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"rod brind" Discussed on 860AM The Answer

"Special guest Carl Jackson is making America great again on the Larry Elder Show. I welcome back. To be Larry Elder show coming to you live from the relief Actors Studio again the number to call into the program Triple 89717243. I am a Christian conservative American that happens to be black Rose from, you know, criminal to Christian. Too conservative living my American dream are trying to reach my American dream. Listen, there's nobody There is nobody and the United States of America that will stop you. If you put in the hard work During big Go for it. Do it. I don't care what your skin color is. I don't care what your sex is. I don't use gender. Sometimes I slip up, but I believe there's a man And woman. And that's it. It's pretty much it are so anyway. Um, I've been talking about how the The left does everything to keep you down, including stealing your money and calling it a good thing. And we talked about how inflation is just absolutely kicking our butt. And in this last human infrastructure proposal, just how the left is really going after your wallets. The package will include Expanding Medicare, you know? I remember. This is one of the things that really upset me with Obamacare. So I've done I've done every not every, but I've done. I've done a lot of crazy jobs and dirty jobs. I did whatever I had to do. To, uh to make a living and to be able to provide I'm not a rich guy by any stretch of the imagination, but I do okay, because I've been able to, uh I've been able to run service business business is doing work that some people refused to do. Some Americans refused to do supposedly Only that's a lie, because the people that I've been fortunate to hire Have all been Americans have all been American. So this is it's just all nonsense. It's a complete and utter nonsense. But you know, I messed up in life. I screwed up. I did everything I did it wrong like I was saying last night. You can read the Heritage Foundation reports. You can you can re Brookings Institute and they talking about how you become successful in America. How you make it into the middle class relatively easily in America, and it's as simple as graduating high school, getting a job getting married and then having kids, I did all of that stuff wrong. But by the grace of God. Thank God I live in a good great country. Where I had the opportunity to change my life around and had people come around me. This is the greatest country. I honestly I get mad I get I have to come on this radio and listen. I like. I like laughing, like smiling like doing all of that stuff. But I really get mad when I know people are intentionally trying to destroy my country and they won't put the history list country in the proper context. Slavery was universal. It existed everywhere when I consider slavery and I think about slavery, I think about, um, I think about My ancestors I think about you know whether it's Frederick Douglass, whether it's Martin Luther King, all of these people That came before me. Have fought for civil rights that really endured. I'm talking about real racism. And then you know America isn't racist, like the left says when they have to invent constantly invent boogie Man. When Joe Biden has to call People racist, An entire group of Americans racist. Because None of us believe. And the polls back, and by the way, none of us believe. That You should be able to go to the pole and just fill out a ballot without any photo I d. Without telling us who you are. So the left expand Medicare address climate change. I want to get into that. They mean address global warming. So what? The left does they always change the language. When they figure out there losing? They change the language. I'm gonna go back to global warming and I'm gonna I'm gonna break some stuff down because it's crazy. All right, let's go to, uh Rodney and Pittsburgh. Can you make it happen in 40 seconds? Rodney? Hey, Ronnie Joe Biden. He felt every foreign policy has I mean, he's I'm so sick him Call me a racist when you know he voted for segregation. His own vice president called him a racist and a woman at her, He says, if you don't love me, not black, I mean, his best friend was a Klan member. We think that was done to trouble if he had all that stuff, you know, it's crazy. All right, Rod Brind, EU and Russia owed him and his son. Yes, they absolutely do. You are absolutely right. Matter of fact. Tell me why relief factor is so successful in lowering or eliminating pain. I'm often asked that question. Peten. Seth Talbot, the father and son, founders of relief factor, tell me they believe.

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