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"roddy fund studios" Discussed on The Encouragement Ride Podcast

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"roddy fund studios" Discussed on The Encouragement Ride Podcast

"Quarter ton of riding hiding fun the sultans of cycling safety those braggadocious Behemoths Jimbo Rally and Kelvin Jones. Remember folks these two. We're a quarter of a ton so you don't have to take it away. Boys everybody walking to the encouragement ride. Podcast we are doing the first taping of Two Thousand Thousands Twenty Kelvin Jones Quarter Tuna Roddy Fund studios and collects that Mississippi and we got a we got a new partner in this. So I guess we're going to be now. Three quarter ton of Writing Fund. We got caught HAIRSTON. Calvin how has your year greetings and citations. My friend Yeah this is a been a been a nice year. We've actually been the weather's trying to cooperate with actually been trying to get some rides in during the winter months and staying being active in trying to stay up on our writing abilities and and you know what I got for Christmas I give up fat. That's what I got. I got that and what about you. How's everything with you? Go on good one good have been joined it because my son's getting involved and it's fun once you don't get excited about it and different types of running and stuff like that and he's really enjoyed it. Well let's talk about that. So how does your son. Chris is twelve twelve so I saw a lot of people who may be listening to the podcast. Maybe thinking you know what does the twelve year old do on a bicycle. But there's something that we have here in. Mississippi called Mississippi Blue's mountain biking team and how many how many twelve year olds are on there. It's great sixth through twelfth morally younger. Okay most of them are on because you can actually be high school age and be on the mountain biking team correct. Okay and where do you guys Ryan at. They practice Bicycle the revolution hearing loss and like a spin class that they do every Monday night and then every Sunday we try to do not what practice man walking skills but you know tomorrow there on. Close the trice because everything money right now night. The national traits here in Jackson Mississippi area and then they race against other mountain biking teams. Yes they do in Alabama. There's not a circuit here in Mississippi so the season. There's a rice every the other weekend in the springtime and will be going on there as many as we possibly can. Okay so what about other states. Do you know anything about Tennessee or Louisiana. Louis Theon or Arkansas is just. We're we're kind of like lumped in with Alabama we've We've put together a team that goes on there and rises. Because there's nowhere to arrive here. How many people are on the team here locally? You know I'll say about what the oldest you have any idea. I music like a senior in high school. I don't think so. I think what won't be the oldest one he sixteen sixteen. Say goes from in your son. Chris's twelve so we're looking at a team of a dozen kids between the ages of twelve and sixteen go and compete every couple of weeks at a different race around the around Alabama. Oh yes wow. That's pretty interesting. It's pretty cool. He didn't have anything like that when we were growing up. I don't think now now it was see. How far are we could hit a house with an egg? And and when you when you go over to Alabama how many teams do you race against you have any idea a lot of them. This is his first year to do it. So what we have to come back and give us a reward because if our listeners out there if they have children may be between the ages of twelve and senior high school and ride bikes and might be worth looking into the local bike shop to ask and see if there's any kind of like high school bike riding team or something like that because high schools are doing things. Now that we didn't have we grown up. I mean there's bowling teams. There's archery team us. There's Lacrosse teams James. I mean Cross has been around in of nor for a long time in the south. It's fairly new you know so. There's there's new sports that people are coming into that. We're not we're not familiar with and I'm wondering in a good friend of mine. His son actually is in Mississippi State Bass fishing team new those bass fishing teams in college. It's now high school. Yeah and so. I'm wondering if if there's going to be any kind of thing where you can get like a scholarship for mountain biking or something I west. They have Matt Mike Tapes at collegiate level. Do they're they're more club. Teams like Ole Miss Memphis University. They get cycling teams right the club level but in some of the the school's out West where they don't play football played college baseball basketball. They're starting to get more into the adventure. Sports try on teams cross country. Names actual uh-huh so yeah he's an emerging he's an emerging market is. He sounds like he's right at the edge of the ahead of the wave. It's a very good thing And you can see it on the soccer field. That's the only other sports does and he doesn't WANNA come out. He's never hardly breathing hard. His lungs are ready. Makes me sick. He decided one day he was going to run a half marathon neighborhood that he did. It decided around thirteen miles and he did a screen shot on struggle to ours. I Don I remember the first time I was at agent said I was going to go run down the street. I think major my neighbor's mailbox which was about eight hundred fifty S. Oh that's good so that's one topic that That our listeners may be interested in trying to Look at maybe something for their children about how to get involved as a family or House as butchered your child if they're into mountain biking and it really is it. Is it truly mountain. biking is a mountain biking course cyclocross or gravel bikes or anything like Yeah Martin bike trail riots okay. Mississippi is working towards getting it involves more involved in the misbehaves schools. Sports Association. Okay you start started developing so we'll just take a little time but you got to start someplace same way with the bowling in the bass. Fishing Lacrosse is just hockey with sticks and round balls and they tried to have hockey team at Omega. Three guys trying to try out. Uh All right. Well that's good so let's talk about. Some of our trials and errors of for the past year are still year interview review. So how do you think you're you're writing the this year Jimbo I was might target for this year was three thousand miles and I ended up right around eighteen. Eighteen hundred which was a little bit low Whether early this time of the year kind of set me back. I don't think I logged more than fifty miles from January Kan.. One through the middle of March just because the weather and travel is cold. I don't like riding in cold weather. I love cold weather but I don't like writing it when my finger and does start getting cold. I'm done. It's miserable for me now. I graduated from wrong. Did you do any writing in the mountains of Tennessee last year I did not. I didn't get a chance to take the bike up and do cades cove and enrolled around the Gatlinburg severe Valeria. Take it back. I did one ride with the local bike shop in an MBA and three in. I realized pretty quick and I'm a flat-lander were riding through some of the most treacherous busy roads roots and these guys are flying through cars or two or three feet away from us. This is in Tennessee. This was in survival but these guys knew they were done. Kept me safe pretty much. Might my mom is freaking out. You Know Semis won't buy me on a two lane road But it was. It was enjoyable. It was only about a twenty mile. Ride I had a hard time keeping up with them because they knew the terrain. I didn't know my gearing on some of the hills but on the way back we're coming into a headwind and these guys made I'm six four.

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