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"roger federer nicole" Discussed on The Passing Shot Tennis Podcast

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"roger federer nicole" Discussed on The Passing Shot Tennis Podcast

"Know on King on top of his And Richard Gasquet this young up and coming Frenchman comedy onto the say. No one really knows a lot about him I think he I think he played the previous year and he sucked in early on. Well he just come through. I think at fifteen he say. Three days earlier he'd breaks heat qualified for that ornaments. I think that was really the first time the world to him so he had a form that he managed to qualify without a set three years earlier but this was a he's big may even yeah eighteen and it was. It didn't really get any occupied team. Really get any better for him. I mean we talk about you. Know Ah saw you never really. I guess a really great win and this is you know in a tournament is have you beaten Federer? Nfl The same event and gasquet had that opportunity. In Monte Carlo Federal then he came up against Nepal in semifinal. Actually was Santa. Break up to Wilson able to kind of plow the by. I don't know if a federal matule tickets to his tickets told him you must have been quite tired guy to court with Rafeh reports. I think for me. Yeah ICAN looking back on kind of gas gays career now It feels like this was. This was probably the best matchy he played in his career meandered more than one of them. I would say I would say say. He had quite a lot of trouble. Closing matches out and eat. Always be one of those players. He wouldn't quite trust across the finish line and I guess at this point in his career he was a bit more fair less than went for an eight year old in the third tie-break he was able to to gave without finish line. But we haven't really seen him since. Then you know at the crunch of of the match the at the end Besam. Yeah not she. Federal did say off the match. He said he didn't know if gasquet would be able to produce kind of the lights out Tennessee. He did still on that day. Say which our guest is true. I guess it hasn't managed to maintain that so the full Ray Go insane and he did it and federal laws which is a big shock at the time and I guess the base is probably the most telling statistic of your kind of casquets career. And how almost kind of plateaued? Before he kind of make a dent on the very patchy loans of the rankings was gas gays kind of head to head against the dial in azoff. Twenty twenty. He's open sixteen against the Dow and two two and eighteen against federal. So I think that speaks about you. Know Yes that. This may was so happy because he went on to achieve. It was kind of like he got so far. Be Each. It just was not a not so of level. Maybe we people were expecting him to get to based off you know based off of this tournament. Yeah no show on trade to know the other match. He beat federal. Because I can't think of off the top of my head but listeners but how she can help us out with this was I think or something like that. Maybe we want to say it was. I'VE INDIAN WELLS WILL CINCINNATI. Be Completely Wrong. Messes up your head. Kp vetere but yeah. There is a kind of a another moment for me. That was really epic just into kind of a match monte-carlo but came obviously you're ratified. You probably got many moments from Monte Carlo. And you're GONNA YOU'RE GONNA. You're argue to me. What what what may view in in in the Dow was was great Fi. Well every year the wattage come on. Now I mean I've I've got a couple but I have to start really with the first time. I think that refer played Federer at Monte Carlo. So this was two thousand six and they paid three. Monte Kali finals in a row actually see referendum. All of them to this was kind of the first Paul of the first final in two thousand six and it was only the second meet on clay actually and it was. This was a pretty pretty place financially in terms of out of three they had it Monte Carlo so it was four set so this time they were still playing five-set most as far as I know exactly when they would it change but we have six two six seven. Six three seven say accept full set tiebreak. So it's almost four long match. Which as she does seem a bit crazy Formosa's final now but yeah it was. It was the second meeting on clay. I think it kind of solidified for me. Rafters dominance a federal on the clay. Because he beats him at Roland Garros in the semi finals the before but I think yes she can beat someone wants to do again is obviously it just again and again and again and then it went on the less chance vetter had of of beating reference lab basically for me as well? You know. This isn't just Rafeh winning and being of great so me eat a federal never has won the Monte Carlo title and this mattress will be the closest he came you know get into the final word and get into four sets of Rafeh and if there was never one to our? He's he's lost all of his finals. He's being in the tournament of C. Three to reference and one to stand a bit later on but Federer's yesterday the Bay Tournament for Federal. I guess it hasn't helped. He's he came up against refereed. Release Finals but I think this is really just showed that you know. I'm sorry federal there. You may still be waiting a while and you lose an awful lot on the tennis court but own clay you all setting the world number one. I guess this match just helped cement not going forwards. This was a time when it felt like literally every final of significance was federal versus Nadal. And I thought I did my research. This baby and I was looking kind of the other clay court finals. They hadn't few. I think kind of a few weeks later in the in the Rome final the had an absolute bond stormer which was again maddow coming out on top in a five hour mini epic five sets seven five in the in the final set tiebreak. Dowell and Gaydos got looking at the g cheap and party. This was the match that Todd bosses fighters for best of five to three sets the year after in Monty Python. It was like a razor set straight-sets rougher than say base age was intimately as ridiculous on the League for girls to Pay Five F. I knew in the mosque is a bad and I. I think they made the right call on that one but yeah. I think these sorts of finals a federal dow went four hours in Monte Carlo. And then they went five hours in Rabia. It was like it just shows you. How a traditional clay court tennis and when you have your really fast combat lighten Adele Light Roger Federer Nicole in the peak of that in the peak of that powers is back in two thousand six. It was never going to be a match that was straightforward and it felt like it had kind of momentum swings you know when you know one one one set and the other one the other side and it really felt like it could have gone either way kind of you know. Even Connor that full set tiebreak. It felt like so far like on a knife on a knife edge to the very very last moments and again it could very easily have gone have gone five. Yeah and I think to be federal erasmo specialist to to kind of beat the number one and half these epic battles at batch isn't come through them. Say Oversee meant a lot to reference never ivory of c shaped occupies their careers and inspired them to both become better player is because I think over that period of time two thousand six two thousand seven two thousand eight. They played yeah and astronomical number of times and it was almost like every week. We were getting treated to this federal battle and at the time. I mean I guess with each passing match. It became more more significant. What we what we were getting but when you look back or anything of that really what was like the Golden Age. I guess of the rivalry because it was just they were playing say frequently a I guess you know. Obviously federal career especially on clay would have been so much. We'll say very different if Rafeh hadn't of been there because you know in recent years he's been skipping the clay court season hasn't nee and was he won garrison two thousand nine but Paul from referee has been his his bogeyman on the clay. And I guess Monte Carlo just kind of demonstrate as well you know. Federal is never won this tournament and most probably would have done. Obviously if he hadn't come up against Raffarin three of these final. Say were yeah. It's And I'm sure that rain final that ding-dong they had will be on that when we come to review a couple of weeks not one as well. But let's let's move to all next paper because again this is one of your have your moments and this is. I GUESS EPIC. Nece to it because because you are actually there for yes probably seems like a bit of a run of the bill match for me this like a personal moment because it was the first time I went to Monte Carlo and it was two thousand twelve and breath for one the ornament played Novak in the final but this time this was kind of the era where nave out was just beating you. Everyone he'd had amazing season in two thousand and eleven is every time he played. Rafeh rapper based in these couldn't get in because I think he'd lost yes. He'd lost his last seven matches against Jovic including the lost three slam finals. So as a fan myself that like looking forward to the final. You've referenced joke which I thought. Oh go she is going to be Jovic again isn't it and I thought well if if African just got one win against him you know and clay like they soupy great like and I just I just thought. Oh you need to like stop. The role needs to kind of end. This this losing streak with navy and I was kind of ood prepared for some really intense like stressful match but it was from it was very serene it was six three six one straight-sets and me and my friends were just sitting there like. Oh we can just celebrate now. It was very enjoyable pleasant afternoon. And it for me. That was the first time I've actually seen rougher win. A title live as well. I of final had been T- with Heyman say it was just a really nice personal moment for me and I always wanted to go to Monte Carlo and if anyone thinking about gang when everything's back up and running and you haven't been then do because it's the most beautiful tournament. I think he could gate kids Stephanie. Right up there and I would happily go to every year. Forget but I think in the match itself it was very run of the mill but I know Jacovic was struggling. I think with some personal issues that were going on at that time. So of course. It certainly wasn't anything a genuine matchup. 'cause Navy was very off a but I think for me it just as a side from being a personal way but I just think rafferty needed this as a confidence boost going into the classes and that year because I think he just be left quite demoralized by nave domination over the last year. Yeah if it felt like if if he was going to break that losing streak was going to happen in Monte-carlo 'cause this was you know this title number eight wasn't it forever. And he had he had now built up this kind of aura that when he played in Monte Carlo Hey was narrowed an invincible and say even when someone is good and as great as Novak Djokovic steps on on the face up against him he would still kind of a on on the Monte Carlo. He would expect to kind of come away You know and win. Say I think that for me is kind of why this is epic is kind of like it it? It stop the raw and yet if almost felt like he needed to it had to happen had to have happened at Monte Kali. Yeah completely agree. And as I said before for Rafeh fans. I'm sure any day. Monte Carlo is is you know you feel like is extra special for him to retain not dominance there and to get to there and yeah I mean it's just oviously Yeah I mean it was just I. I think I mentioned a couple of episodes that I had some clay from the core of Karla. It was this way you got it from. Yeah go into the cool after is a nicer of chee-chen FDA up yeah say yeah. Many many foreign memories from from.

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