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"robin pero" Discussed on The Autosport Podcast

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"robin pero" Discussed on The Autosport Podcast

"Let's review an explosive rally Croatia. It's the gravel notes podcast with Tom Howard, my name is Martin Lee, asking Tom the questions today and holy moly Robin pero wins in Croatia a year after crashing out on stage one. But that's not a simple, rally nobody could have predicted how that one went. What are your impressions? If you're a rally phone right now, you're being spoilt for choice with the drama and excitement that is happening in the championship and has been for the last 6 months or so. Yeah, both to put it mildly to events from three this year have gone to a final stage showdown and on Sunday we had a hell of a final stage showdown between and Callie Robin perea. The rally itself looked as though rob and Perry had this sewn up he'd led by more than a minute million a minute and a half on Saturday morning had a 31 second lead on Sunday morning having lost almost a minute to a puncture on Saturday, but on Sunday it all got turned on its head. Thanks to some sudden down bore shower that on the penultimate stage and Paul Kelly had the wrong ties for that. I lost his lead to oit tanak and then we had a final stage showdown. Let's review a tweet you sent on Sunday morning when Robin perra looked like it had it all under control, which said soft tyre gamble hasn't paid off for Tanaka on stage 17 Robin perra on Pirelli's extends his lead to 31.1 seconds with just three stages to go. The flying Finn will take the win unless there is a twist in the tail and you had no idea when you tweeted that, but holy moly would there be a twist in the tail. In fact, I think we did a, I think we did a Twitter poll. Sunday morning, who will win rally Croatia and this will be one that's our rally fans might have got a little bit wrong. So there we go. I'll just mention that. Tanak took 57% and Robin Perry took 43% of the fan vote of who would win. So there you go. We get it wrong, but the fans get it wrong as well. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, no one really could have predicted what would happen in just those final three stages. So yeah, as we said by stage 17 of 20, rather than Perez got a 31 second lead over tanak and you thinking, yep, home and dry. This is simple. But then on stage 18, tanakh gets a clause a little bit of that time back, so it's like 28 seconds the lead for Rothenberg going into the stage and then the heavens opened. Toyota didn't actually have the information that it was going to ride. They believed that it was just going to be cloudy and the Rhine wouldn't come down. Whereas Hyundai, tan X team, their weather band got its spot on. He absolutely knew it was going to rain, so they took the soft tyres rather than the hard tyres that rob perri took and the softs are much better in the wet. Talent had a huge advantage going into this absolute sopping wet stage. Where he got, he took, well, he reclaimed all of that deficit to Robin Perry and had a 1.4 second lead going into the final stage where Paul calley just looked crestfallen because he'd done everything like he dominated the rally and then just saw it all just evaporate on one stage and left him with one stage to fight back. It was just, you had to feel for him, but ultimately a wrong title was his doubtful there. But the team obviously didn't have the info. So we had this absolute grandstand finish set up where we had a final power stage, obviously live on television, so a big crowd there that in fact reports of Frederick 50,000 fans across the weekend for rally cry, so they really seemed to pack the stages. They loved it. And they got a great finish. So heading into that final stage, the bizarrely the rides were absolutely bone dry in the sun had come out after that rain on the previous stage, but there was a lot of mud on the roads which meant that Cali's tyres were not the rubber you needed for that stage and it had the advantage. So to do what Cali did, which was as he said, a full scent, which is written on his crash helmet. And he absolutely launched into this stage. I've never seen any quite like this. It was just full maximum attack full like Colin McRae style and it was just ragged, but he managed to pull the gap and win the rally by 4.3 seconds, which was just left everyone stunned. Nobody thought he could do this. And I think that this is the moment where we've realized we've got a real superstar in our hands in WRC at the moment. So after a podium ceremony and was wearing a golden tie, which you hear Tom reference in this Tom caught up with Callie afterwards, just very quickly for some initial reaction here's what he said. Congratulations.

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