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"robin pride" Discussed on Watch What Crappens

"The Ramona t shirt from the holidays last year. So today we are going to talk real housewives of Atlanta which is chugging along. I'm a little concerned about it so for Ronnie. I'M NOT GONNA lie. I'm a little concerned. I'm hoping it's just like early. Season like weirdness Because I have to say I'm not really feeling like the show is coming alive in the ways that I wanted to. I'M GONNA Chalk it up to the fact that the cast sort of been like not really filming together yet and they've got some of the Robin Pride and summer number down here. This baby's everywhere. It's like not quite firing on the cylinders that I wanted to be. I think it's pretty funny. I mean to talk about. It is harder I guess sent to watch it because to watch it I crack up still at every scene. Well I mean the seams. Can you crying especially to skinny but I a crack up through the so but yeah it's a lot of. I would shock it up to just major depression. I mean there's like some major depression going on its cast area. Happy Jared late easy. Corologis dropped a litter and you know like I don't know you rich BA- happier. I guess we should also have congratulations to Kandi burruss. Who finally the Her new baby was born over the weekend. Blaise Blaise Blaise. Burruss to hurt crooked came out like a kid is to be a moment and then I realized the world play doing with blaze. No Relation Richardson. It is of glory. Yes so congratulations. Candy and the Fam- Etcetera Yeah so many Davies on the show so many babies. It's actually out of control. It really is. Yeah I want to have a baby and it Kinda just makes me WANNA give birth. Okay so you know what I WANNA do more. I want to ignore my mark. I'm really enjoying the mark. Is ignoring Kenya. Story by the previous lease is uh-huh i Kanye or the baby. Mark Refuses to look at her speaking of cold shoulders. We actually pick up with will Ni. Say hello to Cynthia Bailey on the Bravo pride. What will happen and so we see? We seen any walk up those stairs and she sees Cynthia goes Hamas Bailey and then Cynthia goes Hamas leaks and then as predicted any blows by her to give Kelly Dada huge hug. which honestly honestly most people would want to do anyway? Yeah but she did say were so there and we were wrong. We lost our office bat. Yeah like well. That's a little bit talk. She said hi but it was also like a very much. A cold shoulder was a high a high cold shoulder that was like not very very interesting to watch and basically knee is like hugging Kelly. Da and she makes them like very rudimentary small. Talk with Noel. Does your home for the summer. Novell's like yes okay bye. Yeah Noelle's like is it. Okay that we talk Cynthia's like yes. Of course it's it's it's up to to you know I'm glad she talked to you And so since he has a little confused I think Cynthia was ready for a fight but then Nina starts her victim something again with us. She's like no matter what has gone on with Cynthia. We had been sisters. I believe she wouldn't hurt me. This way Eh okay. Cynthia also does like a classic bed. Mandal remove which is like. Oh we're on a fight. Well when I see that person you know what I'm GonNa do gonNA give them a cold shoulder and then if they say something to me. I'm going to have these very choice. Words for them and then instead Cynthia says you look good miss leaks. which is what I was? Ah really friendly and positive instead station. So marlow was not invited on this float so instead she's just following along industry it's going it's me marlow and finally they get sick of her. You know just following along so Niimi. That's her up on the afloat. And that was that was probably the nicest thing that Nina ever did was allow Marlowe to like rise from the asphalt and like come up to the Bravo flow at least for a little bit until Andy Notice. They're probably the probably never did he probably never did. Because he was like at the top indie comb like Keno began to Cohen moment just kept poking his head over like look. I'm surprised all the fans that they were using to cool themselves down because the fans had faces on them surprised they just weren't all Andy Cohen. Andy Cohen Fan. And you. It's like a Wonky Fan. That doesn't quite quite work right and like it makes it halfway through a whole swipe and hops were winners like or just like swings back and forth in a chair they the fans when you put it sways back and forth. You'll like wait a minute. This fantasy fanning me. It's only swivelling you so weird. This fan just asked me about how big my indicas there's an emergency watch out New York their sirens outside. It's crazy I I like to hear them. My God there's an emergency every two seconds. No one even pays attention. We're like whatever on your own else. I'M GONNA. I gotTA streets across Asia. Can I tell you something I like. I think like last week or so on the bonus episode of maybe two weeks ago. I was talking about Thailand because because as promised before I left Thailand. I said I'M GONNA come back and talk about Thailand on stop but one thing I talked about with Thailand. I thought I talked about going to Bangkok. And I said you know it was like really exhilarating rating city and sensory overload. But it's just a lot and it's like very stressful. And you know there's just so much stuff happening all of the place and then I was walking around New York City I was I was in Times Square on on Friday night and I was like like why am I. Why am I making these observations about Bangkok as if this is like any different from New York City city? New York City is pure badness at times like I was walking around. I was like this is crazy. This is like this is way way more stressful and uncomfortable and anxiety creating than anything. I experienced in Bangkok but here we have musicals. That's true that's true. I did have I was able. I was able to have all this craziness like at least in the same space that Patti lupone exists Nixon. Easier I know no matter what happens in U.. Nor in New York you know that somewhere Bernadette Peters is watching TV and eating some hundred calorie popcorn nice feeling to know. Yeah Yeah it makes me feel good so yeah so pride parade. Yeah so pride pratice basically a bunch of Bravo bitches on on on the pride parade and then Cynthia's Cynthia's kind of walk walked with her big fight and me. I mean Cynthia Ivar basically just sniping sniping sniping from the side. 'CAUSE EVA sees marlow and she's like whatever a lot dogs here and they're just snipes snipes night but there's no real fight here you know and It's boring even like it's all love until pride is over right and Basically promising a big fight but then she's not going to give a big fight because he's just gonna eat her food at a sidebar instead of the regular bar which eva listen. You're being paid for this to go eat at the sidebar. You don't get to do that right. I mean it's sort of like a funny moment but ultimately really you should say and fight and fight Trixie monocle of Atlanta with one of my favorite moments moments of Trixie. I've loved when she thinks about royals. I got cloudy. This is so classic. This was really like this is why people tune into Trixie Aleksy like this is why she got her career in the first place and she like went back to basics she she stopped with all her experimental. She's like I'm going to give them what they want. where the Queen of the castle? How whether Queens of the Castle Castle? Oh aw I liked the trixie monocle song like royalty a girl power. I like like a command. And that's IT and they're just repeat it twenty times exactly yeah and this also dovetails so well with of course her most famous on which is God's God save the Queen God Save the Queen and Guess what the coin. The coin is me. I love that because that's actually twist in it this one just says the. We're the queen's this castle bow. What would have made this a real banger is if she he said we at the Queen's Castle Barrau and guess what this castle to they like a hot has the twists fall trixie monocle? So we're the queen. The Queen of this castle is Porsche going to her psychiatrist like wait. A minute queen's Castle completed this castle porsche or the drink yeah. It's like we must bow down to having a ten thirty appointments at a suburban therapy office. Yeah just distract me. Mike Castle my psychiatrist. How this strip mall psychiatrist bow? How so what? I thought was very fascinating right off. The Bat was a porsche is wearing a t shirt that has a heart and heart has two little is in it. So it's like it's I like porsches not just tearing you but her little heart is staring at you too but the therapist was wearing a necklace and like the pendant wasn't I also so so I I like how their clothing was having a staring contest. They were having a stare off. Porsche sad sad heart versus the one eyed therapist. Yeah all we needed was Tamra. Barney's evil eye hat really just low at. Yeah so so. The doctor's like well. I hope you feel as good as you look a little sad hearts. That's my shirt. She's like sorry. Well your face except gay to enforce. It's like well take take. It finally settled in. This is my situation like Oh Jesus Christ talk about something else. I'm bored. This is only episode for I know and the the thing is this is that she posted another photo with Dennis and the baby yesterday. So I mean it's also kind of annoying to distant knowing that she's going to get back together with him ultimately ultimately in real life. Yeah that idea like how porsche phrase phrases things like because the doctor says well do you think maybe you just trusted him too quickly glee and he didn't have to earn your trust because well knowing his dating history and should have considered it more but hell. When I was pregnant I was sitting on the catch and trying to grow our daughter? Just thought those the funniest putting that is funny watering herself. She's like she's like farm-to-table able restaurant mad. That someone's late for the reservation. Mike sh she probably also was trying to grow planned at the same time yes he was trying to keep a succulent alive. She probably thought the entire time she had a succulent inside her. And then she's like. Oh my God has a baby so Tauruses like when he made these decisions he threw. What's aside yeah? Yeah Yeah Body Blah and the therapist is basically like well so you know just one thing to consider. Is that like you're like really upset right now and do you WanNa make a life changing decision when you're upset. I'm like isn't that how she makes all her decisions. Yeah that's actually good. That says she got married in the first place. Why not get divorced that way? Yeah exactly so. If you're poor and you can't make an a life altering decision is in when you're upset and you're never going to make a decision. I mean you're right. It's sports so the doctor's like well I'm not saying get back with him but for the sake of the baby. Can you forgive him Mike. Yeah basically what she's saying is. Do you want your baby to have hotdog money for college or not. Listen then don't you want your baby to hotdog university okay. Well it's going to be a strong recommendation from the Hawk hotdog king himself so thinking about that. Think about that before you close the door and dentist that Dole has altered. No I'm not talking about it a little door because you know that Porsche was like literally locking your door in her house there. I fixed it I know. But and she's the kind of personal wonders why she's always being robbed 'cause she's like toys faulted and she's like but could you forgive she's like maybe like well that's not a bolted Thatta Baltimore now that is a door that has actually just like closed at closed and locked maybe generally but also like easily picked. Yeah it's just like a screen door. It is a screen door. It's a screener that actually has a hole in it Google.

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