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"rod attic" Discussed on Arrowhead Addict: A Kansas City Chiefs Podcast

Arrowhead Addict: A Kansas City Chiefs Podcast

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"rod attic" Discussed on Arrowhead Addict: A Kansas City Chiefs Podcast

"There's also another hall of famer think nobody ever talks about orlando. Pace warner never got hit. Cause landau pace could deal with anybody. One on one one of the most dominant left tackles ever well. Now look i'm not saying orlando brown's landau page. Although you're halfway home with the name. I guess but you're the guy now who you're not going to have to chip and help out all the time. That's another thing by the way. It doesn't get talked that when you have a really good offensive line as cheese. I believe will and you don't have to chip you. Get more guys into the patter. It becomes harder to bullets you because all of a sudden we got five guys out in the pattern. We're going empty. We got to be able to you. Got to be able to scheme up. Defensively handle that you a lot of times last year. That'd be okay. We're gonna we're gonna chip at the back. Once guy chips you can grab them a little bit and keep men if the five wide was just going empty and the running backs in leak out into the flat. All of a sudden is a decent job to account for that a lot of times if you're a linebacker you're you're a defensive aggressive. Maybe you're that middle linebacker. It's like all right. Look you're gonna blitz on this plate unless the back releases if the back releases in you have to go with the back now sudden cheech. You don't have to chip. You got to keep guys inasmuch so now you you you go run a route one backer. Who is gonna blitz. Can't it's four on a really good five and they've got a guard you one on one with a couple on top cheech. You're gonna win all day doing that. So i think the offense is in great position and yes you're right in. The line was good enough last year. They win the super bowl happy. They win super bowl. But you probably running back some of that line. Maybe they're willing to say hey. Let's see how fisher returns. Let's take shot. Lost the writer one more year. They didn't do that. Blew it up and now they have. One of the best offensive is in. Football is very exciting for me. Because i have c. h. on my dynasty fantasy team and i could use a few more receptions out of him all right today. Today's a-rod attic. Podcast is brought to you by manscaping..

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