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"And WTO's Dave Preston as their live with an update of this conference semifinal Second half just underway Robin Towson trails Delaware 37 to 28th the blue hens led by as many as 16 in the first half holding the tigers to 35% shooting and three of 11 from three point range They've gone inside with big bad tire Davis who has 12 points with 6 rebounds Towson big man Charles Thompson despite a spread ankle has played this evening 6 points with two rebounds for the Tyson big but the tigers trail 37 28 1859 to play in regulation All right David the other semi final will tip off next hour between Charleston and UNC Wilmington no locals in the latest AP top 25 poll on the men's side but on the women's side Maryland slides two spots to 13th Virginia tech moves up four spots to number 17 in South Carolina still atop the women's rankings Despite yesterday's upset loss in the SEC title game the NFL S suspended Atlanta Falcons receiver Calvin Ridley for at least the 2022 season for endangering the integrity of the sports by betting on NFL games last year including one rate wager on his own team while he was sidelined by mental health concerns Ridley admitted today on Twitter he's bet $1500 total and does not have a gambling problem as we approach tomorrow's deadline for teams to use the franchise tag the Bengals have tagged Jesse Bates the browns used the tag on David njoku and the bucks reportedly prepared to tag Chris Godwin for the second straight season Rob woodwork WTO sports The top stories were following for you on WTO Russian and Ukrainian delegations resumed talks following failed attempts to evacuate civilians from Ukrainian cities.

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