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"roger destoned" Discussed on Behind the Bastards

"Network wherever fine podcasts are hosted. We're back. We just produced some products and services to few services. I'm feeling good. Already today back in here. I love the economical energy. It's perfect. I'm I got three things to say about economics. Okay. Back to this podcast. To jail that words, Paul Manafort was suddenly persona. Non grata amongst the young Republican in intelligencia, whatever you wanna call showing either a surprising amount of loyalty to his friend or just confidence that Manafort would eventually wind up on top. Roger stone worked with congressional aide. Charlie black on a scheme stone ran for president of the young Republicans winning and basically acting as a a stand in for Paul Manafort to preserve his access to the halls of power. So you see Roger stone, basically agreeing to become a figurehead leader of this party. So that Paul Manafort can continue to have influence, which is you don't run into a lot of things Bridgestone doing something for someone else. It's so true. It's so interesting his career. There's been so many times or he's been fired. But kept as an adviser. Yeah. So outside of all the trickster stuff. He really is legit political strategist. Well, that is actually the question we're going to have to answer over the course of both parts of this podcast is whether or not he's actually any good because it's kind. Of a mystery. He certainly has managed to stay in contact to a lot of power people over the years the question of whether or not he actually did very much is really hard to answer. So we're going to we're going to dig into that here. Okay. So Manafort blackened stone all worked on Ronald Reagan's nineteen eighty presidential campaign. Roger stone managed the northeast United States and earned acclaim for successfully turning much of that region against the Democratic Party during that election he did. So by appealing to groups who are committed democratic voters black and Hispanic people Jewish people and Catholics stone had stayed in touch with Richard Nixon because he just loved the guy so much and he was successful at bringing the former president and definite criminal in as a strategist for the Reagan campaign. Nixon is purported to put together the Ohio strategy, which is less impressive than it. Sounds it boiled down to spending a shitload of money in Ohio for its twenty five electoral votes. Stone would later make a big deal out of this essentially as a way of reinforcing his reputation as a political kingmaker, but Ronald Reagan won forty nine states in that election. So. It's kinda doubtful that the Ohio strategy and specific did that much. He didn't really need Hieaux. It was kind of a blow out still Roger destoned had performed well in a winning presidential campaign. He was offered a sweet gig in the Reagan administration. But turned it down saying, quote, I would never take a job in government. I'm interested in politics while that's what pieces of shit say. Yeah. Yeah. In one thousand nine hundred eighty Roger stone and his friends also letting us now. Yeah. And we think that they play is not the game that we recognize. No, he's not about beliefs. It's about winning and preserving access to power, Honey and stuff, you know. I'm I'm sure every one of Mr. Roger has one or two things he believes in but to call him like ideologically a Republican or anything else now. Yeah. He believes Roger stone's should be influential. Yeah. Libertarian now. He's been claiming that for a while fairness, and that is a vague enough ideology might say exactly Roger stone's show. It's it's open ended enough. Like, yeah, you probably are Roger called meals. The one party that hasn't rejected him. Yup. That need him more than any other party problem. No. I mean, they he and John McAfee could make a powerful presidential combo. Don't scare me McAfee stone. Twenty twenty enough hair out of my head the last two years combined twenty indictments between us don't eat more. Nightmares? Oh god. It's it's crazy that that would almost be an upgrade, you know. It would be would be at least I'm pretty sure they can both spell. We don't need to get political in this political podcast about politics. Remember, we're not interested in government. We're interested. Wait. Sure. What? Roger stone's set troop, Trump doesn't govern. He's still campaigning. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, he's he's never stopped campaigning. Yeah. Although in a little bit of fairness, that's kind of how being president works. Now. Like, you're always running until he's done it because level I never seen. Yeah. But I feel like it just gets escalated every single like the fundraising that starts the year after the election like that. You know, there's a lot to say about, you know, the compromise. Obama made in the Affordable Care Act in order to not get a shitload of insurance industry money thrown against his campaign twenty twelve which is like at least more principled than anything Trump's done. But like there's a lot of gross problems in politics. Yeah. Speaking of which Roger stone perfect say. In one thousand nine hundred Roger stone, and his friends formed black Manafort stone, a lobbying organization spy magazine would later declare the torturers lobby. You'll wanna listen to our two parter on Paul Manafort, if you're interested in that story because while Paul instantly, abandoned beltway politics to work for dictators. Roger stay burrowed deep within the warm cash-rich bosom of the Republican party. So stone makes money off of these. We talk a lot in the Manafort episode. There's guys like the Marcos regime Mobutu Sese Seko in Zaire, and there's a bunch of different dictators that Paul Manafort worked directly with during this period of time. Roger stone is making profits off of that. And I I'm sure he has some degree because they're having meetings regularly and stuff. So I'm sure he has some input here. But it really is Manafort who's doing the direct work with these dictators and stone and black are more involved in domestic politics in the United States. But yeah, so he's profiting off of murderers, but he's not working with them to this. Same extent that Manafort is for whatever it's worth Manafort is an objectively worse person, Roger stone. Now Roger stone became known during the nineteen eighties as the gatekeeper to Richard Nixon, which is a debatable honor. He hosted the series of dinner parties and interviews with the now elder statesman right up until the president's death in nineteen ninety four in that New Yorker interview Roger made what I think is an unintentionally hilarious statement quote. The reason I'm Nick Knight is because of his indestructible and resilience never quit. His whole career was all built around his personal resentment of elitism is the poor me syndrome. John F Kennedy's father bottom is how seat is Senate seat in the presidency. Knowing about Nixon, anything Nixon resented that. He was very class conscious. He identified with the people who ate TV dinners watched Laurence Welk and love their country. I love this. Because literally the most famous thing Nixon did was quit being president, exactly. Listen to quit. And also saying no one ever bought him anything when it was your job to by people for Nixon during the reelection campaign. That was literally what you did Roger this. And he like, the creator of the super PACS like he's one of the he's he's the of that of lobbying like black Manafort and stone was the first really modern lobbying firm of cancer in our political system because in addition to helping dictators lobby the US government for foreign aid. They kind of invented the idea of working with both sides elections. All no matter who wins. We've got someone who can then sell access to like unbelievable. Yeah. We go into a lot of detail about in the Manafort podcast. It's American it's anti everything. But the couple of dozen people who make money off of it. It's I don't know why the Republican party attacks only people on who isn't isn't made in America. But the Democratic Party doesn't enough attack people who isn't made of America. It's so un-american what he's doing. It's against the policies of the. People that founded this country. Well, I mean, the only correction I might say is that like, it's what you and I don't want to be American. But there's a lot of people who want it to be American, and that's like the great conflict of our time. Well, if all of us voted, I think they vote my like if the number I think the numbers are on our democratic side. I would agree. But twenty sixteen taught us the numbers ain't nearly everything. They ought to be. Yeah. Yeah. In Roger stone is probably one of those people who like Mitch McConnell does not want there to be a federal voting holiday. Yeah. Yeah. Amen. Your he's terrified of that. Got people vote. Yeah. Yeah. I also love Roger stone's embrace of like how down to earth Nixon is considering the Roger stone is a man so infamous for his love of expensive clothing

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