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"roberto majes" Discussed on Kinda Funny Games Daily

"Really, really messed up, and also there's some other stuff happening at mercury's theme, which is really weird as well. Roberto majes also says that a non appearance in the credit may be related to his departure from the company. Mercury's theme includes a clause in the contract in which it requires a notice period of 42 working days. When they told me this, I investigated a little, and I discovered that workers statute establishes 15 working days as a minimum noticed. So that also will impact kind of like if people are having to give or eat two working days of notice that could impact how long the 25% as well and also that's just a really awful clause to have in a contract. Yeah. Apparently, yeah. So how do you feel about that? And it kind of like, it does suck to hear that as this a dampener on what is otherwise an amazing game. And you would hope that Nintendo would step into some degree and be like, what the hell's going on here? Yeah, this is pretty wild. It's wild too that this isn't the first of this type of story we've had even in the last month or so, you know, the video games industry. I think this is a recurring trend in terms of not crediting people who have worked on games because either they weren't there for shipping it. Or they were only there for 8 9 months to a year, which is a pretty sizable portion to be working on a game for that long. You know, I think after a year, you deserve to have your name on the credits. Even after a few months, if your work is appearing in that game, you know, that is important because people take that stuff. People take their credit their work on things and they use that to apply to other places. They use that to make the case for, hey, I did art for X Y and Z game. Let me come work at BioWare. Let me come work at blizzard. Let me come work at whatever X company to not have their work credit to have their work appear in the game and not have that word credited is taking away that opportunity from them. Them being able to say, hey, look at this. This is proof that I worked on this thing. This is my work history. That sucks. And then also the clause of having to have a notice period of 42 working days. That is, I've never heard of anything like that before. I didn't know that was a thing. That blows my mind in that can not be okay, that is a shocking thing. And yeah, I mean, the solution here, I would think is, you know, we always talk about unionization and how important that is for the video games industry. So I'll say, yeah, that is the first step. But then also, yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if a Nintendo or somebody would step in and be like, hey, this isn't okay. If you continue to do this, we can't continue to work with you in this way. 'cause that is, that is crazy me. Yeah, I mean like I'm on the extreme end of the case where I'm like, if you had any sort of contribution to that game to help it go from idea to fruition, like you should be credited to it. It doesn't matter. Because you contributed to bringing that thing to life. And if you're going forward into another place where you're going to use those same skills to try and get a job working on another game, you need to be able to point to that and say, hey, this is something that I have done before and you can see it because here's my work. But if they can't look at it and say, here's my work because you're not listed. That sucks. It doesn't matter how long 25% is bullshit. I think I would put it at 1%. If you're working on it and you give a 1% contribution to that game, you should be credited for it. That is exactly what needs to happen. And it is unacceptable that they think that you need to hit a threshold because in that, let's say that 1% was coming up with some key design idea that changes the entire game. Let's say that one plus let's say you work for 10%, but you came up for the idea for their Emmys. Like, yeah, and you're not credited? That sucks. That's awful. Let's say that you work 23%. And your design is samus's new suit. That is awful. I mean, obviously, this is an extreme end of it, but like multiple people contribute to it, but if you're being removed from being able to claim and point to your work, because you're not hitting an arbitrary number set by a company. That's ridiculous. As unacceptable. And obviously it's going to have an ongoing impact on the kind of perception around that studio now. And that game. And it's going to have a knock on effect on Nintendo who are now going to be having to run defense on this game because of choices taken by this company. If I was at that studio, I would be doing everything in my power not to screw up the bag when you know if someone hangs you metroid and the moment I'm handed metroid, I'm like, we need to make sure there is nothing going on in the studio that any point in time someone can say this sucked because we are about to take one of the biggest franchises in the world and we're about to make a new game. We can do it good. And this is going to be massive for us. So we don't want that no well-being polluted by some poison that someone drops in. And this is this is exactly what's happening. Yeah. Especially coming off of the last few story. We were talking about how good that metro game is doing. We were talking about your hopes for the future of the franchise. We're like, I'm right there with you where the I love that Nintendo does the thing where they are like, hey, we have Mario. Let's put out a 3D Mario..

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