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"rodney kala" Discussed on NewsRadio KFBK

"Removed from this world? Rodney kala, he's seventy five. He was known as the dating game killer for his nineteen seventy eight appearance on of all things. The dating game. We're gonna have a great time together in maybe the creepiest episode ever on the dating game. Because this bachelor looking for love back in nineteen seventy eight is actually a serial killer. I'm called the banana looking really good. Okay. How about this guy? This guy's spared. Five of the crimes killing seven women and girls five of the victims were in California to or New York. Carey Steiner fifty seven years old convicted for killing four women within the span of five months near Yosemite park in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine how about you know, him Scott Peterson. He's now forty six convicted fifteen years ago. Can you believe fifteen years have gone by since this creep, murdered his wife Lacey, and there's unborn son? Conner. How about Richard Alan Davis? This piece of filth who flipped off Polycom classes family killed little Polly class confessed to it in December of ninety three kidnapped and murdered this twelve year old girl. He's at San Quentin. He'd already committed a long list of crimes was violating the time of the kidnapping, Marcus west. And he's seventy two convicted or no five murdered nine of his children. All of whom were fathered by him were born to his wife daughters is to his wife, daughters and nieces, Edward Wyckoff. It was fifty gets the death penalty. No nine for killing his sister and brother-in-law Paul and Julie Rogers with a knife and a wheel barrel handle Darnell Williams. Twenty eight years old shot in each year old girl named Alicia Kara dean during a sleepover with friends. How about this filth? Charles zing. This come of the world is now fifty eight. Prosecution cost thirteen million dollars. He was sentenced to death in nineteen ninety nine for killing six men. Three women to infancy cabinet in the Sierra Nevada with an accomplice in one thousand nine hundred eighty five read about that creep and see how sadistic he was. He is one of the worst of the worst. How about Joseph nasal eighty-five? Now, a former photography involved with the deaths of four women during the seventies and nineties all of them all of them. Will benefit from Gavin Newsom 's move today, we'll lighten things up coming up, also Google home. Good.

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