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Monte Carlo memory lane: Our 8 MOST EPIC moments including Nadal's La Decima, Gasquet-Federer upset and Djokovics 2013 title streak-stopper; ATP Player relief fund proposal; Murray-Novak chat on Instagram; Laver Cup postponed

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Monte Carlo memory lane: Our 8 MOST EPIC moments including Nadal's La Decima, Gasquet-Federer upset and Djokovics 2013 title streak-stopper; ATP Player relief fund proposal; Murray-Novak chat on Instagram; Laver Cup postponed

"Thank you ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the passing shot. Murray and DJOKOVIC LIGHT UP. Instagram postponed till twenty twenty one We remember some of our favorite moments from Auntie carly everyone and welcome to the passing. Shot the tennis pocus by fans for fans with your host Joel in today's episode. We're going to be taking you through some of our favorite moments from Monte Carlo. On what would have been finals day at the Monte Carlo Country Club elsewhere will bring you some of the big talking points. Coming from Andy. Murray and Novak Djokovic instagram session. This was an update from the tennis. Well this week including the postponement of the Labor Cup but Kim first. Let's start with Murray Novak Chat Friday evening had a long week at work and it was a very pleasant and nice way to kind of start the weekend. It was a conversation. I think that they had admitted they had no actually. Despite having these rivalry kind of gone for so long they never actually sat down. Had a chat with each other. So it's really pleasant kind of have that moment almost kind of be able to share it with the yeah. It was nice. Isn't it just them is kind of mates. I suppose just having a chat and that means Joe. They were clearly listening to fashion episode causing show that we did last week because the conversation turned at what point stand. Mann's excellent shorts that he won railing. Garo swift say clearly. They had tennis fashionable Nemo. And like we had I thought was funny because Jovic said if SAM was watching he should burn they shorts And I think she was watching because he did like At one point in the essay they show it during the right and guarantees e Mont. They say he called exactly. Yeah but maybe he's got a spare pair at home. I did love the fact that other tennis players joined didn't as well as kind of your general fans as well and it was kind of great to see some of those responses for some of the topics of up light stands short. I think curiosities Sleeve Kobe. Bryant tattoos was brought up as well say it was great to see you the kind of everyone kind of getting together and having a little bit lobe. Ever sit down because as you said. It's like you know these guys that you know. Generally speaking when we see them together is a head to head. It's a competitive environment and it's nice to have made like this. Where is a level playing field and just kind of talking as mates and I think some of the I think one of the big talker boys are one of the things they were discussing? Was that perfect. Tennis player. Agai through different sort of aspects of a tennis player. And saying who who they would like I found the most interesting thing was what they were talking about. Back cads returns of Sunday said they would prefer each other's each of his back. How does over time himself? Which I thought was quite interesting. Well I am being humble respect. Fourteen each other or was that the rule. They just couldn't take themselves so therefore oversee he would pick the the the wouldn't because they generally speaking I would say they are the best return for example. I was surprised. Jovic didn't pick rough maybe physical as well as mental. I thought maybe he was trying to like spread his His pigs around today. I'm I'm not sure but Pretty much agreed with all of their old of that picks picks along the line. But Yeah I mean. It's nice as well just to see them like eating because these guys. Yeah we we see them competing against each other. The end of the day the players get on say well the friends of each other and they must be missing that kind of camaraderie of being on the tour as well right now so. It's nice to do something like this isn't it and the fans can join in and and get as well exactly. Maybe maybe we'll do a future episode on talking about how we would build and structure our perfect tennis players. But that's just kind of give a listeners. Feeding catch it the the run through of what they they fought was that kind of perfect tone. Spy Say Novak Djokovic serve was either it was kind of between John is ner nick carry US return. Murray four hundred went for the Dow poetry full hand with a backhand Murray Volley Federal Man Tuna Dow and then physical yet domain Tame Strike David Farrar. An- Andy Murray Chose for his. I mean no surprises. He kind of went for seven. Apothecary else is now return. Novak Djokovic forehand rough on the Dow back can Djokovic Volley Federal Mental Nadeau Physical Jakovich. Maybe we should do. Yeah maybe we'll do an episode construct. All perfect I thought the one thing just looking at one other things maybe interests me is the Jakovich for his forehand shows. Really flat four hundred we've portray whereas Murray of C. Wet for the Dow's complete off the the massive credit four top speed and You know high. The showed is thought to be interesting. They chose different different approaches for different shots. I'm really surprised that she didn't pick carriers for you. Know his mental attitude. I mean a car. No match and why. They wouldn't have picked him for that. But maybe maybe they went for his his underarms. Maybe referencing that but yeah anyway in Albany Joe as slightly more serious thing is pays ad. It's come out but there are plans to play a relief fund fula ranked class. You're going to struggling a lot financially. current current time so jovic revealed on Friday that the plans for that player. Relief Fund would generate moving full million dollars. But the way they're going to do it will that outlining how they would do it. Is that everyone in the top hundred singles twenty doubles which country based on their ranking? Say for example those players in the top five would donate thirty thousand dollars each and then kind of below down the rankings. You go the less you would need donate into the prize ports. Not Too sure I mean I think is a great idea passing. They obviously is a lot of talk saying players shouldn't have to be helping out all the players like it's about. Atp tool they should be doing this. It shouldn't be a problem the players themselves to have to do this. But I think it's really nice initiative and I think the top players do have some responsibility to initiate something like this. Yeah I think it's it's an interesting one. I think it's a good place to saw. Obviously it's the intent. Is that to kind of help in that. Coastal of collective spirit. That kind of we're all in this. You know the the top players of their own initiatives kind of going on as well And Yeah it's very interesting. I feel like this is going to be a big is going to be a big talking point. It could open up a lot of. It is a kind of worms. I think a lot of people are going to have their own opinions and already kind of those opinions A different is like how great it should be on a sliding scale of of ranking or should it be something it should be something else. Is it Fatou on ranking? I think is one of the biggest kind of conversations and I think kind of doing something like this kind of highlights. The you know that wetness. The players ranked lower down need financial support. But you know. Is there an argument to say? Well you know how we got into a situation where we've needed a global you know global pathetic figures passive as the corona virus to to make to make something like this happen. Yeah I agree because eat at this. I mean how long term will make everyone take a more serious look at the pay structure with antennas? I know it's been on the agenda for a couple of years but hopefully this'll be kind of like the final push to actually make it much equitable. I mean the issue with this sliding scale was the the amount that they're sort of saying should be pushing Like ranking its way is to disproportionate. Say someone who's to one hundred in the world is actually going to be doing much. Larger percentage of their income than say joke rich in federal at the top of the game so therefore maybe it should be done. Just how much you could actually afford to give Or if you're going to do ranking perhaps what would be fair is to do on like ranking. That would be from the last couple of years. Like an equalized average ranking because a lot of players like for example Dan Evans. He's just going into the top thirty. He's just go back. He's not going to have an awful lot of money from top tournaments that he would be like Able to access at that ranking like. It's all very new to him. So as conversely other place he would be in the top one hundred and then maybe a much lower at the moment because of injury but yet they would have a much more financial capacity to give a bit more or to treat this. Obviously no system is perfect. It's like a new idea. They're going to have to. I guess. Run three these issues but the inspire. The idea is very nice but I think perhaps they just need to kind of streamline and make kind of sense of some of these inconsistencies are going on. Yeah I think as you said I think conversely people like Jack Circle people who've gone on the rankings. He had to get have had. That had that moment and made a lot of money. Jacksonville finals power. Small says etcetera. It doesn't feel like he would benefit that much. For this sort of your relief fund this kind of Aimed at plays. We'll have similar rankings. Maybe around him. I think it's kind of like this. Does this effort from the players but I think also needs to be from the tournaments as well And it will be interesting to see you know. I told him it's like you know Wimbledon for example whether the prize money whether they still kind of look to distribute that to players on notice spin some sort of chatter and some talk about you know first round prize money being distributed to make sure the players. Because I think if you if you don't support these players farther down we might get into a situation where they might be more vulnerable than ever say of them. Kinda going down roots of match fixing and betting which we know that kind of tennis has a history wave when you know we will not repeat itself but this might be. This feels like a moment. Where if we don't do something? It might lead players to yet. It's kind of desperate desperate. Meshes Yeah and how many are going to be able to stop again? When when they're allowed to you know there's a lot of investments and expenditure that go into just traveling the tool so some players might just find that they they just cannot afford to stop again. Say Yeah I mean I think they're all various other schemes. Think the WGN for someone has a loan scheme going on but in reality I think the criteria for as she being able to get financial help. You know isn't kind of what they say. If that makes sense it's you have to meet certain criteria and it's audit and I think this is. This is a step in the right direction. So that's a positive thing. We'll read bit as much positive news this weekend right now. I suppose one other thing Joe. That's been announced this week In relation to make arenavirus is the Labor Cup has been postponed to twenty twenty one so not a big surprise is just the latest in series of events. Go oversee this is an exhibition. So it's certainly not as Important as for example the slams and it was going to coincide with the newly scheduled French shape and so I guess it's just for the best now that Labor has decided to kind of delay For Year yes. That's still a pall of became a just. I think there's going to be any bladders played this season. But let's say Fidel there is a as as you said. I think he is completely a completely makes sense. The you know the priority is given to Grand Slams and and kind of tour events and you know as much as we want to see kind of labor carpet and you know it's it's been great. You know the the additions we've had so far As much as I will not continue. Yeah the there was kind of a time and a place in. Unfortunately it doesn't feel like twenty twenty s is eight time and Boston is not the place for for the Labor Cop and yes they postponed it to September. Twenty twenty one. Interestingly Federa has already committed to playing it so we will be seeing him at the Labor Cup and he will be forty years old. Wow I mean he's going to have to do an awful. Lo as a as a as an ode bad isn't he if he wants to win the Olympics and winning Wimbledon things the Labor up? But you know he's proved wrong safer in many ways. So why no. It's just adding to his his challenger motivation. I suppose and yeah as you say I think with Ted. This is because it's such a boost for isn't it and the tour say worldwide probably arguably the sport is most affected by corona virus. It is not played just within one nation. So perhaps we'll see national tennis circuit. Start up again. Countries are able to do that so players. What beyonce just play like? I don't know a German circe or something for food. Jabeen plays all South Korean second. I'm just trying to think of countries Handling this situation a lot better than others I think for label tool like Tennessee. Justice is so heavily. Impacted as as a pasted. Perhaps other sports but yeah anyway Joe. Let's move on because we're going to be talking back through sort of taking a trip down memory lane like we did with the Miami Masters this weekend it would have been the Monte Carlo final today. We're recording this. So we thought we'd look back on some of the most I guess groundbreaking or imported Monte Carlo. Maimon Save for the last few minutes kid pick movements Yeah Yeah Yeah. We did this year with Miami. Said he listed. See I wanNA take a trip down memory lane with the Miami mosses if you scroll back On the on the podcast you'll be able to find that episode but yet today we'll be looking at some of our favorite most epic moments from monte-carlo now came in research this way. I've tried to tried to incorporate that have included Nadal. It just feels. It just feels like every baby everybody we could talk about some sort of connection or leg Doubt because it is his tournament Federer Has Holler. Dow Has Monte-carlo. This is. This is how this is how in my won't call a his shake shit shaped itself over the last sort of over the last decade or so. Yeah Compete agree. I mean as a big rectified myself. for me win just two tournaments in one year than I so for me in my mind. It's always Roland Garros and Monte-carlo because they all like his homes thing where he feels most comfortable you know in the clay and overseas won. An awful of boss Lane isn't rains but these two especially all the ones that stand out. So yeah it's very hard to avoid Avoid Rafeh Summary of of stuff this week and and of course monte-carlo this is the star of the European classes and this is the first big clay court tournament Masa series level. You know we've Madrid and then rhyme farther down the line so this is kind of a really important for all players kind of important tournament to kind of get off you know on the on the best possible in the European clay swing and so yeah. Let's let's talk three some of the what we think. There's some of the most epic moments from Monte. Carlo is recent history and I guess the kind of thirst Maimon we have to kind of talk about is of course. Raf on the Dow his first monte-carlo title. Of course he's won. A Lot said spits yet. He won his first title so in two thousand five exactly kind of fifteen years ago. I think Of a today or yesterday he was eighteen years old He faced Gamay Korea in the final. Actually and this was back at a time when they matches over kind of five sets and yeah he came out. In enforcer six three six one love six seven five which you don't you don't see very often di Natale bagels. I'm on a clay cor. Say I feel like that school nurse called B. What makes his bachelor's fascinating is the fact that yeah the Dow the Dow did lose six love but I think I think the biggest point for me here is that you know. This was almost kind of a this moment. This final was kind of a passing of the torch between you two great clay-courters and Gloria I think arguably for kind of few seasons. Yeah I think the the before he got to the French Open Final. You know he was kind of like the the king of clay pre now and this match for me almost kind of was that moment way changed from couriers the King of clay actually Nidal's hair and he's ready to take a ready to take over that mantle. Yeah I mean if any we knew like often needed after rough is I want to get any water. That time could think Oh Weena Louisiana's later he would be deeded. Wadden the twelve hundred hours eleven Montreal as for example it just would have been unthinkable at the time. Yeah Oh say what's interesting? We discuss this on Miami episode a couple of weeks back but in a rough ahead come just recently come out of the Miami final against federal and Rafa had been like two sets to love up against federal. He'd been four in the third set in that match before federal came back to within five. So I think this sort of Bagel in the third set this Walpole that rough ahead against Korea in the Montreal. If I know I guess there was something in his mind thinking. Oh am I going to like check again from Jeez? That's the most as Fino is it? Is it going to happen again? And I think he said afterwards that the match with already helped him in in in this final because he was just made sure not to lease focus and let the lead slip so I think like that was it. Just showed his. He was growing from every single match in every kind of new experience. He was having these. The gang deepen these mosses offense but just eighteen years of age and obviously that year verdict cowers turns up and say this is a good portent of what was to come eat eh without six weeks later or say also fascinating about these new dot com coming onto the scene in and winning. These two is the fact that it wasn't like he had like a few seasons and it was making the second round third round kind of getting to grips with the tournaments. And then and then kind of making the leap. It was caught doing this straight off the bat at eight hundred year old just going into the tournament and and winning it and this is something you don't you don't hear about really particularly on that scale you know a kind of a master's level and against players like yeah gamma cars. Who said he was? He was the king of clay and kind of watching some of the clips of an unusual cheap and classic sort of baseline baseline to baseline matchup. And you can kind of say how that kind of both of them had those qualities that you could see why they were kind of cool with the King of clay. I it just kind of felt that in the Dow was going to be the king. Yeah definitely I mean it's just. He is untouchable. I like to go on. I mean at least you know. Obviously he hasn't won. Every single matches ever played on clay. People have beaten him on clay. Of course Some of which. We'll talk about shortly but yeah. I mean monte-carlo at the two together perfect combination in my in my eyes but Joe Interesting federal at this time was was of sea world number wadden very very dominant very few rivals on the tool. Adam de on next movement is is she. What happened federal at this tournament in two thousand and five because he is? He hadn't progressed very far in this tournament because he lost to a a young up and coming Frenchman. Reshad gasquet gas gay. Which was I remember? I remember watching this match from my from my living room on the TV and it was just such A. It was such a breath of fresh air. You know this this Guy Richard gasquet. He has done. He's done some things in his crib but when he kind of came onto the scene. Seeing that single handed backhand for the first time it was such a just a such a sight to behold to cut of thought it was just so memorable the way that match finished he won the third set tiebreak ten ten and he. He won with a backhand down the line. And if that is a quintessential way for Richard Gasquet to kind of finish to match. I don't yeah that matches. It was quite an epic. Wasn't it could get a go to either way and we saw coming from both players and I mean gasquet. Yeah it was always you know he was in the same generations Ruffini. They were both eighteen. So actually this told me it was pretty important because they base kind of came onto the scene and we go to see so if maybe the future of tennis was going to be like suddenly federal had rivals and it's interesting because see Russia's career went one way and gasquet is kind of didn't quite get that I mean. He did have a lot of pressure on him from the French. Press especially lauded him to be the next thing and I think he ever quite managed to do. I mean I agree. I think it's I think after this tournament I think you know the the press. The tennis media were speculating. Hey needling gasquet of of we are watching you. The future number one and number two players on the tour and I it was kind of light. Yes yes for one person. Not so much for the other but That's kind of take away from this moment and the fact the federal this season I think he went something like it was something like eighty one and four or something is reckless losses. Were very few and far between and I think that's kind of what made this movement say APP. It was the fact that here. We Harry is wild number. One you know on King on top of his And Richard Gasquet this young up and coming Frenchman comedy onto the say. No one really knows a lot about him I think he I think he played the previous year and he sucked in early on. Well he just come through. I think at fifteen he say. Three days earlier he'd breaks heat qualified for that ornaments. I think that was really the first time the world to him so he had a form that he managed to qualify without a set three years earlier but this was a he's big may even yeah eighteen and it was. It didn't really get any occupied team. Really get any better for him. I mean we talk about you. Know Ah saw you never really. I guess a really great win and this is you know in a tournament is have you beaten Federer? Nfl The same event and gasquet had that opportunity. In Monte Carlo Federal then he came up against Nepal in semifinal. Actually was Santa. Break up to Wilson able to kind of plow the by. I don't know if a federal matule tickets to his tickets told him you must have been quite tired guy to court with Rafeh reports. I think for me. Yeah ICAN looking back on kind of gas gays career now It feels like this was. This was probably the best matchy he played in his career meandered more than one of them. I would say I would say say. He had quite a lot of trouble. Closing matches out and eat. Always be one of those players. He wouldn't quite trust across the finish line and I guess at this point in his career he was a bit more fair less than went for an eight year old in the third tie-break he was able to to gave without finish line. But we haven't really seen him since. Then you know at the crunch of of the match the at the end Besam. Yeah not she. Federal did say off the match. He said he didn't know if gasquet would be able to produce kind of the lights out Tennessee. He did still on that day. Say which our guest is true. I guess it hasn't managed to maintain that so the full Ray Go insane and he did it and federal laws which is a big shock at the time and I guess the base is probably the most telling statistic of your kind of casquets career. And how almost kind of plateaued? Before he kind of make a dent on the very patchy loans of the rankings was gas gays kind of head to head against the dial in azoff. Twenty twenty. He's open sixteen against the Dow and two two and eighteen against federal. So I think that speaks about you. Know Yes that. This may was so happy because he went on to achieve. It was kind of like he got so far. Be Each. It just was not a not so of level. Maybe we people were expecting him to get to based off you know based off of this tournament. Yeah no show on trade to know the other match. He beat federal. Because I can't think of off the top of my head but listeners but how she can help us out with this was I think or something like that. Maybe we want to say it was. I'VE INDIAN WELLS WILL CINCINNATI. Be Completely Wrong. Messes up your head. Kp vetere but yeah. There is a kind of a another moment for me. That was really epic just into kind of a match monte-carlo but came obviously you're ratified. You probably got many moments from Monte Carlo. And you're GONNA YOU'RE GONNA. You're argue to me. What what what may view in in in the Dow was was great Fi. Well every year the wattage come on. Now I mean I've I've got a couple but I have to start really with the first time. I think that refer played Federer at Monte Carlo. So this was two thousand six and they paid three. Monte Kali finals in a row actually see referendum. All of them to this was kind of the first Paul of the first final in two thousand six and it was only the second meet on clay actually and it was. This was a pretty pretty place financially in terms of out of three they had it Monte Carlo so it was four set so this time they were still playing five-set most as far as I know exactly when they would it change but we have six two six seven. Six three seven say accept full set tiebreak. So it's almost four long match. Which as she does seem a bit crazy Formosa's final now but yeah it was. It was the second meeting on clay. I think it kind of solidified for me. Rafters dominance a federal on the clay. Because he beats him at Roland Garros in the semi finals the before but I think yes she can beat someone wants to do again is obviously it just again and again and again and then it went on the less chance vetter had of of beating reference lab basically for me as well? You know. This isn't just Rafeh winning and being of great so me eat a federal never has won the Monte Carlo title and this mattress will be the closest he came you know get into the final word and get into four sets of Rafeh and if there was never one to our? He's he's lost all of his finals. He's being in the tournament of C. Three to reference and one to stand a bit later on but Federer's yesterday the Bay Tournament for Federal. I guess it hasn't helped. He's he came up against refereed. Release Finals but I think this is really just showed that you know. I'm sorry federal there. You may still be waiting a while and you lose an awful lot on the tennis court but own clay you all setting the world number one. I guess this match just helped cement not going forwards. This was a time when it felt like literally every final of significance was federal versus Nadal. And I thought I did my research. This baby and I was looking kind of the other clay court finals. They hadn't few. I think kind of a few weeks later in the in the Rome final the had an absolute bond stormer which was again maddow coming out on top in a five hour mini epic five sets seven five in the in the final set tiebreak. Dowell and Gaydos got looking at the g cheap and party. This was the match that Todd bosses fighters for best of five to three sets the year after in Monty Python. It was like a razor set straight-sets rougher than say base age was intimately as ridiculous on the League for girls to Pay Five F. I knew in the mosque is a bad and I. I think they made the right call on that one but yeah. I think these sorts of finals a federal dow went four hours in Monte Carlo. And then they went five hours in Rabia. It was like it just shows you. How a traditional clay court tennis and when you have your really fast combat lighten Adele Light Roger Federer Nicole in the peak of that in the peak of that powers is back in two thousand six. It was never going to be a match that was straightforward and it felt like it had kind of momentum swings you know when you know one one one set and the other one the other side and it really felt like it could have gone either way kind of you know. Even Connor that full set tiebreak. It felt like so far like on a knife on a knife edge to the very very last moments and again it could very easily have gone have gone five. Yeah and I think to be federal erasmo specialist to to kind of beat the number one and half these epic battles at batch isn't come through them. Say Oversee meant a lot to reference never ivory of c shaped occupies their careers and inspired them to both become better player is because I think over that period of time two thousand six two thousand seven two thousand eight. They played yeah and astronomical number of times and it was almost like every week. We were getting treated to this federal battle and at the time. I mean I guess with each passing match. It became more more significant. What we what we were getting but when you look back or anything of that really what was like the Golden Age. I guess of the rivalry because it was just they were playing say frequently a I guess you know. Obviously federal career especially on clay would have been so much. We'll say very different if Rafeh hadn't of been there because you know in recent years he's been skipping the clay court season hasn't nee and was he won garrison two thousand nine but Paul from referee has been his his bogeyman on the clay. And I guess Monte Carlo just kind of demonstrate as well you know. Federal is never won this tournament and most probably would have done. Obviously if he hadn't come up against Raffarin three of these final. Say were yeah. It's And I'm sure that rain final that ding-dong they had will be on that when we come to review a couple of weeks not one as well. But let's let's move to all next paper because again this is one of your have your moments and this is. I GUESS EPIC. Nece to it because because you are actually there for yes probably seems like a bit of a run of the bill match for me this like a personal moment because it was the first time I went to Monte Carlo and it was two thousand twelve and breath for one the ornament played Novak in the final but this time this was kind of the era where nave out was just beating you. Everyone he'd had amazing season in two thousand and eleven is every time he played. Rafeh rapper based in these couldn't get in because I think he'd lost yes. He'd lost his last seven matches against Jovic including the lost three slam finals. So as a fan myself that like looking forward to the final. You've referenced joke which I thought. Oh go she is going to be Jovic again isn't it and I thought well if if African just got one win against him you know and clay like they soupy great like and I just I just thought. Oh you need to like stop. The role needs to kind of end. This this losing streak with navy and I was kind of ood prepared for some really intense like stressful match but it was from it was very serene it was six three six one straight-sets and me and my friends were just sitting there like. Oh we can just celebrate now. It was very enjoyable pleasant afternoon. And it for me. That was the first time I've actually seen rougher win. A title live as well. I of final had been T- with Heyman say it was just a really nice personal moment for me and I always wanted to go to Monte Carlo and if anyone thinking about gang when everything's back up and running and you haven't been then do because it's the most beautiful tournament. I think he could gate kids Stephanie. Right up there and I would happily go to every year. Forget but I think in the match itself it was very run of the mill but I know Jacovic was struggling. I think with some personal issues that were going on at that time. So of course. It certainly wasn't anything a genuine matchup. 'cause Navy was very off a but I think for me it just as a side from being a personal way but I just think rafferty needed this as a confidence boost going into the classes and that year because I think he just be left quite demoralized by nave domination over the last year. Yeah if it felt like if if he was going to break that losing streak was going to happen in Monte-carlo 'cause this was you know this title number eight wasn't it forever. And he had he had now built up this kind of aura that when he played in Monte Carlo Hey was narrowed an invincible and say even when someone is good and as great as Novak Djokovic steps on on the face up against him he would still kind of a on on the Monte Carlo. He would expect to kind of come away You know and win. Say I think that for me is kind of why this is epic is kind of like it it? It stop the raw and yet if almost felt like he needed to it had to happen had to have happened at Monte Kali. Yeah completely agree. And as I said before for Rafeh fans. I'm sure any day. Monte Carlo is is you know you feel like is extra special for him to retain not dominance there and to get to there and yeah I mean it's just oviously Yeah I mean it was just I. I think I mentioned a couple of episodes that I had some clay from the core of Karla. It was this way you got it from. Yeah go into the cool after is a nicer of chee-chen FDA up yeah say yeah. Many many foreign memories from from one Scott well came. It hasn't all been serene for Nadal at Monte Carlo and I think the movement not serene that serene this was broken was In two thousand thirteen Novak Djokovic. She was kind of well number. One time ended his eight year winning run at the Monte call him masses beat him in straight sets six two seven six For me as a said it kind of as because of this or that Nepal had had built up. It felt like the Dow Cave Klay. It felt like evacuate stolen his crown because the sort of infants ability. The Nidal had kind of go from Monaco. Carlo I think he was forty. Six consecutive matches one in the tournament. A Novak comes along kind of stops the stops that streak and you takes the crown from him. It was it was a big deal. It was a big moment. You know now dow leasing it Monte Carlo. I it's it's the start of the clay season you know. People are always going to wonder who is he at the peak of his powers. I'm not sure can they can could Novak Djokovic do it. Yeah I agree and I was actually at this final as well say. I was a bit like okay. Had One win you lease so rough a win the before fair enough. Novak and have this one but yeah it was a bit like Oh reference finally lost a Monte Carlo but it has to happen at some point and I think sometimes the thought of is worse than actually is when it happens and yet navy totally deserved to win this matchy. He was the better player and He was just say much more improved on the final from twelve months before and I think at the time. He was also carrying bitcoin injuries. They have done that and not be perhaps physically present as well was very impressive for over. Asli he has gone on to win. Burn Garros and reach several other road and gas finals and he is an exceptional player. So it was probably well-deserved. He won Montreal at some point. Especially at you know he does live in Monte Carlo as well so he feels like I guess it's a home from home for him says a nice moment for him to win. Win Not Setting. Yes yeah I think he was? I think he injured his ankle. Something in a Davis Cup Tie. Serbia before the tournament say was up in the air. I think actually where he was going to play. Which makes it even more incredible that he won the total. I think he lost like his first three matches tournament of Ood went three sets and I think it going into the final. You would have obviously backs in the dollar and the fact that you know. He came away win in straight sets. A I think you can have almost kind of. There's no sort of as no if issues. I feel like you. You would have wanted a ball. You would wanted to see a more kind of a closer final but the fact that you the achievement. I think is what makes us may epic the fact that yeah. He broke the forty. Forty six match winning streak at Monte Carlo. Obviously I think for me. You know you lost monte-carlo what does this mean for the French Apron. You know you think. Oh is he. Is He not going to win? Anything on clay this season but you know he went onto win the fretting. That was yeah. That was the year he played. Farah and the French Open final. What happens Jovovich and not? Just think over the referee semi in that that was it. I remember yet okay. You didn't sort of as much as you remember where you were. I think I was hiding in a copy at work. Checking the live schools in my pain during that semi final say. Yeah but oversee eat a revocation through and one writer Garissa Anyway so it was sort of disastrous. I'm yeah the well the next moment. We'RE GOING TO DISCUSS. As Roma's ten victory at Monte Carlo which it was very very important for the history books because he became the first player in the open era to win the same. Atp EVENT Ten Times Oversee he then went on to complete the Decima. You know ten titles at and also at the French Open so. This final was very straightforward. He played a Albatross Romo which Ramos Vanilla in in the final which You know I think it was. It was hoped it was going to be a rougher. Vavrinec final. I think Stan lost in the Semis Raffles. I came through against David Goffin Which was a match. The is remembered? I guess all the wrong reasons because those kind of a key moment and I think golf on was a break up in the first set and then like the umpire. Cedric Maria. You like basically kind of Abc Took it upon himself. Almost got to be a villain of the piece and point replayed when the Dow was having no qualms about it and essentially golfing went from. I think forty up to three O on and it was just kind of it. Just kind of snowballed from there and it was kind of. I guess kind of the players. The we've been talking about the Dalit Federa- a joke of it. You have come kind of rule nidal jock vitry comes kind of ruled Monte Carlo shelves the other players have kind of made them up but let Decima I mean ten. Titles that is that is a phenomenal. Achievement is something that we you know. It's very is very reckless and to see happen three times in one clay court swing is in is incredible and again. It's it's one of those where I think what makes it. Epic is the the history of the Mo of the achievement not necessarily the match itself because the final was a bit of a blowout. I mean six one. Six three seventy six minutes. That was absolutely no way not going to be losing to las in in the semifinals and sorry in the in the final and I I it was again it was it was. Kinda like this point. The Dow his or back because when you went into that franchise in such great form and I think he had lost lost thirty five games in home. It just shows you that this Casey's an Rafeh backed is invincible. Best K. was extremely Doberman wasn't dot year this thousand and eighteen if I'm if I'm Ryan and was just completely completely. I'm for Undergrad. I think R- Lost Claes in wars to team in Rome but then rather beat team in the final of the French. Open that year. Say Yeah Paul Albert rumour that he only had one thing coming in that Sunday off knee. Monte-carlo would have been allowed to to beat Rafa on that day. Something that would be. That would have just being greedy. Routing Refahs Decima But yes no this was. This was a lovely lovely moment forever or knee historically courts of of Monte Carlo. And yet again just just not ching these titles up like nobody's business but very important numerical. I suppose achievements on this one and that was that was in a game that was in two thousand seventeen on and on the old route on to that to that title amazement. Next maybe not one for British fans is another again match I can recall was Rafeh versus kyle up and in inbound to In roundtable the twenty seventeen months caller again. This was a moment. I think it was epic because I didn't think we realized at the time 'cause Rafic county came through in three sets but like looking back on it and you know this place as Rafeh would eventually have looking back on that match. Edmund really pushed to the limit and you know it went kind of deepen that kind of you kind of left. Wondering how is we're GONNA CRUSH OUT IN MONTE CARLO? Before before the final yeah obviously. Gi Joe Twenty. Call a number of times And Yeah I genuinely thought rougher was going to lease at one point and that was like you know I mean obviously I wanted to call up and say well you know for a fan oversee of call. It was quite nice. Does she play at British players. So you didn't get that very often. I think in the round before kyle had out. She'd taken out Donovan. So I think when I look to the rule before I sort of you know flew out Monte Carlo or whatever obviously oh he's going to face either way am whoever it's going to be and yeah interesting this much rough obey Gold Edmund in the first set. So you thought okay. This is going to be a walk in the park and then Edmund. Just tell you we just thought well. I'm going to gave this now. And you know. His full hand came out. And you know just everyone was kind of like. Oh He's this guy. Oversee got the crowd support because they wanted to match and yeah took the second set seven five and that went into the third and he thought. Oh Gosh like this could genuinely. Gabby the way up you know one. I was thinking but oversee the longest net when told need a raffle started to really just kind of take a up a note and I think break Edmund like the crucial sevens game and from there you know the rest who's GonNa quite straightforward say. But yet for me. This is the match that I think really gave Koyo. She'll of confidence to compete at the top level because say less than a year after this match he was. Let the semifinals via straight. So I think this was kind of solve that build up traces where he was just getting his form. Greg and sharing us actually that he's doing good competitor on clay which is not something we have to say about purchase on Clay Abor. Kyle just shows us he. He's extremely like you know he's a he's a threat. Clay Yeah He. He's a very efficient play over you know. Regardless of what surfaces surfeit surface he plays on and yeah. It was great to see for me. This was the Maxima say. He announced his full had to and I think with someone like Raffarin core. It was. Yeah as you said it kind of his his proving ground and I think the crowd woman is kind of in a state of shock about kind of what you know what was going on and as the Saturday kind of the fact that the Progress I that was a Bagel. You know. I'm sure the crowd would thinking is going to be woken the puck and the classic six love six three victory but no kind of went to three sets and I think it just came out of that kind of came out of nowhere and it was kind of a real kind of result in the loss as a British fan. I was kind of like a was disappointed but at the same time I was like well. He's just taken a saddle. Rafeh monte-carlo that is good to kind of Is a very good result in itself for someone for someone like Carl up and I just wanted to add actually cable today. If you remember what your at this batch was coming to hear some clips achieve a bird interrupted. The third sat like really pivotal. Moment it just kind of like I tried to light shoe off and ate like a ladder of the of the Bayside. It was kind of a lighthearted relief. Yeah what was kind of a? Yeah it was quite tense match. I mean from what I remember. I think that day as well. I'm sure navy tussle with public arena restore some someone. That was a number of good matches that day from what I remember by date. Remember the bird. I love it when a bird interrupts tennis match like Marie Osborne had kitchens. I'll I'll put the. I'll put the moment on on twitter. If any liquor. The bird in question upset the upset. The match yeah. That was certainly another epic moment and our final epic moments actually is one that doesn't really involve rather doesn't involve Federa. Well actually sorry it does involve but not not in the way came you at one. It's some it's fabulous folk. Nanny winning the title in one thousand nine hundred and when he took out. Rafeh Anri in the semi finals. Ep In straight-sets actually and he played Dusan live rich in the final and won six three six four. I think this was epic because I think for meany going into tournament in terrible form think he'd won any one of eight matches The kind of this tournament been of dominated by Spanish players over the years and I think no Italian one since the late nineteen sixty seventy nine hundred seventy S. I think so. It was just kind of great. See kind of like someone else win the title and someone you wouldn't really expect and it I for me. I think it was kind of based fascinating about kind of almost this. Almost kind of the twenty nine thousand nine tournament south was that it was just a very bizarre tournament. Because you had. The final was between Tucson lion witch and Fabio Folk. Nina new. These to play is that you would have expected to get to the final and to make even more. Bizarre lavish didn't even drop a set. Didn't drop a set getting their fog. Ni kind of took out in Dall- in in the semifinals and think afterwards he said that was one of if not his worst match was clay court matches in fourteen years. Being on the tool. Say it just shows you that you know they. They can't be beated. He has to pay pretty bobby. It ought to be yeah. It wasn't a good day for but he's he was very respectful interface at deserve to lose. Which Fair Enough? I believe those last year to me. That feels like about three years ago. I didn't know if that was just me I? I was shocked that Shijo year. That's mad but yeah I mean that's what is it was a nice moment for me. 'cause I guess that's the biggest title that he's ever won in his career. You Masters Series event. Say I also monte-carlo it's it's right on the border with Italy. Say this law of Italian fans So it would always felt like playing a home. I think Paulie and Yeah I mean he deserved. It would be a random fine. Oh I don't think it will be dating what anyone could predict. That was going to happen that year. But I mean is one of those folk. Nanny is one of those players that he does have it in his locker because I think when he beat Rafi became only the fourth man to to have three or more victories against Raffarin clay-court. Yes he has. I think at Ball Selena before I think for many an iphone any also be rougher the US Open one is almost verbatim for Rafeh in certain situations. And I noticed actually looking at do son lawyer which is Progress through to that final. He beat your favorite Joe in the first round pick theory is probably was just got beat dominate team. Own Verbiage that I don't say team was playing in Monterey either because obviously base apemen Rafeh coach the right on garrison a couple of weeks. Eight say oversee didn't put the rest of clay court season in disarray. Too much. Yeah it was just as I said. It's very bizarre final. I think one kind of look back on. It's kind of like Fiqh Ni-ni we share you just this guy on his day. We don't know when that day is going to be but that day. He does have the kind of tools in his locker to be someone like Rafael Nadal. On Clay Cool and. I'm sure he may prophetic on that. As something like the Italian Open in Rome but to get one over on you know in Monte Carlo that must have been that must have been such a such good failing in the fact that he was then able to go on and win. The tournament is probably a very special memory for him and and Darrow. Say That might be the biggest tournament. Yeah. He wins in in his career. I think he probably will we. I mean he knows. If they'll I mean I just hate as a monte-carlo twenty twenty one that we can get teeth. Antique is We have a memory. Say That kind of brings us to a place for a trip down memory lane so Joel D do. You have perhaps a favourite moving out of all the ones that we've touched on today. Yes I am going to go for. It was lovely to hear your cases for the rapper. Babies like Jovic running out so the kind of the for me kind of Decima is like that is a massive moment in terms of the history books. But I'm actually going to go for the gas gay federal match in two thousand five as my kind of ultimately and because of the almost because I think of the significance of that match kind of different Pau paths that kind of You gasquet and Nidal too often that tournament you know these were to play is coming up three. The coming up has young citizen. It just shows you in Tennessee. It's kind of. It is a fickle out in it can I? It can go one way or the other but it doesn't always work out like that and I think it's you know. I think that sort of tournament kind of showed us the starting off. That full gasquet Nidal was. You know we've got gasquet arguably reaching the peak of his career so Eliade glory days of thousand five yet for me. I am going to go for the two thousand twelve. Which is the one that I was lucky enough to be of K? It was straightforward final. I think for me that it was an essential win for rapids. Kind of stop that run of matches going against him You know with with Djokovic think that was other day in hindsight I just feel like it had a sort of critical because obviously I just would worried if Novak had beaten referendum day she would know about wasn't ready is best for his best record. Loss set match. Then that would be notes boding well for the rest of the Clay Court sees not yet that number eight so very significant again and yeah I mean I say many RAF amendment suggests or maybe s is hard but I think that was one I at that much so I think personally. That was part of my favorite tennis. Maybe try to list. We could have had list just made up of rough listeners. Less they what do you think? What was your favorite ultimate moment from Monte-carlo over the years have we have. We missed one out. Let us know You can contact us on social media of course at passing pod. 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