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Media Moments Report: How Print Media Fared in 2020

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02:30 min | 1 year ago

Media Moments Report: How Print Media Fared in 2020

"Now for the report itself we begin. I suppose as all great publishing discussions must with print so over to houston. That's a hell of a number main fall to percents I hope that's the most depressing number from the print shop to dot is representing. You can use people. Sales dione made us four percent at the walls point during lockdown so when houston's were closed from the no commuting when retail was closed severely the worst of the worst that compares before locked into a drop of a percent in both newspapers magazines for print Ten percent drop was can what's been happening to austere for years so backdrops there other bad news. Probably in excess of two magazines closed over that periods unwritten across the Travel Hall defense was based on a real world. Event like weddings or an innocent. That entertainment took people they had group. Robles covert Across use son sales and advertise bought the good news us choctaw on. I think the surprise news for some was the subscription revenues really spiked. Because people where they needed something to do that wasn't that flex They took maxine subscription. So i think that is the as the cloud the sober landon and the cloud. Thank for print some heroic performances people. You know becca. She is a great example. People enervate in a change in business models to deal with not having vandals on the street they went into detail on gelatin. Going to tell us a bit of success that junior magazines in the children's market and protect what that well with hopes killing so not all bad news. I think one of the things that we've gotten portland's bet scary as the survivors might not be the best magazines. Bought the most money in a buying so a solar info

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