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AT#711 - Travel to Bosnia

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AT#711 - Travel to Bosnia

"Bags back on the road. And read it's. Real. Passport! Ham a traveler episode, seven hundred and eleven today, the amateur traveler talks about bridges and bazaars, waterfalls and hikes Shiva. An unfortunate archduke as we go to the country of Neha and hurts. Welcome to the amateur traveler I'm your host Chris Christensen? Let's talk about Bosnia. I like to welcome to the show. Canaan Charter, which who is coming from Bosnia and his coming to us from highlander adventures dot, be and has come to talk to us about Bosnia Herzegovina. Canaan welcome to the show. Thank you very much happy to be here excellent and for people who can't find Bosnia and Herzegovina on a map. Where are we talking about? Well. Everyone knows how to find Italy. It's a big shoe ships country. You have a boot-shaped country, so just go to the right side across the Atlantic Sea and we are right there. Well and your neighbor of Croatia. Bosnia you know goes around like little crescent moon. knoll on the West and south, and then these we have Serbia and southeast Montenegro. I to address. You're interested in making sure that people understand that. If they remember news about Bosnia, they may be remembering news from twenty thirty years ago when Bosnia was going through. A, war that's done, and that's been done now for quite a long time there there are people who are out in the working world who don't remember that and it's a wonderful place to go I. Want to say that I was anxious to do this show because we haven't done a show on Bosnia for a long time. And since then I have been to the country and loved it. So why should someone go to Bosnia Herzegovina? Well, there is a lot of reasons depending what you're interested in now. Bosnia is very complex country, but extremely small size of Pennsylvania, but inside. You have so much for the adventure seekers. There are so many adventure opportunities from Whitewater. Rafting canyoning to paragliding hiking is spectacular, and then if you're into history, we say that we have much more history than we can handle. Different Than Empires were here. We like to say where the crossroads or that where the meeting between the East and the West. Culturally very complex country, and also religiously we have Muslims, we have the Orthodox Christians, and we have Catholics with three big groups. Of course there's the Jewish community here which has been here since they were thrown out of Spain after Kista, so for five hundred years, all of these make this crazy, crazy and beautiful mix that very interesting for foreigners to see because inside I will for example and. And in many other cities in Bosnia, you can pined mosque Docs Church Catholic, Church and a synagogue literally in two hundred meter radius, and it's been like that for five hundred years while inside I will because that's how will the city is? And all of a Bosnia and we're very proud of that architecturally very different from anything else you can find in Europe you're GonNa, find this mix of. Of European styles as well as the optimum styles and a lot of course, local Bosnian styles in all of that mixed together will like to say that we are a Bosnian pots. That's one dish that we have. It's cooked in a big pot with a lot of things, mixed sight, and that's Bosnia a lot of things mixed, and it works perfectly. An Indian taste is fantastic why you should. Should visit Bosnian well. Whatever you choose. You're GONNA love it. If you're into history too much of it, you're into nature. It's absolutely stunning. It's fantastic, magic Pennsylvania, and then put inside the Rockies Grand Canyon Inca trail at a lot of other things as well a bit of New Zealand as well. We just like seaside. We have twenty four kilometers of seaside, so that's one thing with them have. And then, of course, for actually learning history or getting certain messages, let's say about life about history. How people live together or how they don't like each other, because while we had a lot of wars, let's especially in the last two hundred years. There's a lot of lessons that you can learn in Boston. Let's say war tourism doctors is now very big part of tourism in in Bosnia so if you want to learn about that, we are definitely to come to see what happens. If you don't defeat fascism, like most of Europe defeated off the Second World War and it actually shows how life can be both good and the bat also if you want to visit a place. which is completely different than rest of the Europe and very relaxed very laid back with fantastic food, most at a lot of reasons I think. And it's really inexpensive compared to some of its neighbors. We should. Jeep so you, can you? do a lot for quite small amount of money. I think when we were in and I'm GonNa say Sarajevo, which is the way that people are used to hearing brown English uses slightly different than. When we were in there, we could eat for five people at an ethnic restaurant. You know the Bosnian restaurant there for what one person was eating at. would. We drove over to Dubrovnik, so yes, and now he's even more expensive. That, well two things one is I'm pronouncing Syria wrong and I'm probably going to keep doing that because I can't pronounce it correctly, and then two is. You're giving me permission not to say every time Bosnian Herzegovinian, which is the official name, but I just say Bostian good, or would you like me to explain that Sh- please do yes. So too much history more history than we can handle Boston and head Segovia now is the name. The whole name is actually a historical mistake. Well. Yes. The country was always named Bosnia so in the middle. Ages was Duchy, of Bosnia, than it became kingdom kingdom of Bosnia during the ultimate times rely of Bosnia was always Boston it, but in the. Eighteen Thirties austro-hungarian army austro-hungary was already getting ready to conquer Bosnia, because while they had a lot of heat between them, an empire to austro-hungarian Empire wanted to spread down in the Balkans and when they made maps, there was a rebellion in Bosnia in eighteen thirties where we weren't happy with the ultimate politics, and so on, so we just wanted more autonomy in salon. Army was winning. We defeated Ultima Nami few times, and then the lost battle happened the just outside. Of Sarajevo, Bosnian army was betrayed by two guys from Herzegovina Henson that was just a region inside Bosnia. And because they sided with the Ottomans won the battle, and as a reward, those two guys they took to go into Bosnia out of Boston Administrative Unit so in order for them to have higher level in the government. Sure this lasted only for like. Two decades something like that. And right off to. It was reincorporated into Bosnia, but when austro-hungarians made the maps, they wrote Bosnia and Herzegovina separately, because it was during that time, so we Nathan Seventy eight when Austria Hungary finally conquered Bosnia. They changed the name they had it on the maps, and they said Boston and it stayed up till this day. To none. It is crazy, but whenever we go somewhere whenever we introduce ourselves. We're always going to say where Bosnian. Or we're from Bosnia never. I would say Boston had to. Unless someone like doesn't understand what Bosnia's. But only when we talk about where exactly from Boston, from head to go from here from there and I'm very constable seeing this, because for example, my mom is from Hedvig onus. Excellent so what kind of I ten are you going to recommend force if we have a week to two weeks in Bosnia? So. I would make a combination of history culture and adventure coca. Because that way I think we get the most out of Bosnia, so if you only have a week and it's definitely not enough. Let's say we thought from satellites. Easiest place to fly in. I would spend I today's inside Adam said I will stay base. You can do day trips one day. You could go. To visit the genocide memorial over there, and it's a whole day trip very emotional after that we can go to central Bosnia to visit the Medieval capital of buzzing kingdom your to end, dominic do fantastic towns with crazy architectural mix, very beautiful and op that they five we could move to the mountains. There are a couple of very easy very beautiful hikes for example hiking DELUCA mid highland village. I can talk later a little bit more about that. From there, we could just go down the mountain dew Whitewater rafting for one day on the river fantastic, and then continue the south down to start and little towns surrounding Mazda so much. which is one fantastic beautiful of village in natural amphitheater in a cliff, and it's been preserved like that. There's not a single new house of the youngest houses three hundred years old so like USA. After that Black Guy. There is a fantastic little decades. Muslim monastery, even though they are no monasteries in a slum, but it's one of the oldest in the country, and it's situated under this amazing, very told cliff right next to the biggest water source in Europe, so the whole complex is just ordinary. It's quite small, but it's. One of the highlights of everyone strips. Of course, if you're a little bit more religious very close to most thought especially for the Catholics, there's measure small little town where there's been a sighting of Virgin Mary so, it's very popular. It's actually the most popular tourist destination in Boston because of a lot of bill. Graham's who go there. Just south of that there is credited waterfalls which in the lost episode that you recorded about Bosnia was displace out of the bath, where you can be all alone in the wilderness with this amazing waterfall, which looks just like in the jungle like south, America. Something now is overcrowded tours to be honest. Well! That's why we needed to update this. Yes yes, and I'm sorry. That was probably our full. I remember the times when it wasn't. Tourist. The and we would go there all the time. We loved it so much. Swimming freely jumping from the rox swimming underwater falls right now. It's not as hot. Well. Actually right now. We're recording this in the middle of a pandemic, it probably not as crowded but I. Go there, so I will definitely well that big question of are there better times of year for us to come to Bosnia, wouldn't you? Would you recommend we come there? Well. It depends what you want to do. Who Most Popular Times definitely spring well? It's outside of the big crowds, but it's very beautiful. You still have. Have Amazing. Weather wiped war. It's not crazy hot UC everything that you need to see and I would definitely recommend spring. Also in September can be fantastic. Especially, the Hiking Lake September when you get the colors of the trees. Changing it is just outstanding and still whether it's very. You can have. A shower for a day or something like that, but it's not that bad. It's actually very good during summer. Which obviously you get, a most people have big festival at polling. Let's Lay legside I film festival, and so on, and if I would go somewhere I would. I would not prefer. It's fun, but it's better in the spring or September. Excellent, so you started us in Sarajevo. What are we going to do when we're there? Is The most popular when people come to Bosnia, they usually think about mustache and the old bridge that it's like unique British and everyone loves it, but whenever they come. Will they think it's going to be in a less pretty than must start end in some key some certain sense it is, but said Ivo is very beautiful, very interesting down, so the most important thing inside I is explored to walk around. Quite small just walking around the old town takes you through centuries of different architecture, different cultures, and so on, so let's start just by walking around the city to see the most important sites in the old town, so you'll do by walking few hours around you can see the mosques secrecy the synagogues. You can see Orthodox Catholic churches. And Relax do everything slowly. Very important in Bosnia. Experience it. If you're rushing, you're not gonNA see it have to relax. You help to slow down. Take your time so while you're walking around the old. Town. Go and need something you know. Just stop halfway. Go it because restaurants everywhere literally so when you feel hungry, you go eat. Often that you go in sits four coffey Boston coffee very important. I can explain more about Austin coffee to make it out to prepare it and never ever call Turkish coffee. Is it similar to Turkish coffee. Berry! The the way we prepare it and the way we serve. It is very different than Turkish coffee, so we're very jealous of it than we product. So, walking around the old down, just walking around bus jobs shell walking down. The street will take you through centuries, so there's literally one line separate thing settled into optimum and austro-hungarian pots so literally. If you look towards East, you see this autumn town. You feel like you're in Sussex or somewhere in central Turkey, and then you just turn around. You're standing on the same spot. You. Look down the street and you feel like you're in Vienna. There's little line, and it's very very cute. Says the will meeting of cultures and what I like to do when I stand there for example with a group turn around. It's literally East and West like the street that goes from east to west. And so in the eastern part, it's ultimate part. There's more mosques. Leave you go there. You Eat Chavez, for example something that came out of Kebab but very very Bosnian digital, the most important one. If you go to the western side, you need the Schnitzel. If you look to the east, you'RE GONNA. Go and Drink Boston coffee. If you look to the West, you're GONNA go there and drink but so. If, you look to the east. You'RE GONNA. Eat. Qila! Hermesh subtle but. If you look to the West. You're going to have tour. You know something very Westche-. If I'm in the right spot I'm thinking you're standing by the main mosque looking towards the Big Catholic Church am I in the right spot. No. It is. The big muskets just like one hundred meters down towards the Cathedral. Yes. At? This is like between cathedral and the main mosque. Okay. I think that's what I'm saying. You can't see them. Yeah so after walking around off the having. Chevy or beat. And Boston coffee. I would definitely recommend walking to one of the viewpoints above the city, So said I. What is is very interesting. Geographically completely surrounded by mountains, and a lot of neighborhoods are actually on the foothills of the mount right it right going uphill, and offers a lot of a lot of viewpoints and one of the most popular for locals is Zuta Tabby at the yellow best, in which is just ten minutes. Walk from the bus Joshua's Square. And Office fantastically awards one thing that made me stay in So when I was thinking about eating study or staying in the city. Actually that was the view decided that I'm going to stay that I can't leave the city. You go there. You take one. Side! Boston but balls in style gets with a lot of Boston gradients bakery. Just on the way you go up there. You sit you look at the city. This is very serious. Even think to and everyone who comes here. Do that after that you can go further up the white best in even better view, and if you didn't have enough of us, you go even further up from there to play scolds. My thoughts translated means dragon's nest. There's a nice little cafe there. You can have your hookah. You can have a t and just watch the sunset from there. It's absolutely stunning. And I would recommend spending I the inside I like that. Meeting the city well, there's a couple of things that I would say. We took a walking tour when we were there and this is definitely I. It's something that I like to do in general, but it's definitely something I would recommend in Sarajevo because. As history buff, there is so much history there that I would've walked right past or walked rice over, and so I'm thinking of the fact that you know this is where World War One starts, so you don't go to the spot and there's a plaque that marks where the archduke Ferdinand was assassinated, and but if you you're there with a tour guide, who can tell you more about you know what? Then and you know what that was all about. You know that's going to be a little more interesting. Or I think of the fact that we were walking over the cereal roses. And didn't know what they were. But what has happened is from the Bosnian war when. With Syria was besieged for was it four hundred? Days or something like that. I'm trying to remember with the one thousand four hundred five. Twenty. Wow, and he knows that exactly so. This is a very significant time period in Sarajevo. Obviously windy were being besieged by the predominantly by the Serbians. Then they were shelling the city and what they've done is they've left some of the places where the shells hit, and they've just colored them in with red, and they're called the Sarajevo roses, and they have preserved this sad memory of what happened during this time, but it's also a memory win. The Serbians thought it would fall in just a matter of days and the fact that it does. The fact that it you know continued to survive as a also a proud moment. For the people from here and then we also then visited this area of a tunnel in one of the reasons, it didn't fall. Is there was a tunnel built under the airport where the UN had kept the airport under their control to get relief supplies, and there was a tunnel that was built to supply the city, and the original think is gone, but you can go to a recreation of it and learn more about that period in history. There fascinating place to go, but also one of the reasons why I do recommend a tour in Syria is all of that. We're not talking about a very large area that that you're walking through when you talk about walking from the European side Austrian side to the Muslim side or to the. Turkish Ottoman Turkish side. That's two blocks three blocks. So. Yeah, very small central core of the city in that old part of town, and yet so much history here that I really did enjoy doing a walking tour and getting an idea that as a terrorist guy I'm also a history buff, and wherever I travel I always liked to do the walking tours. It's something to me the city, but I've never seen a place where it's so important to do a walking tour. Like you said you literally walk over the history? You're gonNA miss something and. By doing tours, you'll get a lot of personal details. Bosnians are just like that. We are very honest very open. We're always GONNA. Tell you straight to your face. What we think and we like to share would like to be friendly. Having a tour like that's what a lot of things that we feel very personally called connected to. It is very important, and it really changes your perspective just walking around the city and seeing these buildings, there are even little leads which say you know when certain building was built, wide is important and. And so on, but without a guide, explaining you the stories how there is only one single library which preserved every single book during the war and Bright Holiday saves this one book that they thought was lost. You know how archduke was killed. Just going to the place seeing the place where he was assassinated is not enough the actual story how it happened the mistake that the driver made righteous ridiculous, and this changes the experience when you actually hear discount details, etc, and especially for understanding the lost war land, understanding the siege of. You have to have a guide. It doesn't have to be me. Get the anyone from the city. Most of the guys do and does a fantastic job with that and I would definitely recommend doing walking tour of the city and siege of site will tour so siege tour you would start from the old town and defending. Who Does it? There are certain places which you visit, but every single one of them is going to include a sniper alley. It's going to include tunnel. Under the airport, which is still the original Donald just at the whole tunnel is not. We can't use it because airport. The government are concerned about the safety of the airport so. Memorial Fund is to open the whole Donald Xueqin walk all. Meetings of the tunnel, but We'll see when it happens. It's still didn't happen, so we have the you know. The first thirty meters are open for public. The rest is closely public still well I would caution anybody who is my height? Is. One one in the House or Closer. Evolving. Excellent definitely important important to take the tour. Free walking poor or whatever, but definitely do agree completely, and then I do WanNa. Get back to the food, so you had recommended the traditional dish which is meet bread and raw. Basically. Yes. Sleep. Cook the onions, my personal what I would recommend is pita. Just aid that. We love that, and that's so that's Filo dough that's baked and can be filled with spinach and cheese and potatoes or be for an onions, those sort of things delicious, inexpensive, traditional, really good. I've got low post that I will put in. That recommends a particular place that we went to, but it's you can find out all over the place. Saxon anything else that you would recommend that we you mentioned the Boston coffee. You mentioned the two traditional dishes that we ought to eat before we move on from Sarajevo. Yes, so we say that you haven't been inside I will if you don't need to cheat and be. Glad, that's it. You didn't try if you've been here for a month. So, obviously, the most famous Bosnian dish is charged. It's originally very thing I can show you the exact spot where I one was made. It has its own version all around Bosnia so three most popular ones obviously sorry Evan show up by look up Anthony Shop. And we don't eat them anywhere else. Not even in must not even inside Bosnia. I mean you can eat them, but if it's not perfect perfect than it's just not good enough. With someone who doesn't know. He's GonNa. Love it wherever, but for Bosnian acquired taste. It just has to be perfection. Some of us even joked that. We love this stuff so much that we want to put on our national flack. Exit And I would also recommend in the old town of their some wonderful handicrafts, especially some wonderful tinkerers and metal craft that I think is worth seeing all again in this historic Centra. Anything else we need to do in or otherwise we do need to move along I. Just WanNa. Say One thing about the food, and then I'll try to be faster all right. Obviously up are the most popular and Peter Right. After that two most important dishes betoken needed everywhere, but the best one you can find is in the mountain villages. So if you do this hike to look, you'RE GONNA. Eat Amazing, beat-up there in the village so prepared light from the local cheese everything. Everything's perfectly local and homemade. After that, there are so many things. Try and Bosnia, because exactly these influences from all over the place that we had during all of these centuries. We have very nice makes of continental European food oriental foods, Turkish, Arabic, even Persian, so you can try a lot of different things than a lot of great things are just few things that I would recommend Boston Pot. Posinski nuts stuffed vegetables like So Gone Yup back stuffed peppers, and so on, so if you just walk around old down inside were must or whatever else in in the country find places that are cold streets. These are specialized in these kinds of cooked foods, and usually not going to be very touristy, but it's going to be the best food you eat so for. CHAVARRIA! We have special restaurants which just sell grilled meat for Itta, we have Buddha genes which are specialized only for pizza, and then for everything else the best barth. There's US jeans. And you never each valued genes, so in Boston, we have a lot of rules. A lot of rules and one rule to remember is if you go to a restaurant after you finish eating, you don't sit for coffee. You don't stay in the restaurant you get up. You go to a coffee shop which serves much better coffee and you drink coffee. They're staying in a restaurant after you finish. Your food is very weird in Bosnia. Yeah. It's interesting because it's very European but not very. Excellent you took us then to the genocide memorial as I recall. Yes? Is a town where the worst atrocities single worst act of genocide happened during the last war, and there is a big memorial complex. It's situated inside. A year when base. And is very emotional to go there, and if you really want to see what happens in Boston during the war, you should go there, you know. Usually people think about going on vacation and only feeling happy drinking, beer, or watching something beautiful, sitting on the beach or whatever, but even though it sat it actually. I think it's very useful for everybody through the years it it turns out to be the best thing you know facing that and then coming back and seeing that actually when you come back to Sarah when? You see that actually life goes on that. Everything's beautiful why? warned is because after the second world. War Europe said never again. And, it happened inside of Europe on UN Watch, it happened. In the time of satellite TV and it was all broadcast at pretty much live. And this is the shocking part that we allowed we world community. We allow this to happen. It is definitely a place to go and to see and to learn that people should be grateful just if they have peace if they can have their own normal lives. It's something that especially people in the West are forgetting. So if you go there, there's obviously what you have to see. Is the cemetery itself? Just the line of white tombstones looks like one seat. Just covers this valley, and just seeing that actually shows you that. In in the span of these seven days you had eight thousand seven hundred people slaughtered. Guilty executed. It's very shocking say. And then we'll seeing memorial rooms and seeing the actual photos from what happened reminds you that we should be very grateful and that we should try really hard. To keep the peace in the at least luckily, we've had in the West for the Lost Seventy S. Well and you took us there to the border with Serbia. Which is where that is, which is something like? Forty sixty miles away from Sarajevo income, not a big country. Tourists in Bosnia. You're gonNA feel perfectly fine with whomever you talk just hate each other between ourselves, but we love for nursing. We love this show. One thing that if you're inside I, will what I will do, if I was tourist like my. The best advice I can give. You is talk to people. There's so many coffee shops you just sit there. There's locals right next to you we're. We love to talk, but you have to address someone and you shouldn't be shy. Just talk to someone most of the young people. They speak perfect English. or Pretty good. English and everyone will be happy just to talk a little bit with you to help you with whatever question you might have, they will answer. We're just very friendly people and Doesn't matter if you're a Bosniak Muslim Croat Catholic or Serbian Orthodox were very friendly towards the travelers and just feel free to talk to people. They're going to help you excellent, and then we do need to move along. You hit us up. Out of the cities into the countryside. Yes I've said a day. four should go travnik and. Now? We're going into a little bit further history of Bosnia soda that towns which started as medieval towns king was one of the capitals of the Medieval Boston Kingdom, and also the. City which we say, where countries were born and died so this for example where Boston Kingdom died, when the laws Boston king was killed by the Ottomans as well where Yugoslavia was born. Second Yugoslavia during the Second World War it. has this fantastic waterfall right in the center of the city, so plea river finishes with the confluence of. River into her bus is a big thirty meter waterfall and right behind it you see castle on top of the hill, and the town surrounded by walls, and it's just fantastic little down to walk around, and and actually you feel like you entered into history just outside of the town. There's two ways you can go there to. You know just swim a little bit in these natural lakes. Refresh Yourself. And then continue to process, which is small, little town between yards, and travelling the site of the biggest Muslim gathering in Europe. So there's this legend that said that one GRANDPA prayed for forty mornings for water, and the rocks split open, and the water came to town, so we up till this day, the biggest Muslim gathering in Europe. And of course from there, you go travnik, which is just fantastic, little town with the most beautiful mosque in Boston if you ask me the colorful mosque and again has nice fortress up on the hills has very very good, who would and some would say about chew, which are even better than Sir even once I don't see. So after that I would definitely recommend going up on the hill doing hikes. I think the most interesting hike for someone who comes to Boston for the first time we'll be looking at highland village. The hike is eight kilometers one way, so you would start from Montana village and go look amid a village and I will try to find these an link. th-this of the show notes because you on words. are a little more tricky to figure out how to spell, so don't worry about that already done that. By the time he listened to this. Just look at the show. Of course I will help you with that if you. I King in Boston. It is not only about exercise, so both of the villages are medieval villages is absolutely amazing story about a time. When Boston king and his, Grand Duke were struggling in the country fighting. For Power, when people ran away to the mountains, and started this village, and it's called. Look, it comes from two words Luke Kameda the harbor of peace. They run away from these guys. Statistic places the highest most isolated village in the country? It's located right next to the second-biggest Canyon in Europe Second Deepest Canyon in Europe. And the trail actually takes you on the edge of this canyon. Up to the to the village, the trails starts from UNESCO. World Heritage Site, which is this Medieval Boston cemetery, these these tombstones which are unique for Bosnia and very beautiful, very characteristic, there always situated in these amazing amazing natural places, so there's a lot of these legends surrounding these villages. You can see how people live even till this day, and you can even see how. Things are starting to change so this traditional highland their lifestyle. is slowly changing now being more into tourism, let's say because this trail is right on the Erica, so it is one of the trail a hiking trail that goes all the way from Slovenia down to Albania so covering the narrative amounts, the central part of it is in Bosnia and if you ask me, it's the best part of this ultra hiking trail in, but we can talk about it a little bit later. Maybe for the more adventurous types okay so. We're talking about now. All right. The is fantastic. Project started two years ago as a project that was financed by US aid, actually cooperation between national, Park Damant, Montenegro and national park suit in Bosnia. And it proved to be a great idea, and they continued the idea based on old. Yugoslavian transfers hikes, so it's like multiday hikes that they did, but it was never created in like this Yugoslavian trail, so via was created financed mostly by U. N. D. and US aid. So thank you guys for that. Thanks to US taxpayers. And today we have this fantastic fantastic hike, which connects old smuggling routes, old shepherd trails hiking trails, and partisan trails from the Second World War so the guys who fought the fascists here. And it connects. All of these little trails to create these fantastic ultra trail, which is one thousand three hundred kilometers. One of them and there's three of them. So obviously the white one, the middle one is the most interesting because it goes to the highest mountains, and it goes to most interesting places, and it is a trail which has been. Selected by for example, National Geographic has the best new ultra trail in the world. I think it was two, thousand, fifteen or sixteen I might make. I'm not really sure about. The outdoor magazine has a marked it as one of the best new trails and many other things. The travelers storace guests that we've had who walked on this trail. They've told be personally that's. This is absolutely fantastic that it's better than INCA, trail. That the Boston mountains are better than Swiss Alps, that resembles the Lower Himalayas that it resembles the New Zealand Alps now. been heard that resembles the rocky certain part like Brennan. So. The things that I've just told you are world prime hiking destinations nations. And what we have here can compete with those Bona aside. There's absolutely no one on the trail, so you get it to yourself. You get to enjoy the nature, one hundred percent, and just add to its these medieval villages in tastic food, and it just out of this world. Now. You say there are. Trails you call one of the white trail one the green trail. And the last one is the blue trail Latrell so the blue trail goes next to the sea. So that's why it's blue. That's clean, Croatia and Montenegro. The white line goes through the middle on the highest mountains. And the Green one goes north. The mountains are lower, so it's mostly covered in forests got. Well we should say that we have another separate episode about hiking in the Balkans, but that's a little further north from here, so there are other hiking opportunities in this area in general, so if you are a hiker, something to think about definitely and come before it becomes too popular. Excel Because honestly, this is world class hiking, especially part in Bosnia, if we're talking about the dynamic apart in boss news, especially interesting, because you have so many changes on such small area like in Croatia. You'll get a lot of very dry mountains because of the closeness to the seaside than Mediterranean climate, in Montana get a lot of these rocky peaks, but only that in Bosnia literally in one day you get, you can hike over four completely different mountains, so I'm just GonNa. Take one part around the Canyon you start on. It's big rocky peaks you can. You can imagine it like grand tetons just Mara. So, big rocky peaks all over you just cross to such, and you have these ridges. It's just very very aggressive, but you have these very very narrow ridges. tastic for if you want to have the views, three hundred sixty degrees around you. Know from research save just cross to answer, which is very Meta with. It's just like you would imagine the Scottish highlands. And written. Let me remind you. These three mountains are touching each other the area where we're talking about is. Five six kilometers and imagine, and this is just one tiny part of it so the. Scenery get in. Bosnia are outstanding. And we're. So after we've been hiking, which is go down the mountain to the little town of needs has fantastic Ottoman bridge. They're Nice, little Ole town, but the reason we go, there is white water rafting. It's not too extreme. Everyone can do it to. Families can go there if you want something more extreme, you have to go to north western Bosnia where you get class five rapids on river in the national, Park. On a river you go through to fantastic canyons rafting old way down to the town of core needs, and honestly it's. It's very very fun activity. You get class three rapids. You get a lot of places to jump in the water you get. The confluence of rivers have like a four Kenyans connecting right there that spot, so it's very beautiful area after that now suggest going further down south to start obviously a-. Siwan are to most. Popular to this donations, in Bosnia for good reason for good reason for example what we're doing. Our company is something that just like. We will do it so when we were younger to be honest now if we want to go on a day trip somewhere with dig the car we go drive down to Mostar. Have Breakfast in most thought continue to waterfall swim their comeback. Stop in a study for coffee will to blog I eat fresh trout their. Go to Mostar for. Dinner or to go out a little bit, and then come back to what we do with a day, and this is exactly how we do it with tourists. We give them what we do. We give them something. That's very personal to us something we've been doing for years. We give it to tourists and it is fantastic honestly. Just put some scale on that. The dry from Sarajevo Tomas star is a little over two hours. It has exactly two hours. But I think you drive a little faster than me, but. Yes, we are known as a little bit. I would say more crazy drivers then European standard well, and I think town you were mentioning, which has a beautiful old bridge is about halfway through a great t stop. Yes. Exactly right Dr One hour. In the middle. I we took a tour to basically we flew into Sarajevo I didn't mention this, but we kind of went to Bosnia accidentally. We were planning on going to Croatia so many people did, and we could not get flights into Dubrovnik using points using our miles from our travel credit cards, and so we said we'll wear around here. Can we fly into using points? And there was plenty of availability to shave and we went will will why don't we fly there? I wonder if there's anything. Anything interesting to see in Sarajevo it did turn out I. Mean we love to Bro? Don't don't get me wrong, but it turned out to be one of the highlights of the whole trip. Was that accidental? Stop in Sarajevo, and then we transferred basically from Syria would almost are by by van, stopping at the the beautiful bridge, stopping and most are for lunch. And driving through some of you mentioned the UNESCO World Heritage sites which are the medieval gravestones in such that are several different places around the country, and drove through some of those on the way to break neck, and and that was just a beautiful day trip from Sarajevo all the way to Dubrovnik and so if you were going to be there, repeating intentionally are accidental. Is something I would recommend. So if you go to most style, it's quite small town and. Around on foot is very easy. It looks like a fairy tale. It's honestly one of the most beautiful downs I've seen in my life and I've been there like a thousand times. If if you've seen a picture of buzzed, it's probably a picture almost are. Exactly. It's going to be that picture two hours with a bridge between it. Now there are a lot of beautiful bridges all around the world, but this bridge is. Unique. There's no other bridge like that. No other product that let alone the history. I'm just talking about the architecture that the beauty of it and if you ask anyone in, Boston, we're GONNA. See the most beautiful bridge on the planet. Just seeing that it's worth coming in. Bosnia. Some people might not agreed that it's the most beautiful bridge on the planet, but it's definitely one of the most beautiful bridges on the planet. In the conversation. But a history when you get the history and the story of the bridge that it has no competition there just say that. Well in this is not an undiscovered city. We should just say. It. Gets a lot of tourism more than survey I think released more concentrated than serious concentrated more concentrate. Pure from Dubrovnik, Francis exactly so from Croatian coast, a lot of the Croatian coast, obviously a lot of people going to the seaside during so during the summer and a lot of them if they stay for two weeks on the seaside. They WANNA do day trips, so they come to start, and yes, the we're gonNA talk about tourism policies in Bosnia most thought is doing it wrong. No one stays there not spend money there. They just come. See Eat ice cream. Go back, so that's something we have to work on. And that's why avoid must start during the summer. If you're gonNA, come and you want to enjoy most dot come early spring or not late summer come during the fall so when the there are no krauts. must is fantastic, but during summer especially. During the day it can be overwhelming. Just walking through the narrow streets of down can be a challenge. I would guess you did. Go to Bosnia in the summer and he wanted to go to most are. The trick is probably to stay there because most people don't and see it in the evening of the morning. Yes definitely that's. Excellent early morning. There's couple of cafes all around the old bridge area. Oh. Yeah, where you get the view on the bridge. and. Just watch the bridge and this is perfect. Excellent! We're to next I. Think we're wrapping up here. It's almost there's quite a short drive from us. Thought is blog I so as I said earlier. This is an Sambol, which is both? Religious and historical and cultural and natural, and the whole area is protected in those four segments protected as their important site for Muslims it's protected as historical heritage national heritage. It's protected as a structure. This huge cliff that creates this little amphitheater all around this complex is protected as such and the biggest water source in Europe. Yes so literally imagine one cave and river just flows out okay. So. It's very spectacular sight when you see it like that, so it's protected as A. Logical structure as well. Yes, So said what was older, but it was destroyed. That can the seventy, so it is now the oldest ticket in Bosnia so people might want. What is the Kissel? Muslims really have monasteries, and we tried to explain this a monastery or something, but a lot of people have heard of a whirling dervishes. Turn the guys in Turkey who have their white dresses and they spin in circles? One of the Brotherhood's that stayed thick is like this. So the whirling dervishes are actually Levy, so this is one of the golden brotherhoods and okay well. The Way to get closer to God is through this dance. However at the Kim Plug is not there you so in Boston, actually eighty percent of the decades of Sufis eighty percent of them are actually bendy so it. It's a little bit different. It is still active decade. They still hold their their. Chemical prayer, but they are. Gatherings there. However, it is open for tourists. So, off the blood, they who we drive down half an hour for the south to the town of Portugal, which told you already is this old village with a built in a natural amphitheatre. Overlooking River has one of the most beautiful mosques in Boston if you ask me. The most beautiful classic stumbled style mosque in Bosnia. In the center and all around that you have these beautiful beautiful traditional houses, which actually show you just how many layers you have in Bosnia, so you have traditional Bosnian houses mixed with oriental influences ultimate architecture. nation actually beneath influences so from the Venetian republic times, and it just creates this very very beautiful and sambol. Can just walk around jump on the wall surrounding the down climb on the coward climb on the fortress. Just walk around. That's one thing that's very interesting. In Boston, a lot of places all around the country and I think this is what your guest said. In the first episode you did about Bosnia is that you can just go in and walk over to castle covert. Covert forts, and so on, and I really love that because you feel like you're entering history, they're not a lot of places are regulated, and if you in a country where you have three hundred and thirty castles, or or run the country, where you can just go inside and explore, even set up a campaign sleep there put up a tent and just sleep inside. It's just fantastic, so for example bligh on the cliff that I mentioned in blood. Right on top of the cliff you have. Step on God. It's a castle which was a seat of the grand. Duke of Bosnia heads except on closer to the guy who actually named to go. And what we sometimes do. There's one via out going all around this cliff. You will hiking extreme version of hiking so via. The Iron Road. So this is a hiking trail with steel ladders pounded into the. Exact Okay and you do that, and then you finish at the castle. Then we just take the tense. We've put them inside of the castle there in the morning. You Watch the sunset. So the sunrise in the evening the sunset. And, it's just fantastic. No one touches you don't want anything. Anyhow. View on the value of. The distance I don't know any other place where you can set up a tent in side of a historical fort inside of a National Monument. Do Either? So. I would just advise people to go to Bosnia and explore it. As the locals. What's fun to do? What do they do? Where would you know? Wear? Day would recommend to go and just. do it or join them. A lot of them will be happy to take it somewhere where that friendly. Excellent I think that wraps up here I. Am I correct? Yes pretty much. We can skip. If they're too overcrowded. Maybe it's still beautiful place to go. It's still beautiful river to swim in, but it is honestly a little bit overcrowded nowadays. That's that is too bad. Yes so there are other spots where you can go and have. That experience likes to ski book in northwestern Bosnia, even bigger waterfall and amazing rafting. Excellent. As. We get to some of our. Wrap up questions. You're standing at the prettiest spot in Bosnia. where? and. What are you looking at? God. I have so many. The first one that comes to mind is actually on the border between Boston Montenegro, so we're going to look in Montenegro a little bit. And when we were down at the last where you ended us on this itinerary, we're not far from Dubrovnik and there's four also not far from Montenegro. Maybe thirty miles away or something like that. So when you asked me that question, the first thing that came to mind is I'm standing on the beak on the second highest mountain in Bosnia. Overlooking huge heart-shaped Lake, five hundred meters below and on the other side of the lake is mugged highest mountain in Boston. But I'm their best hiker mountain guide, and this is the first image comes to me. It's a very hard hike getting up there. And what is the name of the peak that run? It actually can be few of them. It can be a few of them, but if you WanNa do this, you would climb to volley. Ball. We Act Mountain and there are three or four weeks. have do that I just told you about, but quarterback mount. It's National Park. That's how people will will remember it. Excellent! Just National Park the thing that we just talked about the most beautiful view and so on. Actually mentioned two more things during our interview so first one is definitely from yellow best in inside Iowa during sunset. Sitting there, having that pulsing style pizza and just looking at the city. And the second one is from. The Castle, doubled the cliff in blog SI-. Okay. And one question I forgot to ask what you had us at the yellow bastion above Sarajevo. Bosnia pizza, you said it has Bosnia ingredients. Bosnian ingredient is on pizza. We eat a lot of dry meet. This has a lot of dried meat kyw, MC. They know what's coming. I do not know what kind of. So it's a thing what you also eat, Jamal pick, it's kind of cheesy, but not really cheese. One guest that I had explained that. Kyw Mc is something between yogurt and cheese and tastes like heaven. This is. Earth explosion I will. Leave it there excellent. Excellent. With dried meat and And then if you had to summarize Bosnia in just three words. What three words would you use? Use Boston words. Yes, but then you'll need to translate. J.. MEDOC had a hook. Okay? Yes, so. A best way to explain it. It's like a state of Zen when you're when you're typically relaxed. Happy in the moment where you are. So after a long day of working, you sit in the old town or you sit on the yellow busted, and you have your cup of Boston coffee. You don't care about anything else in the world. That's safe. It's something that's very important for. I can give you later. A story in set actually I'm going to do it now, so he can cut it out. In the. Seventeenth Century, there's one German traveller who came to Sarajevo and he said that inside I will. You can do literally anything except destroyed so even people. So he explained that. When you walk on the streets, there's a lot of people you know selling stuff selling you those little mental trinkets that you talked about just selling stuff on the streets and there's a lot of people. Shouting and talking and so when you into a coffee shop. It's perfect silence, this is where are you go to have their chafe? And they're sitting there. Smoking, tobacco or smoking hookah. Water. And if you come there, sit there the perfectly welcome, but if you. For example hit a hookah with your. Foot. Then, you can get in trouble because you are destroying the Jacob Saraiva Person. So chafe very blunt. Second thing I mentioned is MEDOC America's kick similar to Jake. Addictive. Is something that you do something that you're more involved than even physically I would say and MEDOC can be. Mac Gambino. You're standing on a peak and you're very happy with what you did or you see. Kenyon in front of you, and that can be MEDOC MEDOC can also singing with your friends. said. We're very very friendly people. The last thing. Is that a hot look? Probably the most important one? To means worry free and the Hutler could be when you're in the state of mind boots, physically and emotionally where you are content with where you are, and how you are. You don't have to have a lot, but you're happy with what you have, and that's look both is nowhere near perfect, but for us. It's absolute perfection. We cannot live for a lot of Boston's. We can't live anywhere else. Even if you live in the states, even if we live in Germany and so on dream of most of the Boston people's to come back. To come back to Bosnia. People are not leaving because they don't like this country. People are living because they can't find jobs. And every Boston person, the best place to live is right here. And that's hot. Look. This is where at a huddle kissed. This is where our heart is. Excellent. Our guest again. It's been keen on. Rich. The positive words, I trip over them just a little bit. Lindor DOT BA and cannot if we wanted to send people to the best resource on highlander adventures. For them to plan their trip to Bosnia, where should we send them? You can go to the website. You can see what we offer and then just contact us, and you tell us what you want to do and we're gonNA. Make it happen. And we should be clear in case I wasn't that on does run tours about I think I. think that came across, but just in case it didn't. You don't have to book with him, but certainly now that you've fallen in love with him. You're certainly welcome to do so. Thank you very much. I've been a guide for what is the two thousand twenty four thirteen years I've been mountain guide for last eight years, and my specialty is adventure trips. My partner in the company. He actually has a PhD in war studies. So you want to learn more about Bosnia you will go with him. He is someone who had lectures on Columbia University in New York for example, not once so imagine you have. The someone who's been working on. A lot on the topic of war and Moss Graves concentration camps here in Bosnia. If you want to learn something, he's the Guy Excellent well, thank you so much for coming on amateur traveler in sharing with us your love for your country of Bosnia. Thank you very much for having me very happy to answer answer at least a few questions. Thank you very much for your interest. In Bosnia thank you very much for showing people that they have nothing to be afraid of here. Wonderful. Very welcoming country very friendly people where you come. You are GonNa Fall in love with it I promise you. In News community heard from patron of the show Steve, who said I really enjoyed the podcast, and this is the podcast on Lebanon. She touched on all the places I visited except one. She didn't mention the. GEETA GROTTO I've been to Carlsbad and cartner caverns in the American southwest, and I must say this one ranks right up there with the best. It's large beautifully lit has a nice, elevated concrete walkway, and a huge diversity of stalagmites and stalactites. There is also a lower portion that includes a riverboat ride, but it had been raining, and the river was running to hi-, so it was. was temporarily closed for your listeners that enjoy caves I would highly recommend it. Really enjoy your show. Keep up the good work and thanks so much Steve I also heard from. Mercedes. My name is Mercedes and my husband Benjamin and I love listening to your podcast. We've been listening to it for three or so months and listened to daily. We are travelers ourselves and try to travel. Travel at least four places yearly we've been to over eleven, countries and fifteen states together within the last three out of six years of being together being in our early twenty s. a lot of people call us crazy for prioritizing travel. Hopefully one day we can chat with you and maybe being episode about our travels. Pick your brain for our future plan trips. Thank you for your. Your time and look forward to listening to more episodes, Mercedes and Benjamin well, and fortunately for you. You've just tuned in here in the last three months, and we've been doing this now. For coming up on fifteen years, fifteen years July second, so it's GonNa be a little while before you catch up and seeming, you're listening to one episode a day I have a little time. With that we're going to end this episode of Amateur Traveler. sent an email to host amateur traveler, dot, com, or better yet. We have a comment on this episode at Amateur Travel Dot Com and thanks so much for listening. See. 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