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"rod serling memorial foundation" Discussed on The Twilight Zone Podcast

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01:59 min | 2 years ago

"rod serling memorial foundation" Discussed on The Twilight Zone Podcast

"A year or so ago here on the twilight zone podcast cast we welcomed rod serling memorial foundation board member nick piracy and he was here to talk about his then upcoming. Oh coming book road sailing his life where and imagination now since then the book has been released on not just saying this it is one of my favorite books on sailing for the fact that it covers really the whole breadth of his career in a way that we've not really seen before we've seen little pieces over here and there sanely a lot about the twilight zone. I'm one of my favorite things about next book. Doc is that pre twilight zone era when he really delves into the things that rod sailing was doing that brought him to the twilight i turn but that's just one of many things it really is a great book and i highly recommend it but also nick heresy is one of the driving forces behind sailing mm fast. It's been going on in the last couple of years in rods hometown and binghamton retaining again this year for the sixtieth anniversary <music> of the twilight zone. Now i got together with nick a few days ago to talk about sailing fast and catch up on a couple of other things too to as regular listeners will know this year. I'm actually going to be at sailing fast myself so in a moment i'm going to play that chat with nick perisi for you and we'll get a few details about what's going on but on the other side of that chart whether you are going to sail infest on aw stay tuned and i'll give you a few more details that have came to light since i had this chat with nick on it's about if you are going a few more no details on what's coming up but if you're not going how you can listen to the twilight zone podcast.

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