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"roe wade" Discussed on WGN Radio

"More than 30 others. I was sick of just crying and sitting in an action and feeling powerless and helpless. And thought maybe some other people feel the same way. Hundreds of people have RSVP to the peaceful protest, they're calling for a ban on assault weapons and want the federal government to mandate universal background checks. She also says the country needs just to try something and if it doesn't work, then try something else. The oldest victim in the highland park killings will be laid to rest tomorrow. 88 year old Steven stross of highland park survived by a brother, wife, his son and fort grandchildren, will have his funeral at 1230 tomorrow afternoon at Jewish reconstructionist congregation in Evanston, according to his family, Strauss wrote the train to work every day, he walked and biked regularly, and he loved to visit art museums and festivals. Kevin wells, WGN news. Mayor lightfoot says law isn't enough to keep guns out of the hands of potentially violent people. She says metrics and training are also necessary to prevent gaps that allow people like the person charged in the highland park shootings to get guns despite having a potentially violent history. It certainly gives you it makes you wonder and whether or not there's some opportunity for us to do better. She adds it will ultimately be up to state lawmakers to move forward with new gun legislation. NHK public television says Japan's former prime minister Shinzo Abe was in heart failure after apparently being shot during a campaign speech in western Japan, NHK says he was rushed to a hospital, a male suspect is in custody. Witnesses say they're reported hearing gunshots. The attack comes as a shock in a country that is one of the world's safest and as some of the strictest gun control laws in Japan often use the term heart failure to describe situations where someone is no longer alive, but before death is formally declared. President Biden is expected to take executive action to protect access to abortion according to three different sources familiar with the matter. He's facing mounting pressure from the Democratic Party to be more forceful after the Supreme Court overturned roe wade. He is expected to formalize directions for the DoJ and HHS to push back on efforts to limit the ability of women to access federally approved abortion medication or to travel across state lines to access clinical abortion services. It has not happened in three years. The running of the bulls in pamplona, Spain. It now has. American teacher Don story took part, he says he didn't make it to the arena as

highland park Steven stross fort grandchildren Jewish reconstructionist congr Kevin wells WGN news Mayor lightfoot NHK prime minister Shinzo Abe Japan Evanston federal government Strauss President Biden roe wade Democratic Party DoJ HHS Supreme Court pamplona
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"Decision to close after this school year came with a heavy heart There's got to be another reason There is not telling us the truth 165 students currently attend the school next year only a 140 are signed up The school says it needed at least 169 students to enroll They claim school enrollment is now down 30% since 2016 The diocese of Joliet says they have been having internal discussions about the financial viability of the school for the last two years They just never talked to the parents Chicago still seeing an increase in new COVID cases but other metrics are still low City public health commissioner doctor Allison already says the city is averaging over 700 cases a day up 18% from last week However deaths and hospitalizations are at or near pandemic lows We are still seeing some Chicago and die from COVID you know one two a week But really this is nothing like prior increases And this is mostly because of vaccine as well as the fact that a lot of people who were not vaccinated have now seen COVID Positivity rate by the way is up slightly at 3.9% Given senator dick Durbin reacting to the disclosure that appeared last night regarding a decision a draft decision from the U.S. Supreme Court that would overturn roe wade Durbin says Republicans are focused right now on who leaked the draft and not the potential consequences of what happens if that's really ends up as the ruling Here they have indication that it's coming their way a big time You think there'd be dancing in the streets on the Republican side There are cowering They want to talk about the leaker They don't want to talk about the reality of what happened with this decision if it goes forward Durbin says it makes the midterm elections this coming November a referendum on privacy and rights in America What about the Republicans Well among the candidates for Illinois governor they weighed in too State senator Darren Bailey says he's proudly pro life and his governor he would end taxpayer funded abortion Jesse Sullivan called the news quote incredible And said quote we drop to our knees and set a prayer as a family in gratitude for all the lives that will be saved Gary Rayne says he welcomes the court's reported reversal and aurora mayor Richard Irvin says he will not comment at this time Jordan burnfield WGN news Russia's president Vladimir Putin may soon declare war in Ukraine so far he is only called it a special military operation He is also expected to order the annexation of much of eastern Ukraine so says the top American official Michael Carpenter U.S. ambassador to the organization for security and cooperation in Europe warned Russia will also recognize the sudden city of Kirsten as independence Carpenter believes Russia has been planning a sham referendum in Donetsk and hence regions in order to create a veneer of electoral legitimacy There are also signs that Russia is intending to engineer an independence vote in Kirsten Carpenter confirmed that neither move would be recognized by the United States or its allies I'm Karen Chammas U.S. defense secretary Lloyd Austin dispensing worries that American stockpiles of javelin and anti tank missiles are running low because of what we've been shipping to Ukraine You can rest assured that I will not allow us to go below that in critical munitions Austin also says The Pentagon is getting adequate support from weapons makers to sustain minimum levels Now WGN sports game is over The Sox beat the cubs in the first game of this year's cross down classic the final score was three to.

diocese of Joliet senator dick Durbin wade Durbin Chicago senator Darren Bailey Jesse Sullivan Gary Rayne Richard Irvin Russia Allison Jordan burnfield U.S. Supreme Court Ukraine U.S. Michael Carpenter Durbin organization for security and
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"Officers wounded in his leg from gunfire with non life threatening injuries An offender is wounded as well And it's being treated at area hospital There is a second person of interest in custody The Zuma intendant says they did recover one gun at the scene During his arraignment today on murder attempted murder terrorism and other charges The Oakland county sheriff's department disclosed that among the evidence seized from Ethan crumblies home was a video he made on Monday about his plan to shoot up Oxford high school Tuesday WGN's Jenna Barnes tells us school officials had contact with him earlier last earlier this week The school had contact with that suspect 15 year old sophomore Ethan crumbly the day before the shooting and the day of the shooting School administrators even brought the suspect's parents into school for a face to face meeting the morning of the shooting because of behavior in the classroom they thought was concerning After his arraignment today crumbly was ordered to move from the German facility where he had been held since Tuesday to the county jail where he'll remain now and Bond has been denied Winter parking restrictions now in effect in Chicago covers a 107 miles of city streets regardless of snow on the ground or not Streets and sanitation departments spokesperson cold stallard dulling our John Williams there were fewer cars towed this year than last Last night it was a 192 and then to put it into perspective in 2019 it was two 48 So we saw that number go down 22% We fired cars on the 107 miles We got on multiple platforms the mayor had a press conference on winter weather preparedness Stanard says the winter rules have been in effect since 1979 Its purpose is to keep the roads clear and save just in case Those who ignore the permanently posted seasonal toe zone signs will get a $150 towing fee a $60 ticket and to start $25 a day for storage We're learning more about the person who tested positive for the automaton varying of COVID in California Here's news nation's Evan Lambert that happened in a traveler and individual coming back from South Africa to the San Francisco Bay Area They tested positive on November 29th officials in San Francisco were able to confirm this was the oma crown variant in just 5 hours That person was fully vaccinated but did not get a booster shot More cases linked to the variant R servicing There are restrictions that have been put in place in other countries around the world Chicago's public health commissioner doctor Allison already Telling our John Williams today the city has a good system in place to detect on The Crown when it shows up For me the question isn't it if we're going to detect it it's that when we detect it what's our response going to be Are we going to get even more serious about getting folks vaccinated And wearing the masks and doing all that I know people are tired of COVID but COVID's not done with us unfortunately Doctor already says they've already raised the surveillance level for this variant at hospitals across the city The U.S. Supreme Court arguments today in the biggest challenge to abortion since roe wade We do get more on that now from news nations Kelly Meyer Liberal justices warned that nothing around the issue has changed only the political makeup of the court taking the case up now warn justice Sotomayor is a threat to the legal justice system Will this institution survive the stench that this creates An official ruling not expected to come until sometime next year WGN sports hawks in Washington tomorrow Pregame at 5 30 Face off with John whiteman starting at 6 o'clock WGN and WGN radio dot com College basketball games tonight Loyola beat Indiana state 88 76 northern Illinois by ten over eastern Illinois Illinois state knocked off Missouri by 5 79 74 Bradley winning by two over northern Iowa Wisconsin beat Georgia Tech by four and Michigan state a.

Zuma intendant Oakland county sheriff's depar Ethan crumblies Oxford high school Jenna Barnes Ethan crumbly WGN Stanard John Williams Evan Lambert stallard Chicago COVID San Francisco Bay Area roe wade
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"The idea that they're really like this is the supreme court ruling in texas and it's scary because that means that a lot of other states sickly red states can follow in line with this and it's it's kind of unfortunate they shut it down today. I believe right no. I don't not that. I saw the last ghouls i did from. Abc ten apparently thought that is that the The supreme court voted five to four to deny emerge. Yes yeah so it. So they denied it but this but still texas has been going crazy. No detects abortion man but the supreme court is a different thing and they just found out two hours ago. Supreme court refuses to block abortion awesome. They're keeping it. I thought no the supreme court against roe wade and refusers dying abortion their denying refusing this law. So they're gonna allow texas to move forward. Is it jesus freaks..

supreme court texas Abc roe wade Supreme court
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"roe wade" Discussed on Gaslit Nation with Andrea Chalupa and Sarah Kendzior

"On trump's big lie that the twenty twenty election was stolen from him and justifying expanding voter suppression laws putting the power of our elections in the hands of right wing partisan ideologues. It's the same legal warfare you see in authoritarian states and declining democracies like victor orban's hungary where opposition leaders faced intrusive. Inexpensive audits for instance. Authoritarianism isn't always tanks and brutality. It's also really expensive. Lawsuits and investigations. And like i said financial audits. All of this is done to financially ruined and harass demoralize and crush the opposition completely their lives and therefore they don't have any energy. Ernie resources left to fight the authoritarianism. This is what we're seeing now in texas where anyone can turn and others forgetting an abortion or helping someone. Even an uber driver can be sued and those lawsuits can earn the so called bounty hunters thousands of dollars these so-called vigilante laws like the texas abortion ban aren't limited to abortion republicans are also going after the rights of local governments to pass mask mandates ensure environmental protections and so forth using vigilantes to carry out their culture of fascism like george zimmerman and the stand ground on florida which allowed zimmerman to get away with murdering a child walking home from buying candy. These so-called vigilante laws are dangerous loopholes in our constitution there steamrolling our constitution our constitution protects us from the state or it should but these vigilante laws empower individuals to bully others and literally destroy people's lives as designed by the republican hijacking of our democracy. Any right wing ideological judge like the majority of the supreme court and roughly one third of judges packed onto the cords. By trump and mitch. Mcconnell can look the other way claiming individual rights free speech Religious freedom and that. They're just standing their ground. Currently a texas state judge temporarily halted the rights of texas right to life and its associates from suing workers and abortion providers planned parenthood. That's a very small but much-needed reprieve tick talk. Activists have flooded the stop. Oh website where people can report anyone trying to get an abortion or helping someone get an abortion so what else is happening. A clever young person who represents the hope of our nation. This young person by the name of sean black created a that lets you flood the gestapo website. Was spam. go daddy. The company that hosts this website that gestapo website in texas kick the texans bashes movement off of its platform and refuses to provide their services now uber and lift promised to pay the legal fees of any drivers sued as part of the texas abortion banned so there are always creative ways to fight back just like when trump tried to pass a muslim registry and suddenly non muslims started registering and flooding the system. All right so as dark as was happening in texas. Maybe there's a lot of light shining right back into the darkness attorney. General merrick garland pledged on monday to come up with a way to fight the ban and promised to protect women in texas seeking to get an abortion. Jill wine banks. A watergate and federal prosecutor wrote on twitter quote. I've not criticized garland until now. This is not a response to texas law. That law eliminates need for violence and substitutes a law to interfere with constitutional rights of anyone who is or could be pregnant. Civil rights suits or what he should do. Yes completely agree. The texas abortion ban is unconstitutional. Abortion is protected under the fourth amendment. Roe wade determined that if the right wing cowards. On the supreme court went to make overturning roe as part of their destructive legacy. Then they're going to see a wave of backlash across the country. This fight isn't over. It's far from over and we encourage you to go to women's march on october. Second dress safely. Wear your mask do whatever you need to do to protect yourself and those. You're with the do your best to show up on october. Second find a women's march near you. I will be joining you at the march in new york. All right well thank you for that. And for all of that information just to kind of reiterate what are saying you know. I noticed a shift an online discourse over the week and unfortunately online discourses often what we have to contend with in the era of kovic which in itself makes things worse because i think people are only seeing superficial discussions. People are afraid to be vulnerable in public. People are afraid of both death threats and of deaf colts of death cheerleading. And i think it's made every contentious debate even harder to have and you know when i was watching people react to this abhorrent ruling. I noticed a switch in what had once been total. Denial about the authoritarianism that we're facing this 'institutionalised rhetoric of the doj will save us or biden will save or you know pelosi or whoever you know these rotating saviors that we've seen being vouched for on facetious grounds Ever since muller began his probe suddenly all the folks who were going on that line switch to total despair. Where it's basically like there's nothing to do it's over. We are doomed. There's nothing we can do but submit andrea. And i would get accused of the ladder which was always bizarre us. You know you can look through our archives. Look at our action guide. Look at what we've actually said all along which is never submit. Always be defiant always fight back. Always think for yourself and always think about others always look out for others the compassionate and be brave and stand up to power because this whole thing whether it is denial or despair. Both of that is trying to steer you in to authoritarian mentality where you're just going to accept the absolute most brutal outcomes. Not just for yourself. But for the most vulnerable people in our country and among the things i think people are being pushed to accept is succession and secessionist rhetoric And i'm gonna get to that in a second but you know we've been warning you about this for a while. I'm just gonna read something i wrote. Right after trump was elected in november twenty sixteen And you know you may have seen this article is god. We're headed into dark times going to read the last few paragraphs because they apply for today as well. It says. i will rearrange my life. So i can fight this fight because i'm fighting for my country and i never give up on my country or on my countryman but i need you to fight to in the way that matters. Most which is inside. Authoritarianism is not merely a matter of state control. It is something that eats away at who you are. It makes you afraid and fear can make you cruel. It compels you to conform to comply. Accept things that you would never accept to do things you never thought you would. Do you do it because everyone else is doing it. Because the institutions you trust are doing it in telling you to do it because you are afraid of what will happen if you do not do it and because the voice in your head crying out that something is wrong. Grows fainter and fainter until it dies. That voice is your conscience. Your morals your individuality. No one can take that from you unless you let them. They can take everything from you in material.

texas victor orban trump sean black General merrick garland george zimmerman Jill wine Roe wade supreme court Ernie hungary zimmerman kovic Mcconnell mitch garland florida twitter doj muller
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"Going to happen until it tried to make our till it moved over the northeast. I'm so we're seeing damages. Were certainly seen a lot of destruction right now in new jersey and new york but also philadelphia maryland. And we're going to be able to support the state as they find their needs and we'll bring in the resources to help them with their recovery. I've been looking at the releases from fema tonight about the incident management teams that have been fanning out all five of them in louisiana to them in mississippi but now also new jersey new york pennsylvania. I know that fema scott. I think more than a thousand employees in louisiana and mississippi alone supporting the hurricane aftermath there. I have to tell you though as this week has gone on looking at the conditions on the ground. It doesn't feel like enough. I am worried. About how long hospitals in louisiana can stay on generator power particularly given the fact that there was no slack in that system to the huge surgeon. Very sick patients. I mean how long can people live in the dark and the heat. I know that there's no estimate in a lot of places to win. That power is coming back on. But what else can be done it. We are prepared and planning for the power to be out for several weeks and with the thousand employees that fema has on the ground famous. Just one part of the team. We also have resources in from all of the federal agencies that are supporting this from the. Us coastguard the department of defense. The army corps of engineers and they're also providing support to the critical infrastructure. Needs to help them with that. Hospitals are the priority. I was with the governor a few days ago and he has made it very clear that supporting the hospitals is the priority and while they are generators we also have additional resources additional generators that can come in and support if we do find any trouble with the ones that the hospitals have. Tell me honestly here. Is there anything that you're asking for that. Fema thinks it needs particularly for the louisiana response was so worried about. Is there anything that you're asking for that you've been told to to to which you've been told now any resources that you've requested that you've been turned down for no not at all. We have the full force. The full support of the entire federal family. President biden has been very clear that whatever louisiana needs for its response and recovery. that will be able to provide. I know you're heading to louisiana tomorrow with president biden. What's your priority tomorrow for that visit. Why is it important to get the president himself Down there to see things with his own eyes. I think it's always important for our leaders to see exactly what's going on on the ground. And so they can you know if they do find struggles right that they can relate to the people and have that understanding of what they're struggling with so we can keep pushing those resources in. I'm having president biden. Go see for himself is just a demonstration of the leadership that he wants to provide that the government is behind them and that we're going to bring what they need to help with their recovery. Fema administrator dan chris well this is an offer that i made to some are officials dealing with the cova crisis early on in the administration will make it to you here as well if you get told no if there is something that you need for for response and you get you run into bottlenecks. Please tell the public. Please tell us and let us tell the tell the country because there's so much support for what you need to do and if you hit bottlenecks public pressure can help now. I understand and i appreciate that. Offer rachel all right. Thank you good luck. Good luck thank you as well is. The administrator of the federal emergency management agency under president biden. It is sometimes helpful to remember that the news. God's just do this to us. Sometimes they give us too much to handle. I think they enjoy it too much to handle too much to follow too much to absorb certainly too much to report on in any sort of orderly fashion. I can reveal today. We went back and looked up in the archives the broadcast from nbc nightly news. The night that roe versus wade was i decided by the supreme court in january nineteen seventy-three that and it's not like we know now that roe was a big deal but at the time they didn't recognize it now at the time they knew it was a huge deal. Abortion was really controversial thing then as it is now in one thousand nine hundred eighty. Three abortion was illegal in most states in the country but the roe decision came down like a lightning bolt and row meant all of a sudden overnight legal abortion everywhere for all american women. It was a huge deal and they knew it was a huge deal when it happened. So i was expecting one thing when i went back and looked in the archives as to what. Nbc nightly news was was like that night. I was wrong given. What a big deal. It was and how big a deal. They knew it was at the time. I will tell you. I was shocked to learn that supreme court decision january nineteen seventy-three did not come up in that night's network news broadcasts until eleven minutes in eleven minutes into their thirty minute broadcast and then even when they tried to bring it up. It got pushed down by further breaking news. Now what was going on is that this was two days after nixon had just been inaugurated for a second term so that was going on The first eleven minutes of the newscast. That's not that night was about the paris peace talks to supposedly end the vietnam war. That takes them through the first eleven minutes of the broadcast and in the middle of minute eleven. They try to get to the roe wade. Decision but more breaking news comes in on the.

louisiana president biden fema hurricane aftermath Fema mississippi new jersey President biden new york dan chris army corps of engineers department of defense maryland philadelphia pennsylvania scott supreme court rachel Us roe
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"roe wade" Discussed on Deep Background with Noah Feldman

"Roe v wade. The reason everyone will be talking about this case. Is that any ordinary course of business. The supreme court doesn't agree to review decisions where it knows that. The court of appeals got the issue. Right and when there's no controversy among different courts of appeals about what the state of the law is in this instance we know. There's no controversy among different courts of appeal. The rule of roe v wade is clear and the lower courts have not been flouting. Supreme court precedent that means that if the supreme court decided to hear the case it must be that some number of justices believed that the time has come to undercut. And maybe even overturn the central holding of roe. So what can we say about. How the supreme court justices are thinking. How can we read. The tea leaves now. Usually when you think about the supreme court only one number matters and that number is five five is the number of justices it takes to get a majority of the court and to win your case the when it comes to the supreme court deciding to hear a case the number shifts from five to four here is what is called by supreme court insiders the rule of four the rule of four says that it takes the vote of four supreme court justices not five to decide to hear a case so if in the justices conference which is what they call their meetings to discuss what cases they're going to take and what to do about the cases they have the supreme court justices vote on whether to take a case it takes four justices four justices say they want to hear the case the case gets hurt so what does that tell you when the news comes out. That's supreme court has decided to hear a case. It tells you at minimum. That four justices wanted the court to hear it now as it turns out there's more information that is available to the general public to figure out when and why the supreme court made a decision like this and that information lies in the court's docket the otherwise dry as dust entirely boring list. That tells you on what date what event happened with. Respect to a supreme court decision. Now in the case of dobbs against jackson women's health a close look at the docket reveals. That this case i came before the justices in the early summer of two thousand and twenty that time matters because at that time justice ruth bader ginsburg was still alive and the conservative justices on the court were unable to be certain that they would or would not be able to get five votes to overturn some core holding of roe v. Wade then if you look at the docket you can see that. The supreme court began a series of delaying processes and tactic the first time the supreme court justices could realistically have sat down in conference and had a discussion about whether they should hear. This case was september. Twenty nine twenty twenty. We know that because in the docket we know that on september second the materials for the case where distributed and planned for the september twenty nine conference but on september eighteen twenty twenty eleven days before the case was supposed to be discussed at conference justice. Ginsburg passed away the court consequently at less than full strength decided to reschedule. Its discussion of the case. And it did that several times i. It was rescheduled for october fifth. Then october fourteenth then october. Twenty ninth then november fourth while all of this was happening. The country was focused on the nomination of amy coney barrett to replace kuenssberg and ultimately her confirmation which took place on october twenty seven. These are fifty to the naser. Forty eight the nomination of amy coney burnt of indiana to be an associate justice of the supreme court of the united states is confirmed looking back to the docket. The court still did not decide whether to hear the case they rescheduled again november ten november eighteen december one december nine and then they began scheduling conversation to take place each month in january in february in march in april and finally finally finally on may seventeenth of twenty twenty one after justice barrett had been on the court for several months. The court decided to hear the case to insiders who spend their time trying to read the tea leaves and see what the supreme court is going to do. These docket lists are telling pieces of evidence with a tell you. Is that the conservative justices. Who have to be the ones open to hearing. This case were caucusing among themselves discussing with each other and trying to figure out if they had the votes to make a credible attempts to chip away. Or overturn the holding in row. How do we know that well. We know it because it would be a disaster from the perspective of the conservative justices. If the supreme court were to hear a case in which the core holding of roe wade was challenged by state law and then uphold the law. Really for two generations of legal conservatism. Row has been a central target and any reaffirmation of the holding of roe is a massive setback. Indeed potentially generational setback for those conservatives that means that the conservatives would not even consider hearing a case like this unless they had a growing degree of confidence that they could get five votes minimum they would substantially undercut the holding of roe. How would they do so well here. We have one further clue. And that's a clue derived from the way the supreme court justices said they would hear the case when the parties came before the supreme court seeking review they wanted to supreme court to consider a range of questions but the justices narrowed it down to a single question. And here's what they said. The court will decide quote with all pre viability prohibitions on elective abortions are unconstitutional. That is a question that if it were to be answered. Yes would be a major setback to the conservatives and so the conservatives must believe that they can get at least five oats and maybe more to shift the supreme court's view on that question. There is a tiny possibility that the conservative. Just have it wrong. And that four justices will be unable to convince one further justice to substantially undercut the holding of roe but that seems very very very implausible given the deliberation and the time that went into the process of the supreme court deciding to hear the case. Here we'll be talking more about the legal details of this case in this coming year on deep background for now i'm hoping you can see just how much information can be gleaned from the inside baseball in the weeds analysis of how the court comes to reach decisions until the next time i speak to you here on deep background. Be safe and be well. That's all for today. push knicks. Thanks for your support and watch your feed for additional bonus content..

supreme court Roe v wade roe v wade amy coney barrett kuenssberg amy coney supreme court of court of appeals ruth bader ginsburg dobbs Ginsburg roe wade Wade jackson barrett indiana united states baseball knicks
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"Narcotics charges after a large drug bust in Chicago in business stock, Still in positive territory this afternoon, WGN traffic Here's Mary Vandeveld still have this overturned dump truck. It's on the southeast side of Torrance and 126 that's blocked off South side an accident. Michigan and 76 also broken water Main. It's downtown at Ms Vanda Roe Wade. It's closed off now between Chestnut and Delaware place with Cruz. Irving Park on the North side. Close it Ravenswood until Saturday with roadwork. Otherwise, just some minor delays in the inbound Kennedy from North Avenue, the outbound side of the Stevenson approaching Cicero. Saraband of LGBT on Traffic. Central now water main break that Mary mentioned is causing major flooding at Chicago's John Hancock Center and in the surrounding area, Hearn Hancock Management says a water main break Ah, water main broke on the 200 block of East chestnut and made its way to the skyscraper. They expect the building to eventually lose power will keep you updated on this story as new information comes in. Large drug bust in Chicago has led to dozens of arrests more than 26 have been charged with narcotics trafficking and firearms offenses. It's part of a federal investigation into illegal activities on the West Side as part of the operation of telephone drug hotline was shut down. It was used by the defendants to coordinate sales in the 800 block of South Karlov. During the bus. Police also found narcotics, including fentanyl laced drugs, a drug mixer and multiple firearms. Kim Gordon WGN NEWS Chicago Police are asking for the Public's help with a recent string of armed card trick Carjackings. Police say two or three males between 15 and 20 years old have carjacked at least four people at gunpoint since Halloween. A CPD alert says the thefts all happened in west Town with Carjackings on North Hoyne, West Chicago West Grand and West Augusta Over the past two weeks, police are asking anyone with information about the Carjackings to call area three detectives at 3127448263 Don clipping WGN news. About 700.

Chicago WGN Mary Vandeveld Ms Vanda Roe Wade West Side Hearn Hancock Management west Town John Hancock Center Torrance North Hoyne Irving Park Kim Gordon fentanyl West Augusta South Karlov East chestnut Michigan
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"Quick but all the take this for sure I mean we look last year at sea yes he was up thirty percent valuations are little bit high so I worry about that little bit but you know it looks like we're we're we're gonna start with a strong twenty twenty a little bit a light volume today but a lot has to do with the global stock rebounded it happened that we got some Chinese easing the swelling so that's kind of help with a little bit but you know there are few things we've got to tangle with the morning Hong Kong China tensions skews me still you know kind of behind us we've got a rock in the Mideast tensions but we got our first bit of data this morning a jobless claims two hundred twenty two thousand little bit short the bullet the minus two thousand so a little bit weak here as we start looking at some of the details all right so David this is the first trading day of the new year your thoughts for twenty twenty well you know I I don't think we'll have to agree year this year as we did last year but you know there are a lot of things we're looking at I think roe Wade sure wives are going to continue with the call for minimum wage I don't think we're going to be a recession pile of real estate starting to rally a little bit the consumer spending no two ways about that we've got a worldwide gross started to boo productivity rising so there's a lot of positive stuff but there's also a lot yeah it's not what you know it's what you think you know so I think if we look at it we have this adage in January just so goes the first day because the week goes the month because the year so so far were on the positive side but I don't expect US wrote more than two percent so with that being said we're gonna keep a close eye on orange is you got to accept right now teachers great della plundered sixty S. and P. up eighteen that's like that so they so let's go let's see what's happening all right David Caruso thank you it is nine twenty seven Jim McKay next once that new bank in Middleton it's not us where do you go back and we're looking forward to becoming part of your community and to helping make a difference in your life when it comes to the way you bank in fact with the size we are for a reason because it eagle bank we believe a community bank is just that a bank highly focused on the.

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"It's on channel guide believe me like you said based on that year's alone thinking well you know why because of you preseason voice of the rams the server is why there's no way I could hear from Kim at Jim Khorchin who's one of the they only he's become a great analyst but he's also attic is the foremost Peter Gammons is is certainly there but I think it's one of the great historians of the game and I think his ears are burning as well so we'll bring in ten now so we're we're chewed up flying Yadier Molina sac fly yesterday ten A. N. you know for a long time we can fared buster Posies career so Yadier Molina is career because they would go after each other in you know playoff games and they were thought of as the two best catchers in the National League in here's jadi with a big moment to get the you know cardinals into a game five busters game is not there and for a while I thought they're both destined to Cooperstown jam and now I I don't know busters gonna make it is Yadier Molina definitely gonna be a hall of Famer in your mind I wouldn't say definitely I think eventually he will be a hall of Famer based of course on his defense and the number of games that he's gonna catch and the way that he runs a game which is unparalleled Dave Duncan used to tell me who's pitching coach of the cardinals that they would go over in the meeting how they're going to pitch a certain guy in the picture would say you know we're gonna throw to slider to have it and yeah he said then a we did that three years ago to this guy and he hit a home run on or not thrown in rituals fire again three years ago that's how yeah I used to run the meeting ostensibly his numbers are not hall of fame numbers yet but he he keeps pilots and things up so I think he needs a few more hits the few more RBIs but I think eventually he'll be in the hall of fame but I don't think it's a definite at this point to get up to Jenna's it's funny as you were saying that it was scrambling to look at his office of numbers and again in today's offense in charge game one hundred fifty six home runs in sixteen years it is seven thirty eight PS is probably not going to get it done and I was look at the team looking in this postseason numbers two and again while they don't flash out at you what he did last night just based on memory alone and not to be looking at stats just seems to be the norm he just always seems to get a big hit at the right time and I don't know how you know as years pass on how people will look at that because I believe is one of those guys you had to see play yes absolutely he's an acquired taste if you because the numbers aren't going to jump out at you and their other catchers out there with much better numbers but they don't bring everything to the table like he does want all our new sabermetric numbers nothing truly measures a lot of things don't measure a lot of things by the way but they don't truly measure what a catcher's impact on a game can be and battery out of your being that is at his very best and last night became the third player ever to have a game tying and game winning or RBI eighth inning on for both of them in an elimination games as David Henderson nineteen eighty six David freeze two thousand eleven and now Yadier Molina last night as well as the best yeah my new Tama give a saucer to reach out to write so Vered landers go and tonight and in overlander for Houston and champ in typical champ of fashion gonna go with the opener but a server lander was obviously dominated on Friday he gives up one hit he throws one hundred pages exactly he explained to me is it low now making this choice AJ hand sure I mean you would bring a guy back on short rest possibly and I'm not a big fan of this but if you're if you're down two games to one they're ahead two games to one they don't have to win the game tonight to win this series temps or are you on board with bring Inver lander back on four days of route three days of rest to pitch on the fourth day and how many pages getting thrown in ninety three hundred on Friday yeah I'm normally normally not in favor of this at all especially when your head you're right however this is Justin Verlander he is different than almost any other pitcher in the game today they also don't have a truly qualified person to pitch tonight against the rays on the roe Wade Miley was a very good pitcher early and has really struggled lately and I now think they're doing the right thing with her lander going for the jugular here to try to get this thing over with so they can be lined up best as they can for the next round and it's tricky though very landers only pitched on short rest really one time and it there's an asterisk next to Daddy through twenty five pictures it rained in a start in two thousand eleven and then he came back three days later after throwing twenty five pitches now he's gonna come back three days later after throwing a hundred pages and the last guy to do that was Corey Kluber it's two thousand sixteen and he lost that second start on short rest and that's the tricky part but I'm gonna gamble because it's very lander he's big he's strong and he's wildly competitive so on certain he asked for the ball the situation Jim Curtin ESPN jurors are talking Major League Baseball playoffs the only game after three of the four teams survive last night in elimination games Astros and raised her lander versus guess steel Tampa trying to tie that one up the the real treat for baseball fans is is Wednesday when you get the game five to give the cardinals in the Braves and Jack Flaherty was probably thrown the ball better than anybody else in baseball it in the second half he was absolutely grateful to name its is gonna go against him and then they they nationals in the Dodgers Strasbourg verses Bueller Strasbourg was was great earlier in the series in the nationals have kind of employed that going from started the starter blew up in their face one time with or been but how long can the nationals pull this off in terms of you know just saying Hey today is the game and we don't have to worry about it obviously game five it's do or die anyway yeah I I think that the Dodgers are gonna worries but the nationals are not to be trifled with and it's more than jazz dominant starting pitching Max Scherzer last night Strasbourg in game two something else is going on with that team this is a different environment if the different team than the one that say the giants knocked out you know a few years ago there's a different mood in that room and it's better than I've ever seen it there and that's why I think they're dangerous but in the end it's the Dodgers with a better team with Walker Buehler at the map on the mound and I think we're in for two tremendous games fives tomorrow night led by Dr nationals because Stephen Strasburg has been on the lever Blee good not just in this postseason but in all post season now which twenty eight innings to our grounds for walks thirty eight strikeouts in his postseason career and I think he's up for a jam tomorrow night too or off the air two o'clock ten our time we got a two or two VS passionate land and a five thirty seven okay so we're gonna feast on this for the fair game five meanwhile the Yankees are already in and they I don't know how they got two hundred three wins this year because they were heard so you know badly throughout most of the year but they're getting healthier now and a lot of people think the Astros are the team to beat assuming they get through you know Tampa just at how good is the Yankees right now and you know could they could they beat Houston in the championship series assuming the Astros get by the race here yeah I think the Astros are the best team in the major leagues there are three elite team Dodgers after the Yankees Yankees can't beat the Astros the Yankees can win the World Series with the team they have now Bella's deadline of these ridiculous and you know that with the way they hit the ball out of the ballpark but against the twins they made the twins throw a strike the twins were guaranteed that they were gonna make the achy straight out of the strike zone of the act that now we're not doing that you have to throw strikes to a line up that good you're in for trouble plus their defense was tremendous last night specially labor tore as their bullpen is spectacular on a nightly basis and their starting pitching is better than people think we just keep comparing it to the nationals and to the Dodgers and with the Astros in the may not be that good but it's a pretty good group they have gone now so I think the Yankees are in a league team and I think they can win the World Series but I still like the after the even more based on their front three starting pitchers the great Tim turned to enjoy unless of course a couple of nights so we got to the raising the Astros tonight then like we said those two game five tomorrow on Wednesday managerial wise obviously giants fans are thirsting for information we're certainly not getting in tons seven managerial openings but have we heard anything on the giants at all must say fellows struggling with this yeah I care well I can't figure this out and maybe it's because our house ID that has that yet either meaning he's got people to talk to I mean we've we've all seen the named Ron lotus all the conclave gonna manage at the big league some day full is one of my friend Eduardo Perez ask people in the game swears by him swears he'll be make a great manager some day those are all possibilities farms always like Josh bard he's bench coach for the Yankees since had some success there used to work for the Dodgers all those names makes sense but when you got seven openings you got this many names out there and you got this much stuff floating around it frankly it's really hard to keep up with who they had where and who's going to get which job seven openings for now what are you hearing about Philadelphia and if you think Gabe Kapler will get dismissed and would he be if we move ahead of all those names based on what for Honda you know no with him previously champ could could Kapler be the next manager the giants.

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"And view all the great material out wait till after the show to okay so now I've kind of covered all the preliminaries and all stuff I have to do so I as al Haig would say I am control of the show I can just hear some younger folks going right who's al Haig well you're just gonna have to search the web no no don't search it now you gotta wait till after the show we need you to listen in call in later maxim many will be on with an employee at plants install and some wisdom as they always have I will do some appliance stuff in the show today also actually I'll do something right now what appliance do surfers like the least appliance you Sir first like the least down didn't matter okay so now can I please Mike roe Wade okay let's get on long yeah yeah the gong show I didn't put that in this this today okay now let's talk hindsight if you've ever had a project that once it was done you thought man if I knew then what I know now though it would have been different well here is this example of one of those projects I heard about was thankful it wasn't mine creek as they say on crime shows for this next bit the names have been changed to protect the innocent on the home talk I sometimes we have to change the names to protect the guilty thank you well those sometimes he does people who do things that go ahead here's what happened Fred and his wife bought a house in an old area town that was in the process of making a comeback many homes on the street were in various stages of renovation and Fred and his wife Wilma had bought their property with the intention of upgrading the up stairs master bedroom and bathroom well one day well Fred was hauling buckets of demo plaster in old last strips out to the dumpster well my stop them and ask if he had noticed the shower unit that was up for sale down at down the street Fred had noticed well sure enough when they walked up the block sitting in the front of a home that was going through a renovation itself was a large one piece fiberglass shower unit it had a big for sale sign on it and a phone number after careful examination Fred and Wilma realized this was a really nice unit it had built in Tallinn grab bars building shelves and even a seat though it was quite a bit larger than they had planned it was so nice they decided to call when they called the price they were told was unbelievably low and when they asked the lady on the phone why was the price so low she said she didn't really know because it was her brother's place and she was just watching it while he was gone for a couple days well not wanting to miss such great deal Fred and Wilma snapped up the shower and moved it back to their place until they would be ready for now if you fast forward three weeks it's time to start putting their bathroom back together well here's where things get sticky the unit is so big Fred has to call his brother Barney to help them get the shower up the stairs these names are killing me yeah you know that right yeah yeah well yeah the Fred Wilma and then but I don't think they live in flat rock or wherever was a flat rock I got that rock and I'm not sure yeah well not so after Barney gets there after three I can now after three African icing hours of twisting turning lifting swearing and drowning in sweat reality hit them they needed bam bam no not just getting no that reality hit them it was too big to go up the stairway period no way Fred and willing well well my head come too far now to turn back so they called a contractor they know and we all know how that is when you start something you get in so far but you have to finish it so they call the contractor he comes over and after much head scratching the contractor says the only way is to cut a hole in the living room ceiling and lift the unit up into the master blasts yep up into the master better way of by the way as much as I did this is actually based on a true story no no no it can't be now the house is under renovation you have to remember it's not just like brand new Sydnor so he says and lifted up well as hard as that was to swallow Fred and Wilma agreed they figured they were remodelling anyway so crank up the saws and hammers and everything needed they get the hole in the ceiling in the unit goes up into the master bedroom so it's up there now they realize that with the bathroom already framed in there some studs in electrical wires that will have to be removed in order to get it in there so in the end everything went together in the shower was beautiful upon completion of the project Wilma a numbers cruncher determined that after all the extra cost involved they didn't save a dime on that great unbeliever fast forward another six minutes and it's now time for the yearly block party and most all the renovations on their street have wrapped up Fred and Wilma go to the party and eventually meet the owner of the home where they bought the shower they started up a conversation that eventually led Fred to say because he's been curious Austin Hey we are the folks that but that beautiful shower unit you had in your front yard if you don't mind me asking how come it was so cheap the man smiled and said Hey they really like that you know but they ended up having to pass on using it red he wasn't he wasn't happy with that answer so Fred ask again why they didn't you know keep the unit and the man turned to him and said well it was just too big to get up the stairs well I know not a belly ache or like my brothers but you should have learned something and you may notice there are a lot of tub shower units that now come in two or three pieces and for remodeling now you know why so on we have a call we do have a call yeah in the phone yeah you're on the home talk I so high there hi is this Clayton is this going right right right is it is it is clean key right thank god work in the state can you hear me yeah I can hear you can you hear me your body can come in a lab player I know I was originally hired to manage your big Bucks coffee house while dating cafe after my career the long haul truckers and a minor career coach meat anyway are you all want me to call and give an update on what's been going on under my name right yes we do yes yes indeed I and I got I apologize because I hear you've been getting some ribbon about that ad you did last week for that big box and you called it a deli instead of a cafe and I just want folks to know there was a big type well in the ad that we sent to you we had a intern in advertising department screwed up there and so what really your fault and I know you didn't have much time to prepare sorry getting settled in a just and not the not being behind the wheel ten hours a day well first let me say before I get going here I get the rain when you just let me know I don't know how much time you got today I know your dad hambone brother yours thank there so you might have to kill you anyway alright a couple big book super premium ninety seven octane nafta approved rocket coffee this morning there is a one on the space shuttle out I think it might have gone in the space shuttle that's right so anyway anyway anyway all ball get down the nomenclature no I'm sorry no what is wild game while doing that to me is there another guy to gain like domestic game all domestic game that's right that's right that's right well we just don't want to think they're eaten farm raised game you know there are you got farm rain verses free range in verses wild like Warren you know my buddy always there you know not go up on my blog and what other kind of pain is that's right well I don't know anyway that copy hello little crazy here anyway my house I admit I have made a few changes to the cafe okay what's that well first thing you're up there I wanna make you feel more home with me radio with the hostess stand your cable ready their breaker breaker I was ready for the great art all good buddies and it's right well I'm sure that'll attract some attention while people are waiting to to sit down because you always got line well speaking of line we got three bathrooms at the cafe so course what I did but I way line markers on the on the on the street yeah so the left laying the fire playing you're going to get out of class yeah the right is that mainly for stand up only that mainly mainly for stand up only there in the fast lane right right for lower lying like you're holding a hall and pulled out a cargo I know what the other lanes for does people that think they got to go but have to decide after while being here actually the third line run away run away drop ran I see that's actually the extra fast lane yeah you you don't even put do you even have doors on the stalls in that one or is that that was slowing down yeah but the diapers diaper changes facing America we all know what that well maybe we should move on to a little bit of another subject how you doing down there musically are you going to be playing at all trying to revive your country career you just gonna bringing groups or what's out of you well let me let me talk when we talk about that for me well you know we always live music down there at least one night a week yeah we had that been any articles offering their from Richmond Virginia recently and I asked I asked that the Hague and I do a duet with you kind of like Jenny and Dolly your Georgian paying me you know I did a minor career coach music from about I got a reputation to protect in that I would let in her brain will out yeah so I guess I'll I'll be a solo artist for the time being him away good I've been trying to work on a jingle for your show so yeah and what have you come up yeah are you still work tell me what you think black a good night for home call god yeah pretty good yeah I'm very regional and have you leave have you been watching those ones with who is it that the football player whatever it is yeah and the country star actually he's in there do it any why are you crying I think you've heard it before well you it rings a bell I mean I think.

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"Three one seven two eight thirteen twenty as you probably know usually it is can I mark broadcasting but my supposed brother can is nowhere in sight today that means I mark well we will be winging it on my own well you're in the next line here I will be getting some help from our producer Tiffany Hey and you callers if you've never called anywhere today you got a call here the show may get a little askew as my brother usually is responsible for all the main ideas most of the writing and most the organization basically he does the whole show I've just come along but I do write a lot of those suspect add if you're paying attention on the other hand I'm not really too worried if the wheels fall off today because this show is based on two brothers doing a home improvement show with stories and guess what we only have one other brother and he's busy however are you I've heard there's there's even yeah there is on your residence we're going to send in the samples to who's your can only NA research can yeah who she can so can Daddy in a nice yeah yeah another ship yeah so anyhow I think it gives me security because our other supposed brother is actually busy the other thing is to make some more excuses before the show gets too far along I can honestly say my high school counselor would have put writer and speaker at the very bottom of my career that's hard I don't know would you do in there actually in high school I would have preferred that the bottom I was petrified I really did not care for English class well except for I did have an English teacher ms Peca and I can't for her but not the English class and by the way all the female English English teachers out there with the last name Peca don't call and complain tie up our phone lines because just the Berkeley it was the early seventies and it was at US now you're digress thing now and I think they only had one Mississippi are you sure yes well I'm pretty sure someone pretty unique so anyhow let's see how my brother is playing hooky I won't be surprised if he calls to check up on the so speaking of calling he knows the number but in case you down who you gonna call us nine three one seven two eight thirteen twenty so call us with your stories or ask a question now feeding catch a grab a pencil and next time around you can write it down you can listed at thirteen twenty AM one oh seven point nine FM or run under thirteen twenty dot com also when you get a chance go to our website at home talk guys dot com and view all the great material out wait till after the show to okay so now what kind of covered all the preliminaries and all stuff I have to do so I as al Haig would say I am control of the show I can just hear some younger folks going right who's al Haig well you're just gonna have to search the web no no don't search it now you gotta wait till after the show we need you to listen in call in later Max and many will be on with an a plus a plane to install and some wisdom as they always have I will do some appliance stuff in the show today also actually I'll do something right now what appliance do surfers like the least appliance you Sir first like the least confident in another okay so now can I please Mike roe Wade okay let's get on the wrong yeah yeah Hey the gong show I didn't put that in this this today okay now let's talk hindsight if you've ever had a project that once it was done you saw a man if I knew then what I know now though it would have been different well here is this example of one of those projects I heard about was thankful it wasn't mine creek as they say on crime shows for this next bit the names have been changed to protect the innocent on the home talk guys sometimes we have to change the names to protect the guilty thank you well those sometimes he does people who do things that go ahead here's what happened Fred and his wife bought a house in an old area town that was in the process of making a comeback many homes on the street were in various stages of renovation and Fred and his wife Wilma had bought their property with the intention of upgrading the up stairs master bedroom and bathroom well one day well Fred was hauling buckets of demo plaster in old last strips out to the dumpster well my stop them and ask if he had noticed the shower unit that was up for sale down at down the street Fred had noticed well sure enough when they walked up the block sitting in the front of a home that was going through a renovation itself was a large one piece fiberglass shower unit it had a big for sale sign on it and a phone number after careful examination Fred and Wilma realized this was a really nice you know it had built in Tallinn grab bars building shelves and even a seat though it was quite a bit larger than they had planned it was so nice they decided to call when they called the price they were told was unbelievably low and when they asked the lady on the phone why was the price so low she said she didn't really know because it was her brother's place and she was just watching it while he was gone for a couple days well not wanting to miss such great deal Fred and Wilma snapped up the shower and moved it back to their place until they would be ready for now if you fast forward three weeks it's time to start putting their bathroom back together well here's where things get sticky the unit is so big Fred has to call his brother Barney to help them get the shower up the stairs these names are killing me yeah you know yeah right yeah yeah well yeah the Fred Wilma and then but I don't think they live in flat rock or wherever was a flat rock I.

three weeks one day
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"Governor Cuomo has signed a new a. Martian law after it was approved on Tuesday by state lawmakers sweeping new measure comes on the forty six th anniversary of the landmark Roe Wade decision. New York setting the bar on women's equality like we did on marriage equality where we said simply to this nation that love does not discriminate the reproductive health. Act. Removes restrictions on abortions after twenty four weeks decriminalizes abortions and protects the doctors who perform them Cuomo said the legislation sends a message that whatever happens in Washington women in New York will always have the fundamental right to control their own body special. Prosecutor has been appointed in the upcoming retrial of Maria Lentini in Saratoga county. Len teeny was convicted of leaving the scene of a crash in two thousand fifteen where she struck and killed Patrick Duff who was walking or lane of traffic. She appealed the conviction and was granted a new trial. Judge Murphy's ruled that prosecutors gave special treatment to a prosecution with. In the case by not reporting. He was in violation of the terms of his probation high profile. Albany attorney Lee kindling has been named a special prosecutor in the case, and we'll have the resources of the DA's office, but DA Hagan and her assistance are barred from being involved. Jim gangway already NewsRadio eight ten and one zero three one WG wa all of these snow emergency is still in effect this morning, and the tow trucks are out doing a job that the city asks us to do in order to make sure that they have safe streets the drive on heater Kerry owns capital district towing. That's where a lot of the cars close to one hundred and fifty in the city of Albany were taken on Tuesday. This woman tells news channel thirteen she's just up here for a short time from Atlanta. And had her rental towed away. I don't have cable at home. So local news is not something to catch up on my phone or whatever. So sometimes it's too late this morning vehicles should be on the odd side of the street, and those that aren't may find themselves having to cough up one hundred and thirty five dollars to get them. Back. Snow emergency will end at eight o'clock tonight. W G Y morning news time five thirty three this past weekend's winter storm turned deadly with two local men dying while working to shovel snow Mary Ellen king, and there's practitioner with capital cardiology associates says rigorous activity in cold conditions so dangerous combination. Basically, you get out in the cold and your blood vessels constrict, you breathe in the cold air, you're exposed to it and the blood vessels constrict, and that raises your blood pressure, but it can also decrease blood flow to the heart muscle itself. Practicies an uptick in heart attacks, during colder weather, seventy year old Frank democracy collapsed while trying to clear his sidewalk in Scotia late Sunday night, sixty five year old Mike Ambrosino, retired phys Ed teacher in the south colony school district and former football coach died while helping a neighbor shovel snow on Monday, Republicans and Democrats each have proposals to end the government shutdown. But so far nothing appears certain to end the impasse who competing offers. We'll get a vote in the Senate tomorrow the first person at Trump's proposal to spend five point seven billion dollars on border barriers in exchange for temporary protection for Dhaka recipients and other immigrants Democrats prefer their proposal already approved in the house to reopen government for two weeks without wall. Funding bolt would need sixty votes in the Senate the house meantime, expected to pass another batch of spending bills this week again without wall funding for support from very many Republicans on Capitol Hill, Jared Halpern, Fox News all the sheriff. Craig apple will unveil a new program later this morning aimed at reducing research. At the county jail. New beginnings program actually started on New Year's day is designed to help those behind bars prepare for release into the community. And we're expecting what's being called a major announcement from the times union center this morning.

Prosecutor Governor Cuomo New York Maria Lentini Albany Judge Murphy Roe Wade Senate Len teeny Saratoga county Mary Ellen king Jim gangway Craig apple DA Hagan Lee kindling Washington
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Roe, Wade and Supreme Court discussed on WJR Programming

"President Trump's US supreme court nominee faces his. First confirmation hearing tomorrow Brit Kevin. All has, been going through mock hearings with White House, lawyers hitting him with tough questions eight say including. His views on the road versus Wade nineteen Seventy-three ruling establishing a right to choose abortion cavenaugh will certainly, deflect. Direct, questions about row on CNN state. Of the union judiciary committee member, Senator Lindsey Graham well here's what I hope he'll do if there's a case before him that challenges are Roe v. Wade that he, would listen to both sides. Of, the story apply. Attest to overturn precedent Preston is important but it's not in. Ballot abortion opponents have hoped Cavanaugh will, provide the needed. Vote to overturn Roe while choice advocates are sounding the

ROE Wade Supreme Court Senator Lindsey Graham Brit Kevin Union Judiciary Committee Anne Cates Detroit Cavanaugh Gordon CNN President Trump White House Preston United States
Is Roe v. Wade Is Hanging by a Thread?


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Is Roe v. Wade Is Hanging by a Thread?

"To transform the rule of law and our country during the campaign trump promised to only pick a prolife judges i am putting prolife justices on the court itchy abortion activists are calling it a pivotal moment while abortion rights defenders are saying they are in dire immediate danger the senate should reject on a bipartisan basis any justice who would overturn roe v wade or undermine key healthcare protections democrats insist there should be no confirmation vote at all until after the midterm elections they point to the fact that republicans blocked brock obama's last pick for ten months before the two thousand sixteen presidential election but republican leader mitch mcconnell says there must be no delay republicans are dealing with a razor thin one vote majority in the senate that means they can afford to lose only one that's why you can expect republicans to put intense pressure on three democrats three democrats who voted for neal gorsuch his choice last time around and who are now this year up for reelection it states that trump won big george stephanopoulos and cecilia vega spoke with abc's chief legal analyst dan abrahams san abc supreme court contributor kate shaw looking to answer the question so many are asking after justice kennedy's resignation why now robie wade that's where all the early energy is going to be that's right but let's be clear there's no question that roe v wade could be in jeopardy but that doesn't mean it's going to get overturned everyone's talking about overturned overturned as a practical matter justices liked to show deference to previous opinions meeting it's unusual to say we're simply going to overturn a decision because we now disagree with if it happens on occasion but it's very rare more likely what you see is an opinion effectively get gutted meaning states that want to restrict abortion will increasingly make laws that are more restrictive and more restrictive and then have those laws challenged in the hope that those laws are able to move forward and ineffective would mean that it becomes nearly impossible for women in a number of states to get and you can be sure that whoever president trump nominates is going to do his or her best not to show their hand on roe wade during the confirmation you don't want to admit you know what your position is on any case in the confirmation process the rule is when you're asked about a particular case you say this could come in front of me and as a result i'm night i'd have to see what the facts of the case were but you've got to believe that the president is going to know a lot about any candidate that he considers justice kennedy didn't make from the bench where you surprise you were there we all knew it was a possibility but i don't think anyone in that building really believed he was going to do impart because you know he seemed to send a message with his travel ban separate writing that he had some concerns about some of president trump's conduct and rhetoric he wrote separately to sort of say you need to acting ways that respect constitutional values like equality but in the end you know i think he did want to be replaced by republican president and this was the surest way to see that.

Ten Months