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"robin lars guttridge" Discussed on All Songs Considered

"Stephen you mentioned the greatest showman. One thing about their good the pad the Queen their music. Always sounds like it's from some demented circus. Same thing. I've worked with you Robin long enough that I that I thought to myself, I bet he's gonna say demented. It does know and maybe not as much on this record as their previous one. But so they put out a self titled record in two thousand seven which I loved it was on my top ten that year. And and then that was it. Yeah. It felt like a one off tobacco up slightly singers Damon Albarn from blur and guerrillas Paul Simon in from the clash Simon Tong from the verve and afrobeat pioneer. And drummer Tony Allen they made the first good the bad McQueen record. And it was meant to be a snapshot of life in Britain in two thousand seven and a lot of commentary on the country at that time and its relation to world events. But basically they wanted to reassess England in twenty eighteen obviously Britain has been an even more turmoil with Brexit, and again, it's relationship too complex world events. They have called it. A reluctant goodbye letter. To the US UK prepares to leave the European Union. Yeah. It's just a lot of observations and reflections on what it means to be British and on the cut we played truce twilight. They sing enjoy it while it lasts because soon it will be different. And it's it's that in-between time when it seems like, yeah, we're going to be. Okay. Everything soy because they haven't completely hit the button yet. But the album from the good the bad and the Queen is called Mary land. Thank you, gentlemen. Rodney. Hey, thanks, Robin. Lars Guttridge to quote, Mariah Carey about you skews me. Let me call your ballet habit. You take your things and be on your Mary way. And Stephen Thompson got nothing. Okay. Thanks, everybody. A reminder to tell your friends about the program and follow me on Twitter at NPR obe- in to see a list of the albums. We.

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