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PS5 Backwards Compatibility New Info - Ep. 187

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PS5 Backwards Compatibility New Info - Ep. 187

"Coming up on today's show ubisoft another controversy apple slaps epic yet again an. Trilogy. Actually. What's good everybody and welcome to another episode of what's Good Games live. Video. Game News Commentary. Analysis unfunny stuff. They morning at eleven am Pacific Time right here at twist to be what's gains I'm Andrea Rene joined by Miss Brittany Brom Bacher. Really Andrea you nailed it you nailed. It didn't quite nail it but you know what's sometimes you just gotTa do a do over that sausage. Kind of not unlike the recap means that happens. Good Oh, boy some people in the video version were like, yeah. Why did you cut this from the video version because I made his own video which post today for you guys so you can see it in all of its glory, but welcome to the show everybody of course, this is where you get your headlines on the weekend from me and Brit and of course, we want you to be part of the show for dear WG write to us at games dot com slash. Dear WG welcomed everybody joining us live in the Chat Issey. Some math faces, which is very nice. Thank you for all the support. We love that you guys support here on twitch dot TV slash what's Good Games? Britney. We have just a couple of quick announcements before I ask you about this amazing little trip. You went on this week Ganal. We're not going to be back here next Monday because it's Labor Day and we're going to take the day off. It's a day of of rest for us here at what's good Games that also means there won't be a Monday stream. But of course, the Friday show we'll be back as per usual and we've got some exciting news on Mondays September fourteenth not only do we have our packs online panel, but we also have a very special guest joining us on what good Games live. This is the. Guests are not gonNA WANNA. Miss. We will do a full review of that in just a couple of days plus on Thursday September seventeenth at three PM Pacific Time is our online panel. That's right. Architects at home has been fully revealed. They have a whole schedule of cool content and we're going to be there on the wonderful world of games. Journalism panel was familiar faces for you guys. We've got blessing addio junior from kind of funny easy allies is bringing Brandon Jones and Daniel blood worth, and it's all going to be moderated by inside gaming's autumn feral. So it's GonNa be fun time. Hopefully, you will join us for that as well. Brittany and you were out of contract this weekend. Concert in these crazy times. So adjacent to Lake Lance weekend, which is about four hours away from where I live and just turned out while we were there metallic was having this one night only drive in concert extravaganza and we went to a little town called Mak which was an hour north at the entire population of. Forty. Three hundred people so It was pretty great and the drive in itself was this drive in screen material just like stretched on the side of I was Rodeo Stadium. And that was it there was a maximum capacity of twenty, six cars. And we all just Kinda. Parked out and rock METALLICA. The people. So was it like a replay of consoles. Specifically recorded and produced and. For a drive in theater. So they recorded it was like two hour. Two hours of music like were on stage, and then you just play the song through your car speakers or you had a radio and it was really cool. Actually it was a lot of fun. I didn't realize how badly I needed that I think that was the first sign that I. Like Thankfully Jason was the that I just got super duper. Hammer. It's it's quarantine started and just rocked out in fact last night I was walking around what is my fucking neck so bad and is because all the head banging in those great. Fun. That's awesome. I didn't know that they were doing things like that I. Know a lot of people are getting creative with drive ins and how can we do social distance gatherings and things like that but that sounds that sounds really cool. So I'm glad that you had a great time Oh. Yeah. You did miss the indy arena booth which was super. So big thanks everybody who? Stopped by our streams on Friday and Saturday, we did a little tour a tour around in the afternoon on Saturday after we were done on the official channel. So thanks for all the support friends and congrats the entire team at endearing booth. They won the heart of Gaming Award which we're GONNA. Talk about a little bit later on in the news speaking of which, why don't we? Get to the news brought you WanNa get a started Oh. Yes. So this morning twitter was all the buzz must put together with this little tidbit, and that is ps five is not backwards compatible with PS three PS GOP Games according to Ubisoft support page. Goodness. So I, I learned about three or six warriors sixty four, and if you go to the link that was there, there's A page and it says transitioning playstation for titles in next Gen versions and Faq and question is how does upgrading from playoff playstation Ford playstation five work, and here's the answer as part of their next Gen upgrade process playstation offers a number of features designed to help you move from ps four ps five ps four players will be able to join multiplayer games with PS five players. Bold backwards compatibility will be available for supported playstation four titles, but will not be possible for playstation three, playstation two or playstation games. and. Then there's link underneath that says we also have information next-gen for the XBOX series ex but. What do you take with you? How do you read this Andrea I read this as like that that that makes sense like the idea that you're going to be able to play everything in the playstation library and your ps five is ridiculous like that. No Council has ever really offered that obviously, we're getting select parts of the library through things like playstation now or what Xbox is doing through game pass. But like all backwards compatibility is like you don't get that. Technology work. No I'm totally with you I don't think this is surprising at all. I think what we've learned from these recent generations back combat man it's just not fully what you expect it to be and a lot of folks are saying, well, we'll look at what xbox is doing and I guess if you look at it from that perspective, it's like, yeah, I mean in case of you guys forgot the box series x will be a we'll have thousands of titles available to play a launch it'll. Have Xbox xbox three sixty xbox one, xbox series x NPS five is specifically going to have playstation four games. That's what Jim Ryan said like that's the statement said they said nothing about older games or anything else so what this tells me is that well, I feel like you know what xbox offers obviously so much better and if the playstation wants to compete, then they have to beef up that playstation now service that they have, and maybe that will be a thing they're going to focus on going forward. I mean I think that they have to right I think I. Think Game Pass Combined With X. Cloud is going to be an incredibly important part of this next generation for Microsoft and if Sony wants to have similar offering and be competitive than they're going to have to beef up what they're doing in the cloud gaming and the streaming space I think that that's just a given as we. Marched toward the inevitable digital future. That's you know I'm going kicking and screaming into. Here we are. Here we are. Yeah, I didn't realize this I'm playstation now there's no option I mean knew this at one point for your ps one games, but you can download and stream ps four, but he can only stream es three but like and then it comes back to this Andrew I'm like does it really matter like real talk one is going to be the next time I'm GonNa say like Yo I'm really craving breath of fire three on playstation what like some legend? La Guardia or some game like way back in the day that I used to play she's I don't really do that anymore. So for me like. I get like the boxes or are big and they take up space and I understand that maybe for some families you want to sell your older console because new consoles are very expensive. So I understand. Folks who really do need the backwards compatibility but I think for me and probably for you. We're going GONNA go back to these older games. It's more of a, it just sounds good to have it, but I don't think I would even really use it. Yeah. Fair and thirsty panda and the jets says Emmy Three Andrea and we're actually going to be talking about mass fact just a little bit but. If I wanted to play those games I know that I would have to take my three sixty out of the closet, dust it off and plug it in like this is the way it works. Obviously, I do have some of the mass effect trilogy in my Xbox, one libraries for backwards compatibility but I don't expect that and I'm not surprised that series isn't. Going to have everything you know they haven't really clarified because this story is of course about playstation but I mean I I. Guess. Maybe I'm just a realist and that sense that. Sure. It would be nice. I don't think of it as like a a missing feature that I'm going to be upset about because again, there's just so many new games coming out. I don't have a lot of time to go back and play things that I've already played before but that's not the only thing that you saw was involved in. There was another controversy and this one is a little bit spicier. So be soft. removed. A raised black fist imagery from Tom Clancy's elite squad. Do. You actually want to read this while I pull up this footage. Absolutely. So this comes from is. So you stop has decided to remove the black race fist imagery from Tom. Clancy's elite squads intro as it has been deemed insensitive and harmful, and appears to connect a fictional terrorist group called Umbra to the black lives. Matter Movement ubisoft posted a statement on twitter quote imagery that appeared in opening video sequence of Tom Clancy's at least squad featuring a racist insensitive and harmful and both its inclusion and how it was portrayed. UBISOFT tweet reads we've listened to an appreciated the players in the broader community who have pointed it out, and we apologize this raise fist imagery will be removed in the next title update this Tuesday September first on android and as soon as possible on Ios. Elite squads intro video the narrator describes Umbra. This fictional terrorist group. As quote, a new threat has emerged to take advantage of escalating civil unrest. It continues by calling them a faceless organization that wants to build a new world order. When the narrator says, they claim to promote an egalitarian utopia to gain popular support the race fists and questions come into view. The race fists has been used for many years as a symbol of revolution and most recently has been used by those on the black lives matter movement in the fight against police brutality stomach racism. There's controversy is yet another one for be soft, and then it goes on to talk about the other shit that's been going on in there. And be sauce little universe. So yeah, this thing. and. Damn like. This guy always come back to this as well. I think about the very first story we reported on his what's good games when we were thinking like you, what are you doing and it comes back to thousand seventeen when there is the animation was for honor where it was the animation was grabbed the woman's boobs before she kills you and I remember then you just need is this okay person on your team maybe someone who's a woman maybe someone who isn't why I dunno, it just comes down to like how did this even come out in this state especially what's going on right now like How? Yeah. It's I'm with you bread. They just keep tripping over themselves in the most obvious ways to us in. Clearly it's not obvious to them in. You would think after repeated kind of UPS's for lack of a better term that they would maybe make better strides in this. But I think that some of the other controversies they've gotten into this year including the multiple misconduct in sexual harassment allegations that came out earlier this summer indicates that they had a lot of overhauling to do, and maybe that process which kicked off an internal overhaul will eventually trickle down to. Some of these art teams be like, Hey, you know that's not cool. Bro, like maybe we just pick something else. May We just like create something that's not like just ripping ICONS. From other movements, it's not that hard. We in fact, have many artists on staff. Do. Not pay attention to the world. I am not trying I know everyone everyone there is bad but as your head so far up your ass that you don't understand how this relates to the current day and age and what's happening like the literal text is the world's in an alarming state worse corruption and poverty have made it more unstable than ever as the situation keeps worsening angers Bruin from between the cracks, a new threat as to take advantage of the civil unrest and it goes on, it's just like a parallel and. Anyway. I think that's a lot of people are rightly concerned about what's going to happen with watchdogs legion when it launches later this year, who's a watchdogs legion has so many of these themes of what we're experiencing now of civil unrest of. Brutal Police Force physically attacking. Citizens Police arresting citizens when they're not doing anything illegal. The idea that the government is overreaching things that people are experiencing in their everyday life right now and it was something that was brought up win the last big reveal happen during you sell forward and when we did that preview coverage of like you know, are they going to make any changes? Are they're going to be tweaking anything and I, think it's an interesting. Proposition because clearly this game has been in development for several years and these themes and this narrative that they've created was well underway before any of the current unrest that's happening particularly in the United States. But I don't know if that means that they're going to go back and change anything or if they're going to be like Yo, this is the game it is what it is i. I don't know I feel like the right call would be just to scrap it and be like this is not the time nor place is not a good thing to do. But obviously, that's a very, very complicated and very young. It's not that easy and I understand but Dang. Like Tang. Well I guess we're going to see just how it all shakes out when when the game finally comes out but as for elite squad, they've removed this and it's no longer in the game. So I'm glad that a kind of reacted quickly but again. You can do better. Next time you we believe in you, we like your games a lot. We just want you to be better. You can do it to take some time off get your shit together just give monsters or whatever the new title is. That's the Knicks. have any info about God's monsters quite yet but I do you have more details all you are going to be excited. It's yet another wrinkle in the apple versus EPA gain saga, and there will be a week Bernie hopefully in the future we don't have to keep reporting on this but I don't know Andrea these fuckers have so much money they can. Keep this thing going forever. I know well, hopefully though it goes to the courts and we don't have to like we'll play by play every week. All right. So the verge rights hope you didn't delete fortnight or Infinity Blade from your Iowa's device because apple just terminated epochs Deva. Calm. So this actually happened a couple of days ago but wanted to give you. Guys an update they've officially terminated the EPA Games account on the APP store on Friday following its four into dispute an ongoing legal battle with the game studio over in APP, payments for its Battle Royale, the company has confirmed to the verge that means the APP is no longer on the iphone or whatsoever even if you've downloaded it once before another EPA game. Infinity Blade also, no longer re down low of. So here's Apple Statement. We're disappointed that we have to terminate the epic games account on the APP store. We have worked with the team at EPIC Games for many years on their launches while their case moves and excuse me the court recommended that epic comply with abstract guidelines while their case moves forward guidelines they. Followed for the past decade until they created this situation epic has refused instead they repeatedly been fortnight updates designed to violate the guidelines of the APP store. This is not fair to all the developers on the APP store and is putting customers in the middle of their fight. We hope that we can work together in the future, but unfortunately, that is not. Possible today. The decision determined EPA cat was planned for Friday although there was a dispute over whether apple would be allowed to do. So until judge Monday denied epochs motion for a temporary restraining order with regard to fortnight's removal from the APP store. The judge granted epochs temporary restraining order with regard to the unreal engine and apple tells the verge that it has. Not Terminated the other developer account epoch's apple excuse me apple says epoch will no longer be able to submit APPs or updates using epic game developer camp users who previously downloaded forty nine. Iowa's and Mac can keep playing it. So I have added a little side note because I know that in Infinity Blade, the series of brought up here, but that series was. Delisted from the APP store back in December of two thousand eighteen. When epic publicly said we're no longer supporting this game or updating is game. So if you previously bought it, you could download it but now you can't even do that. So if you view, had it on your device and you've downloaded it and you purchased it now you can't re download it. You Know I. I don't even know any more to say about this. I. Love that we're continuing to follow it. Kind of is like I'm GONNA. Love it hate it because it's going to drama I. Guess actually we don't need any joe extra drama right now but yeah, I like. The part of it that is. Not Surprising because epic has clearly come out swinging and is not backing down but that Apple I think rightly highlights is they keep submitting their game updates with the offending piece of code in meaning they keep submitting with this alternate way to pay. And Apple keeps saying, Yo. You guys know that we're not going to approve it until you revert the code back where that payment's plan or that payment system is is in there. You guys know that that's violating the rules but EPA keeps in any way like then they clearly just don't care. EPA clearly has said you know what you know like double birds to you apple like. Kick rocks. It's just like I I. Don't know Man I think this is now very clearly turned into something petty between them and apple is standing his ground going you're we you know this is what the judge said and you don't want to abide by that while the trial goes on. That's fine. Then we're just going to delete your account there. Yeah. Fix it Richie and chat side no apple advertising pudgy mobile as their new battery mobile flagship game to push APP store deal see sales pub g mobile runs on the unreal engine. I didn't see apple pushing that but I did see any to promote it these like another great game but uses unreal engine. I mean right now Pudgy is doing a big marketing push anyway. So when you see ads for Pudgy, don't think that's apple having some kind of motive or directive that's definitely just pudgy core doing their own marketing smartly right now when fortnight isn't available on Iowa say, Hey, did you forget that we were the battle royale came out I I mean I would I would. Would you put it past apple though to put another battle royale frightened center, it'd be like eighty. At this. Just because of my insider knowledge of how those game marketing deals work I. Don't think that they would do just out. Of spite, they would do for money and I bet you pubs you'd be more than happy to pay apple money right now for that marketing space knowing that they don't have to go up against fortnight they can probably negotiate that rate lower but I mean apple's not just going to give them that space for free despite to spite epoch forget apple still loves money I think. I think you and I. The time is right. We need to create a battle royale game and. Say Hey what would it the premise be? What would this be all about something with alcohol? Obviously. Wow our own battle royale yell sixty, nine players. Will there was an idea that Steve had when we were streaming last week with India Arena booth where there's twenty tacos dropped on a map and everybody has to compete to get as many Tacos as they can and the person with the most tacos at the end is the winner of the bowral that's wholesome as fuck I liked that Zombie and chas drinking royale sixty nine players right? Very S I'm saying so you drop us all in maybe it's a bar, and then you have to find all of the alcoholic bottles and then it's a mini game like rhythm bass game to drink it and the last person standing he was so intoxicated that they fall pass out wins. I like it. Santa ship it ship it. Let's go. Is there is there a developer who's listening out there? That has the skills to make this. Happen you like contact what's go- games dot com. Let's make this thing a reality go into business together it's GonNa be Great Mandy. Says this Coat it for US excellent. Hooray Mandy. Let's make this. Happen. I'm down. We're going to be. A maybe. Now. We'll be creative consultants I. Don't Know Anything About Code or how game Dev now comes together I. Mean I know a little bit. I should say I know a little bit. I've interviewed a lot of developers, but I'm not personally capable. Let's. To you I can help approve things and be like that looks cool approved. Yeah. I mean we'll. We're the creative geniuses of this. You See. I love your. IDEA. Brett I'm into it makes. Another idea I love. This massive egg trilogy might actually becoming out in Twenty Twenty Brit Oh my God Andrea. Did you know? That the release of the room trilogy remastered was scheduled for October but now it could slip This well I'm GonNa tell you all about it. Are you ready pulled under your body? Okay. This coming year Gamer. The highly anticipated remake of by where celebrated Sifi trilogy mass effect was expected to release in October twenty twenty new sources claim. Up until like this week I know the plan for sure to announce it in early October release in later October so good news revealed Games beat Journalists Jeff Grubb. On a recent game speed decides podcast maybe bad news it's twenty twenty maybe that could start to slip sounds like maybe that's a possibility nothing for sure yet and quote quote I. Know It's real. He later insisted I've seen more than enough. Evidence to know it's real but it still twenty twenty and a half announce it yet quote I think EA planning to have this mass effect trilogy to be the other big thing other than star wars squadrons for sixty dollars this holiday. So that's why I'm still pretty confident. It will make it out grab added but with everything else falling apart like across the board, I could also see them wanting to just. I am drift. GRUB. Hoe. I know all about the mass effect podcast or? fucked up interestingly grow also advised fan fans to expect it upgraded version rather than full remakes of the Scifi Adventures. Well cool. Saturday Andrea. I'm sorry. No here's the thing if he's so confident also I haven't. I haven't heard from many of my sources that this is real. So if he has that's awesome but I think a really great time for them to release this or officially announce it would be and seven day, which is coming up very soon. Remember. I know but it's November seventh. So if he's hearing October, maybe they just slip a little bit and then you know they're like Yo, it's seven day boom shadow drop. That could be cool. Here's the thing it would be fucking awesome. It would be lovely Kinda like how it'd be really cool. If infinite launch on November six for one sixteen I digress. But November we got you elected Reagan we got cyberpunk. We got so much other things that Alaska through the entirety of twenty twenty one I don't. I. Don't know if I'd forget the plan Andrea and it's all about me. You know that's a very valid point and maybe. Is Looking at that as well and saying why don't we just get out of the way of launch for the new consoles and we wait and we announced this seven day and then we ship it Q. One, twenty, twenty one because the art of the mass effect trilogy that they mentioned that are book that was the thing that had the release date in. February I don't that paragraph. Sorry friends. So the pair raids rumors of a remastered for further stoked went an. Art of the Mass Effect Trilogy Expanded Issue Book Pops Up for preorder last month sporting a February twenty third twenty, twenty, one release date. This new book includes hundreds of never before seen works of art according to a subscription. Okay. So if they're going to release and it's not unusual for our bookstore come out post launch for games anyway. But. If. Feels like might work better if they release those things around each other and if that art book is Real, then why not? Release it alongside the trilogy. So Oh, well On. So a okay. A don't stands alone. Okay. Master one, seventeen, not one, sixteen. Oh, so we could get. Okay I. Digress. Sorry I was just getting corrected and chat. It would be November seventh would also be really cool shadow jake for Halo. Infinite and mass effect that can't happen I was wrong. Sorry. Don't sue me not perfect. It's all good Andrew I don't. Yeah. I. Don't think we're GONNA get any I don't think we're going to get any Halo News? Year. They're going silent or trying to figure everything out and the ship has sailed. It's long. Well, I mean this'll be frigging awesome and it would be fun especially with the smart delivery and the whole how games are natively better on the newer consoles it would be cool to be like Oh. Yeah. Look at this mass effect Trilogy Baby Better Loading Times better graphics all the things on the new consoles and I mean. Usually around new consoles, you don't have that many bomb games to play. I would be perfectly content plane mass effect trilogy. Oh Yeah I mean like you said, January already stacked with games I. Don't need anything else I. Mean I already have to juggle assassin's creed cyberpunk in destiny. So just like why Is. In USA Andrea Coosa. While I'm going to try you coups I told you I would, but we're going to have to divide and conquer. We're going have to split up and then we can reconvene. For Game of the year considerations I'm GONNA have to dabble in as many things as possible. So. But yeah. But I'm holding out hope that this is real because I. I would love to go back and do a playthrough. I can confirm that I have started my playthrough of Kingdoms of Amour, the reckoning, and we'll be able to talk about that. Very soon and It just makes me nostalgic for other games that I could go back and play happy I'm going to say about it happier, times. Right. So we have a couple of smaller announcements some in case you missed it as I mentioned at the top of the show, the indy arena booth happened this weekend out. Of course, was part of Games com twenty, twenty and games. COM had the Games com awards. So some of you may have noticed when opening night live was happening and we were doing the watch along that Sandy Sydney Goodman friend of the show hosted. I would pop up every now. And again to announce a Games come award and there was a lot of people that were very confused about what the Games come awards were, what who are these people that are winning in suggest a little bit of background that those awards are presented every year and they are specifically for games that are shown at games calm and they revealed the entire list of awards and the India Arena booth when the heart of Gaming Award, which was really exciting and. Let me know that the online booth like the whole kind of over that. We showed you guys on Saturday was attended by more than twenty thousand virtual guests, which is crazy and awesome. Wow. Yeah super cool that so many people were able to jump online and check out and just a couple of highlights from the awards. The other awards best game believe went to. Best PC game was cyberpunk best rebounder was mafia definitive edition, best roleplaying game with cyberpunk. Best. Strategy. Went to humankind most original game went avoid train most wanted hardware went to series x best announcement to unknown awakening and Best of games common to cyberpunk seventy seven. So no surprise that cyberpunk kind of swept a bunch of awards but wanted to shout and a big thanks to the Indy Arena Boutin for having US and Brittany. There's some. There's some sadness happening with. Resident Evil what's what's going on? I'm trying to be you know a logical sympathetic empathetic. Human Andrea. But when it comes to my resident Evil News, you don't fuck with me. So back during the playstation five reveal event in June we got resident evil village and I lost my mind at the end of the trailer said more information coming in August now ladies and gentlemen depending on where you are in the world I encourage you I implore you to look at your calendar and look at the current date. It is Monday August thirty first thirty first at eleven thirty three am and I don't see any resume evil news what worries me it's already September first in many other places of the world. So you know what that tells me is a knock getting my resident evil news today Andrea. was that mean probably nothing? It just means maybe something slip between the cracks life is hard right now there's a Lotta Shit going on I understand Democ Yoga makes everything harder. It does but I guess that's just a nice little a little reminder that if you don't have your assets ready, don't don't don't promise a specific date because sometimes you don't hit but I think like I said real talk we understand right now it's really hard. It's all good I'm really not angry I'm just a fan and I would have liked to have some news, but it happened I. Feel You well I'm sorry Brit. It'll happen. It'll happen to it just makes it just makes the hype build a little bit more when you get there then you have more hype corks about to burst already I'll try to take a little bit more hype it. We'll see we'll see how shut reckon we'll go we'll get you a wire cage like you're a bottle of champagne and then we'll just crank the wire cage down to hold the cork in. Kind of turned on right now. That's a real thing. You open a bottle of champagne. It's got the wire cage on it. Bala Champagne before. Honestly I don't know. Yes. Yes come on you must've I have firm. like a couple of months ago I think was actually when I was doing, Zombie Anyway. Okay. Well, cool. Wire cages in popping corks. Cool. Got It. There you go. Bro We have just a couple of delays that I wanted to mention as well. So Chivalry to got delayed until twenty, twenty one if you guys missed that news, it completed six round of its Alpha stage and torn banner studios has reassured fans that this delay will not impact the previously planned summer Beta. There is no specific date given but more information is going to be coming soon and the studio cited the pandemic and working from home as reasons why they weren't able to. Hit their previous release date also another delay Lego Star Wars the SKYWALKER SAGA has been delayed to Spring Twenty twenty one and they have confirmed that there will be playstation five in an xbox series x version of the game. So we saw a nice chunk of the skywalker saga opening night live but we noted that we didn't get a release date or release window which was kind of weird and then throughout the weekend the team was like, yes, the game has been delayed. You won't get it till spring. So that's quite a big delay for this game because I believe it was supposed to be launched a new console launch for this holiday but Again, it happens take your time take your time. All right well, that is going to wrap up our news. This is where we transitioned to you dear, WGC g well, we take your questions either about the news or just about life in general if you want to be part of the show, you can drop your questions in chat and we will do our best to keep eyes on them. But the best way is to games dot com slash dear WG G Brett what do we got I I one comes From findlay I don't really know if that's how you're supposed to surname but that's why I say it my head Finley, how do you plan to Tackle November Twenty Twenty Aka to create release onslaught which games Lee try enough I hear you most excited about I personally feel like I need a daily planner at this point especially with wow shadowlands lurking with no release date it does have a release date though October twenty seven. Yeah. This might have come before the the thing. So, Andrea I'm trample list of all the releases but we know of the big ones obviously have legion correct as legion coming out in Hobart homer nine believe Double Chin. Okay I'm. Pulling. Up. The. Release schedule from game informer dot. com I can't even keep Track Canyon at the end of October is crash bandicoot. It's about time star wars squadrons. Dirt Five Feet for twenty one age of Empires. Three definitive edition Nhl twenty-one in world of Warcraft Shadowlands Watchdogs Legion the Twenty Eighth Pittman three deluxe the dark pictures and theology little hope and then there's a bunch of other games as well. Those are just kind of like some of the bigger games that I picked out. So that's Tober and then November is Jurassic world evolution destiny to beyond light just dance twenty twenty one call of duty black ops, Cold War, kingdom hearts memory of melody. Melody of memory excuse me Yakuza dragon assassin's creed Khawla cyberpunk twenty, seventy, seven Oh. My God. Okay well. I think I'M GONNA have to obviously start with like real talk it depends on how great I'm assuming I'm hoping that we will get some reviews for some of these Games which means we'll probably get them in advance but assuming that that's not the case for sure obviously Yakuza like a dragon, we'll be my number one. I don't know though I doubt to finish that game in six days before cyberpunk twenty, seventy seven comes out. Those are very long games. Well, I think you can hold out hope that Sega's going to give you that code hopefully early since the Games already been out in the West or excuse me in Japan. So. Fingers crossed. I. Mean. My real concern is watchdogs. Legion is out on the twenty nine and that game is M- acid. It's just like Gosh and then destinies on the tenth of November, that's the first one, and then call of duty is just a couple of days. Later I feel like call of duty and the Dr Pictures Hope Those won't be I think it's a call eighty five and a half hours roughly for campaign. Yeah. Yup. So that'll be little. Hope another probably five to seven ish so we could pinch those ones off sooner. But yeah, when it comes down to watch on Legion and vol Khawla cyberpunk and Yakuza I. mean literally like that could take up the first half of twenty twenty one and we'll still be good. So that's yeah this is. Your who's GonNa play what how are we going to divide and conquer this? Conversation, it's going to be it's going to be brutal because I think we all WanNa play all three of those games I'm like Oh. Gosh. What do we do? We. Andrea you don't sleep I. Guess Not. I think the real trouble for me is going to be trying to balance destiny with all of those big RPG's. Because destinies is kind of live nature and how they roll out content means is going to be real real challenge. I'm going to be on the struggle bus everybody what a good problem to have though. True it's very true especially, since I'm probably not going to be traveling this might be the first time not traveling for the holidays since I've moved to California. Wow. Well, the first couple of years I lived here I couldn't afford to fly back because it was like the great recession and I was broke and didn't have any money and I was working I was I told my parents I was like I have to pick up every shift I can like I have to work over the holidays like I. Love You. I can't come home go home in January when when shifts are not as available. But. That was the time when I also got so deep into mass effect that I would play it until three or four o'clock in the morning because there was one black Friday I remember that I was up until like four am plane massive. And then I just turn my council often went shopping. Boss like the boss. That that's true. True story that happened because I was bartending. Went shopping that because that was before they moved black Friday to midnight on Thanksgiving and now of course, we have the egregious like noon on Thanksgiving opening times but I really hope that maybe pandemic will be the thing that reverts us back to be like Yo. Let's not open retail on the holiday like maybe we just don't do that that people don't have to feel obligated to compete against each other and they feel that they have to bring their. Employees in other words they're not going to be competitive. You know like, yeah this will be the year that we go back I. Hope. So I think it's gross that it is what it is at this da Jr it used to be something more fun and now it's like dope I have to bail out because I'm not going to leave my family at noon to get like a flat screen TV I. Have Some of you will no judgment but yeah. I I think it comes down to the final thing. This year I would hope especially the following year if something's GonNa make money. Andrea say no to the money who's going to say no, not I mean I will. Digress right. Next color me. Sorry. I get to spend the first Thanksgiving with my husband and seven years seven years together. That's so sad but also great at the same time. Oh I'm Somali. You guys finally get to have your holiday together. That's awesome. Saying an she does also mention that some places have already announced. So. That's good to know but next question. Donnie Gio soon or whatever brick calls me next real fuck you talk. I let me start by saying I'm a playstation dork through and through, but I feel a little slighted. So the September playstation plus games have been revealed street fighter five and pub g stick with me earlier this year farming simulator nineteen in the skyline where the Plus Games what do they have in common? They were already available for download on playstation. Now, my point being am I getting double dipped on my beloved Sony overlords is this fair practice? Is this allude to the conjunction of the services? I mean. it's Kinda nasty but being third different subscription services I. Guess. So Sony Sony. Sorry. Well I. You kind of just answered it very, very succinctly. Sony's gun has Sony. You think they care about you Donnie in Ono? There's no, there's no rhyme or reason generally speaking. Is really what the answer is but. Am I getting double dip down by my beloved Sony Overlords Mean Yeah Probably. IRA's different sub services in rip. All right. Next question from a different Danny Hey ladies. What's the oldest single player game? You find yourself going back to many years after first playing it I've been replaced craft three lately and having a blast holds upgrade for an eighteen year old game would love to hear what classics you find yourself going back to. I know br probably has a bunch in her catalog that she goes back to I very rarely go back and play gains the only one that I feel like I've gone back and played several times has been like, Super Mario World out because it's it's a classic and it's available on so many devices because Nintendo has made me by it so many times. Well, not made me. He didn't me this heist me to. Lay it again EILLY. Playing Donkey Kong country with my dad and that is always the classic oldies but goodies Super Mario World. is another one he unfortunately, he cannot handle the dual sticks dibley analog candor. He does not understand it. He just stares up and spins in circles or goes on the ground and I've tried inverting and whatnot and he just. So let's go back to the Super Nintendo classics which to me is not a bad thing they're still superfund. Personally, I also haven't gone back to a game in a long time and older game if I did it was generally oh, Corinna time with something I like to play at least once a year or so breath of fire three is another one I love to go back to the older harvest, Moon. Games are really nostalgic astronauts call used to be a thing. But now the only way you can play it is if you play it Yooglie. A good child I would never do that. Yeah. earthbound. Obviously he's another one. Yeah. So say like those ones I feel like Super Nintendo Games just tend not to age poorly yeah. The degree. Classic Gains this next one is just a warm and fuzzy and there are more questions in the docking. Okay. I will. I will have that way. Okay. I'm GonNa read a warm and fuzzy warm fuzzy circa. So this comes from Don. Thank you for adding the way to pronounce your name. No A LUCHINO ALUMINUM Showed me out on your games comstream stream also shops Zombie kills we see in chat who was there with us I'm a new patriarch Patriot and although I've been listening on spotify for quite some time, this was the only the third stream turned into live. I said hello and the chat and mentioned my frying Pan ex-fiancee when we saw the frying Pan, magic carp and the override trailer are streams go wild friends are saying something it made me feel welcome. Your community is amazing. I. Wish Peace in good health. Thank you done. Oh. Boy. It's just nice to get those little messages from time to time in our community is amazing and ninety nine percent of the time we know we don't have to deal with the bullshit everyone's very kind and respectful, and they know if they're not like they're going to get a band hammer to the face it's just the way we operate things around here. But sometimes you know we do see some negative feedback and it sometimes swear on us. So thank you. These kind comments really can just make our day. Yes especially when sometimes people go out of their way to say not nice things when you go out of your way to say something nice, it really means a lot. So we really appreciate that. Let's see here I was kind of digging into the archives of questions and because we have time for like one or two more at girl. Kindness is contagious Zombie amen to that also there's Shattering breaking news the Ninja Skin is the new fall guys skin oh yeah. Okay let me pull up. Let me pull the fog is twitter account. Here we go after. After almost two weeks fall guys charity auction for a new skin has ended in a joint donation of one million between G to East sports aim lab in Streamers Ninja and Mr Beast has one. Wow, that's awesome. Amazing. Congrats to all those. All those people I see on the here, I can show you on the. On their account it looks like they don't have a specific. Wow I wonder how they're going to if they're gonNA put all four of them in there are no. So that's the to sports one that they have. And and I think I have to go and try to find Ninjas Gimme a second AC- because I thought Ninjas was really cool in a trend is see yeah will we'll find out how that's GonNa look us. So this means fall guys will create a skin based Mr Bee's aim Lavaggi to sports respectively. Find this way. So I wonder if they're going to combine them all like you said of worship is going to be. Four different ones that's fun I feel like for a million dollars that they can do for skins I, mean I kind of like to see a mash up abomination and see what that turn out to be. But you know get creative like it's a little bit of colors from from everybody. Is that what you think it like green hair whatever hair Ninja, whatever color blue he's got blue area I'm not cool and hip. Hop of this. Okay here's here's another another a look at the the Ninja one. So we've got. So this is crowns should be able in the palms of those Kook. Sorry Krause should be held on the palms of those who continued to do good. We've teamed up with G TO SPORTS NINJA AND MR beach For Charity. Okay, so those are the four. Okay. What's This Ninja, right. So this is GTE's sports dismissed rubies. No discipline was to be no this aim. Sorry this is. THEM AIM lab here, and this is Mr Easter. I just want a fall guys with like our face on it like face like that just like a little like. Janki ask cut. Out Face like. Put that on a fall guy just run around the like it would be fun. Zombie says skin to look like one million dollars is only. About. Prices that is not a one million dollar design. I wonder how much they're going to charge for them in game if they're gonNA be like. They'RE GONNA go for crowns if they're just going to give them to everybody feels like you just give them away, right yeah. The money's going to charity feel like that's what you do. Yeah Danny Listen. No they they need a banana Andrea Rene skin for sure it feels like it's ready made for fall guys Andrea Rene is ready to Skin already I feel like there should be nothing I've seen, but I thought about pulling the Andrea costume out and doing a fog is stream. And maybe that can happen sometime I last year but speaking of fog is I forgot to mention that this Wednesday for my afternoon with Andrea, stream. Going to be streaming with none other than TRICIA. Planes fog is. TRICIA. She reached out and she was like one can we stream and I was like I don't know when you vailable and she was like, what are you doing Wednesday afternoon I was like Oh did you know I have a stream on Wednesdays but this will likely be the last Wednesday for the Stream and I will be moving the Stream I believe to Thursday nights is what I'm looking at. So off of Wednesday afternoons because sometimes with the production for the show just becomes a pretty long day. Amen Speaking of cool indies. Jess. Has a question says, Hi Ladies Often indie Games get swamped drowned out in the conversation by bigger releases. What are some Indie Games? You think didn't get a fair chance to shine due to being overshadowed by massive marketing from bigger games. I'll was question I don't remember. Yeah. No go ahead. Play something up. So I think I just have indies at the top of my head after spending time in the arena booth for the last couple of days and a game that came out earlier this year that I'm excited to play more of was veteran nome. So I actually introduced to this game by Melly who is disability blogger? And she was on the disability showcase with Steve Spun and I and Steve Hadn't really seen much of this game either, and so it's a rhythm of music based game in a has a ton of great accessibility options and because I was playing it via parcel check which is an online streaming service so that the people who are running the India Rita booth stream could have it. I was getting so much slag that I was struggling with the game and it was actually ironically a good way for us to showcase some of the accessibility settings about how you can. Turn the speed up and down they have a ton of colorblind accessibility options. They have a lot of visual cues for people who have. Hearing accessibility concerns, and so it was really cool speaking with George, from the team at vector nome. So if you guys missed that game really highly encourage you to check it out. I was much more successful when we played it on the local computer here on our stream later in the day, would you guys can check the? Here on twitter channel but that's a really cool game that I want to spend more time with. But there was just so many beautiful indies in the inside the booth that often get overlooked for AAA releases. Yeah I feel like that's just a really common problem obviously, and right now I feel like we're kind of I mean I'm working on wasteland three and some other some of their games will be coming out soon, the should be getting review copies for but right now I like it because I'm kind of able to juggle some games that I normally wouldn't it. So right and I played a short hike for example, currently planes spirit fair plain struggling all three really really cute. Mocking, the struggling Q- It's probably one of the most grotesque games I've ever played but you're like literally like a flush abomination monster and it's hilarious. But the I appreciate these downtimes because there are so many games that just don't get enough highlight. So I always like being able to talk about those honor show whenever I get the chance because there are some gems other also people look into struggling Indra look into struggling one of these as you and I will have to do a stream of it. Yeah. Probably, we'll probably hate each other by the end of it but I mean comes along with it we'll make up it'll be fine. Yeah no I'm down I think that I think it'll be fun. There's certainly a ton of games that I want to check out. We also have coming up. Best friends forever. Yes so much to play a little time. I, still need. To play that tonight like there's so much. But yet the that's on my to do list for for this week for the show as well because we want to talk a little bit about it. But as we mentioned on the Friday, show will not be doing this boiler cast until all of the episodes are out. So don't worry we won't be doing anything spoiler related to tell me why but you guys know that we love doing spoiler casts for Narrative Games when we can especially stuff from don't nod we've done lots of. There's in the past. So excited to do tell me why spoiler cast as well but I think that's probably going to do it for the show for today. Thanks everybody for joining us live at wish TV, slash what's good games or if you're listening on your favorite podcast, APP or at YouTube dot com slash was good games you guys one I give the video like maybe drop us a review we would greatly appreciate the support and until then enjoy the rest of your week happy Monday everybody and we will see later five

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