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"roger head trump" Discussed on Behind the Bastards

"If you haven't checked out my new series the end of the world with Josh Clark. The now's a great time to start the holidays are over the doldrums of winter had begun. And there's no better time to explore existential dread than right now. But wait, there's more to the end of the world than that. Yes. The series is about exit -sential risks. But it's also about hope the threats that are coming our way that could wipe humans right out of existence. Could also be just the thing that makes us band together. In a way that humanity never has before in the end of the world. I take you on a journey across time and space from the moment and asteroid collided with earth and set off a chain of events that wiped out the dinosaurs to the post biological future where we live in a digital format. If we don't already we'll explore big questions like whether we're alone in the universe and exactly how artificial intelligence could take control of our world from us. It also has a beautiful score and cinematic sound design. So it's an. Adventure for your mind. Which is just the thing to snap. You out of the winter blondes all ten episodes of the end of the world with Josh Clark are available for you to binge now on apple podcasts the iheartradio app or wherever you get podcast. We're back. So a little bit earlier we were talking about sort of the competing theories about win. Roger stone wanted dump Trump to run for election and the guy who did the get me. Roger stone documentary was like he saw him as a serious candidate from from the beginning. Always even though the the first campaigns weren't all that serious. Roger believes it him. This story is why I think that's bullshit. So in nineteen ninety nine Roger stone got another chance to help a Republican presidential candidate. And finally make use of this friend Donald Trump that year, Pat Buchanan announced that he would be running for president under the Reform Party ticket this worried Republicans because third party candidates are always scary. We're dealing with that right now with Schultz in, you know, the democratic primaries and stuff so Rogers strategy was to neutralize Pat Buchanan by using Donald Trump to run against him from the left Roger head Trump embraced gun control and universal healthcare as well. As cues Pat Buchanan of being a Hitler lover, which is actually kind of fair Trump dropped out soon after but the campaign did its job as the weekly staff. Matt Labus wrote a weakened Buchanan went on to help the Reform Party implode. Republicans suffered no real third party threat. So it does seem that in nineteen ninety nine. At least Donald Trump was just a convenient tool for Roger stone, not a serious presidential candidate. He represented a good way to deal with a third party candidate who might have threatened, George W Bush's election. Roger stone would go on to play another major role in the election of the man, the world would come to know as W Bush to electric blue blue and a literal war criminal stones first job to the Bush campaign was helping them win and Florida he did this by buying advertising at a number of Spanish language radio stations. He and his Cuban-American wife would show up and push a conspiracy theory, quote from Roger the idea we were putting out there was that. This was a left-wing power. Grab by gore the same way. Fidel Castro did it in Cuba. We were very explicitly dragged this analogy Al Gore to make it a violent power grab. I'll go to the dictator. I have trouble. Imagining Al Gore like even shooting three. Pointer. That's too aggressive. Al gore. I didn't even Al Gore is such a like you such a love. I I feel like he's just made to hug he was born without bones, his real hugger, no bones of that. But if a dog bit him, he wouldn't even pull his hand away. Just I'm just be like out just be like you stretched by leg. This is a problem. Oh, how gore only you'd had any charisma at all poor guy? Poor guy poor guy who would have really helped us avoid some problems. Yeah. Now during the infamous two thousand election recount, Roger stone claims to have been the organizer of the infamous Brooks brothers riot. This was essentially a bunch of Republican operatives swimming, south, Florida and Miami to protest the ongoing recounts. It's called the Brooks brothers riot. Because they all wore Brooks brothers, suits. Sure. Here's that New Yorker article quote at one point on November twenty second stone said he heard from an ally. In the building that gore supporters were trying to remove some ballots from the counting room. One of my pimple faced contact said. Two. Commissioners have taken two or three hundred dollars to the elevator. Stone said I said, okay, follow them. Have you guys? Go on the elevator and half. Go in the stairs. Everyone got sucked up in this. They were trying to keep the doors being closed. Meanwhile, they were trying to take the rest of the ballots into a back room with no windows. I told her guys to stop them. Don't let them close that door. They're trying to keep the door from being closed. There was a lot of screaming and yelling. In fact, the New Yorker notes the gore official. And the elevator. Joe Geller was carrying a single sample. Ballot. Now, the dual scenes of chaos both inside and outside. The building prompted the recount officials to stop their work. The recount Miami was never restarted depriving gore of his best chance to catch up overall state tally. So the Brooks brothers riot is pretty consistently across the board considered an important fact in Bush's winning, and you know, gore didn't they eventually get to the number is like months after people prove the gore won the popular vote

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