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"rocky corp" Discussed on The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe

"Take a reverse award. Oh, courage. Hold on. I don't have to repeal the. All right. Very very quickly new fiction. Got one two people chameleons fiction. Diamonds fiction and Jupiter fiction. Okay. Not much of this. The new in dropped out. One in three one and three. So so despite being called a gas giant Uber is mostly liquid which. That one is science is absolutely signs by any measure. It is mostly let me give some numbers. I got the numbers down here. Schumpeter actually has we learned a lot from join up. But there's still a lot more to learn in fact, mental stuff like that. Yep. Because you could moderate voice. So the current model of Jupiter is that it really has a thin atmosphere. Just one hundred twenty four kilometers. And then the well thousand climate of liquid will likely hydrogen and forty five thousand clubbers of liquid metallic hydrogen. So it's mostly liquid hydrogen, and then belief that you have liquid helium. And then you have some kind of core. We're not really sure. Then the metallic, right? And then you have the rocky Corp, we don't how don't know really. How big is going to be some core down there. But we don't have. So Steve is the is the Red Eye of Jupiter. That's that's guest service. That's a storm on the atmosphere. Yeah. It's still a big atmosphere. One hundred twenty four but tens of thousands of liquid helium outer skin of Jupiter real. Yes. Just the skin. So a couple of cool facts that came across because of that because you have liquid hydrogen is conductive, right? Can conduct trysofi. So and it's fluid. So you have a fluid Duggal too. That's why. That's how big biggest always is the biggest thing in the solar system. Jupiter's magnetic four hundred fifty million mile, and it generates. Yeah. It's the biggest thing in the solar system, it generates ten million ten million of electric city. So we had a station near Jupiter Jupiter individual. That's really cool. All right. Most diamonds are not made from compressed coal. Jay, you had a problem with that one? I have a big problem with that. Without that one is science. Hit upon it. Most of the diamonds that are mined come from the mantle come from stable diamond region in the mental brought up by volcanoes and is much deeper than coal, very it. Cole is whatever what three kilometers. So why few clubbers and diamonds are made on one hundred fifty. So Why's everybody wrong? It's a myth that is just really percents permeates culture hurts. So what's it made out of carbon but not coke from volcanoes novocaine bring it up. So it's just there's deep carbon in the mantle. What form the how they get there? When he gets compressed all car car. We're made of carbon because it's coming on that. But I'm just trying to visualize. What does it look like where does it look like coal, maybe? The most diets are older than the life that formed coal, right? So it's most of it's three billion years old. Also, how many allergens of carbon are there? And there's a lot it. Looks like diamonds. Jay, I'm still not sold on this. Totally correct. So it's deeper older than coal. So it can't be from call three other sources of diamonds, by the way on earth. That's right. So subduction zones produce a little bit of diamonds very small, though, asteroid impacts produce Nanno diamonds and cubic zirconiums and sometime it's come from space formed somewhere else, and they just know diamonds from heaven, and we make our. Yeah. I remember some planet rain, including artificial. Okay. Number two chameleons do not use their color changing ability for camouflage fate. You think you think that's a fiction that one is science. And all. Don't they said about they're not so color is camouflaged when they change their skin color. It's mood. Ring. Jay's correct..

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