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"rodwin rochman" Discussed on PRI's The World

"Racist hate in one voice our nation must condemn racism bigotry and white supremacy <hes> that was his largest denunciation of weight negativism and this sort of extremist rhetoric and action but i don't think it's too late to dampen it but but we we need this to be the story from now on in order to dampen the level of violence that was monica duffy toft will hear more from her later in the show today but we begin with the world's immigration editor monica campbell who covers the u._s. mexico border and what she's been hearing. There's a collective morning on both sides. I was checking being with people in what is el paso and also in other parts of the border and <hes> one of the pastors that i met when i was in ciudad juarez recently he runs a migrant shelter in that city in he said that he was including prayers for people from mexico and the united states in this weekend services everybody everybody was. You know another ways kind of bracing themselves for something like this. I think just not just along the border but among latino communities and people live poor brown in the united states were bracing themselves for something horrible like this to happen in some ways. It's not surprising with the rhetoric in the country. You recently got back monica from tijuana san diego border where you are an assignment and this week. We're going to be hearing a series of your stories from there called the waiting room. What have you been looking at exactly what i've been looking at how you with the changes and u._s. policy at the border the reality that thousands of migrants are now waiting in mexico. <hes> you hear people say it that it's become this big waiting room. You know and i wanted to go back to tijuana to see the and hear what that's like. How are people managing. These prolonged weights. What's it like for somebody who's just arrived to the border to see other people. Who've been there for nearly early year. I also want to see how people were living. You know the day to day living conditions and how people are thinking about what's next. How long can mm people wait on the mexico side of the border would of those daily calculations like right and despite what we hear about migrant caravans coming from central america. You've found it to be along the border. There and increasingly international mix of people not just central america absolutely i mean it's still large central american people from honduras el salvador guatemala tamala but also people from mexico asylum-seekers people fleeing dangerous parts of mexico arriving to the u._s. Mexico border in this case tijuana and seeking asylum from their own country in being forced to wait at the border in mexico so that is something that's always striking to me. Mexicans being kept opt in mexico wanting to find a safe place to live. It's also a very international increasing international group of people at the border their entire apartment buildings things in tijuana filled with people from cameroon from haiti from cuba from ethiopia <hes> including the person that will hear from next in this first story story. His name is one rochman and he's from iraq a young man from iraq in tijuana and he told me how he he made his way to the u._s. Mexico border incredibly long journey but also wind that is not too unusual to find at certain parts of the border all right monica. Thanks for that setup. What's your story. Rodwin rochman had never done anything like this for one week. He says he trekked through the sharing gap. It's a stretch of rainforest running from colombia to panama. Anyone who's migrated north by land from south america knows about it. It's grueling ruling and dangerous rowen took videos for his mom along the way aardvark by six hours of walking each day. He says in the video the jungles so dense. It's like night under the canopy. There are no roads rowen. Who's twenty eight years old is is drenched in sweat and his following this swampy path dotted with empty water bottles but he isn't alone and points to people with him and oh she's from cuba from nepal to from scuba the three from iraq nepal cuba in the iraqis that includes ruin and his older brother all headed for the united states for ruin that was just one lake in his three month journey north..

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