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"robyn keel" Discussed on The Current

"Hi damon fareless host of hunting warhead from. Cbc podcasts in the norwegian newspaper. Vg hunting warhead follows a global team of police and journalists says the attempt to dismantle a massive network of predators on the dark web winner of the grand prize for best investigative reporting the new york festivals and recommended by the guardian vulture and the globe in mail. You can find hunting warhead on. Cbc listen or wherever you get your podcasts. This is a cbc podcast. It is a profession in crisis. Nurses across the country are facing long hours. More patients emotional exhaustion and they are burning out a year and a half into the pandemic. an increasing number of nurses are walking away from the job leaving staffing shortages behind in quebec. Some emergency rooms are reducing hours to account for lack of staff and in alberta. Some acute care beds are being taken out of rotation all well. The province aims to cut nursing salaries. Nevada hussein is a nurse with the mcgill university. Health center in montreal and lee is a nurse working with immuno-compromised patients at a hospital. In calgary we've agreed to use a pseudonym because she fears reprisals at work. Good morning to you both. Thanks for joining us. Robyn keel a year and a half into this pandemic. H- how would you describe your moralities days. Personally i would describe it as pretty low I think in general the other nurses i work with as well We're all pretty tired and pretty burnt out You know work is not the most positive environment right now. What are some of the biggest challenges Of nursing through this pandemic would have been on for my unit and for myself i think the staffing shortages have really been kind of the main problem for us an edge just getting worse staffing shortages. So every day when you go into work how many nurses are you short It depends on the day We can be anywhere from four or five six even seven nurses short for one shift and that's close to half of our baseline staff so that results in people usually having to stay to work sixteen hour shifts or were calling people in on their days off to come in to help out naveed's you pick up their how..

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