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Fresh update on "roger" discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis

Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis

01:17 min | 47 min ago

Fresh update on "roger" discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis

"Securities involve the risk of loss. Earlier this week, former Vice President Joe Biden released some of the principles of his economic plan if elected president, Kentucky representative James Comber commented on the plan. While appearing on Fox News Sunday evening. He says business owners already hurt by the Corona virus pandemic can't afford abiding presidency prior to the pandemic. We had the strongest economy in my lifetime, but because of the covert 19 the government has required businesses to shut down that created a huge disruption in the American Conned me. The last thing business owners want to hear now is AH, guy running for president on the first day on in office is going to raise taxes. Biden has pledged to raise the corporate tax rate from its current 21% to 28% if elected, and the partisan debate continues following President Trump's decision to commute Roger Stone's prison sentence boxes Mark MEREDITH reports don't was set to go to prison a little bit later on this week after being convicted on multiple counts of lying and witness tampering. Instead, he'll remain free. And he does say plans to appeal his conviction. Former special counsel Robert Mueller pendant op ed in the Washington Post over all this writing. While Stone may not be behind bars, he will remain a convicted felon. Mueller also went on to defend his probe. Despite the president, criticizing it more had this to say goes, we made every decision in Stone's case, as in all our cases based solely on the facts and the law and accordance with the rule of law. Will the White House they're fired back with a statement of their own. They write. Mr Mueller should keep his promise to the American people. Let the report which fully exonerated the president's stand instead of pontificating in the editorial pages with more spin also knew tonight, Mexican officials say the number of confirmed covert 19 deaths has passed 35,000 making it the country with the fourth highest total account by Johns Hopkins University has the United States of Brazil and Britain and the top three most confirmed deaths from the.

President Trump Vice President Joe Biden Robert Mueller James Comber Fox News Johns Hopkins University Witness Tampering Kentucky Mark Meredith Representative Washington Post White House Special Counsel Donald Trump United States Brazil
Fresh update on "roger" discussed on  Investor's Edge

Investor's Edge

00:59 min | 49 min ago

Fresh update on "roger" discussed on Investor's Edge

"Call the International Travel Department right now at low Cost Airlines 800 to 155141 800 to 1551 For one. That's 800 to 15 51 41. Former special counsel Robert Miller responded to claims that his investigation into potential collusion between Russia and President Trump's 2016 campaign was illegitimate. Following the president's decision to commute Roger Stone sentence. Mueller published an op ed in The Washington Post on Saturday, asserting that while the work of the special counsel's office including indictments, guilty pleas and convictions should speak for itself. That he felt compelled to respond to claims that its motives were improper and that Stone was the victim of the office mother wrote. The Russia investigation was of paramount importance. Stone was prosecuted and convicted because he committed federal crimes. He remains a convicted felon and rightly so. President Trump on Friday commuted stone sentence four days before he was set to spend 40 months in prison. Stone, who wasn't pardoned by Trump is appealing his conviction, but the commutation protects him from serving prison time as a result, Stone, a 67 year old Republican strategist, was convicted in November of charges that included lying to Congress. Witness tempering and interfering in the houses. Russia investigation Prosecutors had originally recommended that Stone served 7 to 9 years in prison. But Attorney General William Barr recommended a more lenient sentence. The entire prosecution team resigned from the case in protest for us they radio news. I'm Wendy King. America was founded upon solid principles which built the world's strongest economy. But our position as world leader is now at risk. Our nation's social and economic fabric is very badly. Tourney solutions demand a very clear vision. In 2020 Swiss America's says it's time to take off the rose colored glasses to see the red flags all around us..

President Trump Russia Roger Stone Special Counsel Cost Airlines International Travel Departmen Attorney General William Barr Mueller Swiss America Wendy King Robert Miller America The Washington Post Congress
Fresh update on "roger" discussed on AP 24 Hour News

AP 24 Hour News

00:37 sec | 50 min ago

Fresh update on "roger" discussed on AP 24 Hour News

"But I do believe they have a a time in a play, Assistant Health and Human Services Secretary Admiral Brett Giroir tells ABC is this week. Mask wearing is essential in public, especially in areas seeing a surgeon cases for this to work. We have to have, like 90% of people wearing a mask in public in the hot spot areas. If we don't have that we will not get control of the virus. In other news, former special counsel Robert Mueller is sharply defending his investors. Gatien into ties between Russia and Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign in an off Ed in The Washington Post, Mueller Wright's the probe was of paramount importance and asserts that despite the president's decision to commute Roger Stone's prison sentence, Stone remains a convicted felon. And rightly so. After repeatedly lying about his efforts to gain information about democratic emails that Russian intelligence operative stole and provided to Wikileaks. I'm Ben Thomas. AP News Thank.

Admiral Brett Giroir Roger Stone Robert Mueller Assistant Health And Human Ser Mueller Wright ABC Donald Trump Ben Thomas Special Counsel Secretary Russia The Washington Post President Trump
Fresh update on "roger" discussed on Beyond Reality Radio

Beyond Reality Radio

00:58 min | 51 min ago

Fresh update on "roger" discussed on Beyond Reality Radio

"Do. Firing itself in a competitive, compartmentalized space, not knowing where the source of the fire is, like anything else. It's dark. It's uncertain but again the training on the efforts we're starting to see the results. Hadley, 17 sailors and four civilians were injured. Former special counsel Robert Mueller defended his Russia investigation in a Washington post op ed saying Despite Roger Stone's commutation, he remains a convicted felon. CBS's Katherine Harris reports. The op Ed Maley did Miller appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has focused his investigation on early 2017 and when the FBI knew there were problems with this deal, dossier And that it likely contained Russian disinformation. Having the former special counsel Robert Mueller testified, could help explain whether those red flags were acted on or dismissed. A new CBS News battleground tracker poll looks at three states that has been experiencing a spike in Corona virus Arizona, Texas and Florida. But find some good news for President Trump. CBS news elections and surveys Director Anthony Salvato voters across the board tell us that the economy is still important for President Trump's base. They feel that his economic policies are more likely to help the economy recover, then to hinder it. The other thing he's got going for him is enthusiasm. His voters enthusiastic and they say they're voting for him. Whereas Joe Bynes voters have more of an opposition to President Trump Will you marry me Apart on poor Pope Francis says he is paying by the decision by Turkey to change the status of the beloved highest Sofia was originally built in Istanbul's a Christian cathedral. It.

President Trump Robert Mueller CBS Special Counsel Senator Lindsey Graham Ed Maley Senate Judiciary Committee Katherine Harris Joe Bynes Hadley Pope Francis FBI Istanbul Corona Christian Cathedral Washington Turkey Anthony Salvato
Fresh update on "roger" discussed on Chris Krok

Chris Krok

02:42 min | 51 min ago

Fresh update on "roger" discussed on Chris Krok

"Schools in the pandemic. The decision on Roger Stone, I'm Evan handing kids need to be back in school. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos told CNN State of the union that the Trump Administration is pushing all schools to fully reopen in the fall. There's going to be the exception to the rule, but the rules should be that kid's go back to school this fall. And where there are little flare ups or hot spots that could be dealt with on a school by school or a case by case basis. As Florida sees record covert 19 infections, some counties are resisting a statewide order to reopen schools. Miami Dade County School Superintendent Alberto Carvahlo Till NBC's meet the press officials were talking with the state's athletic commission about school sports. Certainly it's easier to envision tennis being practiced in a safe way. Then it is wrestling or football. But we are probably progressively be opening sometime later July some training camps with extreme social distance an opportunity for kids to begin to re engage more objections to President Trump's commutation of his friend Roger Stone's 40 month prison sentence. House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff told ABC is this week. The Democrats and Republicans should be offended by stones actions because Stone was the link between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence, the same Russian intelligence unit that hacked Donald Trump's opponents emails. He was the link with their cut out Wikileaks as well through which they published these and Donald Trump was desperate to get his hands on these emails. He urged the Russians toe hack Hillary's e mails. He touted them when they did over 100 times on the campaign trail. He thought there was central to his victory. The first federal execution in 17 years will proceed as scheduled tomorrow. In 1996 47 year old Daniel Lewis Lei murdered a gun dealer, his wife and her eight year old daughter. I'm Evan. I'm Ken Jeffrey from the worth of Brothers Roofing W B a. P 24 7 news desk governor Rabbits announced that federal support for Corona virus testing sites in Dallas and Houston has been extended until the end of this month. According to News eight, Dallas County reported over 1100 new cases of covert 19th Sunday and two deaths. Tarrant County With over 400 new cases Sunday and four deaths. Denton County reports 112 new cases and Collin County. She's 74 new cases, Newsday says Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, a Democrat, sparked a political firestorm this past week when he pulled the plug on the Texas Republican Party convention. Convention was scheduled to take place this coming week in Houston said he's been hit hard station says by Colbert, 19 and the mayor said he didn't want the GOP meeting to go on for health and safety reasons. Travis County Republican chair Matt McCoy, Jack tells news a. There was no perfect auction here. You know, there are risks to doing an event like this. You have people coming in from all over the state of Texas. Perhaps bringing Corona virus with them if they're asymptomatic, but more importantly, by congregating together, even if you do it as safely as possible. You could contract the virus and then take it back to wherever you live. Then again, he said the Republican convention had gone beyond Houston's public health guidelines and preparation, including Canceling events, adding hand sanitizer stations, temperature checks and encouraging but not requiring attendees to wear masks The station ads now Republicans are fighting legally to still hold their convention. At.

Donald Trump Houston Roger Stone Trump Administration ABC Dallas County Dade County School Tarrant County Betsy Devos Denton County Collin County Travis County CNN Jack Secretary Texas Evan House Intelligence Committee Daniel Lewis Lei Florida