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"rod dandy" Discussed on EV News Daily - Electric Car Podcast

"You know. They kind of require retraining. And so at the moment. I think there are well. I know there are many more main dealers who have the facilities the right safety equipment with electrical power also with just lifting the car up in the correct way so as not to damage it more of those than independent sweatshops and small garages etc to work on the vehicles. But really interesting. Point k next at cortines says i've bought two used nissan leafs and both came from dealers with a full service history. I'd be very reluctant to consider any without this. At least indicates that the previous owner looked off of their car and hopefully didn't trash the battery at least with the nissan leaf at. There's a very visual display right in front of you have how many battery actually left. It's one of the things that is great with the league. If you're buying one that can instantly look down at the pictures even before you've traveled to go and see the vehicle. Something i right now. Many battery basel left. What kind of conditions. In raj narayan says i think it depends on the car. And the mileage. For example. If i was looking at nissan leaf or even a chevy bolt with over one hundred thousand miles prior servicing might be important to me and he used. Ev with fifty thousand miles or less and price. Servicing is less important to me. Ross dandy sorry wrought dandy. I'm sorry rod rod dandy says. I'd prefer to have service records when buying any used vehicle. It might have been in an accident. What about recalls and things like that ethan. Murray says and don't forget about things like the cabin f- filter surely these things we can all do ourselves but sometimes getting a professional to do them even if it's not a main dealer is the best thing to ensure that your cost as running smoothly j. for manchester says as a former mechanic whilst the quality of both cars and consumables lectures oils etc. Getting better off always have safety. Critical systems checked by qualified dealer or garrick. They can often spot something before even fails the brake fluid test. For instance is something that many people forget about says jay in manchester. Yeah you definitely. Don't one your brake fluid degrading or being just not absolutely In perfect condition. So it's one of those things. I haven't really thought of because i guess just these use that breaks a lot less. What does that do to the brake fluid. The fact that you're not causing the pumping the brakes does that. Does that mean that the fluid last longer or is it in terms of moisture etc getting into the fluid which which will reduce the effectiveness of it does that is it nothing to do with how much they used. And simply a result of time. I'd love to know but really good point. Roxanne guy says hearing florida it gets pretty warm. If the isn't working. I know tests have schedule per se but all air conditioning will lead servicing. At some point says roxanne. You hadn't thought about that. I was thinking of things like the trees. And you know converters and stuff. But what about the bits that every car has got like an air conditioner yet if not if not then servicing than like a re gassing or something. Yeah really. Good point merv. The swerve great mothers says what about breaks the roaches in the pads. I've had some issues them so little they get rusty and they seize up he says Yeah i mean the rust on the The brake discs. i would call them disks The rust i wouldn't worry about as long as it surface rust. And that's going to happen if you don't use your breaks very often of course you can clean them up by just doing a couple of heavy stops the vw. Kozel will the platform really. They use Those drum brakes at the rest of the actually gets rid of the problem of disks rusting up not being used because they completely self contained and of sealed units if you like but yeah the front brakes can seize up on any car. I suppose if you don't use them but yeah with evasion pretty good point about the depending on what model is the strength of region. Meaning that you badly need to touch the brake pedal. Sometimes that's a good point. I would probably be tempted every so often if you breaks out a little bit sticky or just haven't been used in a while where it's safe to do so a couple of big stops. Get them cleaned up. Make sure they work in but absolutely go to a professional and get them sorted out. Alex lindsay says having gone through a few sets of tyres over the years because of missa linemen rather than where the weight of. Ev's makes both tie precious and wheel alignment actually pretty important. Alex says yeah ty pressures. You're absolutely right with alignment. I hadn't considered alex sukuzi vs can be heavier than combustion. Counterparts and wheels on all pointing in the same direction is going to wear them. Good shout quinton and canada. Says i recently had my ego serviced. I'd like to know exactly. I just paid for something i would add. More value would be printouts for every customer some sort of analysis on all the various factors inside the battery. Even if not a blow by blow account of each cell. I'd like to know the condition of the pike says quenton that's already show. Actually lots of people get their visa system and then think well. Why exactly have i just paid a lot money for because you haven't exactly changed the oil or anything like that some sort of diagnostics. Where they actually do something. They plug something into the car. And then give you a dashboard or a printout or something that says right. You're ninety seven percents States of charge compared to when the battery was new. This is your degradation. This is the health of the cells. This is the last time you fully charged to a hundred so either. We recommend that you do recommend that you don't different batteries and chemistries and stuff. That'd be actually. A bit of coaching would be good on how to get the best i batteries. Pj in spain's as anyone else have twelve volt battery. Dial them yet. People get it checked says. Pj and that's a good shout as well. Yes if you're twelve. Volts has gone on your electric. You won't be the first and he won't be the last that's ever happened. Seems to be a weird thing that phase electric cars. More than any others on the zoe. The i've got the one that's gonna go very soon boo. Don't wanna sell it ready but we have to These are two year to three years schedule on the twelve. Oh i think. I think anyway. But i was is still under warranty being a couple of years old right less than a brand new question of the week with immobility. No white dot com. How many podcast listeners. That chain into the show every day have changed that electricity tariff off the buying an electric vehicle. So does it start to bring to the front of your mind about what you pay if you hire him electric when you get an ebay or maybe even when you stop to think about buying one how many of you regularly changed your electricity tariff to get the best deal. Some people get locked into the tariff for a year or so. But if you're not do you flip around. If that's possible where you live. Some people can some people. Can't how much interest do you take in your home. electricity supply. I'd love to know. I'm really interested in in kind of how people think about charging that human getting like the best possible. Dale do you care you. Just settle for whatever you're on. Let me know my email address is hello at even news. Daily dot com. Well a huge. Thanks to everyone in the patriot. Family couldn't do it without you supporting the show financially literally putting your hand in your pocket and paying the bills for me to get this show on the not the cheapest thing to do to do every single day as well as the listenership goes up does get a little more expensive to produce butts. We do cover our costs and thanks to you. Everyone on patriot. If you want join up you can patriot. Dot com pat reo n. Dot com slash. Evening news daily. Your ad free thief so if you listen to the ads normally make sure you get your ad free feed your own email address to get hold of me as well so i always get back to you pretty quickly all that one. It's on my phone that one. So if you have to know something or semi a query an email addresses a patriot fan. She access and of course for ten dollars a more exact producer level. You had mention at the end of sunday's show thanks to our premium partners. Robots have electric future. Brad crosby portion of the village of cincinnati audi cincinnati east volvo cars all cincinnati ace national charging on the us mainland and aloha charge in hawaii derek riley from the ev review island youtube channel. Richard harris ev dot co dot uk for buying and selling these in the uk and immobility norway dot com hollow.

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