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"rockwood kirkuk" Discussed on Afternoons with Marcellus & Kelvin

"Rockwood kirkuk up every day the work hard earned a work with passion for we can make with pay great for our at that hour who are the rest of the world rob blake are against general manager of the lakers excited man of game this is opening night for the lakers are well last player delays lasting i wanna ask rob is about brennan eager we're really excited to see him take this next step in again we only got to see the one game in some relief but he dominated against those young players and we know that he's been struggling a bit lately we really even admitted himself maybe presi because he wants to really show the work that he's done this off season what are you make a him and really the expectation to brandon ingram this year you're a you know you heard it on the he was pressured a little perk joe one of our leaders right so i think as a young player it they've got put weight on his shoulders so he was prepping early but i'll tell you work for a role in tried to go live probably five quick they cracker your which went off in here with some of those scrimmages out don't you bout he just started taken the court over a clan who got you know just all cougar east greenwich innovative so you know sure we hope that translate growth into tonight gary but it competent wicket swagger would we've got another level so we're looking for him to take off quite well tonight against the clippers and then back it up again on amara we go to peter yeah go ahead just start to annoy especially beat up ourselves is how much good with that not only one here we go i'm sit here literally the only to quiver fans in la marcel as a clipper there are other other four security july hey rob good looks tonight will or thank you for joining us dow we really are looking forward to see this team especially you can see these young guys on their first game take you up.

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