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"rodin rodin rodin" Discussed on Nerd On! The Podcast

"It was such a great addition. This. I mean for my. Him and Thomas mill together to. And then I mean giving Ken Watanabe every dramatic line in the entire film, also because anything he says you're just like okay. There's no even though all he says the whole film is like we need to trust in God Zillah. That's his whole line too. Yeah. Saving us. So pretty much anything anything they did. My friend and any monster fight any of them any. One with Rodin Rodin Rodin was when it started twirling and hitting all the planes go. This is the coolest fucking scared, but that's awesome. I like how they came out the names. I really like appreciate it to me. I love adapted work, and I like seeing how like how they gonna make this Americanize or global because in the Toho ones are all just you a fan for that one. There's like Japanese like names. Like I'm gonna put the same. And we didn't need that, like, you know, like to all these as like when people self-named themselves really fucking boxes. But here's like named for that one's like while the people down there. Call it Rodin like oh shit. That's the name. Bee's worries. I'm sue over wolf now, and you're like, why why are you still from named yourself who's gonna call you that? But I really like this. And I mean, I love I love Z the giant, John Ziying, Zang's easing Zhang crazy. Yeah, I love it when she said bitch to verify Magus farm, because character was like gas because you recall crazy bitch because you were crazy. But yes, but also, I loved when they revealed that she could have been somebody because it's the whole thing mother, Martha was has own film, earn film, and she has created monsters. And she was like in this one. Tribal city thing, much like the people in, in conches Kyle, and who are just like native tribes, people who, like, like just prayed to the Scotus, and there's always a priestess that like spoke for Mahthir twins. They're always twins. Yeah. And I was like waiting for. Are they going to do that, like this is going to be so weird? Like I dunno where here's. Yeah. Can't accept giant monsters. But magic. Draw the line. So like science, designated Muto, massive. The magic. I missed it in the original. It's a purely in this one. I was like is literally. Yeah. Martha's Louis a God that comes in and helps Godzilla and always is a good guy. Got Dila sometimes becomes a bad guy. Bagai but Martha's, always a good guy. Support airdrie. Yeah. Yeah. Twins. And just always been studying it, I'm like, I really like this, because it's the same lore issue. Adapted. It yeah it's a nod. Did you guys notice when when Godzilla got Mike? He sunk basically author was above and she had this like weird tractor beam. Incoming that sky, I noticed it because she was talking to zilla. Oh, yeah. And they were like he only one person can find it. We found guys track kid be was she like, like what's being the begin to follow her? Got it because she was finding him. That she was like sort of kind of trying to restore just enough energy something too, because I feel like it's destroyed was lost because the thing exploded, you're not gonna miss Godzilla. He died everyone thought he died because his radiation went down his heart Arpey be. when they've just confined him. They like book go save my daughter Nelson with this bright, light Dale sex. Mafa. Happy about the angels and she's like yoga Zillah. Don't be a bitch. Come and fight your boy. What's happening? Obviously. And we gotta find Godzilla. So who else had favorite parts? I, I loved everything with Rodin like that whole sequence. Another big bird coming out of the lot of the volcano, and then the basics. Well, of course. Yeah. Any of the shots like from the village like looking towards the volcano? I really felt immerse there and I was like man was the wind too. Oh, my that was. I mean that whole that whole sequence leading into the airplane fight in the mid, I might be my favorite that whole sequence was really also this might have been broken up. But, like I just loved the way got out of the thing, it was on top of the volcano, and I was like, man, if I was like, in that village looking up in a mountain, that's really far away, but I see the giant as bird and I know it's only a few seconds before that thing will be here where am I going to go? This list, they started vacuuming. And like I was like, yeah, I'm in. I'm in this is this is a cool. I like how the bird did a barrel. Yeah. That was so. Vying to see that. Lava lava. Mike. Yeah. So that's actually a cool thing, too, because it's like a middle between so Rhoda has, like Rodin Qatar. Tear it on a giant Tehran. But then it dies in guzzle brings back to life, and it becomes fired Rodin. Orangey red and shoots beams, just villa. And this one doesn't have that has, like the fire wings killed comes. Blood or something stabbed in. It's like molten. Yeah. That makes sense. Caitlyn. Her name was Madison, right? Bobby scherzer. Yeah. Yes. Eleven goes on an adventure. The movie. On the upside adopted. He's upside down monsters have got nuts. Demagogy when Madison screams that Dora like she's. She's eaten. She's like fucking like that was the best ever in the elevator. When he's like looking at her, and she kind of wipes her I and just. I was like, oh, that's awesome. There is a sequence with her. It was basically just before the final battle begins when Zillow like shows up because. And I was like. Do you. Yeah. The trailer. I saw. Oh, so you're gonna have some kind of connection with the job because I was down for that. Yeah. But no. I also love. But that's fine. And they never showed her crying in front of a monitoring the eleven thing. I also loved. Godzilla's like new powers at the end. Yeah. Like, yeah, every time he did it, it was a boss fight, what it was not just that. But what it was doing. He's just took a step. But what it was doing to Dora was earning him. Awesome, it reminded me of anthem. Those send up the fire way. Oh, god. Here we go. Yeah, that's exactly. He like. Took a bit of him offer like heard Heard of of his his hand. hand became bone. That's really messed up. I kept doing it over and over. I'm like, yes, I would say to me, I prefer that over. And I've said it's work. CJ does powers. I hate siege. I'd like fantasy whatever. But it's like I wanna see that kind of level destruction where it's like stop like half the people. Like, yes. What was happening to me? I was like, that's a real there was anything else lesser than Godoria would die in one hit. Yeah. I think one of my other favorite sequences was opening the open gates or whatever the wind all whereas water mechanic floor at their. Makina phobia swimming except no because it's that's a human things underwater. But this, this would be a fear of large things don't in the name of that, but seeing Godzilla in the water swimming towards them with just the lights on his back and his eyes with a really good jump. Scare felt really great. And hearing the sound. And then, of course, Bradley Whitford 's can we close the shields? Now. Yes, you're won't find for coffee. What do you think it's just every line, he says effortless percents has been trained well sequence? It felt really good. Intr- like we see for the first shot was really great to couch standing in front of that giant window with him like looking back out stuff and yet. Good jump scare really good jumps. I wasn't expecting. I was still got me. I was like it's going to some. Sound or something. So I also love when Godzilla like the, the submarine reaches the surface and then Godzilla like stands up. No, it like zooms in and he mean mugs everyone on the submarine hosts it. And then he Dr grants. Nobody move. A muscle is great his visions. Based on movement. For that, hyper focus on me. Give me direct icon to yeah. About I've been kind of, like interjecting the final battle was just it was it was a series of like half an hour, but it was just like from the Definitive been. been the start to finish, just like everything happening in you're like, oh, no. This is bad still bad. Getting a little better. No other bad for a minute. Can I be? There was a shot for a minute after Godzilla goes, like radiation, beserk, atomic level, and everything's melting and buildings and they cut in close on something. And for a minute, I thought they were gonna show, the mom like push cars. Don't you dare? No way. Melk adora. But she's like, oh, good thing. I was under this sedan. Don't do it. Let it happen. One thing I really liked it. We talked a little bit about it was can want to knob as death. I really fucking that scene. Goodbye. Don't love how contrived it was to get him there, though. Yeah. Everything just stopped working. So he's he has to do it manually. I mean, it was kind of like here to there. It's like now this doesn't work. Now, this doesn't that was a lot. That was that was one of my qualms for sure. So my favorite part is always lease ever in home. What I said. So I really liked. It's just like I really like this whole, like the one person that probably respects guys, though, the most is when that brings him back and all that stuff. It's like a really good moment between him in a siege. I fuck fucking monster. And it's like he's good. Bye old friend, and it's the only Japanese words spoken in the entire film, like. Yeah. Fucking return to form a little bit. Like let me see that also gets compounded by like. When the when the I think the last fight starts, and we hear Don you're like the cuts. Oh. The. Using the original theme. I was like. Bear McCreary score like through the whole thing. Bear McCreary shout out to you. Boy, six degrees of separation. I know you owe a friend of a friend anyway. Josh wants to sleep aside. Anyway. Such a good score. It's every second of it..

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