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"rocker snowboard" Discussed on Out of Bounds Podcast

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"rocker snowboard" Discussed on Out of Bounds Podcast

"Day. And so I just always look at this as I get to connect with people and I get to meet people all over the world, but share the same passions and interests that I do, and I can connect with people on that unique causes, rad level versus anybody else. Yeah, and I think to touch on Jake, Burton, you know, you said this multi-million dollar business, but he also created a culture, which not many people, we can't really pinpoint many people that created a culture. And he created one, he created a movement, and I don't think he ever had a plan to have it grow into anything like this. And if anyone hasn't watched right on yet, it's on HBO. It's the story of Jake Burton. It explains it, but it became an Olympic sport. And like he didn't think that was going to happen. I think he was just stubborn. And he refused to listen to anybody else in the greatest way. Stubborn is always a bad term, but I think stubbornness can be great. And definitely created a culture. And I think of I always call skiing or snowboarding or any type of, I like to not categorize them. If you're sliding on snow and having fun, I try to support you. If you're on ski boards, I try to be a fan. I don't care. But it's art. It really is, 'cause we think about how our clothes are going to look and what's going to match. And like, you know, how we're going to wear, you know, are we going to wear skinny jeans or whatever. It's all art, how you're going to land. Are you going to land with a heavy head? Are you going to land looking back? That's your art. And you're creating something live. You know, certain people have certain writing styles and people like hang their arms like a T. Rex, like real weird, I kind of do more of like a big sweeping eagle when I go down the hill and I can't get rid of it, but that's my snowboard style and when I turn my arms go up and I'm will claim this on air that I am a great snowboarder. I've snowboarded for a long time. I actually just got a new snowboard so I'm back again. I was a skier for a long time. But that's my eagle style. It's not what I'm proud of, but it's the art that we create and it's so amazing and it's this whole movement and it's my favorite thing about snowboarding is that I think it's coming back. I think we lost it for a while. And I figured out the culture is coming back and the style is coming back and people are carving a snowboard again, which I love. Yep. It's so refreshing. Camber is bad. When snowboarding went to rocker, I was like, it's over. Rocker snowboard shouldn't exist. This is what we do. We need camber and we need to carve it we need to, there's a place for rocker, but like, so I'm pumped that snowboarding's back, and I've joined the movement again, so I'm back on a snowboard. And yeah, it's a culture and skiing same thing. Yeah, all of them. And I don't want I don't want it to be skiing or snowboarding. I want it to be sliding down snow with your Friends. And that's all it is. Yeah. And it's ruined many of lives in the greatest ways possible. And I'm speaking to all my Friends out there, my friend, Garrett, is an engineer, and quit. He's a waiter at Jackson hole, and I love him for it. And it'll be there forever. It'll ski and it'll be happy till the day he dies. And for that, I love him. And I love everyone else who's ruined their lives. For this sport, which we call sliding down snow. Yes. 1000% agree. It's amazing. So I don't want to keep you too much longer after we both ranted a little bit. What is next for you? What can we look forward to seeing? I know you're going to take a little social media break. So good on you for taking that break. But after that, where can people follow you? And what do you have coming up? What's exciting?.

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