Yeah. And it's an accent. And I absolutely..

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