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REShow: Kyle Brandt. Hour 2 (12-02-20)

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REShow: Kyle Brandt. Hour 2 (12-02-20)

"This podcast is brought to you by microsoft teams. When there's more ways to be together there are more ways to be a team. I like coming up with nicknames. Around this is the rich eisen show decay. Metcalf is the human chunk plays from the rich eisen show studio in los angeles. Shaw one time but like chunk is a little fat kid back earlier on the show football hall of famer tony dungy coming up co host of good morning football. Kyle brandt plus actor bryan cranston and now it's chump sir. All right hour number two of the rich eisen show on the air and it is game on it is game on. We were waiting for this on thanksgiving night and it was rescheduled to sunday and they re rescheduled to monday. And then re re re scheduled a tuesday and then re re re re scheduled to wednesday and so we're on the point of care tests came back negative for the ravens marquees. Pouncey has been put on the covid nineteen lists for the steelers. And that's how they're going work today. It's on and it's it's the hump of the hump day. Three thirty pm eastern start on. Nbc the exact. I mean honestly. If you couldn't come up with a time and date more polar opposite than sunday night football than wednesday afternoon on nbc and chris collins worth is all fired up. I'm assuming he's going to leave his hotel room for this game. After photographing the leaks seen on tuesday five as he said of ravens steelers at market square in pittsburgh there go right there and so That's his view. He's gonna actually go right down the streets not far. Yeah the the the confluence not far from where he is right there because what heinz field. Well it's probably gonna be cold but he is very walkable and that by the way The the roberto clemente bridge that you can walk across the beautiful baseball stadium. You hang a left and your right at your heinz field right down the street. It is a beautiful city. It's awesome it very walkable. Well as why didn't get my driver's license guys okay. Very good bringing full circle. It's thirty five in pittsburgh right. Yeah he's They'll send a car for well. They'll send a car for chris. Asked billy gardell about fish. Yes it's right in that picture to fish and he called him sandwiches. It's thing okay. It feels like twenty five sixteen mile an hour winds at the moment. I'll tell you what man because the steelers are one of the teams in the nfl. That does not mean. Every team controls it stadium and it's field on game day then when it's time for the playoffs the nfl take things over. The steelers are one of the teams that i think. There's only a couple of teams that do not want anybody's set on the field. They want the field empty so anytime we did thursday night. Football games from pittsburgh they would not let us on the field with our set. We had to be on the i. Guess what would you call it. It's not an atrium the concourse. Yeah on the open ended the stadium. Oh my gosh as in wind yeah there. Yes right off the confluence. Gosh it is as cold as i've ever games at soldier field. Oh my gosh. And that's why you don't i mean that's why kicking. There's a nightmare. Pan the stadium. Yeah it's like it's like any time you've ever been in a cab and the driver leaves the wind open and it's ten degrees outside. You'll hey would you mind. Roll damping up. Can we close the stadium. It's not just about me. I just shared a great story about from my college days. Mean about ordering pizza from the same Pizza place in bag of chips. Honor as an honor man like you spent so much money. They got a fifty one year old. I look back to proud speaking of your college days rich. Did you happen to catch the college football playoff show last night. I did chris because your college not in the top ranking aware that chris happened to get a lot of run during the program by you. Know kirk herbstreit. Yeah he said a hell of a thing. Last night did about michigan possibly waving the white flag to keep ohio state out of the eligibility for the college football player and the white flag that michigan would apparently be waving in this is using covert is a shield to get out of playing yes state next waving the white flag which is a hell of a thing to say on television. Yeah he later. Apologize posted a video on twitter. That's not really what happened. But yeah and i know year as you know again but i'll put my helmet here because you know. I've got my helmet here. I wear my colors on my sleeve. Which which which you know makes makes me as a professional. I'm aware that whenever. I talk about ohio. The ohio state. That people might think that i'm not shooting them straight because i have a sincere rooting interest in this rivalry But i'm you know somebody who's opinionated here and giving you thought here then appearing on nfl network. And i'll tell. I'll talk about michael. Thomas being great and zeke being worthy of his contract and you know one of the reasons why the saints defense is balling out as they basically have drafted ohio states. Secondary and the bosses are a problem for any. I'm i can and you can sit at home and sit here and go well. He isn't really believe that. I do but that's fine. You know i'm in this setting. I'm calling again. I'm a calling the game and you know not like kirk needs advice. You know his emmys irv stuck in his ears. You know you might not be able to hear it. So but i'm a michigan fan sitting at home watching michigan minnesota in week. One i don. I wouldn't if i'm kirk want at all. I think put in the head of michigan fan watching the game at that. He's not shooting anybody straight or talking minnesota because what he said last night prior to his apology what he said last night saying that harbaugh is afraid of getting his ass kicked again by ohio state and thus would use covert as a shield from michigan and ham to not get their asses and turn down the competition. By whatever again. You're implying and i know that. He also said in his apology that there has been instances in college football this year. That teams have said. We don't to play or we can't play and the team that's about to come in is about to beat them up and you know dabo. Swinney has been very vocal about florida state on that very subject. And i think he's said that. I've seen other instances of it and it's been a problem for me and it's just sit well for me but to sit here and say that that's what michigan is going to do or thinking about doing because if they don't play ohio state ohio state doesn't have enough games on its docket to qualify for the championship of its own conference and thus will not be considered for the championship writ large and that by turning down the competition and using covert as a shield is michigan's way of actually beating ohio state implying all of that along with what that would mean. Does that mean that we're creating tests. We're finding like trump's doctor to write a note like what are we doing. that's straight off like some sorta tin foil hat ohio state fan blog site. And he's going to call games permitting. You betty sent out an a video saying my bad shouldn't have done it. So it's it's it's tough for the whole crew. Be calling michigan game almost sitting. Here you go. This is the guy who thought michigan was waving the white flag the white flag and a pandemic. it's damaging the hell things say us. Michigan was asked for comment. They were not commenting. Yeah why would they. What good would it be for. Jim harbaugh to go out. So you ask me what i thought. That's that's what i thought. I was pushed back. Man reese push back reece's like hold on second was i mean. Yeah because you're using term wave the white flag that's pretty all of it. That's no again. No wonder kirk thought better of it and wanted to send out a video policy pretty with heartfelt you know so i think he realized what he said. Filter didn't catch that out of the mouth on live television. Exactly eight four four zero four rich number two. Let's take some phone calls here before we get to kyle brandt on our show Bed pardon me ben and mississippi. You're here on the rich eisen show. It's ben so rich. I got two things for it. Okay number one. We are wanna add onto the conversation gone past the last few days about whether to is badly blown out or close game in the law. Okay i completely understand your point of view. Okay but if. I knew that. I'm born to luke's i rather it be bhai forty one. Then it'd be about one because for this simple reason. If i'm going to lose and it's going to be a close game. I'm going to be going through a mental fatigue. Of wondering what i could have done better or what. I could have changed. Try to overturn their circumstance. But if i lose by forty one. I just you know i woke up on wrong side of the bed and i put my socks on. Let's try something different. That's my point is okay. So i'm with chris and teach on that but that's what i call it really ask you about so john harbaugh during his super bowl year. Five offense coordinator cam kim. I appreciate everything you did. But offense is not going into the right direction. We need to make a change. Could you see us the near you because the ravens have extreme difficulty. Ah playing from behind and that if they make the playoffs that could be a problem if they can't get to leave. So could you see a scenario where john makes the same decision and say greg. I appreciate everything he's done but we can't come from behind to win football games. Could you see a scenario with greg is. Hey we need to do something you know. What i i don't man because we're in a pandemic it's just a different year to be honest with you and it's an interesting. Thanks to call. Ben thanks for hanging onto for our plus two to deliver the thought provoking questions. You know It's just a. It's it's interesting that you forgot the ravens the year that they want it all they did bounce their offensive coordinator in the middle of everything and it paid off. Just there's not enough practice time. There's not enough normal time. There's the everything's on zoom these days. I mean you're just not gonna. You're just not going to change the horses midstream. I know three teams have done it right and we know it might be a team. I know they're out they're out around. Yeah and they've made the changes for various reasons. Pr or getting a head. Start on the fresh start that they know that they're getting sure his team still in it. I mean i. I i would be stunned. If they make a move like that they could easily say it was tonight but they could easily win the last five games so finish eleven five. It's that they gotta pull it together just like the bucks got to pull it together at some point you go. You're going to have to actually put points on the board when you need to. You know when you're struggling and you're you're you're not on the same page or you're not being efficient or you're being too predictable or whatever it is that it's kind of two different things going on but tampa and with with baltimore but at some point you do have to rubber meets road here and push pedal to metal and get to where you need to go. It's funny tampa than baltimore. Kind of the opposite offensively when it comes to philosophy baltimore just wants to run it. They don't even look downfield. They add this kid. Hollywood brown is as fast as fast can be and they don't even look at him. I guess the yes. The styles are different. I'm just saying similar situation in terms of offenses suddenly dried up or not being as efficient as we've seen it can be right because clearly. He can't get any more different than tom. Brady and lamar jackson terms of style in terms of age in terms of everything experience. And then you know again. We had this conversation yesterday. We'll keep doing it. Because i i think. Did we ever posted. We post that ten minute long conversation we had yesterday about. Oh you know what brought back up again about. Would you rather be thrown out or would you rather lose in gut wrenching fashion under the ridiculous construct of if you knew going in. You're going to lose. Actually looked back up. He brought that up. I looked up. The question was would you rather it was lose like the titans believe they got blown out right or like the saints like have your heart ripped out. I said i would rather have my heart. Ripped out the whole concept honestly. I think it's a much more viable question than if you knew the outcome. I mean nobody ever knows the outcome. We watch sports because sports is. Dvr proof because of all of that right now. Ravens are bringing a ravaged team to bolt to pittsburgh today but it could be the first case of any given wednesday right. That's why so. I would rather get my heart ripped out then blown out better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all but post that from yesterday because i think it's been resonating with people. Jeff in detroit one of our favorites back here on the show. How you doing jeff. You there jeffrey. Let's put him back on whole he's though we we will give him the courtesies a guy calls in as much as he does for sure Let's go to jason miami. How jason rich. What's going on doing great. Well how you been. I've been good. I'll to the show today to the tony dungy man i got. I just love tony dungy. what's That brings me to a question. Guys my might wanna throw around the coast to and love to play for Tony dungy you know. He's not he's not in the league at the moment but i have to go with pete carroll maybe Mcveigh bill belichick. I know he'd be getting on you but he would probably get the best data you although tomlin right. How about my toe. Might tom and i love my tom. Mike tomlin gives it to you straight no. Bs straight of you know. I love my time. That's a good one also And then going to ball into basketball. I i like Gregg popovich co pop. I like to play for coach. pop also But listen you know you guys were talking about decay metcalf in boulder sized chipping got on his shoulder. And you know everybody. These guys would chips. Jordan got gotta chip knowing benching things. I think everybody you can't be in the nfl. With chip. i mean. Does mitchell trubisky ever chip. Because he was number two and not number one mahomes and watson have a chip because they weren't you know trubisky was drafter you know. I just think. I just think that a lot of that stuff is kinda overblown and you know you need to have that in order to play on this on this on this high level. I hear jason. I mean you know. Maurice jones drew wore number thirty two because he was a second round draft choice. And that's the number of teams that did not make him a first round draft choice. So you know. I i understand that but We we all have chips. I have one. I'm sure you do and your endeavor in your practice but i. I think that some people are larger Have chips that are larger. And i think that there are some that require it the for whom it is entirely necessary or it just consumes them and sometimes i could eat. You can eat you up now. That can lead to all sorts of or in the case of decay metcalf. It's it's it it works and thanks for the call and just one more again one more time one more time not to everybody playing the seattle seahawks. I would literally do this. I know i've i've said as if i literally would do this. Let me get this right. Put on my glasses here. I just moved my best ever signing too much for televised spot. I should just keep these. Come if i were. Let's say joe judge is up. I guess of particularly case. I would go to greg williams and say you are not a lot on the field. You are not allowed on the field. 'cause jamal adams is on that feel to that date like literally you new coach in the box and coaching. The we're alluvia a credential going here. We are removing your credentials for the game is lost. Alice field lost like literally is like marcel us. In pulp fiction. Your privileges have been revoked to you. May not approach the field. You will not be in a lot of feel. Sorry greg one of my last remaining axes coach is going to make sure you don't talk to jamal or decay. You may not rivera. Del rio is as dc. He's smart he's schwartz's get the veteran team. Okay i'm seriously man. I'm on complimented mcvay and i'm going to do jalen. I tell all coaches stay away from fourteen. Don't i mean we respect him and we will show him our respect with our scheme and our passion to beat him. Okay are you may not we. Honestly i. I know it sounds like i'm joking i am. I am not. I if i was a coach in the nfl. I would tell every assistant do not approach decay. Metcalf do not taunt happy fun ball. Maybe that's his new nickname. Happy fun ball because it looks it seriously. There's there's there's a lot of warning labels so on how to approach decay metcalf. So what's mcvay do in sixteen. You're gonna stop jalen from going over and talking trash. no no. that's that's a different story. That's a different story because just eat the heat of the competition and if you will dog v dog. That's fine designed coach. If he's gonna if he's going to take stuff like that. Maybe the next thing will be what we saw from the last dance. Who is that guy from From washington from oh that who jordan made up the whole thing right that that the guy lit up the bulls right who is a guy who lit up the bulls and then they went on the home home back to back nights and then jordan torch that team in the kid the bradford smith the bradford smith and it was made up the whole time. Kit never said a word to jordan like that's next for decay metcalf do not even a pro. Don't only don't do it. I don't care if it's his birthday. Don't go wish him. happy birthday. say nothing nothing. It's like again like goodfellas. Don't buy nothing. Don't do nothing. Okay with off the tons of and making sure nobody sat. Nobody's getting better. And i'm not getting pinched so you do not approach decay metcalf under any circumstance and i took that personally period end of story and especially for the jets like adam case should right now and always supposed to take it one game at a time. Two weeks in advance. You tell greg williams find out a different routine game. Because you're in the booth you may not even. We're not letting you set foot on the field with jamal adams out there and decay metcalf. Eight four four. Go for which number to dial com. Brandt when we come back always a fun conversation with the good morning football co host and host of ten questions with kyle brandt latest episode from wringer in spotify drops. Today now there are more ways to be a team with microsoft teams with together mode. You can bring everyone together in one space in the same virtual room. You can bring the power of true collaboration to your projects with whiteboard drawing sharing and building ideas in real time all on the same page and with large gallery view. You can see more of your team all at once with up to forty nine people on screen all at the same time. You can even raise your hand. Virtually so everyone can be seen and heard when there are more ways to be together. There are more ways to be a team. Learn more about all the newest teams features at microsoft dot com slash teams saved by the bell on peacock bay sides back baby and it's streaming on peacock right now. Some familiar faces. Mario lopez is back. Elizabeth berkley excellent episode. I stream last. Night is when mario lopez is. Ac slater told one of the kids. I went to school with screech. Remind me of screeched but you're not there yet and all holy hell broke loose. I mean the girl football player to. I'm hell broke. Yeah in the commercial. I went to school with scratch hours around screech. You remind me a screech screech you. You're you're not you're not. They're not they're not. They're told him he needed his own video. I don't know what that meant to stay away from. Stay away from the jets. Adam gates should tell greg three g williams right now. You don't field in weeks when the jets played eight four four two four rich number. Dial back here in the richeisenshow joining our friend from good morning. Football this latest episode of ten questions. With kyle brandt the podcast from the ringer and spotify. The great you. Mel hill is a car. Guest cow brand back here on the show. How are you call. All my rowdy friends are coming over on wednesday at noon right. Yes i know we we. We started the show. Kyle by by saying that to date a day and time. That's the exact polar opposite of sunday night. The hump of hump day would have to be it. Wednesday three thirty pm eastern has gotta be it. Kyle in a lotta ways. It's the night of the week for me. This is wednesday three thirty eastern i. I'm doing school pickup. I met the drycleaners. Them at the grocery store is the most sober sort of pedestrian moment of the week. There's no sizzle there's no rock and roll but sure enough we're going to have that. Nbc peacock logo have nfl football. It's so weird and yet everyone's kind of having this take rich. I've seen a lot hey. Nfl football every day. I kinda like it. I'm kinda here for it. i'm here for it hesitantly. Because i thought that i was going to be here for a crazy. Disney movie quarterback experience with the denver broncos. This past week. I said oh my god is going to be great. They're starting this guy. It was a lot better in theory than practice. I i tuned in for ten minutes of that game. It was bored to tears. Watching this poor kendall hit and throw it all over the field so i hope that wednesday is as good as it has been in my dreams. We need to rewrite or it was. It went the way that i you know. I hope rudy goes every time. I really watched the movie you know. What rudy is offside rudy's offsides Papa quad papa. Quad is the way. I usually do it. You know that's usually the way i roll. But it's just me being bitter michigan man. You know how dare you. i know. it's where we were talking colin. I by the way. I first things first. I know your princeton guy. You say you saying. I say nater using the deal is that is that an ivy league way of saying it or how to me is that. Let's ralph nader ralph's. Thought he was not nuttier. Any d i r. It's a deer right. The low points like the opposite of xena at sound it. It makes it does make you sound smarter. I you know. Isn't that what they say here in the nature of the week. Now you ready for some nater. I'd believe both are correct. Okay very good. Thank you. Chris appreciate you chiming in to noun. Thank you very good because we had on yesterday. And i said i said that if if i was ever in a millionaire jeremy shop would be my phone a friend and then we had jeremy on and he did all he did all the the the parlor tricks Him knowing he knows every vice president he knows every letter associated with the federal reserve. That used to be The letter of the federal reserve on every banknote. Who'd be your phone friend if you had. If you had a call somebody up that we would know. Who's a friend calm. You want someone you want someone who knows the things you don't know though you try to think of you know you a friend We like the same movies but no you don't want that. My mind immediately goes to neighbor. Listen because he keeps me check balanced hair. He's a very very very knowledgeable guy about a lot of things that i don't know about Some of them geographic. Some of them a racially based but that's part of the crux of our show. I would call nate. Plus i it soon. As jimmy kimmel called nate he would just give me the money. 'cause everybody likes it so much all these answer the question. I me and a part of the reason why i had iran. I was hoping that every time anybody calls her they receive a million dollars. That didn't happen. Unfortunately so it was just a one off. I guess the chester a arthur or whatever that was that was incredible moment. I watched the whole thing. Kyle brandt here on the rich eisen. Show okay so once week. Twelve does finish and then we go to week. Thirteen i know you're still High on the steelers. Nfc gopher anybody could beat anybody there so who do you got over the last five weeks four games would he got so weird. We talked to rich. And i think we were in agreement. Want that was. I was really crushing on the los angeles rams and and they just they they go and lose and not of the kind of lost. I wanna see at this point. So it's really becoming a matter of faith like who do you want to trust. Especially when you're going on the air. Saying i love this team. They're going to do it all. You'll look really bad right now. I i was doing backflips over the raiders last week too and they were they were humbled in the afc. So i don't think listen. I don't think the green bay packers are are winning a super bowl. I don't i think they're going to be too flawed like in this current. Nfc am i really gonna say damn you know. I'm going to go with the team that fails in the playoffs every year. And whose quarterback currently right now has about fifteen broken ribs. Is that really my best. Shot the saints and yet. I don't see a stronger front runner or dark horse. That has a better package with them considering breeze. Hopefully we'll be back in a few weeks so it's almost like it's feels kinda chocolate. I feel like i'm picking kentucky into my final four in michigan state and syracuse. But i don't love anybody else. And i thought it was the rams but they got shortcomings too so ask them. The football related poll question. Chris got chris. We we discussed before the show. Gopher it's up at richeisenshow which current nfc wildcard team. Kyle that's rams bucks cardinals. Do you have the least concerns about rams box. Carlos least concerns I think i'm gonna have to go back to the rams the bucks. Just it's time if you're gonna put this together it's it's the clutch by week. I can remember in years. I mean this is a very much by to sit around. Figure it out. go to uncle. Brucie's have some martinis. Whatever you gotta do. This team for weeks has just felt like a greatest hits album to me like it's it's an assembly of parts that don't really have the proper connected tissue and it's fun and there starstruck and then there's people but it feels a little like a greatest hits album which i which i don't really celebrate and then the cardinals fun team exciting team. They feel a little bit like last year's bills to me. This last year's bills team that was good and exciting and they had the young cool quarterback and then just got into the playoffs somehow and just lost their heads totally. So i i still think it's the rams they have to absolute superstars on defense and a guy who still trust and mcvay on offense and it's not sexy. It's the robert. Woods and cooper kupp running around are not necessarily decay metcalf and blown you away but if i'm gonna have the most faith in them it's the team it's a team in la all right and then asking the pop culture one that we came up with chris. Go for what do you got. Well we've been workshop this a little bit. It's the anniversary of the naked gun released today. I love the naked gun. So we were thinking like is naked gun sports movie or if it was game. Seven and your favorite team is playing unpire. Would you want behind the plate. Frank dragon angel hernandez joe. Wes was by the way in that scene or less robot or a blind dog. You know what i mean. Yeah sure well. Can i back you up. I spent the stage is is the national anthem by enrico palazzo. Yes yes okay. I'm rico palazzo who was also on Michael j. fox's basketball team and teen wolf so yes i'm going to go of course i'm going with robin. I'm going with frank driven who listen baseball little bit. Tedious neil little excitement. You need the demonstrative strike calls. You need someone who's going to try to see things differently and also put on a little bit of a show. i remember. there's some where they had the guy racing the people around the warning track their race racer guy and he would run them down. I if drowsy wall of that too. I'm into it. Yes frank driven even if there is royalty in the ball in the ballpark and frisk the players as they come to the plate or trying to grab the pop up and by the way rich. You runs a tight ship. He will use a dustbuster. Anna vacuum home-plate clean. You gotta keep it nice and tidy in the batter's box with all the hysterics about his strike calls and is inaccurate. Does run a any object people. He's jesse empires. Give someone the house. I go for sure behind the plate. Kaput christiania in a rundown. He can do all of that. And dr joy brother crew as well. Let's just go down this wormhole here because it's so great okay. Is that when when when when irv mooch. Kurt and i did the Game for the first time a four-man booth the number of times. I got on twitter that it reminded them of the naked gun booth with dick vitale and dick enberg intimidate carver. And dr joyce brothers at the very end with kurt gowdy. You know that that was. That's just one of the best booths. Especially when mel allen goes how about that after after one of those crazy moments on the field. And that's the other part about it too is the head comes off frozen. That's my favorite. Part of the montage is a of the send up. Because that's the best part about the naked gun is the is the is last. Seen is the send up of baseball from the spitting to at the time when there was a lot of doctrine of the balls. I think the negro brothers were the culprits at the time when this movie came out Is is also the montage of all the wacky moments that we used to have on the diamond vision to use the phrase at the time screen to keep us entertained inbetween time outs car hit the play sliding into second base being mauled by a tiger right about that. Oh my gosh just all time. I think in the meantime while that's going on you. Also they're sending up the concessions. In which the england as do. Pass years and hotdogs ricardo montalban ricardo montalban eight of finger instead of a hotdog. Fan right tastic and so. I showed that to my kids the other day. Twelve twelve and nine year old saw. Yeah well it went great You know the the scene Where frank jabeen said everywhere. He looks at reminds him of his ex girlfriend. And then you saw those two domes on the side of the road. We let that one go without any explanation. But the they had to explain to him. That who reggie jackson was and and i said that would be the equivalent of mike trout. It was today mike. Trout was attempting to. But i also had explained that. The queen is the same queens. Same queen queen. I wanna rich did you. Did you have to explain to them about. Nordberg was a question that susie did ask me do not let that one slide to kyle heroin. Frank de nordberg. I wanna get better. We'll go sailing. We did explain to them that oj. Was you know a famous football player. Gas did kind of and then we just left it there. you know. it's kinda like those awkward moments. You see on news. News shows these days where you know. All the pundits are arguing in the anchor goes. We'll just leave it right there. We've got to leave it there. Listen i feel like you. Maybe you're underestimating the parental job. You did going through that that you have to go with the movie with a machete. Full-body prophylactic seen there's driven is on the ledge running into a statue who has all kinds of body parts all kinds of things here. Yep gas and then there was a stuffed beaver as well but thank you day. Care that for you how you was two sequels and the equivalent that they attempted in the final act of naked gun thirty three and a third instead of doing the baseball game they did the oscars and nielsen up there with raquel welch and they thought he was filled down here. They do a whole oscar. Send up so they kept going with that. I love those movies so much. And i miss leslie neil. I agree with you. Karl brandt here on the rich eisen show okay. So eighty eight now eight okay. So jemele hill is your guest this week jump. Do you get into a real world political stuff forward. You stick to sports. What do you how do you. What do you do here with jim. Who's phenomenon mention that risk because it project is carry engine will not stick to sports We didn't we you can't you can't have her on and just say. How great is michigan. State you can't we ve. Oh you can't say that these days anyway. We did get the michigan state. Which i absolutely before you in a second but listen. It's funny. i've done in fifteen episodes of these now in the second. You tweet out on your show. You mentioned get very colorful very vulgar. Not right now. Talks at length about anthrax scares death threats on and on and on and what it's like when you get tweeted by the president and i i'm not a political opinions and i'm not a political show. We covered it. I thought it was fascinating. I thought it was revealing. I've known her for a long time. So really comfortable doing it. One thing i would ask you rich. We did talk a lot of sports. And i said to. Jamal had two corinthian with three all time. Michigan state greats. Who would you choose and let me guess who she chose. Yeah of course you. All time michigan state greats. Magic is one magic is one. Cause she said he's terrible cards and she can beat them. Okay other michigan. Did she go mateen cleaves. Did she go our. Yes she went mateen cleaves to two and the third one. My friend is the wildcard right. It's not it's not kurt cousins. I thought it was probably the richest aright Can you give me a hint which sports this is a non athlete. This is a A hollywood i wanna use the word legend. Hollywood legend older gentlemen. I would guess at this point. He's probably in his late. Seventies so go for christopher james caan james caan michigan state man. Didn't even know that but she said he'd be in there. We had him on our podcast. One time how phenomenon that conversation by the way our podcast. We had back in our podcast days. We had we had james caan. We had bruce dern and the question is is absolutely nuttier But james on james caan is. That doesn't get much you're in a maze and blue corn ta who you hanging with Have amazing blue quarantine you think. Tb twelve does desmond howard. Who's one of my favorite people on the planet. Oh yeah oh now and now people are gonna get pissed at me when i go. It's either charles or see web. Which idea i wish bo is still around. I know you were a huge setback. Where she can sanjay gupta. Who who would i go. Sanjay gupta canoe just to make sure that we're all socially could do that was choose if you choose dead or alive because if you choose jews know i'll do. I'll just go off the james jones. We'll take their identify a little rain. Nobody no kidding okay. It doesn't matter it doesn't matter. How many videos michigan asks me to participate in voicing over. that is for sure. The voice of darth vader. Mike to beat the university of michigan. We all your father's. That'd be one day we could use that. I don't know the field of dreams. Peace love dope. He's got that great boy Carl another great conversation always appreciate it. We'll see on good morning football tomorrow at At seven am eastern time and catch the latest episode of ten questions. With kyle brandt with jemele hill. Thanks for the time brother. You take care every time. I love it man. Thanks right back at ya at. Kyle brandt on twitter instagram. Right here on the rich eisen show would be your three Syracuse great question rich. 'cause there's there's internal broadcasters legendary and also athletes think i would i think i would take bob costas okay. I think bob's up there. Let's see i'm making big jim brown. Okay it's still still with us okay. And oh goodness. I gotta i gotta think on the give you the third one i think on the third because he has twenty more years of eligibility left ronnie cycling take him recycling spent years. It's syracuse really bizarre. How he got a nineteen th year of eligibility ronnie cycling. Mike tirico. Oh wait a minute. You'd also you would not take mellon. Come on i. i wasn't there for mellow. I would take mellow obviously there. I wasn't there. I get it but i would. More fast is out there for brady. Either to rico internal saab real here. I do in terms of syracuse orange orange men and now orange. Who have made you as delighted as a human being on planet earth. where does carmelo anthony rank very high. Very how is he not like top tour. Top three for you. I just didn't think of them off the top of my head. Derrick coleman dc. aaron sorkin. Is he really syracuse. And sarkin did not know that. You know who's michigan mike wallace. I would have had him although after a while and quarantine probably a little bit unbearable. Don't tell me what to do. And our buddy the great tom. Everett scott a delightful. Human young squire celebrate. Take your phone calls. Get set up for another delightful human. I am so psyched to talk to bryan. Cranston has been way too long and apparently we have some free alcohol because now there are more ways to be a team with microsoft teams. Bring everyone together in one space with a new virtual room. Collaborate live drawing sharing and building ideas with everyone on the same page. And make sure more of your team is seen and heard with up to forty nine people on screen at once. Learn more about all the newest teams features at microsoft dot com slash teams. I honestly. I'm gonna miss this problem and you know the office. Giving kickoff is in two hours less than two hours. The commissioner just held a press conference or conference call. Okay so maybe we can get a sound bite from that or get that ready because we'll have a news update in our three after bryan. Cranston joins us. I'll have some quote. Okay very good yeah Here's the alcohol that bryan cranston is He and erin. Paul of put together a little new business tequila okay. It's it's. i'm not a drinker. i read one. I know very well meskel. Is that what we call it. Mesko miscou scall- okay dose hombres mess. Cow oh here we go. Here's the kicker cranston and aaron paul. All right on the beach take these photographs together. All right. I had the difference between tequila. Mesko okay there you go. So brown's gonna join us. Got a new show called your honor on showtime back here on the rich eisen show. We're talking about bryan cranston going to be joining us about thirteen minutes. Ding to the internet here typically produced by steaming gava side industrial ovens before being distilled meskel on the other hand cooked inside earthen pits that are aligned with lava rocks and filled with wooden charcoal before being so a little different than how they're made. You know how. We always used to do the jim. Brock meyer voice as food in a lineup. Makes it sound like leadoff. Leadoff hitter would be a gabby gotti a sada carney. That second flouted batting third flout florio better even if you recall about three summers ago right in the middle of august day i'm barbecue in the backyard i'm grown and my son was I guess just ten at the time. Which one is zen. And he's comes out there and he goes. Hey dad can we go see lebron on mike now. I don't have his number. I mean i don't really know how we can go see him. What are you talking about. He goes this coming fall like what looked down phone. There's an alert. yeah lebrons current los angeles three plus one three plus one. He's staying in los. Hey so that was. The conversation is how long. How long is it going to stay. How long will we give the lakers year. One dreadful your two worlds dreadful but the bubble was great very bubbalicious. Anthony davis gonna be sticking around. We assume and labron. Just according to rich paul telling many news outlets two year contract extension worth eighty five million dollars changing dale paid like. He's in the premier league. Obviously his team got younger. He still has told anthony davis. He's going anywhere seriously. Matt and then there's an article out today in the athletic about dysfunctional clippers. Where last year. He's not going anywhere. It is amazing right around this time last year. I can't catch a break. He's going to win ten champion just by the time. It's all around last year. I was sitting here. And i will always shoot you strike and i will. You know recall when i was wrong. Man was off sitting here. This is a clipper town. Man here Okay anthony davis but here. Deputy clippers went adding paul george and they got. They're going to work for doc in the rest of that team and they're ready to go. And what a total unmitigated show. I mean i was way off. You weren't the only way off so the browns stick around you keep some here for. Is it on top of the four there. Were they just tear up. What do we got here. Do we know the through Through the end of the twenty two twenty three season okay fine so they tacked on an extension. Okay so there we go. She's got three more years here now three more years after this year so it was the three plus one they got rid of the plus one. Ah how will be at that point in time. Brennan would be a senior that year. Here we go so so that the year after which does not have a contract for. We'll be brownies either freshman year of college or if they change the rule will be in the nba. So you're tanking for both james's right correct because there. That is absolutely don. Yeah for sure. Is that lebron. Wants to be a free agent when his son no pressure gets into the nba. You will get father-son. Unless i again i have this sign for a reason i mean. I can't tell offended. i can't tell. I can't tell my my three children my two boys or my girl that a wherever you want to work. I got your back because i will go work with them. Unless they're like. I want my own spot. I love you dad. But i wanna create my own spot. I have no idea but just in case brownies all cool with dad showing up in his spot and they play together because that's something that they've been talking about literally since his son could talk he's contractually free to do it right so what orlando teen. Ix chico of the teams that are always at the bottom. One thing i can tell you knicks. Here's one thing. I can tell you on that sir. Not gonna happen. Lebron and brawny may have been talking since the minute brawny could crop about playing together. That's the one guy that will absolutely never get any james. The knickerbockers yeah. I would think that sure well. We also have to consume consumed. He's going to be good enough to get drafted that early. Not see the instagram workout pictures. That were released over thanksgiving break. Brownie is huge. Whose son never gets talked about and looks like a beast on instagram shack. Son schrief o.'neil who's at lsu had been after he had open heart surgery. Yeah right that kid. Just workout short. Who's right. Wow no one ever talks about them. Eight four four two zero four rich. Let's go to jeff in detroit's jeff there you are. I've got about two minutes for you. What's going on jeff. Go was happening cousin. I was just thinking about something. Has there been in recent history. A more underrated as well as non talked about. Coach is my family. A hundred and forty three with seventy four losses. Now get this rich. Seventy four losses. Compared to matt. Patricia eddie murphy. The diplomats of forty five losses in eleven seasons difference unbelievable unbelievable. He's a leader. He's the guy that you want to play for on the locker room and you've never really get here about him. Being talked about is one of the great brunt. I've talked about him as one of the greats and i know look you get a you know jeff i get it. I mean and He's amazing he's truly remarkable. Last year was An eight eight season. That very few coulda pulled off and Now what you're seeing. I think they're gonna go sixteen. Dr unless there's some crazy that i said it. I said i believe it and thank you for the call. Jeff truly remarkable when you grab your crystal ball man. Come with congressional. Appreciate that thanks. Jeff jeff jeff. Tony dungy was on last hour. When he's i asked him last time. Somebody called him to ask him if he wanted to coach. She said three years ago although he said this year has been getting a lot of calls from people as spoken to a wild kind of just asking about their teams kicking the tires tires a little bit and he says he tells them. This is what. Dan rooney did Get yourself a defensive. Minded coach who can really communicate was cower and then now tomlin afternoon go forward and stick with the program. And that's the whole point. Would jim call was doing not doing this. Against over five hundred teams and that this and the other thing. It was four years. What if what if he was building. Something there the quarterback that do it. i mean. i think they're going to get robert sahoh by the way defensive minded coach who can communicate. That's your go. that's your guy. Stick with give more than four years when you hire somebody. Eight four four zero four rich number to dial. Your honor is coming to showtime. And that's the guy who plays his honor bryan cranston one of the all time greats. Love this guy. Can't we have a conversation with him. Top our three back here on our peacock fade rich. You know jason. The caller called earlier. Yes about coaches. You loved play for no. No one mentioned andy reid on that. That's guy no. There's no question sean. Payton seems like fun. Like you know he's gonna teach you. You'll be stern with you but you you also have some fun with them. Eat after the good state wherever you want. Yeah when's the last time andy. Reid could not get a reprieve. Pandemic get a reservation somewhere right. They had to make sure they got enough meat on hand while he definitely you can by the way. Let stonestreet cook. We'll take care of everybody mitchell schwartz mitchell schwartz. Oh my gosh. How funny was that by the way at our big slick show three years ago. Big slick show with stonestreet sitting next to mitchell schwartz. And i said mitchell schwartz. Member of the tribe and stonestreet goes chiefs. And i'm like no different tracks is one of my favorite moments mitchell schwartz member of the tribe. And she's like yeah geez. No no no no. And eric text them about your about flipped by the way that that was the backdrop we ever had. I know you were all over the place shooting shooting so many great photographs. There a kauffman stadium bryan cranston of your honor on showtime when we come back now there are more ways to team with microsoft teams. Bring everyone together in a new virtual room. Collaborate live building ideas on the same page and see more of your team on screen at once. Learn more at microsoft dot com slash teams.

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48 Hours

Personal Best

38:46 min | 2 years ago

48 Hours

"This is a cbc podcast this beer at could begin with the sound of a cold one being poured but that's not original in mill street brewery is in fact there oh when it comes to improving the very first organic logger in ontario since two thousand two ministry made it their mission to brew beer using only certified organic ingredients because it was the right thing to do even at a time when organic wasn't being done they did it and they did it well today no street original organic blogger is ontario's best selling award winning craft beer that's made with all natural certified organic ingredients so this patio season grab yourself a certified original organic walker mill street brewery tour with purpose you remind me why we did this again a personal challenge personal challenge okay this episode we tried something that we had never done before in experiments on us yeah it it didn't turn out at all how we had plan it was the most stressful thing we've ever done yeah i think it turned a cool though i had a lot of fun in parts of it it would more fun when we were done yeah but let's stop talking about it in actually play be after the first the credits i'm rob norman i'm andrew norton and this is personal best okay well certainly beginning our zero it is five o'clock on a thursday afternoon or on a busy street corner it's snowing there's lots of people walking around were gonna find someone who wants to prove something about the cells and do that in forty eight hours were gonna do a whole episode in forty eight hours all the recording for two days twenty four hours flights it's thursday stay now by saturday afternoon were gonna be wrapped in all right okay let's get to it to the god he's got a problem excuse me sir where with the cbc cbc do you have something you'd like to promote yourself not really okay okay it's the first day of snow and everyone looks really upset about it and no one really wants to hang out my fingers hurt in my face hurt and there's something you can do about it anyone have a small problem were trying to help here were just trying to help anyone who's who's who's problem maybe it's a good way to start just ask someone if they have any problem here a class sometimes one of my biggest problems is my posture and i try but i always kind of these falls into the slouch so you're problem is you won't you won't watch cnn missouri pretty much as i'm in a relationship but i have commitment issues sometimes i wake up and you know i love my boyfriend and some days i wake up and i'm like i kind of want to single assuming you're boyfriend right besides you write it is okay yeah we can't help with that but were getting a bit of momentum here we talk with procrastinators pretty aware of that oh i've gotta be working on the diamond but i just find something that's much lower our on my priority list more procrastinators at some point that alarm goes off you say i don't have any more time to stare the someone who wants to one up her big brother like i guess they'd rather it's more of a cheaper than me oh it's just one step ahead and there's also someone auditioning for the tv show big brother yeah big brother a little bit of damage on the show if i were to get on and we also met a guy who's never seen snow before wow really critical that's one he didn't have a problem but he was very nice to talk do how long have you been here for a few months are you enjoying it good yeah i wish i were excited us him about the snow there's a couple of inches on the ground are shoes and socks are completely so but we have written down names and phone numbers of some people that we could potentially vote do you know that a physical pain a big fan of so rob makes a new plan with associate producer gestion it involves starbucks in hot cocoa burgo that starbucks in raleigh and then will phone are new gas choosing a guest is always tricky you can't help everyone luckily it clears us the entire lot one person stands out meet meet miriam a woman who's hoping to win approval of her to parents by one nothing her brother you have reached the voicemail box of marion miriam this is andrew norton calling we met on the street earlier an okay so so instead meet cat cat this is the andrew norton calling we met just about an hour or so ago how are you oh injure and doing well how about you kennison mature student who has a passion for urban planning which is good because it's also his major but cat like most of us struggles with procrastination what i noticed is that if i can just start writing then everything goes by and i'm able to right well but every day i am always faced with just feeling really uncomfortable about starting any writing half an end what's that feeling when it's like okay time to do this work but i don't want to all gosh i'm super familiar with it this time tightness rates in my chest high grade where the rib page stop he's not lazy or disorganized he's got his day scheduled out hour by hour it's just that when it comes to a big task like writing an essay he'll find something easier to do something that gives them the illusion of productivity usually it's housework so doing the laundry that kind of thing do you have any assignments do like monday i wanna do online today what is it we went to pittsburgh get some initial research for about a week and now what i need to do is bring it into a paper to talk about how pittsburgh has taken care of or not taking care of downtown revitalization ten pages doubles based on the revitalization of downtown pittsburgh end he's yet to start a big stumbling block i got a time in my calendar booked out it's really just being able to sit down and do the work bocquet moral or gonna help you write a paper on pittsburgh ally amazing thing all right we're gonna have fun man forty eight hours to get over procrastination enter finish this paper okay i'm skeptical but i'm totally i totally down trip that were gonna forty eight hour timer you wanna counties in five four three two one goal merited started with our guest secured any episode encroaching upon andrew sperm nine thirty bedtime day one is complete at least for andrew i have a busy night had if a it's a friday morning i just woke up there's thirty seven hours in thirteen minutes left today we gotta go into the cbc see and we got to a i guess interview some people and try and figure it out of health votes a cat so we booked to studio side by side for the day so rob and i could both be working on this at the same time but rob's already in one of them with a bunch of people so instead scrambling to find the perfect expert the day of last week i got associate producer judging it helped me book a bunch of people in advance and since i had no idea what the problem would be i booked three off some experts to cover all my basis that goes completely against the spirit of what we're doing here how because the whole point of this is that we fibers univer pants we go in we find out what the problem is we start from scratch together you're doing interviews within a forty eight hour period yeah booking the gas wasn't part of the episode but he's not sporting to do that i think it's sporting all here i am i got nothing you're jealous that i have something in you have now who are these people but first i want a scientist who could tell me i lost my things and any other carl i'm a biologist studying leeches also want someone who's practical who knows how to implement big ideas in the real world i'm you condemn of i'm a political scientist and then finally i'm reid bigger and more stringer just in case horses were involved is extra pretty good yeah what followed was a rousing interdisciplinary roundtable procrastination involving science history and of course rain sportsmanship i think this this whole brexit thing was a master class and procrastination holding out the perfect come so it's perfectionism like it's in the way of finishing attached to extinction of one of the things that's really parents evolution is there's many past the same thing i guess the classic example is wings right birds have wings and insects have wings but all of their wings like a little bit different they've all accomplished flight through completely different routes so you might think something you're doing is procrastinating it's not related sometimes it might all come together in a way that were expecting an are horse trainer reid also knows a few things about motivation a trade him and make him competitive with other horses given the desire to beat another horse though run another horse coaxing coaxing competition petition coax him into this stuff is great and i bet they have some pretty interesting fact about pittsburgh that have no relation to the city of pittsburgh is no each scientists in pittsburgh and i know of no racing in pittsburgh so you won't find me there no one of the most interesting parts of this whole conversation with something daniel pull me about how scientists collect leeches when we collect leeches it's pretty much exactly as you would imagine we go into a pond or stream and roll up are pant legs and just wait till they just find us maybe that's what cat needs just relax roll up his pants put his legs and the correct and let the essay find him while rob is laughing it up with his three new friends other studio doing things be honest way staring at the computer with absolutely no guest in no idea the help so i have to bring all my reporter lee skills to bear thank you for calling man rather comment there is now pittsburgh hand like i start by calling my favorite pittsburgh sandwich with no answer there in my time running down i post on twitter to see who's procrastinating right now that's all i need jim i am hunting off writing stories jen works with the bbc on a radio soap opera called be archers yeah right now i am watching a love story procrastination is thriving justify their name in the uk i also talked to this guy jeremy from new brunswick who right now is putting off training for an ultra so i should be able to run this seventy kilometers right now which i can't or i should say yeah i i'm procrastinating on try to then there's tim vigil he's currently put enough teaching but that's only because he agreed to take the time to talk to me he's a professor at carlton university and author of a book called solving the procrastination puzzle it's it's basically mood repair it makes us feel better some facing a task that's gives me some negative emotions oceans of some sort on board i'm frustrated and resentful i'm anxious you pick your favorite and those very firm task the task but they're obnoxious emotions you don't want the have them how could you avoid the emotion of the task and that's procrastination and it has nothing to do if being organized or locating time is that right no it's not about time management but they've come to a point you're day where you look at what's on your schedule and that six year old that's alive and well and you goes i don't feel like it will feel more like a tomorrow turns out procrastination is all about the relationship between are current self in our future self absolutely it is in fact we treat future self like a stranger we think about future self like a stranger so it's not even us having the pain so it's almost like are future self is another person and were going as not my problem that's right that's exactly that one solution he recommends is just focusing on the very next tiny step that's it don't get to ahead of yourself you kind of have to ask yourself okay if i were to start on this terrible thing i don't wanna start on what would be the very first thing i do and it might be a simple as i need open my laptop and open up a word document or look at the email to see what instructions are the moment you move you're attention from how you're feeling feeling to doing that's where you're motivation starting to emerge as a motivation doesn't leave the auction motivation follows the big a tesla ingesting there we go we have thirty one hours fifty nine minutes exactly remain how you feeling tired yeah yeah you've been now even had been ground pretty hard man i think with this minutes information i could fighter who kill jfk so it sounds like we have a research done in are goal is clear actually two goals bears getting him to finish the yesterday which we need to do and then there's there's something that we need to do to help with the procrastination this never happens again exactly first step by leading quick brainstorm no bad ideas what if we put him in the dmv he's waiting in line and it's a line that never ends it's just a circle and you it'd be like hey you like folding laundry here's five hundred fitted sheets you've got a full we cry gently freedom and then send the future so he knows the future slide a lot of people say the wheel is the best invention let's think about that for a second i'm thinking that's as far as i got so there are some bad ideas i feel like if we had a little bit more time we could think of something better yeah but we make some phone calls so i i heard back on the mayor's office so we might have mayor fisher might have the mayor of pittsburgh like the show like they need in the maryland show all the mayor system like this yeah yeah they never called us back after a bit more deliberation we decide on three activities are particularly taylor detached neat also we could do the month three hours so it's only a couple of hours until cat is supposed to come by the studio and we start these activities just and i are rushing around getting everything set up we need to book rooms get a recording equipment tested make props rob is owed buying supplies were busy but ontrack everything's great what could possibly go wrong okay this is me calling rob we have thirty hours and fifteen minutes left can you hear me a i just got a text message hey cat hope you're well today i reconsidered participating in the podcast episode you offered thank you for you're efforts and wishing you the best free you're endeavors yeah i don't know if you've seen so into it yeah okay welcome to the show must go on right we have thirty hours left in are forty eight hour episode in no guest so we've challenge results mckay full episodes just forty eight hours were helping a guy named cat get over his procrastination and ready ten page essay doubles faced on the revitalization of downtown pittsburgh except he doesn't wanna be on the show anymore i called in left a message saying hey dirty here about this let me know if there's anything we do change you're mine and then immediately after i leave a message i get a text back this is i am unwilling to discuss this oh we have a missing cats so andrew what i've learned from sitcoms is when you're in the situation the best course of action is to replace the cat with an identical cat for anyone notices what if i tell you that i have a friend named cat hi ken how are you hi terry situation so were making it up certain forty eight hours in we're supposed to help this guy named cat he just dropped out what is it about cats problem with procrastination is it apply to you at all really plus new cat is busy for most of our remaining hours thing so tomorrow night i'm sorry man luckily i've been flipping through arsenault soaked notes from are street interviews last night in there may actually be someone else who could save this episode miriam no not even better so longest they pick up the phone well isis william yeah it is william this is andrew norton we met last night and promote the cbc show personal got yeah how're you doing i'm good thanks very good i don't suppose you still wanna be on her show there okay in your problem is procrastination right yes perfect in writing papers a yeah like really just getting started on writing anything at all i think we could hope that all right so we russia will over the cbc okay what do we need to know about we'll we'll is a journalism students he's in his first year classes he procrastinates when it comes to writing and this comes from the high expectations he puts himself i wanna be the best writer that i can and sometimes i feel like i'm not i won't do it at all it'd be cool to kind of be able like motivate myself earlier than having my feet to the fire in the form of like a deadline of something and even though he's in his first year this is his second try university so figuring this stuff out kinda matters like i've i've seen what happens already you know i've been through one cycle of going to university not doing very well and working in retail jobs for two years so i i've managed somehow to get myself into a journalism program but i really care about and i don't particularly want a repeat that cycle again sounds like a daunting task is a daunting task i would say is starting there's no time to waste we have a bunch of stuff playing four wheels all plan for cats but we'll is going to do it yeah we didn't have any time to change any of these custom activities we made her cat but i think these can help for will end the first thing a procrastinator needs to do if you build a better relationship with their future self to do that we're gonna need snacks now you can pick out anything you want from the convenience store for your future self ooh that's really good okay wills only screwing over his future self like constantly punting off work he needs to do something nice for for a change i'd say maybe like a five dollar limit of my future self hopefully will eat better but maybe you'll need a treat maybe you'll need a tree i no ban on a dusty rack at the back of the store will sees me answer the banana marshmallow bananas enough you do you man with a marshmallow bananas in hand we head back to the students back of the escalator next wills gonna do a bitter writing how will you be better to yourself from my future self okay i hand him some stationary and we've already provided an opening line okay 'em we have their future cat what it sorry weaken scratch that okay yes sorry it's just scratch your cats will you future william i promise that i will not staring blankly at a computer screen i wants to have fun with the work that i'm doing this is like a confessional strange all this goes into a tiny wooden box it's a time capsule to be dug up in a couple of weeks by none other than future wealth week cram everything it don't forget bananas now it's time for you right of passage forever aspiring canadian journalist dig a hole in the cbc courtyard in berry you're box of dreams inside okay i think right here like the jets got a bit of give to it to bit of digging here in death in creating cbc government property but go ahead with our care package for future will tucked just below the topsoil i take not quite future will upstairs nick stop the seventh floor but then very soon after that the procrastination shooting range new movies or especially in spring training bringing these cardboard cutouts pop up in the special agent has to like make a split second decision whether the shooter don't shoot like is it a friend is it afo well we've done that so will the sole focus and when you are trying to focus on getting something done like a essay urban planning in a major city you need to have that level of focus in the real world wheels making choices all the time that preventative and starting projects so we've created about two dozen cardboard targets summer productivity drink traps like a company so twitter others are things that might help achieve this goal like a clean desk or pittsburgh mayor bill peduto i lovie arsenal nerf guns in get him into position on you're marks get set go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go the first time you're like what in the world go go a twitter joke no netflix definitely not associate producers are hiding behind desks making these targets flip the seemingly random 'em my laptop thank you i will keep you fishing rod notes that build up sorry the mayor of pittsburgh mayor of pittsburgh decide i'm sorry roberto clemente bridge all urban planning of course a thank you to good relaxing candle probably not no got it bad times were so far from article in this one not even close to where i wants to be killed things that you didn't need to throw rocks and kendall will help you focus the mayor of pittsburgh killer mayor of pittsburgh so you're shooting a gun to quick having too much fun right now being a little too lazy with this i think we need a lot more focused i'm resetting everyone on you're marks get set starbucks no relaxing candle yes thank you dirty laundry no romance no story leeches no messy nece no thank you a mirror pittsburgh bill peduto yet how is really good well i'm really happy with that gives has rattled off i'll take that i have one final room doubt will realize he's true potential so i've given him some instructions to follow find the door and mark crosses beware do not enter entering the room now 'em it's creepy definitely the room is dark in canopies hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the floor there's a pile essays surrounded by a yellow wrote it will last a table with a very potent elixir find the juniper berries tickets all right i'll be honest does not taste like that much so in addition to talking with a biologist and a horse trainer i also talked with a psychic medium i knew you're doing something weird like that last night when you left at like nine o'clock instead you appointment surpri so the psychic medium had some very important production one thing i get i'm being shown calling all their clients 'cause you never know it'd be like hey hobby old coins right yeah i wasn't really sure what they do with that information talked about i went to healing which and she said connecting with these elements might help will open up the universe has the gene burberry t also she concocted a kind of potion and then put it into like this little aroma therapy inhaler smells nice almost makes me think of forests definitely feel more connected the elemental is based on that 'em the final step in a journey is to literally put his feet into the universe is correct of creativity renewed my shoes and socks inside the ropes stand on the pile of as satisfying hurt in a pile of essays now after two standing barefoot on a pile essays about pittsburgh we'll have completing his belt and front wheels tone of voice you can tell he's very inspired been in journey through the stranger in a strange decoration i feel much more ready to be my horrible fear of essence now so i guess that's it for me so we just did the same amount of activities we do over the course of about three weeks with the guest in only a couple of hours plus there's a whole mystical witchcraft room you never know maybe with a different subject witchcraft might have resonated a tiny bit more will seems very confused plights but confused he's exhausted and so are we and i think you start to realize these activities we built or and exactly designed for him i have a various points felt like and part of a science experiment here but i guess in some ways i am so i can't help but feel though we might lose her second guess if this episode but i'm hoping not because we don't have a lot of options and we have left in twenty four hours left i want to go home so badly very hungry people at home winning firm you are mad at me because i i've been here for so long frank twelve hours yeah k it's a saturday saturday morning eight am we have twelve hours in twenty one minutes left we've had a a different person we've we've changed her are subject or guest and and you know were were rolling with the punches so here goes final day after a long and intense davis will eight procrastinating journalism student andrew and i are back in the cbc offices and we are beat yes were tired yes were running out of time yes we spent an hour getting pancakes this morning but we made a promise to ready ten page doubles based essay about the revitalization of downtown pittsburgh end yes that promise was to eight different guests who has since politely told us he no longer wants to be part of this project but it was a promise dammit that's what we're gonna do because whoever can complete this essay will prove they aren't a procrastinator so let's all right and here's the deal so we need to research the facts about pittsburgh need phone numbers of disparate businesses you start to real expert recruiting and pittsburgh ruining a mural cityscape this whole room house look like this we wanna come in and it just you just feel pitcher right away all right got four hours it's time to meet will injured ayers sitting in the lobby single microphone held in are collective hands we wait wait were waiting because there is no we'll just comes to deliver the news after doing some serious soul searching are second guess it'd be episode will decided to go home together laptop he's running late and when will does arrive boy are we happy to see him well yeah i don't pal pretty good thanks and time to reflect and sleep on it i mean a lot of fun overall 'em had a good time so hyped come back today but past that and i know like big breakthroughs i wouldn't say see andrew he had fun we had nothing to worry about plas the prophecy came true because inside will jacket but you have an anti coin out of a jacket phobic but you have acquainting you're jackets in antioch line the oldest when i see maybe this the second thing you might not be far off this year never know the universe first launched it has always wanted will be the one to write this essay we show will are fully transformed studios welcome to pittsburgh buddy perfect the walls are totally covered heard justice taped together a mural using forty photographs from the good color printer upstairs rob jury whole cityscape including be famous roberto clemente bridge and there's even a framed photo of someone very familiar recognizing the they built the data darn to get bill peduto pittsburgh sixtieth mayor i've also prepared in audio visual presentation to inform inspire an delights welcome to pittsburgh the video opens with beautiful drone shots of downtown pittsburgh from for the just offer mutu from its unique sandwiches to its unique the nuclear railways pittsburgh has something for everyone like many downtown areas is currently going through changes but pittsburgh embraces change and as always we'll is floored by are pretty impressed with this all things considered we also want to connect with actual pittsburgh you to supply him with a list of phone numbers like cindy from baskin robbins combat cindy speaking how can i help you hi cindy 'em i'm working on an athlete but the city of pittsburgh is wondering if you could help me answer a couple of questions doing a live in essay on the city of pittsburgh okay how do you feel about the revitalization of pittsburgh's downtime court it's nice nice 'perfect on anything you'd like to see happen you don't see already i dunno but i can't keep then 'cause i'm working all right thanks times in the end they're sandra who works front desk at eight fancy downtown hotel it's too congested when they have things you look stupid traffic a little bit better yes a you know they need more parking we also provide will with a bunch of academic papers take these facts put it into an essay whatever happens stay focused on you're marks get said well yeah if the plug my laptop and consisted of fair enough sky make sure it's all charged up found you lunch is a good and this goes back right on your mark get set to start start that essay by wheels task is ten pages double space on the grapevine ization of downtown pittsburgh and he only has an hour to do it his first fifteen minutes are spent attacking the research getting his notes in order has a kind of not bad through a fairly significant part of their economic history of have what will work as a thesis front now twenty minutes later wills furiously typing away he's taking the task very seriously so i met midway through my third page i'm writing with sports teams a i can get to green initiatives perhaps we'll see all right things go wrong which increased apart bringing the margins with only seven minutes left it's clear there's no way he's gonna make the full ten pages even devils spaced all we can do now support him that's why i brought him just brownie brownie break i know were trying to learn like antifa procrastination here but also you gotta take care of yourself right now with failure fast approaching andrew and i have only one option left okay seven minutes now looking like he's gonna finish this is about getting things started right out of a game he finished yeah it's fucking things started not finishing right that's what we always set of do we didn't think that he's really gonna write a ten page essay in an hour totally ends after seven minutes and this is all done the lesson here is hey start at any started right away at times just about a four wheels essay are forty eight hour timers almost done too low around fifty four minutes when we're looking at the number come down one point is it forty eight and we had a completely different guests that's crazy i mean it so much i feel like this is when i ask our guest what did we learn i mean it's funny that were talking about procrastination here starting things quickly i think you can do things to quickly it's like that measure twice once we just were like let's just cut tough though 'cause like i dunno i wanna make mistakes i wouldn't be spontaneous i wanna find things in the moment but this would just too much i think right so the big lesson learned here is being normal person i don't wanna say yes because that's what we learn every episode but yes it is wills time is up in he's finished only for one of the ten pages double space but the important thing is is that you start yeah there's definitely always about that so maybe maybe it actually was though what even for us you guys were like okay i'm giving myself forty eight hours to do something that seems kinda hard so you didn't really have time to focus on the particulars so i guess it's kind of similar thing that you have a narrative right ten pages that did not even done until just now we taught are sell a lesson before we even started i don't know what's what anymore it'd be honest it's been a long couple of days been one couple of days it's been fun but i'm happy if if we all went into a little bit from it but it's not quite over yet you take will side for one last surpri well thank you so much will win a good time thank you guys for having me well congratulations on learning how not to procrastinate marching band for you will hear a emerging from justice extra had this marching band lined up since are very first episode maybe waiting can pay off gratulations well thank you guys so much they have another song okay great scholars one showy rob were done all right so we now person to you the revitalization of downtown pittsburgh an essay by will written in our the city of pittsburgh berg fended in seventeen fifty eight is steeped in industrial culture homes more than three hundred thousand people pittsburgh's infrastructure plates i'm rob norman in you just heard the podcast personal injury norton produces the show shane is are associate producers are music is always by being credible brake master cylinder the city resides in allegheny county pennsylvania stretched across an special thanks to allie gram this episode thanks for braving the elements within will receive production now this episode from sesa fernandez chris chang in phillips endlessly especial thanks episode to jeremy raymond andy lady dive a memorial day in pittsburgh was also home to the first simultaneous transplant of the liver kidney heart which took off and rainy is executive producer of cbc podcast do something you want to improve yourself emails at ten pages double space at cbc dot cia that's what the format of how we want you to write to us that's just the email address or website is cbc see dot c h slash personal best personal best is they cbc podcast if you're looking for other cbc podcast maybe check out the secret life of canada it's a tell all history podcast that uncovers conspiracies the canadian government doesn't want you to know when the aliens luminosity it's about kitchen chips and who invented the frisbee depaul you confined secret life of canada wherever you find your other favorite podcasts okay so a were in the cbc courtyard it's two weeks after you plan to be a time capsule i think it's somewhere over here maybe it is well it doesn't take much digging maybe like brush it off archaeologist that's great shoe eat these banana marshmallows as they're almost frozen it's time makes it worse experience

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"Book Talk" Guest Mike Lowenstein author "The 19th Season: A Sweet Summer w/the Pittsburgh Pirates"

Doug Miles Media

26:42 min | 2 weeks ago

"Book Talk" Guest Mike Lowenstein author "The 19th Season: A Sweet Summer w/the Pittsburgh Pirates"

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In the past mike lowenstein joining us right now on the telephone wrote a book called the nineteenth year sweep simmer with the pittsburgh. Pirates and mike. Is that you on the line. Go my salary mich up there with the phone. Glad you're with us don anderson and the man with the tonight. How are you good thank you. How are you doing well. Yeah had a chance to to read through the book and we can of commiserate with you. mike Done and i down here in sarasota brandon. We've had a chance to To see the pirates over the last several years in spring training and I guess we feel for a little bit. We appreciate it You have to do the whole twenty years to really be in the club but you can be an honorary member well mike. I'll tell you that. I was talking to doug about this and and i worked for the phillies for so many years and what a great rivalry was down through the years and between the pirates of the phillies and when the theme broke up and bonds left and so forth this one. And we'll talk about. You've probably got a lot of your book but it's really discouraging. I commend the people. Pittsburgh who have supported this baseball team without having a winning season and really being relevant In such a long time. yeah. I appreciate that Fortunately on this issue. I'm old enough to remember when the pirates were good. And and i do. Vividly remember the rivalry with the phillies in the seventies and early eighties and and When we were in the same division unfortunately our kids You know have never really experienced that. Except when they were very very small mike going back to the the the sixty team play the yankees in the world series. And then of course the the great teams in the early seventies with roberto clementi and and those great pitching staff you had and the team the one hundred seventy nine. The we are family years. What he's charged and all that but Had some years through the eighties and then again it kind of up again in the early nineties. A guy that Doing very well now with the tigers. Jim leyland was your manager. Then so it has a history that team going back to the rock kind or years although they didn't wanna lock with ralph but they had some good players but Up and down franchise. Yeah sure has I was fortunate. When i was a kid was when they were up and and for me and a lot of the book is about. This is the nineteen seventy one team. I was fourteen years old. And and you know. Roberto clemente was still at his peak. And willie stargell is at his peak. And that was really the team of teams for me and and Really throughout the seventies but especially that team well the great thing about that team of the the power hitting was affected. They were outstanding defensive team for those folks that are listening. They've never had the opportunity to see roberto clemente play or billy verdon play or any of those great stars have played for the pittsburgh pirates over the years but not only offensive players but very very solid defensive players yeah that's right and oscars us and all of fame for defense. So yeah we you know that was part of it. Yeah people they talk about those bill russky but the the really talking point of that of that world series was the number of runs. The yankee scored the number of runs the pirates scored. Who won the series. The yankees the yankees. I think had they won game. Sixteen to three twelve to nothing. Intend to nothing and somehow lost the series. It was it was unbelievable. And also the fact. That yogi berra was playing field with maserati. Hit that ball. Not many people remember. The yogi started outfielder and He had he was in left field that night that day. Yeah i don't know if you're aware of this in pittsburgh And i just went to watch this Again month or so ago every October thirteenth They gather there's a little piece of forbes field by the left field wall. That's that's still left there and A couple of hundred people gather and they play the radio broadcast and it always ends at three thirty six. Pm the exact minute when mas- russky home run and It's a great day and we and we always win. I did i did that. I did i did though. The force field was in the middle of shenley park which i don't think too. Many people remember that but it was I'll tell you it was. It was a fun ballpark to go. Watch games it. sure was. I used to walk forms field as a kid. I live pretty close and and You know everything sweeter with age. I guess but there was nothing like going to ford field radio broadcast. I might talk about it in the book. But bob prince the radio announcer for many years. Did he actually call that game on radio doing the tv. I think that bob prince was on the tv. But i think he had left the booth and was going to The locker room And i don't think he actually knew about the home run until after after was hit because he was out of out of circulation and the story was that he passed right by mazeroski. Not knowing that he hit hit the home run when he was doing his interviews although eventually got him back. Yeah one of the most colorado's goes say the same thing though one of the most colorful broadcasters history of the game and he's one of the one of the guys that had his own style as harry carey did but bob prince was a principal broadcasters for quite some time yeah he was in and in my generation really a whole generation of of baseball fans spent their you know summer nights listening to bob prints in a way that i don't think we we do it since and I know what was it. The harry callous in philadelphia. I'm sure it was the same way. Oh absolutely no question about that. And so i said there were. You could listen to harry carey in the early days In saint louis of course with the white sox and they were on fifty thousand. One stations is. Harry callas was as well and so you. You had the chance at night to hear them. Thirty eight states and canada. You hear it all around. Which of course now doesn't mean anything because you can get everything strained or or whatever but in those days If you were outside the city of philadelphia outside chicago outside pittsburgh pittsburgh i think was I love a stick in the first Fifty thousand watt station to go on the air and They broadcast the pirates for so many years right. I first baseball broadcast ever. I think was in by twenty one and the broadcast was a guy named harold. Arlen whose grandson. Steve arlin who was a pitcher for the padres and it's against the pirates in a game i went to actually nineteen seventy-one aka great station that what is was. It's still still a great station but But they gave up baseball for a bit that they bring it back down to know the katie case. Doing or whether it's still spread. I think it's on the katie. Kfi am station now but it isn't you know for probably for forty years of my life. It was always on katie. Km forever for for most. You know the early years was bob prints on the railroad station east of the mississippi. Because it's one of the first stations. They didn't really made that Division yeah or the west coast or west of the mississippi would be k. and easterby w one of their early stages and they went on in nineteen twenty. Something isn't it. I didn't know that. I always used to listen to komo x. As you were saying. I would pull that in a long distance with jack buck but now i know why k. Well that's that's all really philadelphia. We've became kyw because They traded stations with cleveland. Cleveland was I guess figured it'd be more western. And so they had the call letters but and and when they trade the stations nbc stations y que moi became the all new station starter. Of all do's and in all of broadcasting and philadelphia. Well in my summer camp days. I i used to go to camp with a guy named riffa klein who his family was. Wfl so so And i think he's whistled to this day bob prints and he made no bones about it. He was homer and that works in some markets. I think pittsburgh is a market know football announcer for many years Myron cope was the same way or doing the steeler games That works in. Pittsburgh was working every market but bob prince made no bones about it. He was pulling for the pirates. Yeah he was. And and that was you know around here. That was a really good thing. So people love him for it or rosie. Rosewall was before you right. he was. I've heard him. You know there's an old record called the impossible pirates and he's on it At great length and it was fascinating to hear him but He was. He was gone before i came along. And one of the fellows that i worked with for a number of years who did the phillies for a period of time until harry callous came in Was phil cable. And he He moved out the pittsburgh games. Every left the phillies. Okay remember not. I do i do. We had jim. Jim woods was our was bob priced partner for many many years and then it was nellie king and you know I shouldn't say this but from for people my generation and all went downhill from there is no silly s idea to duquesne or is he pissed there. I think he passed away a couple years ago. He was at duquesne for many many years. Oh what a great guy. I worked with for a lot of years baseball and basketball. And i did not know he passed away. So i'd say that mike lowenstein name. The book is the nineteenth year sweet squash sweet summer with the pittsburgh pirates and talking. About how you kind of put this whole thing again. I don't know you. So forty games. In one year mike cohen and kinda recount out of season one right months months. Yeah the way. I did it. You know in nineteen seventy one right before i was going to go away to summer camp. I broke my arm. And so i was home the whole summer and i went to about forty pirate games counting playoffs and world series and really fell in love with that team. You know it's it's hard to be a pirate fan as you said We've had so many losing years in a row but a couple of years ago our office move right down in fact i'm looking out over. Pnc park as i as i talked to you and it really sort of re-stoked my interest interest in baseball. I always followed it. But i you know sort of lost the passion for it and i thought for the fortieth anniversary of that nineteen seventy one team. I would try to go to forty games again. I did and this was two thousand eleven. The pirates were actually surprisingly good. And we're very exciting for this down for most of the summer and then and then you know fell apart of the end and unfortunately did the same thing. Last year i went to another forty games or so and and it was a little bit of groundhog day but Hopefully they're getting better but it's it's painful it really is painful and But it's a very very interesting franchise and said at the opening of the show We're both in in sarasota during spring training. So i get a chance to see the bucks a lot over brain. Did you get down to spend time in florida during spring training. I did for the first time last year. In honor of this book my wife took me on vacation To see the pirates play in bradenton four days in a row which which was great fun. It's such a beautiful little ballpark and spring training essentially relaxing type of atmosphere. So that was terrific. And hopefully i'll get to do it again. To great on a ballpark done the refurbishing. Of course to have a a media day coming up this week to to show show us what they did. They did a few years ago where they all new seats. Another kind of reprieve. Revamping it again because they had some more seep so If you look nice protect me over. Talking about yeah. They also put the lights out for their minor league. They never had lights there so they could lose Couldn't use the ballpark for minor league. Baseball and One of the things like that Sarasota where we are and of course. That's a right now The home of the baltimore orioles that had been cincinnati for a long period of time. But it's now baltimore and the one thing that is two cities are so close together I think it's been tough for Sarasota to reestablish a minor league franchise at the level because they're too close to britain in. I don't know if they're going to work out a deal. Now where they'd be part of that. 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Save up to five hundred dollars on our top rated brands when you get a king for the price of a queen or queen for a twin plus get a free adjustable base when you spend six ninety nine sealy or save up to fifty percent on hot buys from top brands like sleepy. Certa with are highly trained sleep experts in our low price guarantee. You can rest assured you'll get the best bed at the best price on junk your sleep. Only mattress firm offer valid with qualifying purchase restrictions apply out at participating locations. Only offer details visit mattress firm dot com slash sale of soda at your ballpark over brandon. Yeah i hope they work it out. Because there's there's a rich tradition in those towns for minor league and spring training right. What do you make mike Onto some good starts his first two years then they fade. You had some success out in colorado tick that team for the world series at one time good manager but what are the fans clinton. I think you know. Clint selden pretty high regard here. I mean When he got here they had they had one. You know. Fifty seven games The previous year in lost one hundred and five and the franchise really looked hopeless in really right out of the gate. He brought a lot of Leadership and enthusiasm and positive attitude You know yes. It's been two years in a row where they faded. I think most people felt that the first year they were really kinda playing over their heads and doing it with mirrors and so. I don't think anybody had any criticism of clinton hurdle for that. I think give them credit again for the excellent start this past year whether you know i think probably a lot of things contributed to the decline in the second half. Although i will tell you i didn't see it coming. I've year before. I probably did but last year i was very surprised that it fell apart the same way. You certainly have one of the real stars of baseball. And he started off as spring training this year and really Just kept going into the regular season and you know. He had his shot that challenge for the mvp cooled off a little bit in the end of the year but It really plays baseball for you. Yeah andrew mccutchen you know. He's just such a treat to watch because he's he's really a great athlete and he carries himself. You know in a way. Like a young star. Carrie himself and and He's just a just a great player to watch and and you know they're hoping they have him signed for many many years now which is unusual for the pirates. And they're hoping to build a team around mike. Let me ask you this. Because you're from was part owner of the of the previous owner's part of it What about the new owner is dedicated to spending money to really change the atmosphere in pittsburgh and with the pittsburgh pirates i think so and and you know he was part of the group before. I think he's gradually taking a more You know sort of front front-seat role I think he is committed to it. you know the the problem with the pirates. I think i think he's very passionate about it. I know there's a lot of people in pittsburgh. Were critical of them. And you know. It's it's understandable with twenty losing seasons in a row even though he wasn't around for a lot of them But you know the hard thing in pittsburgh is you really have to be excellent Your margin of error is is pretty small. You if you don't you know you can't sort of correct your mistakes by going out and you know getting big name free agents you have to draft. Well you have to develop. Well you have to evaluate. Well you have to. you know. Be lucky and healthy with injuries and and I think they've done better. I mean these last two years even with the collapses at the end of been better and You know but it would do this town a world of good to have a winning season. I mean eighty two and eighty would mean more than you can understand that here ballparks person at on tv mike But obviously you can't What would happen out of miami. A good ballpark. Or new ballpark guarantee Fans gonna come. If you don't. Yeah and i think we draw pretty well. I mean last year. They drew over two million people in. You know in pittsburgh's not the biggest metropolitan area You know it's the tv market is smaller. If you ever get a chance. I really encourage you to come out and check out. The ballpark is just stunning. If you're sitting on the third base side and you're looking out over the river right against the skyline on a beautiful summer night There's really you know. I i would put it up against any any other park out there. I would agree but everybody tells both football facility and the and the baseball facility and you're exactly right the the only difficulties. Yeah the across the bridge trying to get out the other. That is beautiful. Well if you come you can you can come you know. Stay at our law firm here. I'm looking on on game days in pittsburgh in baseball I'm looking out over the bridge. It's called the roberto clemente bridge as as it should be here in pittsburgh and They closed it to car traffic. Which might be part of your problem but It's really nice on a on a beautiful summer night and you'll see thousands of people streaming over the bridge to the ballpark after work and thousands coming back into town. It really does a lot for downtown pittsburgh in the summer and and you know makes it just a nice place to live. The bulk is the nineteen year sweeps summer with the pittsburgh pirates. I guess is michael law. Insane and mike give a website. Hold the book Get all the uk like Well there is a website for the book www the nineteenth dot com. And it's also available on amazon and barnes and noble and sort of normal outlets. And if you just google it you'll find it and You'll find me. I'm just a regular working lawyer at a law firm and feel free to contact me any anytime for spring training. Maybe that would be terrific. Well you can give us insight on on mossy murphy though because you are I remember going duquesne basketball. Fan from the nineteen sixties. Well you're well you're little little asser my wife but she graduated from duquesne as well but she was. She was there When when the teams were a little bit better as you know in nineteen fifty one fifty two in that era when they had some great players in sure. Cy you get green regard other showroom and of course one of course played for the cardinals for numbers of years. And but all three were. I you go was was the leader in the back court and just a great player. I think both ricketts brothers played for the cardinals. I remember the one caught remember. Richton dave ricketts cut. Oh i remember that both. Did i knew that this is a catcher. But i didn't know that one pitch. But i'll tell you true better basketball. Yeah it's a great the great basket. I mean great sports. I don't wanna say basketball. It's a great sports town and For those folks that have you know. Followed the steelers and pirates and of course duquesne and and so forth the penguins over stuff. Oh yeah well anyway. I was a little disappointed in the crowd. They had on saturday though. I thought i thought the pittsburgh would do a little bit. Better crowd wise. 'cause they played fairly well during the course of the season and they had a big win on saturday. Was that you know they'd be rutgers and that they did you. There thought they'd have a few more more people people than they did. Yeah it's been it's been a problem. It was cold day. I'll give you a message and all the students are way on break but right we like to have more people too. I'm i'm a huge fan from you. Know football back to nineteen sixty four. Hope your your way back some time tonight to be with us too late night for you work but one on one. We got the word. Yeah the book at the local ryan but we have people around the country that listen to us so a lot of pirate fans pure out there. That'd be interested. Thank you very much for having enjoyed it very much. I'm stanbrook so two years ago. I formed remote area medical to help people overseas. But then we found generations of families in america. Isolated by policy from the healthcare. They need together. We can take dental vision and medical help to a million adults and their kids right here at home. In the united states of america having football downs with science starts with having sweep down to a science because the better you sleep better. You show up on game day that's why. Nfl players rely on the sleep number. Three sixty smart bet it senses. 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S4-08  Barbara Johnson and Roger Colberg  Short Stories and Memoir

Charlotte Readers Podcast

1:01:19 hr | 2 years ago

S4-08 Barbara Johnson and Roger Colberg Short Stories and Memoir

"Support for Charlotte Readers podcast is provided by Park Road books the oldest and only independent Bookstore in Charlotte conveniently located in Park Road. Welcome to Charlotte has podcast we're authors give voice to the written words this is the show where Meat Charlotte area authors those visit the Queen City and we hear them read their work I'll put up with the dog to hunt here I prefer these Yummy morsels over what I could catch in the creek the man also feeds other animals I've seen him put out seeds and Gustav for the cardinals and he started sprinkling corn around the edges of his garden Tom and see 'em library dot org or drop by the bookstore or any library branch presence for more information about these book minded sponsors who help authors give voice to their written words please visit them online at Park Road Books Dot Com enough with the prologue let's get to the stories I'm your host Landis Way thank you for listening at the pond some have bronze copper or yellowish gold patches those colors make them easy to see just below the surface of the muddy water eggs waiting patiently the dog used to chase me away several times a day when he was younger he's slowed down since his black muzzle started turning gray look dog lover who's laid back style encourages authors to read and talk about their published and emerging works these are the stories that touched the emotions. Hey I hunt at the pond early in the mornings before he wakes up I'd hunt elsewhere to avoid the hassle but the silver-haired Dan went to a lot of trouble to build this pond for me he stocked it with tasty fish they're mostly cream coloured with orange and black spots which warned most needs help host Landis Wade is committed to making this podcast worth your time he's recovering trial lawyer award-winning author now the weather is cooler the dog stays in his little house on the porch late into the morning in another month or two I lurk along the bank in the shade under the ham locks my dusty Pale feathers make me hard to see in the shadows I stand motionless on my longer good the dog doesn't see me he's going away I don't think his vision is as good as it once was he used to catch and eat the groundhogs around here no I'm not so sure Mrs Johnson sound angry and disappointed the deer into the driveway in front of the garage. I won't tell you what he did to the deer next I always thought the dog was dangerous one here comes the damn lanky mountain dog again if he gets to the DOC I'll have to fly across the pond and sit for a while on a limb of the Locust Tree Mitch wonderfully detailed account of the paint joy of innocent belief Roger Barberie to other pieces on the show with Roger Reading from his award-winning piece the lucky one dear are grazing near what's left of the of the man's garden I'm about to Spear Breakfast when a loud crack scares all the fish to the bottom it's an expert from our award winning piece five lives but a young Barbara whose father wouldn't buy her the shoe she needed for school contest judge Michael Chitwood call it a in today's episode we made to Award Winning Writers of Charlotte Riders Club Writing Contents Barba Johnson for non-fiction world costume do you even have black shoes I looked up at her and lied my dad is getting me new shoes today holes in the dirt wall said hold back the water but I haven't seen him do that lately come to think of it I haven't seen any groundhog's around for awhile just in case you are real I need new blood shoes in the morning before I go to school a man for the last time story of two men hauge France meeting again with one intending to help the other Brenna subtle but profound way the right approach each man's demons leaving the reader to the side co working right here in the bill community near Uptown Charlotte you can find links and information about this episode in the show notes at our website Charlotte Reader podcast dot Com uh the pond water will be solid and I'll have to leave for a while is cold this morning and I'm hunting in my usual spot several errors and started to pray dear God I don't believe in you anymore. I don't believe that Moses Parts Roger Colbert for short stories restored Roger Reading as award-winning piece entitled at the Pond where the main characters of the animals Barbara's first reading is from memoir we're in a fiery furnace if you came make my daddy get me a pair of new shoes how could you do all of that other stuff apollo by conversations that offer death an insight into the readings and writing lives of the authors the shows recorded in the well-equipped podcast video at avenues I look up the hill to see deer tumbling down the slope toward the House the man comes out later with a big knife and drags very large bundle on our front porch and drove off a random stairs to see what it was and heard Mama and daddy token Roger Coburg began writing short stories nine years ago which was a bit of the road less traveled by for the man who obtained his college degree in Economics Mathematics Albion College Michigan just as I was preparing to go to bed I saw colleagues pull into our driveway a slender Caucasian man Ronald White folks ain't got no business throwing stuff at us you better go see what is it might be trouble shirl- Reuters club in the North Carolina Charlotte Readers podcast is a member of the twin city podcast network powered by Ortho Carolina the Red Sea or that Lazarus was raised from the dead and I don't believe that shadrack me shake and been a goal the Home Omeday I get sucked from the kitchen stove pie and data old scuffed up white and black Oxford's then I want first time Barbara she said come here Chow you look so beautiful in your new shoes gail I got mean ten children eight and eight of them need shoes I came back shoes for any of y'all don't ask me again just welcome thank you so you both loved to write Raji write short stories and Barbara you write your life stories Did you expect him to eat SAPA with us she what do you think Mama snap data dump the contents onto the floor exerciser and I walk mornings stories started popping in my head in on my walks and my story yeah I got home I ran to dead until him that I wouldn't ask for anything for Christmas if he will get me new black shoes for May Day I was hooked so Barbara Roger gets his ideas walking where do your ideas come to you well I've always wanted to and on top of the pile of clothing while a pair of black shoes Friday the next day Mrs Johnson saw me in my costume for Imbaba reading to other stories from and prior entitled desire to kill and the Shotgun Contest Judge Robert and called the lucky one a mesmerizing vividly where she was one of ten children family moved around five different forest by the time she was sixteen despite a number of obstacles for father among them she and notice her leather strap draped over her broad shoulders she heaved and exhale then asks once and for all Barbara do you have your full after a rewarding career and telecommunications they tend T- Barbie devotes much more time to writing including her work on a memoir for challenging life she's given voice to riding venues something that I cannot not do I'm at my happiest when I'm writing in my thoughts come on paper now you're both inside the hallway it was probably Mr Briggs up Yana giving us his children old clothes dead looked up at Moma in green tea easily about the process of getting critiques from others in critiquing others works that helps you with your writing Roger Oh I get I get the best the feedback from a writers it's hard to hard to put it in a in one category but they come at it from all different points of view and such as the Matthews playhouse Queens University in the Warehouse Performing Arts Center Cornelius Barbara currently resides in Charlotte husband George Davis where she is a member Ah for more information go to Queen City podcast network DOT COM Roger Welcome to the show thank you honored to be here. Kim's once I get over the the initial visceral reaction to their to the harshness of their feedback then I start to analyze eh there you go again you won't mean to look for trouble when I want to look at King Kong Daddy said as he dragged the bond why do you love writing Roger Oh I don't know Atlanta side after I retired evid one thing when someone's giving your critique it helps you to improve your writing and you want to write so that the reader can understand Roger Resides in Charlotte where he writes and participates in Civil Charlotte Writers Group Critique Groups Barbara Johnson grew up in sharecropper family and Leesburg and Blanche North Carolina so I went to best buy and bought a new computer with word processing and a printer and got a table and chair and put it in front of a great window and Roger learned right software went on to create the Charlotte software developed center diplomat in major systems nationwide he admits he never did any creative writing while we're for the all right get deeper into the story and figure out why they reacted the way they did what about you barbara why do you go to workshops what do you work on your craft well writes about fourteen years of age and I used to write little short stories and I will hide them under my bed and my mom would find a lot of tax law textbooks offering text books computer manuals net now you want to write things that people actually you're interested in reading exactly and Backgrounds and every bit of feedback is is precious my harshest critics I've learned are are Dan why in what you write in and they can feel the emotions that you felt during that particular time I have gotten my my so the two of you come to your writing from different backgrounds Rogers said the opening you grew up in Michigan you said you've told me before and you had a normal myself was well I don't really have a good ending for this for these stories and then one day a really good ending popped in my head and called my bluff of the Charlotte Riders Club you've won contest there you got an awards and with your writing you're continuing to work on your craft I know this because Roger you participate rhys he says he enjoyed reading excellent fiction in the form of the tax returns and landed on his desk submissions filled with real life characters strange plot twists came in and read them and one day I caught her and she will so interested and from day one I just love to write is inmates first of siblings to finish high school and the only one to attend college graduating in nineteen seventy seven from Bennett College in Greensboro North Carolina with a degree in sociology it was it was really difficult most of the time we could not go to school often because we were kept out what was it sort of your internal strength to help you get out of you know what was very difficult circumstances the best feedback from different critique groups and also Take a writing class here in Charlotte as well and so I felt like if I improve my standard of living than I could encourage my other younger siblings to improve their standard over air down guilt or Syversen and you're you're guilty was on the podcast and season two and the class the to your father than school right correct so tell us a little bit about your growing up and what that was like and Barbara you grew up as we said in the opening sharecropper family we're work on the farm was seen really is more important and followed it with a thirty four year career with the Internal Revenue Service Rogers always taught himself to write because the ninety-three when computers were introduced irs field offices ah so generous in giving feedback and tear it helps you to improve your writing it helps you to think to make it more clear and concise into sixties that opportunities would be afforded us if we were educated and so I wanted to be among the group oh I like that you're gonna read later in the show here that really speaks to that education piece but I just curious is to get the education you need well I was determined not to live in poverty will determine in one at town we were hungry a lot until the garden will come in we lived often land schoolwork was wasn't difficult it just school to work on the farm and it was always something to do you had to plan to tobacco you head to harvest it and Arctic groups and you could take them out on work him this forms and Barbara you participate in writing workshops including one I met you at the North Carolina Writers Network so what is it out of the seminar you nuts in normal adulthood because you worked for the IRS. What was it you did as a child to get punished that way baseball's always been a a love of mine but I played a lot of golf played on the golf team in high school and college played golf all through my life so that's off I started off playing a lot of little league baseball but I wasn't very good so you're GonNa read a story about baseball said that that sort of inspire your your love of the Game Nabarro talked about living off the land you you just got back from a hiking trip where you're trying to live off the land but only for two days right three it's okay to people who I could improve my my standard of living and hopefully if I because I saw this occurs in in my family finals when aspired it was written as a as a like a classroom exercise boroughs book writing fiction and one of the to live a better life than my mom and Dad I listened to my teachers in school when they told me that as an African American sizes was right something from the point of view of someone or something other than a human so just whip this up as a and and so it was hard for me to watch my older siblings quit school because they missed too many days when you go Michigan Well Michigan did a lot of playing golf when I was in high school I learned how to play golf as an exercise and then some months later the Charlotte Riders Club had a contest for flash fiction so squashed it down to under five hundred words playing playing Playing Golf in in the spring in Michigan was challenge played in April and May which is like a short January and February here in North Carolina. Virginia so I've seen this hair and at his pond trying to eat his coy that are in his pond and my friend the example in my family and Roger You you said you had a normal childhood but what does that mean exactly what's normally shopping center and by Charlotte Mecklenburg Library a connector readers leaders and learners with twenty locations and a twenty four hour online dad when you miss two days a week and you go back to school on the third day you lost you have no idea where you are and what your sign means Were the era is now I will some eleven ten or eleven and I wanted to participate in mayday so badly but we had to have a particular cost uh-huh good math okay and that that led you to that career not much riding going on at the RS I wrote now that Miracle Happen for me the night before May Day today it makes me just continue my favorite make me believe chills just it should be more afraid of the human than the doll will the pond the pond is a that I visualize pond on a farm of a friend of mine lives in West you and I knew that my parents couldn't afford it but I kept digging I just kept digging for new shoes because my teacher told us we had to have black shoes who lives in West Virginia he lives off the land and he's been known to shoot deer graze and corn alongside is garden out his bedroom window living is Wael so I felt like I had to finish school ahead to go to college in a head to better myself because I wanted to say and Barbara you're opening read five lies I heard you read this writer's Club is a her roger read his piece this is a true story from your child right comes over my body every time I think about it because it happened exactly that way where you've got to put on the spot there in your prayer right so so I put this story about by friends farm in West Virginia and why the hair and Oughta have fear that farmer is it happened before that right before every time she will accent will look at her and just lie yes Ma'am I I got it yes Ma'am I'm reading and some and won a prize yeah and is this what kind of bird is it the the something these fish is a hair okay and what what made it occurred to you the automobile drive my back is still barely speaking okay and then your first piece here at the pond is involves what happens pickles and each time my teacher asked me if I hit when she was on my costume I would lie I was GonNa say you start you tell there's one lie in this little extra cheer even therefore cut it down to read everything but I I really do challenge guard there. SOS Incidental Avenue. I didn't know any better I didn't know he he if you can't even give me some black shoes I I'm not going to believe all these things Joan oil everything out and said that and more in my prayer it just that I had I also remember one of landowners in his adult son they molested me for several years I was too afraid retail anyone afraid that they would make us move from their land afraid to data would blame me for causing trouble I remain number big indebted to let me go to school instead of working on the farm I was always scared that I will not graduate high school because of frequent absences and I remember that when data get upset with me he would tell me that I was not worth the sold ACA fields from sunup to sundown even before I started school I remember being cold and Hungary hot and Ongeri mostly been hungry I remember my oldest sister's boyfriend molested me on the first day of school when I was six deal with my anger in my childhood and as he actually said my desire to kill really hit nothing back she was really a good friend more than I deserve and she forced me to see a psychiatrist and this how I ended up in psychiatry the way to psychiatrist counter put it my childhood had a lot to do with my anger and so I had to really bring it forefront in did I eight when Dr Alice asked me how these memories made me feel a couldn't answer a hit not even gotten to the about my childhood then we would discuss why I wanted to commit a murder well I see it I remember working in Tibet that I really had planned to kill him and call my girlfriend because I want her to be my Alabama and instead of her being my album is really in love with this with this young man when I was younger and we broke up and I thought it was all his fault and I will so hurt and angry you tell us a little bit about that before you read it because you're going to be an expert from it certainly I was broken hearted and who've would think about murder but umit me after head visit the psychiatrist good advertisement for psychiatrist I part so Barbara this difficult to listen to is it difficult for you to read it again a year so I told her and she poudel my naked bottom while her boyfriend stood and watched she said that I was too fast what do that force now this was my first visit to a psychiatrist and I wondered if he was smart enough to hit me of the hair office we must have done something more to you than just say we're breaking it off to get you thinking murder I just don't see I'm looking across the table you don't strike me as kept person to do with my ex-boyfriend because what you're going to read in the story here I think there's some things that come out here they would make anyone angry right I someone had you eight in bitterness at failed to it my ex boyfriend whom I had planned to kill Dr Al is me too I discuss what I remembered difficult for me to read it is difficult for me to even think about it and it was difficult for me to write it but it had to be written even yes has that process of writing these stories down been helpful hurtful little both Oh things that happened to me because other people prefer to forget it and let it go but I can't forget it Exa from your memoir and process and one from Roger but the piece you're gonna read now it's called a desire to kill can you I wilson different person and I have grown and I've learned forgiven but before being bitter person and my my two adult daughters can't read it because they cry and become depressed whenever they read about my childhood and sometimes I write is Nastya cry about it and he still still bothers me but Damore read about it and talk about the better I'm able to spaw teammates in nineteen sixty five and forty years later one decides Dean who's the narrator size to take his I'm doing pretty good I guess I'm doing the best that I can't right now let me just put it that way and I read this memoir and so I'm writing it hopefully for those people who read it they have children older people I want them to be able to avoid some of the struck me you said you couldn't answer because you hadn't even gotten to the worst part so there's something in this memorial even worse than what you just read Oh yes I did take out some of the worst parts because I don't want my family to be so embarrassed or angry because most of them don't want me to write it because sometimes the truth is very painful and I don't want to bring up mistakes that I made in so many mistakes that other people who had a relationship with me of those mistakes and this zapped I guess and you're writing all of these stories down and you're gonna put them all together as part of the memoir right it's a little boat some days I can write it in which don't feel so sad about it but in other days I love and when everything was going good but when things were not going good I could beat it means that a woman because of the past you have come to you this idea of two men many years later when I'm deciding he needs to help the other and he's GonNa take him to a baseball Buddy Mardi on baseball to see to try to help him or curious or something right yes and so had that close my door in crap ten to fifteen minutes and I go back to writing members last law after listening to you read Graham to do well it's based on a real trip that I took with a high school friend it's been fictionalised tremendously movie poster more surrealistic artwork covers every square inch of Marty's walls suggesting rich imaginary life with young fee allows stuff well you're sitting here is I'm sitting here but how you doing missile it's not a it's not a memoir true story but actually did take a trip and my friend did serve in Vietnam one the needs to help Marty yeah he wants to make it up to him he felt like he got he got the better breaks Mardi had to go to Vietnam Bill my induction physical so I was four F- so you've got this character dean who is the narrator and he failed his fiscal and he thinks he's the air in the center of her head down the spine all the way to her crack blood drips from Khloe Grace Marissa's forehead into her I in Kerry the minute to Rogers story the lucky one Roger you've got some the X. searching from the story here and before we male actresses I don't know how anyone can live like this I can only imagine the torturous traumas Marty suffered in three combat tours at all about child abuse different types of abuses that if people would just read they know what to do and what not to do because even but that was long ago enough years have passed a dull the memories of the Vietnam War Marty said ample time to extricate Mardi past and served three combat tours in Vietnam deans more liberal peace nick type character Marty a home that's immoral it's not gonNa ever come to light because it we are we're GonNa Shift Tigress stripes or tattooed from mostly shaved head down the neck and back to her Baris- a blond straight main flows from ribbon four have you read I want to set this this is this is a short story so it's fiction but it's grounded in some truth right I mean you get to high school that was the last time I laugh for the next four years Marty stares out the window at a soybean field you're one lucky son of a bitch conservative he's okay with was war as a story rolls on we find out that Dean is an active alcoholic the ball Odyssey to see games in Cincinnati Pittsburgh Cleveland and Detroit it's been a long time but maybe some baseball therapy will help and I did not so you of age at that time or yes want one true part is that I did oh Penney's and sears you had the whole room laughing yeah then some asshole shouted what about Commando Mardi that was me doc young children you know we're going to be adults one day and we're going to tell somebody one way or another so don't think the things that you're going to do turn his life around the next morning cruising south through Ohio Down I seventy five towards Cincinnati I flashed suffered a Dean Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome Dean went to college and graduated Mardi flunked out gene got lucky and failed his induction physical the lucky one I opened the door to Marty's trailer and I am seduced by the portrait of a nude young woman lying on her belly. Forget I'd curl up on the couch with my knees drawn to my chest and shiver my country had become estranged from Peace Okay You maggots lineup briefs on the left boxers on the right I drove fruit of the loom second row jockey hanes and munching wear last himself from this desolate Ann Arbor trailer part but he still stuck here in the morning I'll rescue Marty from his monastery in scored him on Bass second one Walter ended this broadcast with the body count of US killed in action a nightly reminder of my survivor shame as if I could ever you could fall through the floor of an outhouse and find buried treasure as we near downtown Cincinnati we pass Mitchell Avenue where I used to exit on the way to my first job my boss despised piece Knicks that Fascist city fire me if I didn't get rid of my faded after the game pass a weathered man seated near the bridge entrance holding a sign please help a homeless vet did you think you could help him I encourage sunny not to give up he's cleaned up before and he might again dean what will you miss you gene McCarthy bumper sticker after work I'd pop a cold one s I watched the CBS evening news with Walter Cronkite. I'd be on piece was nearly strangled by the king and Kennedy assassinations in nineteen sixty eight what was left to peace was beaten to death in the streets of Chicago Dog Oh at the Democratic convention in a last act of humiliation its corpse was left hanging on the steps of the Capitol where it could witness the Nixon inauguration I scraped off you gene blessed are the Peacemakers miass for they will be called traders most after he died sunny said he already misses his grandkids his daughter won't let him visit when he's drinking and living on the street Oh baseball what about your children your wife you mean ex I haven't spoken to her ten years what about you back to nineteen sixty nine remember our induction physical after the head a stripped down to shorts and shoes a heard your voice in the back yelling pocket why bother trying to save a lost soul don't say that no souls are ever lost I asked him what he'd together to create housing for the formerly homeless in Charlotte Nationally Known Program called Housing first that's been very successful here most after you're dead I thought my kids who no longer invite me to their homes not even for the holidays I don't know maybe baseball uh I'd miss my son and being a sponsor I didn't know you were a sponsor our listeners when we come back we're going land book makes the point that these addictions are particularly attacking wealthy areas one chapter of legally over prescribed and that have addicted a whole generation of Americans has become a major problem in this country and there has been some legislation in Pittsburgh the next morning we walked to the ballpark across the allegheny river on the Roberto Clemente Bridge stands and faces me with his hand held out he gives me a look that says don't be such a cheap shit I give him a twenty he'll just drink it and it looks on one hand at the heroin that's been illegally imported into the United States but on the other hand at the opioids that have been Mardi looks up from the bills what were you gonNa do with it Martin O'Neill's again and Tucks the money into the fellow shirt uh of Marty was but he's now a alcoholics anonymous sponsor so the question is we read through this who really needs the most help so this Mardi kneels next to him while I dodge oncoming pedestrian traffic streaming out of the Ballpark I move next to Marti hoping he'll take the hint that we should get going One by Jose Narrow City in war there are no unwinded soldiers and another one from Mark Vonnegut Kurt Son for listening to this show if you like the show please leave a short written review on Apple podcasts also known as Itunes or the podcast platform of your choice the one who's offering to help or the one who allegedly he thinks needs the help I'm not sure either couple of quotes inspired this story Marty Johnson both the writers who have done will contest the Roger doing short stories and Barbara writing a memoir so my guess is many disabled and deeply scarred ex hippies as there are Vietnam vets yeah that's interesting the podcast and tell us about the book it's called the hundred story home and it's not a hundred levels to live on in the home it's one hundred stories that came it took me years to figure out it wasn't my fault all those friends blown apart right next to me why not me I finished my glass bassist Roger and listening to the experts from the Lucky One I'm not sure who needs more help well and found out more go to seem dot org to stop any branch next time thank you Charlotte Readers podcast and host land dissuade are grateful to you the hat relief was always temporary I pour another glass from the pitcher Mardi waits for me to take a swallow recently some bipartisan legislation in Congress believe it or not to try to justice period dreamland book I think is one of the reasons for that and the is the narrator here is drinking doesn't have much patience for his friend who's going to help you know the yes because your review helps author share their stories with more listeners thank you for your support listeners were back with Roger Coburg and the leave it at that and start with the these experts you can read a few of these and then after that we're going to take our our break didn't show up for my shift tell me Dean what still haunts you thought that Goddamn war would never end podcast listeners you can find that part of part of season three of the podcasts just go to the website shoulders podcast dot com search season three to find it or on Apple podcast mm-hmm Mardi looks up at me have you got a few bucks stuff three ones into his palm MARDI glances at the money in need Dane says we just gonNA use it to drink and he turns and says what you're gonNA use it for and the hundred story home we'll just grab your heart Bid also engage your brain because we can make them better city and it did for me because I had a chance to interview Kathy in a laugh impor- another Mardi has more to say I let my past demons torment me right out of the best radio. Dj Job I ever had because I it's been drinking pretty much at every opportunity right yes yes throughout the whole story every meal as the narrator and he's going to help us friend he did serve in the war as Thomas this other book this is a pretty new book by Sam Kiwanis and it's called Dreamland the true tale of America's opiate epidemic here the ending of Rogers piece the Lucky One Ralston here another story from Barbara Johnson's 'em or which is entitled the Shotgun Not Really Santa Claus but he came through the shoes so we're going to transition now to to more rage one but you Barbara from you and after eating at a restaurant and more he's been watching Dean drank a pitcher of beer we pick up with the story there when I came home from Nam I drank so you're kind of setting up for for for the coming of the Interior in in in the last couple of experts here toward the end also a little bit of the writing life segment so stay with us Get stuff to come hey listeners I'm at the Uptown Library Branch library with the Laurien and resident to Tom Hatchet talking books today books that are available in the library Tommy got a couple of books one that I see right here Kathy is choose actually eland by Sam Kennedy's is set in South Charlotte speaking of addictions. If you're addicted books are surrounded by books shirl metal laverick Talisman grade soldiers died in my place that took a lot of courage for you to open up all these years I thought you were the lucky the body counts on the nightly news went on for years already says nothing waiting for me to continue every one of the until next week I'm lance way for Charlotte readers podcast and I pushed down I'm southbound on I seventy seven passing through Akron when my cell phone first rings by the end Dean has become rankled at the manifestations of Marty's ptsd that night in the Hotel Marty floor and another night with Marty down leads to my car the highway and freedom from Marty's craziness moving ahead to the ending dean has become increasingly irritated at Marty's hypersensitivity to sounds whether it songs playing on the car stereo or didn't have to face combat only those who got shot at have the right to feel guilty about still being alive egg down the hallway I realize Mardi soul is still mia in Ben Wa later as it rings three more times in the next hour before I pull off into a rest area and shut it off watches let me in on HBO starring Thirteen Year Old Khloe grace merits as a young vampire I'm awakened from they have the good sense not to answer their door Mardi returns to the room calls the front desk again. I must have fallen asleep awakened by Marty wheeling in a luggage cart we're changing rooms I got the last one available up on the fourteenth floor pack your things you re dealing what was none of anybody's business I guarded that secret for decades no one wants to hear whining from a lucky best I snooze by Marty complaining to the hotel management about music coming from the room next door he hangs up the phone and catches me Gawking don't you hear it the guilt that sorta driving at this point yeah well they're both they're both of mess Marty's got active ptsd never a hotel band playing eleven floors below shrill squeals of excited children at a food court or pulsating bass notes emanating from Dinner Club Marty is now unstable and dangerous I paused elevators the up button leads to the fourteen stared dumbfounded as he rounds up his stuff and zips up his suitcase. Here's your key you can have the cart as I watch him Toda's roll the luggage cart down the hallway I know I'm in way over my head I tried to help him but his anguish and suffering are more than I can handle so Roger end of the story Dane the Narrator Adenauer done thank you can help us friend but you think is the memories of Bentley apparently

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Episode 234: The Smiley Face Deaths/Murder Mystery

Morbid: A True Crime Podcast

1:15:09 hr | 4 months ago

Episode 234: The Smiley Face Deaths/Murder Mystery

"Hey weirdos molina. And i'm ash and you know what this is. Is it creepy. it's morbid. Oh yes morbid I still don't know the name ari. The part two is a little more delayed than we usually like them to be. Listen i'm just going to be up front with you. A shot to get a colonoscopy. Okay there this you know what should on you man for like three weeks. I've been referring to it as a procedure. Like i had to drink the magnesium said trae and if you follow me on twitter you know all about I lost all will to live and like just like privacy. Yeah i mean why not. Just let's let's just be out there and open i. I appreciate that. I'm impressed by that. Thank you. I'm amazed you in for anyone wondering i have. Ibs fully confirmed in case anybody's wondering but yeah that's not a fun procedure and you know it takes takes couple days so anyways we decided to let this one go to the end of the week so that ash could get herself back on track and and you know what here she is all only the the you because i think you're that's a lot like you know anybody who what. I'm sure that it's not fun. I can imagine no secret. I blow dried my hair before she shared it in. The middle of mike was like whoa. I'm not going to go in there looking shitty. I wear matching pajamas and fuzzy slippers. And i was like hi. I'm here to be calling us copied. None of us would expect any less sure. Everybody agrees with me. When i say that and we wouldn't want anything less we wouldn't want that but i'm just good for you for pushing through it but that's i'm sure you know that's why this partout came a little later than we normally would like it to but obviously it doesn't make up for. It was a big reasons. None of us are upset. So i hope you're not upset and it's worth it ashdod a really good job of this case so far two is worth it you know. I'm just feeling so sweet. She's always kind to me. I'm having some pepsi. i'm feeling sweet. Oh that's not what i'm having. No i'm having a nice what is it. Raspberry lime seltzer. There you go like to pretend that it's alcohol easy on the tummy. Yes that's what we're here for. We are in part to. Because i don't really think we have any business other than explaining why this is leeann. No we're in part to the smiley face. Killers segment if he wasn't just mayhem twice-weekly easiness because it does this ever stop. No no. i'm sure we can just continue this for another few years. Honestly this could be. Its own podcast. Actually i wonder if it is already. I know prob- i wonder if it is. I'm gonna go ahead and look tomorrow. Do another episode. Who knows maybe a year from now we can just do to more. Yeah and just. I hope not like here. I am being who knows. No the great. No i hope not. No hello we. All hope not mean two mile. Unlike what already happened. Ally took the exactly what. That's what i meant. Obviously it's obviously what i meant. This is morbid late night in case you couldn't take his morbid late. Night is very different for morbid mornings. The today show is different than like the jimmy kimmel show. Where risque at night does jimmy kimmel hamas show. Yeah okay i get that he did in east condemn jimmy kimmel and jimmy fallon. Yeah he has a show all right. There's a lot of jimmy's jimmy. James is pretty sure at night. There's a lot of jason night. Yeah but this isn't about that about the smell. You sure so. In part one we talked a lot about you. Know the theory of what's going on like these. Young men are getting abducted somehow get separated from their friends. They don't really seem to drink that much but yeah that's the interesting. See like liberated so It's confusing. We had a lot of people. Confirm that drink thing. 'cause i was like is that a lot of drinks for like that size of a person. Did they say no. A lot of people said no like some people said like i'm not size and that would do basically nothing to me or my husband. My boyfriend my father on they were saying like that is very normal and then i was thinking about it and i was like john's a really tall guy and i remember when we were like younger and actually going to bars and stuff like he could have way more than i could ever imagine even looking at smelling without dying and he could easily do it and be fine right so i think i was going to too much off my own tolerance when you say six like we were saying earlier for like near you you have to go by so thank you to everyone who is like pointing out that they they can tell snow from everything i read. It didn't seem yes. But i i agree with you. I definitely had to do some research into that. Because i was like wait a second. That's why this case is so crazy because it's like things like that. Some people are like no. That's not a lot of drinks. And then some people automatically. That's a lot of drinks. He was probably just drunk. This case has so much of that. Gotta just dig you do and you have to look at it from such a different angle. Instead of looking at it from your own lens you have to look at it lake rise of very generalized thing. Not only that you have to look at it from a scientific standpoint for sure you know. Yeah and this specific case. Excuse me a victim that we will talk about. I in the part two. You're just gonna lose your mind based on everything that is in like he was absolutely murdered like this was not an accidental drowning. I'm ready for my mind to just launch across this around. So i'm ready. It's so by the time that i started reading about todd guides case i could not believe that law enforcement called this one in occidental like i was fully just shocked now ready stress. I'm stressed out here okay. So that's the thing if you're not fully convinced that todd guy was murdered like literally. We have to talk. Because i just need to talk to you to think to understand why you think don't know what if i don't think all right we'll have a chat but i talked to you about this a little bit already so i think you'll be fine but todd was twenty two years old and he was living in michigan and the night that he went missing was june eleventh two thousand and five he had plans to go to an orchard party with some friends which is like that sounds right up. Our spooky outlay an orchard party in orchard. Party watt one. Why have i never been to an orchard. Live i never and orchard. This is on all of you. Why have you not invited me to an orchard party. If i ever get invited to one i'll ask if i can have a plus one three. Can i have an orchard. Either we have to find an orchard. Let's i we're going to find. This was like a family or a family farm orchard. Kind of thing fall plans twenty twenty one. Fuck me up. So only the beginning part though just the just that but so before he went to the party he stopped at a local bar called the casbah for drink. I couldn't find out whether he was with somebody. Or if he just like stop frederick himself and also really doesn't matter the only reason that i want to look into that was to see how many drinks seat at the bar or somebody confirming anybody. You remembered anything weird at the bar but yeah nobody remembered anything could instinct thinks becoming a detective. Imagine me as a fucking detective. Imagine but so. He went to the bar and then he went to the party. He hung out with his friends and he left around midnight. Which is pretty decent. I was gonna say yeah. That's pretty straightforward night for your old absolutely now over the course of the entire night like we were saying most of these people. These victims are drinking a lot like the at all. He only had a couple of drinks. And todd's mother. Kathy said that her son was a great kid and the only thing that she's really worried about with all of this going on is that people will lose track of who he was. Oh that hurts my heart. Yeah in this case specifically like i feel so bad for his mother because things are still happening like yeah. we'll get into. That's that's the derby that's the other part of this case. These victims families have to relive this over and over when another victim happens having to see this pile on top in every mother that were like. I've mentioned all the mothers. They all agree that their their children were murdered. Wow all agree that like the smiley face killers thing has something to it. No one wants to believe their child was murdered. It's not what you want your i you. That's that wouldn't be. Your first thought is like oh yeah. That's definitely what happens for them all to think that there has to be a reason. Yeah i mean if anything. That's like the last thing that you want obsolete rather it be an accident. Yeah if it has if it's got to happen at the hands of someone else no just. I can't even put myself there. But she went on to say that he was a fun loving family guy and she doesn't believe the authorities when they say what happened to her son now. Todd was missing for a total of twenty one days which is three weeks a lot of dates three full weeks. That's literally almost a month. Yeah his body was discovered in the water by jim wildy and his wife who were getting ready to go canoeing and this was a privately but they okay now. When they discovered him he was discovered in a very strange position. For somebody who had quote unquote drowns. Just like a lot of these victims. His head was above the water resting. On one of his arms his forearm and he was floating vertically not horizontally. Like you would expect. That's interesting very strange very strange. So i was looking through like a bunch of furniture websites the other day and i was like none of these are really speaking my soul and then i landed on article and let me tell you. Article combines the curation of a boutique furniture store with the comfort and simplicity of shopping online. Which is my personal favourite activity. Articles team of designers focused on beautifully crafted pieces quality materials and durable construction. It's inspired by a variety of modern design aesthetics mid century scandinavian industrial and my personal favourite bohemian. They also really fair prices. You save up to thirty percent over. Traditional retail prices and article is able to keep their prices low by cutting out the middleman and selling directly to you know showrooms no sales people no retail markups. No bla-bla-bla fast. Affordable shipping is available across the united states and canada and is free on orders over nine hundred. Ninety nine dollars. Article is offering our listeners dollars off your first purchase of one hundred dollars or more go to article dot com slash morbid and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout. That's article dot com slash morbid to get fifty dollars off your first purchase of one hundred dollars or more now. One weird thing about the discovery was that jim's brother the man who lived on the lake and who discovered the body. His brother had actually been out on the lake fishing for like hours the day before todd's body was found really like from daylight into nighttime now the lake is not really that big and you can see most of it standing in one place. Jim's brother never saw even a glimpse of todd's body that night that's strange and he was actually his. Jim's wife thought that it was a beaver in the distance so like it was very. His body was very noticeable. Wow in like wear it was. You would have seen him as a really strange that his brother didn't see him. No even stranger is that in the previous days. When jim had gone out to use his canoe he found that it was missing and when it turned back up again it was filled with empty beer. Cans lake was not off of exactly where they were partying like. This was not off of the orchard. right and it was like it's a private lake like i sat. So that's i was gonna say this isn't a public area. No that's weird. So strange and. Cathy said that when todd was discovered she was able to see him and she was surprised the condition that he was in and she went online and actually did some research and investigating herself into what a body would look like. Had it been in the water that long and she said right then and there. She knew that todd had not been on the water all that time. No of course not in wait until we get into this. This specific one is just like. I can't so todd. Autopsy listed only moderate decomposition now again twenty one days twenty one days three weeks almost a month in the middle of june by the way in like a warm area that that doesn't check out to me limits may right now here and it was ninety degrees to and i could barely stand outside. Yeah and you're telling me that it's only gonna cause moderate decomposition in that time that amount of time and that specifically calendar time. Yeah no it doesn't make any sense checkout to me. The autopsy also made no note of any insects on the body which is essentially just impossible mission no also listed high levels of disip remain and ama- trip to lean which are to antidepressant drugs. That todd was not prescribed and they spoke with a Pharmacists in the documentary. That i mentioned in part one and the pharmacist said like these aren't party drugs. Like you wouldn't use these to get high like yeah like you're trying to rule these out. As like did he take them to yet to go to his orchard. Party or would you know you in those because you probably would've liked fallen asleep and look at the levels that were in. Todd's body they actually could have killed tam or at the very least caused a seizure or cardiac arrest like not drug. So this is an. It's like one these aren't party drugs into the amount just wouldn't even if they were party. Drugs lay would have been lethal. Exactly how lethal or at least like close to lead definitely like incapacity. Absolutely like you would have had to go to the hospital to get your stomach pumped. Probably harry interesting but you know if they had been crushed open slipped into trump into. Todd's string the obviously would have been incapacitated really quickly which seems to be. What kind of happens here. Like like i was saying in the beginning. These guys aren't drinking a lot like and then you don't really look for drugs and somebody system like like they don't necessarily look for. Ghb all the time no endorsing system. I don't really know why they found these ones in his system like and they didn't look for. Ghb and other autopsy know. Yeah exactly maybe it was ed. It must've been it can be like what is ordered like what kind of tests are ordered so maybe at this point they just did it right hover right know when i would assume i mean you would really look into this one based on the level of decomposition and the time supposedly in the water. That's why they kinda looked a little bit further. I'm not exactly sure but back to the insects no one is buying the lack thereof on todd's body and especially not the people who are reinvestigating this case so the team met up with a man named eric bimbo who is a forensic biologist from michigan state university and he confirmed that in his experience. Insect evidence is always listed on an autopsy. Yeah which i would assume because insect show up real. Quick will yeah. I mean even when you're not when your body is not found in the wall. They show up with those lines soon. As a body dies an amazing layering effective insects will show. it's like different ones. Show up at different times. They show up for different kinds of dekom. They do different things. There's like you can tell such a timetable from the insects on a dead body. Yeah i would assume that like that's the kind of stuff they do at the body farm right and it's like they'll watch and see like who shows up first student who shows up second. Who's gonna come. Who's gonna come way at the end and pick the stuff off the bones and the league. There's such an alike routine to it. Yes it's so crazy thing. So i if you follow me on twitter a gun you saw that you'll understand what i was tweeting about when i say kind of what we get into the second half but i just find it so interesting like it's so disturbing not like obviously insects eater our bodies locked up but it's so interesting it is and that they're they're so rigid with how they do it. Basically it's a system that's gene. They give us evidence what they do right because they are. They allow us to tell a timetable. They allow us to pinpoint closer at least to a time. A death like yeah. It's really cool. That they are evidence evidence of. It's just so crazy we'll even the water like there's different aquatic insects talking about here. They were like oh like this insect and this kind of would have been like right there. Yeah no further. There should have been like at least some no made of presumably a large amount of green algae if todd had been in the water that long like in this specific lake. There's a lot of algae and if even if there's not a lot of algae and you're in the water for twenty one days you're going to have some kind of film on your clothing. Absolutely there wasn't a lot of film on his clothing and his mom actually said that was one of the things that struck her as odd. Yeah anybody who's had a fish tank exude exactly so they didn't experiment that you probably saw me tweet about now. Pigskin is apparently. And i did not know this. Apparently very similar to human skin which creeps me the fuck out so they took five pig carcasses and they put them into the water for three weeks. The exact time that todd was missing foreign presumably in the water and they periodically went back to check in to see what was going on. They also addressed one of the pigs to see how much algae would accumulate over like a certain amount of time. Now dekom excuse me. Decomposition literally started on day one. Yeah the carcass. Became like really bloated. There is a lot of bugs lurking And they were. They were taking note of the different insects. I think they were even kind of taking them into like tubes and everything course. Because you're starting to leto gases like right away in the water which is attracting those insects insects on him. It's just like it's unheard of it truly is. It's just not the truth. It's i it's like dare i say impossible. Because even if he had been in. The i'm like no. It is absolutely awesome. Says me her stylist. You did your research but it's just it doesn't make any. Yeah and it's like even if you were in the water for one day there would be some kind of yeah. So they're coming. Yeah now so. That was one day three days later. There were insect eggs laid on the body of course and by day twenty one. The body was literally just like fizzling out dissolving into the water. Had he been in the water that long. Unfortunately you would've putrefied. There wouldn't have been anything left of him except skeletal remains absolutely which is very sad but i just feel like that whole experiment proves that he was not in the water for that. Yeah i don't know how they can look at that and at least not question it. It's like come on. You gotta start looking at this a little dude. It was one of the gnarliest things i've ever seen in my life. It's wild it. But like i needed to say this but so fucking cool. That's the body. Farm has always fascinated me and like enthralled me because it's so important kind of test is so important. It's how we figure these things out. And i used to make fun of you all the time. It'd be like that's tariff here if i can creep omelette now like sorry. I'm like take me with you because you see the merit and it's it's very interesting exactly like like it can solve things. It's like so important. Not only that. But again i said they. They just one of the pigs in clothing now the level of algae on these clothes they were algae at the point they took they became one without the like it was a it was like somebody got slammed on nickel. Yeah like i make sense. There's no fucking way. But he not in the water for twenty one day. No this one is seems pretty cut and dry. Something happened here. Then where was he and who did this to him. That's what i wanna know. Now this is. This is what i was talking about when like things are still happening involving his mother and his family a smiley face was not only left on todd's grave. They put a smiley face on his grave. It looked like a sticker. There was also one found a tree near where his body was found Now you could absolutely argue. It could be like some fucked up. Teenagers playing some kind of sick ass prank. Yeah which teenage kids have been known to buy six. I don't mean like cool dope. I dislike scott disturbed teenage that. Can you imagine if you literally meant cool or which is a dope ass. Brinkley sick ass teenage not at all not. It's one those the smiley face thing is the thing where i lay starts to teeter off. I get it i. That's where my like skepticism. Kind of. I absolutely creeps in but the rest of this one. I'm like do i do. I know it's like a face killer that didn't know. do. I know that it's somebody who did it. Yes the frazier now. Twenty second two thousand nineteen that i believe you say the muskegon muskegon county prosecutor is strongly considering reclassifying. Todd's death as a homicide but it's like can we kind of get over the hump of where you're just like. Hey i saw that video to in like he was definitely murdered. Let's go ahead and rule that a homicide. Can we stop just like strongly thinking about it and maybe do something about it. Put one foot in front of the other and maybe just do it. They get off your booty. I loved that as like a wrongly. I'm really thinking about it. Nobody showed him the pig video. I know you're wrong. Lee thinking that's if you saw the pig video you wouldn't strongly consider it you'd be like we are opening this. I saw the payment to open it. I tweeted about it. I texted elaine about it. I asked drew. If i could show him directly let me show. Wow that's impressive now. Those wild it's just. It's one of those things i say it a lot that it's like why not just go above and beyond and if you're wrong you find out that yeah. It was an accident. Alright you're wrong but you did your due diligence so you can't really feel bad about money losing money and resources or not. I think it's for a good cause and it's like what what's the worst that can happen if you find out that you're right in that it was an accident. It is weird to me. I will say that all of these russians they all most of these cases. All this evidence is coming out during the reinvestigation. were like. there's certain Ligature marks around. Somebody's knacker. There's like todd guy like he was not in the water for twenty one dollars. There's all these things lyles. Why why do you guys not want to open this up. Yeah i guess. I mean again. If you're skeptical of this you could argue like you know. It's not really and it will cause mass panic like i get that. Yeah but also we owe these victims. Family clue families closure. There's at least a couple here. Yeah that are very questionable. Personally i feel like everything that we've talked about so far is a murder. I feel like i don't feel that. No i felt like there was a couple that i can definitely see being an accident. Okay i can see the thing is. I can see why you think yeah. I strongly disagree. Yeah which is fine. Because i'm not gonna sit here and claim i know no like just an accident like i feel like some of them might be accidents but there's a couple that are like pretty like oh. Yeah like todd guy. I'm like Guys it looks a little. Like i just always in an also makes me wonder with him being vertical in the water like that. I wonder if somebody tied something to his feet to throw him in. He stayed that way for a little while then whatever was slipped off his feet on the it already decomposed to the point where gases at escaped so. He stayed that way interest instead of like decomposing in a way. Where if he was in the water for twenty one days and he was already in a position. Maybe he stayed that way. Because gases didn't escape in a way that would like put his body back who knows which would again lead to but then he was dressed in. There wasn't that level of algae found on the clothing. That's a thing. So it's like was he murdered. And then like hell's and then to get rid of dispose of his body. They put him in the water with something attached to his own like closer to maybe it was entered the patch very well. And it's and it's slipped off pretty quickly. Yeah and then he just rose to the surface that way and that's why he'd only been in the lottery for was moderate. Yeah yeah 'cause maybe. He had decomposed a little out of the water. Sure after he was held for a little bit. Yeah that's a that's a really nice. Just this is me. I mean this is your line of work. I don't know no idea that's i. I would have never thought of that on my. I don't know the whole time. I've been sitting here thinking the vertical thing. And i'm like i know it happens rarely but like it's very i think they said that. Like on the documentary. They were like this does happen for sure very but it's definitely not the norm but then you think about like when we talked about brian wells in and it's like he washed up after seventy seven days. That's why it doesn't make any sense. Wildlife barely like he looked. He'd been a week. Those are the ones that i'm like ari fellas. It's time to crack. Open those old casebooks. Luckily brian wells and they did open up. Yeah right now. I feel it still hard to have a date night. That actually feel special. Because we're kind of in that hazy area were already having to spend all day cooped up and like end up watching a movie or show every single night and it's just so mundane so it's like why not switch it up a little with hunter killer because whether it's date night or game night hunter killer brings people together by challenging them to decode ciphers examined clues and solve puzzles. I've always said this to you guys. It's like an escape room delivered right to your door. Hundred killer gives us all the opportunity to have fun work together and investigate crime without even having leave the house. It's crazy with hunter killer. You could have more fun at home for less than the price of a few drinks. A meal a decent restaurant or even a movie. There's no babysitter required either so parents this is perfect for you. And even if you don't have kids like me my friends and i love to grab like a little bit of wine. Sometimes if we can't get together we'll hop on zoom and we'll just play together and hunter killer keeps growing. They have one hundred thousand active subscribers and over two thousand five star reviews so like clearly people enjoy it. Avoid packed restaurants and cheesy dates and stay in and collaborate on an unforgettable murder investigation. Plus my favorite part of this is that part of the proceeds for every box go to the cold case foundation. Which is an organization that is dedicated to helping with real life cold cases and actually johnny douglas the inspiration for the netflix. Show that we all love so much mind. Hunter is the chairman of that board. So like if that's not reason enough. That's reason enough for me. I'm saying right. Now you can go to hunter killer dot com slash more but used morbid for twenty percent off your first box again. Make sure to use code morbid for a twenty percent discount. Do you have what it takes to hunt a killer. I think you do. I know so. Let's talk about somebody that you definitely know about. We are gonna talk about william hurley. Yes if you grew up in or you're from boston you know this name. I notice name now. William was a twenty four year old navy veteran living in boston with his girlfriend of two years named clair i saw in some sources that they were engaged and then i've seen in other sources that they were just boyfriend girlfriend either way they were in love they were in love and clear is a beautiful human being. You can just see. Her soul is like soap here. Oh i my. I feel so bad for her. Heart goes out to you in his parents. Obviously yeah so on october. Eighth two thousand nine. The night he went missing he had been invited by some co workers to go to a bruins game. William didn't really know that much about hockey and he wasn't super into the sport but he did agree to go anyway. His girlfriend claire was actually going to be at class that night anyway so it was like he might as well now while he was at the game he was texting. Claire about one of the guys that was there with him. He didn't know the other guy really that well other than from that night and the guy was apparently just being like a jackass and really getting on williams nerves and he texted claire saying the kid was a tool and then later he was like. I'm going to kill this kid. Obviously he's annoying chooses christ fucking now eventually about halfway through the game william decided he gives like. I don't like hockey this kid. I'm good and claire was actually going to be leaving. Her class is pretty soon so he she could scoop him on the way home so he gave her a call and he was like. Can you pick me up. She said yep and she was on the phone with william while she was trying to figure out exactly where he was now. If you're from boston the garden where the bruins games take place. The gatt and the garden can be even if you're from here super hard to navigate. Oh it's a it's a hellscape it's legit hellscape and especially when you're picking somebody up because there's about eighty two places that they could have exited from. I can feel the anxiety oma even thinking about leaving the garden yourself. Like as a as a patriot. You're like go where are we. Are we at the rate entrance to what's gone yet. It's always backward. You always come out the wrong door. And you're like where the hell am i. Now find yourself back where you. It's it's terrific boston. My right with boston than you are right. So when she got to wear williams said that he was going to be. She texted him. I'm out front. He wrote back okay. I'm here. I'm coming now. The other thing about the garden and really just boston in general is that you can't sit. Parked out front player. Came on it. Just keep going or everybody's gonna yell at you. Oh yeah it'd be the bird you have to keep going so she had to loop around again and she was just staying. Like william stay in one spot. And i'll find you stop moving right especially in. She was confused about what she had said this in the documentary she was like i didn't understand why he kept moving. Like i told him to stay in one spot. Gaffe now especially at that point. She was like nervous too because she knew that his phone was dying. Which like obviously at that moment is like crop. Your phone's going to die but yeah you're going to find god. Yeah so eventually. Somebody told well if she heard somebody in the background yell that he was at ninety. Nine nashua street and claire was relieved because she was only a hundred and fifty feet away from god according to her. Gps a hundred and fifty feet my god but when she got to that point and pulled up there will wasn't there. It had been less than a minute. I two minutes. Maybe if she's driving slow so she got out of the car and shield his name nothing. He literally just vanished into thin air. That's wild s. Why is insane in. Just even the more you get into and fifty feet away and she on the phone with them she said like i looked at my gp some one hundred and fifty feet away. And i was relieved. Go find out nope so in this in the following day's claire did everything she could think of. She called wools mom who came to boston from believe north carolina. There were missing posters all along the water that claris hung up and people searching the city but nothing it would be six days before william's body was found in the charles river. If you're not from here there were blunt impact injuries to his head. A bruise on his nose going under the right eye which was now completely shut and there were eighteen micrograms of ghb present in his body so he had absolutely been drugged for sure. Like obviously now. William cell phone was found right near where claire would have picked him up. There was lucky lake. Dropped his cell phone and just like vanished into another world because someone abducted him Now the cellphone looked like it had been run over. And i guess the battery was missing the okay. So how low. It was given back to williams mother lynne after the original investigation so kevin and his team asked if they could see the phone and maybe kinda get it up and working again now. They were hoping they could even like look at some of his text messages. And that's actually how they were able to get the texts that i was talking about and the call logs calling claire so they brought the phone to a digital forensic analysts which i was like what the hell thing. That's certainly all the different forensics is. There's so many avenues you can go down with. There's something for everything and it's like. These people are so laser focused on their specialty. It's like just links so well educated them like listening to them talk. You're just like don't ever stop talking. No one of those people was derek ellington digital forensic analysis or analysts nelson. It's it's it's even a new specialty in analysis now. In his opinion the phone had been more than run over. It seemed like somebody had snapped it taken the battery and then ran it over so like clearly. Somebody wanted this phone dunzo. Perhaps the person who he was saying is really annoying. And i wanna kill him. Only kind of what i was thinking. No and again bees where he didn't know this guy very well. These weren't like co workers. Don't think that. I it never said anywhere that these were like his buddies. Yeah when it says you're going out with co workers it's like they're kind of your friend stages like people. Ucla like you don't normally hang out with them outside of work. Exactly so yeah. That's my co worker. Yeah i see you don't see you outside of this. You have such an interesting job. We were literally together every single day. But in addition to the phone weirdness they also wanted to look more into the injuries. That william had suffered that night. And i actually talked to you a little bit about this and i forgot what you said so i like debunked in my own mind. I think you did. But i think i may have rebuffed it in my research so while talking to dr elizabeth la posta. She explained to the team. That the injuries to william space weren't entirely consistent with falling into the water because most of them were in the recess areas of his face. This is what i was talking to you about. She went on to explain that. Typically when a person falls into a body of water they hit the more prominent parts of their face. Like your chain. Your nose maybe even your forehead if you're mean yeah things protruding instead of like bex. Your as leases. Yeah not like. I like him or like kind of the part of your nose. That's inbetween your eyebrows. Kinda goes like in a bit so you're not really going to hit that. Usually when you go into the water now. I lost my please. The only way to win injuries was basically assuming that he fell into something when he fell into the water. That would have been able to hit the recess area of his face. But i will say to be fair. It is not unlikely that that happened. If you know how nasty the charles fit in the child's a lot of stuff just lurking there will in my. My thing was like what if he hit something. That was protruding right. Even while he was like floating. Exact are moving in the in the in the charles at some point. What if something was sticking out and happened to be able to reach almost think there's probably like old fucking pipelines and chin there like there's like old mobsters in there. There's definitely olds absolutely all sorts of things in there. Yeah but the bruising around his face means that he must have been alive at the time he gets injury and at least for several minutes after for very good point. so that's where. I read bunk. You did that's a re- bunket. She wouldn't have bruised. If unless post mortem right in las. 'cause i fully believe he was murdered. Her there's talking that no there's nothing then says to me at all that this was an accident once one thing even just once you get to. Ghb murdered and like finding the phone where he was talking to her to run over and talk to sing right. He was planning on getting in that car with her. Where the hell did he wouldn't have just wandered off again like crazy because you would assume that she would have seen him like cross the street or just saying where. But that's why. I think like someone really. I think they had to like tossed him in a van or some led him away quickly so it was like really unnoticeable at night. I mean she was on the crowd like after a bruins game. No this was midway through or excuse me midway through bruhns game but still leave during those games is like a lotta shit going on around the garden in i mean nighttime eyeballs nato non. Yeah it's so it could be like a very crowded area which would allow someone to quickly lead him away. Yeah but i just. I think it's with with this one with the Like i think he could have been clinically alive when he hit the water. You think so. Which i think he could have been. I'm not saying he was. Because i have no evidence to say. He was except the bruising right if he did happen to hit something in the water and he was clinically alive. Sure that it would boost. But to be honest i it sounds more like a beating. That's what i think especially those specific areas the bridge of your nose exactly underneath your eyes and the other thing that bothers me is to the point where the eye swelled. Shut exactly like. That's that's not you in the water. It's not a bump. That's a forcible injury so yeah to me. It sounds like a beating. i think so too. And it's like. I don't really think he entered that water alive especially based on everything we know so far among the alleged smiley face killers and just these victims of general. Yeah i don't think so. Yeah now before will was found. Actually claire spoke with a police detective. That told her the diving team had not found will while they were searching in that area of the river and he literally said to her that she could quote. Put that to rest because that was like one of the things that she was really worried about really fell in the water or choose really worried about water. It's almost like she had this feeling. Yeah it seems like obviously they were very connected so damn. I don't put it pastor for having just a gut feeling damn right now a week later wills body was found in the charles like i said so. He told her she put that to bed and then a week later he was found there. Now i do find that interesting that they searched that specific area. Yeah because 'cause that's happened before these cases bodies turn up and it's like It's just interesting to me like it does fit kind of the ammo like all doll does kind of link up that dice. They're not there then. All of a sudden they're right it just doesn't make sense and the location where his body was found is pretty compelling stuff because where he was found would mean that. His body was traveling against the current Not usually doesn't happen especially with unfortunately lifeless body. Yeah current tends to go one way you know. Carry things with it. It does as opposed to against. I mean especially in bosto- you like we can get crazy when that air that's weird and this is my favorite fucking part of this entire thing. So i've talked about dr lee gilbertson. He was the doctor on kevin's team. He volunteered to recreate in straight up hopped into the fuck like for him to hop into the charles river. This man is dedicated. That's real dedication. They found a day that matched the weather conditions on like a week that matched the weather conditions on that particular time when will would have been in the water and their findings were that it would have been impossible for the wind to push body against the current. I love that they went this hard. I love it you have. I'll rewatch because i got to see so good. So that led them to believe that will was dumped in the charles either the morning that he was found like right there or that he was dumped in the charles from a different point than they had surmised in the original investigation. Okay because they never had it exact pinpoint they were just like. It was probably here. He was talking to her like one hundred fifty feet. You know. net law exactly knowledge is power. And when you know more you can make better decisions for your body your health and your future. 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Harbor so it is interesting that we have a combination of smiley face and stars like i stars three stars but also smiley faces and stars like i said very common graffiti but interesting right something to entertain exactly. Now there were also another three including where william went missing near ninety one. Excuse me ninety nine nashua street. Three smiley faces there. There were three near brighton where three bodies were found and three near boston. University were three bodies were found for boston. There's smiley faces near all the bodies that were found all twelve interesting. The guy who was interviewed said about this. You have twelve arsons in the neighborhood. You got an arsonist. Basically saying like all these kids are turning up dead. You a serial killer where there's smoke there's fire me. I wonder if i don't know if they said this or not. If those did they paint over those smiley faces or are they still out there. i don't know about that. I wanted to one because the other thing too is that the documentary came out in twenty eighteen. So i'm assuming it took probably like a year or two. So i don't know yeah. I wonder but i know that. In the cases they've been painted over. Yeah and actually. It's really weird that you ask that right now. Because i'm getting into our next victim and his smiley face was painted over really. Oh that's funny. But i don't even think i have it in here so i'll say it now. There was a smiley face found near his body where it was recovered and it was painted over like i said and then they went into the bar where he went missing from and there were smiley faces on the foundation and the bar. Put there so. It is interesting interesting again. The smiley face part of this does not really 'cause interest me. Yeah it's because it's not like you know they're the i'm trying to think of a really intricate like like the the celtic not killers some value. Don't susie all the time leoni where you were like weird done all these celtic not surges showing. All these places that would be like That's weird smiley faces. That's the only reason it's like so hard to just do totally yourself on that we should try to get into contact with having gannon we should and maybe even just kind of hear what he 'cause i i want to hear a little more. What he has to say about the smiley faces. Can i do this. This is theory. I'm very interested to hear that. Because i agree with him. These people are absolutely kevin. So i'm going to work out how to reach this. We're going to try to where you could happen to try here. We are declaring termi- every last word. Nothing may come of this. Push we declaring it. Listen there's been people in the past that. I've tried to get on and we got them on. So hey and this podcast. And i was like wow. I wonder if we'll ever have somebody like cool on there. And then the what. We got like billy johnson. Excuse me bridge christina. I immediately yes zito show you know. Let's put it out there. I think coming in and the team are gonna come on the pot. We're going to manifest this right. I'm gonna email them tonight. Yeah that's beside the point. Let's get into this so next. Our next victim is tommy booth. Tommy was this one especially is just like you can't convince me otherwise. Give it to me. Tommy was a twenty four year old union worker from pennsylvania and his mother barbara who she just could be. Any of like my friend's moms like she has thought vibe about her. That i just felt super connected to her. She has a boston by. She's a mom. She's a mom but she described him as sensitive sincere self-proclaimed mama's boy and said that he was the glue that held their family together. Oh shut so. Just take my heart. Yeah up on it million times She was actually on an episode. I just found this randomly on youtube. When i was looking into this case. She was on an episode. Of hollywood. Medium with tyler. Henry really. I love tyler. Henry so much i i know not everybody's into the medium i am and i just thought this was worth mentioning tyler. Did say quote. There's so much there's so much of an emphasis on the investigative side of this that this person is not even having me talk about the passing itself. They're having me talk about the investigation after and there's a reason when it came to an investigation around his death this death. The thing is that there's this feeling of just like error just like a lot of urged should be honest. That's his number one message here even beyond his cause of passing. Interestingly it's like look at the details of the investigation it doesn't add up So he was saying basically that he he connected with. Tommy say that himself was like. I don't have tommy. Like he was just like this person that i've connected with at least saying that this investigation was botched and it was so tommy went missing on january nineteenth. Two thousand eight while he was out celebrating a friend's twenty first birthday. Now something that struck me as really odd about this particular case was that his friend group researched the bar. They were going to link the yeah new looked into it and it also just seemed like an odd place to go. The bar just seemed to be in like a strip mall and it just seemed like a regular bar. Yeah i don't know maybe the article dance floor or something who knows. There was a designated driver for the night though and when it came time for them to go like to leave everybody was looking for tommy and they couldn't find him no in one source. I saw that it was time to leave. And they were looking for tommy and couldn't find him and then another source. I read that they got kicked out and they couldn't find tommy okay so either way they just they had. I think more is more sources. And i believe actually barbara. The mother said that they were kicked out. I think smoking pot or something. Okay and it makes it a little more sense because it's like oh crap like we have to go stick around and look for him. It makes sense. But like i said in other cases he just seemed to banish so it took fourteen. Days to find tommy's body and his body was actually found behind the bar laying face down in a creek. There was like a small creek behind this bar now. The creek is literally thirty feet from the back door of the bar. Which now a shutdown there were drag marks in front of tommy and boot print next to him which was really odd because they probably wouldn't have lasted two week period. No definitely not. Now at tommy's nose and chin were full of dirt clay and small rocks like he had been drug at least some length to that specific spot. So it doesn't make sense now the investigator to say that that wasn't a drag mark. This specific mark was like from the tide or something like from the water going in and out. But it's a drag mark. I'm going to go on record. But it's a drag mark so original investigator you shut your face sh. Okay no but even everybody reinvestigating. This was a really now. When his body was discovered again he was missing for two full weeks. That's fourteen days. He was found in full. Rigor this is the one. This is one now. Rigor mortis definitely doesn't last two weeks like ever from what i've looked into it. That's not a thing. no i mean. Environmental factors can like fuck with it. I started but it never nothing said like they would fuck with it for the time. That seems like a long time and again. He was only mildly decomposed. That's where like all of these things are the but again. I will play devil's advocate here of so that you don't have to. It was winter time and it was really cold. So that can slow down the in here. It can really fuck with all those things and temperature can his fumble with rigor in a big way and and holds a rager in a certain stage frogger so that is a thing that can happen so it's a possibility but it's possible i would say that like two weeks seems like a lot but it can stretch for quite a bit if the temperature the conditions are correct but again it does seem like yeah. It's looking very unlikely it is possible. Yeah so but again. He was laying face down in a creek for two weeks and only mildly decomposed. And like we were just saying weather messes with it. But that was actually one of the theories that the original investigators had like. They went with the whole weather thing. They believe that tommy's body had actually gotten stuck under the frozen part of the creek and then for abaco for lack of a better term was like spit out melted and then he ended up in that spot. Okay so i don't know because here's the thing tommy stepfather's friend walked up and down the banks of that creek like a couple of days or a day before tommy was discovered and he never saw him there. What and he also said that the portion of the creek that he was that tommy was founded was not frozen at all and he had been standing right. Above the spot. where tommy's body had been discovered. Okay that's weird. That super weird. Yeah that's weird now. Another weird thing here is that there was fixed. Levity on tommy's back but he was found lying face thursd right And again in the water. When you're drowning it would be really strange to have fixed liquidity in the back right. Yeah yeah that's that's a strange one. It's not a drought very strange. Yeah it's it's not common and drowning victims. And i've said that in a couple of the other ones who did have again fixed liquidity in their back and yeah i was gonna say 'cause there was another. I think i believe it was. Brian wells in Now it's not really crazy to think that somebody could have wanted to harm tommy in the weeks leading up to his death. Actually he was saying some pretty strange things. He actually confided uncle the day that he died that he was running with a tough crowd. Who were moving drugs and guns and he felt like he was in over his head and he actually mentioned just moving to florida and starting fresh key. Wow was he was feeling again like he was in over his head. I can't think of another way decision. Yeah he was stressed out about it. Okay and then about a week. Before he went missing his mom heard him on the phone with someone and he seemed to be like really stressed out and just repeating over and over again. no. I would never do that man. No no bomb was like what and then. He made a separate comment to her. And i don't even know how it came out but he said he probably wouldn't be around that much longer than she was like shut up. Don't say that. What the fuck. But again i mean you. Don't think of anything when something like this. Yeah no behind the bar on the wall facing the creek. There was a smiley face spray painted. Which in this one is it. does creep me out a little bit. Because i definitely married close proximity. Yeah and i mean all these smiley faces definitely freaked me out. Lakes is pretty terrifying. And that is that is weird Not one is weird and they painted over it and like i said another one showed up. Yeah awhile back. I started looking for matching puzzle. Game that could give me a good challenge. You know. I'm like always up for a good challenge. Something requiring more than just the basic strategy round after round after round. I know you know what game talking about but the more i searched the more i wondered if i would ever find what i was looking for and then i came across best fiends. The mobile puzzle game that leaves your brain feeling. Refreshingly challenged literally. 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And everything and the guy still wasn't fully convinced. Yeah it is something strange this one. Yeah it's just it's really weird and honestly it's really heartbreaking. Because his mother believes that he was murdered. Yeah it seems like and it's like just look into it further man. I know it. I feel like some of these are like a pride thing where the original investigators are like like. We did a good job in new shirt and it really bothers me like yeah put your pride aside and think of if your if this happened to your son and your wife would thanking what you would think. That's the thing it's like. It's i really do think that this is at least partially a pride thing. There's no way. Because it's i mean it's also human nature to have like that like no. I did a good job. Yeah elect criticized. Belay you gotta let look down. You gotta let good and you gotta sit there and go. Maybe i was wrong about this. Lost one you gotta look at it from a different angle new all you shift your perspective so the last victim we're going to talk about. Tonight is dakota. James now just like all the other ones. This is particularly weird one but this one is really weird. Because it's almost like whoever did this to dakota had tried to previously. Okay do tell this one will fuck you up. So on december fifteenth two thousand sixteen dakota's french. Shelly got a call from dakota and he said i don't know where i am. I'm so cold. Please help me on lost. What the fuck yeah. Now he was out walking in what he thought was north pittsburgh and had no idea how he ended up there like he just came to while he was walking around on the streets and call it was like i don't know where the fuck i am like. You gotta help me. Sounds like he was drugged. Yup so luckily he was sharing his location of this particular friend. Shelly and she was able to see that he wasn't even in north pittsburgh. He was in south pittsburg so he was very variant and something was incredibly wrong. I'm getting goosebumps now. Because i know what we're getting to. This is fucking crazy. So when shelley got to go to he was coming out of a hotel walking toward a black. Suv that was parked facing the wrong way in the wrong lane no. She yelled his name as he made his way to the car. Excuse me she yelled his name and as he made his way to her car like once he kinda likes snapped out of his trance. The suv sped off. Okay like we're come on we now. He told her that he had gone out to the bars around. Seven o'clock with his co workers. Which i don't know. His co workers are fucking weird. You gotta stop hanging out with co workers. Everyone it's trouble don't do it. And that's why our hang out with elena. Yeah now and he said that he went out and that was all he remembered just the beginning of the night getting like drinks with them his words. Now we're like totally clear. And he was walking in a straight line but couldn't figure out where he had been for the past four hours amnesia but he was like really shook up about it and just like really didn't want to talk about it so they didn't really talk about it after that. What fa now fast forward to five weeks later on january twenty fifth two thousand seventeen twenty-three-year-old dakota is out with the same co and he gets kicked out of a bar for being quote unquote drunk. So he started making his way back home. Also if one of your fucking friends gets kicked out of a bar because somebody thinks they're too drunk. One of you has to go with them. Yeah just somebody like. You'd never let your like friendly bar. You know what. I have to say bar should let that happen. I know it is. It should be on them to like at least have somebody go out. We're like i know it's not like they're thing but like i need a newborn like can we be a little more human here. I know i feel like it could avoid a lot of just. Make sure that you do the best you can do. Doodles do do what you would want somebody to do to your kid or your sister except brother or your mom or whoever you love for someone you'll love. I don't care just like treat people nicely. Yeah walk my drunk dog home. Hey come on. You just wanted to have a good time. So he started making his way back home. Dakota had just gotten a raise at work. He had plans with family that weekend. He was a grad student. He was excited about finishing school. He had everything going for him now. It sounds like it but according to the police he tripped and fell while trying to use the bathroom in the water. Near the roberto clemente bridge and he drowned now. Interestingly enough there are eleven smiley faces graffitied on that bridge. Eleven eleven. okay now dakota by the way. Was the mother fucking swim team. Captain okay drowned. The swim team captain drowned. Okay i don't think so interesting now. He was missing for a total of forty days before he was discovered in the ohio river to missing for a long time forty days now robinson townships volunteer swift water. Rescue group say that five times. Fast swiftwater rescue. That's hard to gotta say. The robinson township volunteer with water. Rescue your the whole thing down. I can't say it on like one. I'm reading it. And i can't i know right. But they recovered dakota's body two miles beyond emsworth backchannel damn now obviously after forty days in the water and probably having gone underneath a damn. You would be pretty beat up and very badly decomposed at that point. I mean i say so. Probably yeah but dakota's body like the others wasn't fairly good cheap. The rescuers actually recognized him from the news really from the news. They said that they had rescued and recovered. Nearly a dozen bodies from that same water and out of all of them. Dakota's was in the best shape that doesn't make sense. Nope and autopsy revealed that there was ghb in his system. While i'm shocked that all of these guys have the same drug in their system and superman than todd guide those to what an accident drug combination. Fuck hat that. That seems like it was like a last ditch effort. And who knows. Maybe they tried to put. Ghb an assistant and they just didn't test for that and all the other two drugs. Like i maybe maybe the jb didn't work or something. Yeah but anyways there was. Ghb in dakota system other than that. They thought it was an accident other than that drug that was placed in ice said it before but like every time i see that somebody has like ghb and their system. Like okay like somebody who's gonna murder you or at least take advantage of somebody who's going to do something nefarious. W you don't usually drive people that you're hanging not usually. I never drunk people that i just want to hang out with me. Neither but i can't speak for everybody else. So i just think no good could call now. Dakota's family knew that this was not an accident but they were actually being brushed off by the police and like not at all taking real. Fight him bummer. Which is fucked so they were like cool. Fuck you and they hired a pi good now. They got the autopsy photos and the recovery photo. Fuck yeah i'm kevin. Steen became involved in the just fucking got shit. Done kevin ex-guest. I'm i'm so proud of him. A job kevin and ask him about this but Kevin and his team brought the autopsy in recovery photos to our boy cyril wecht who saw a very apparent ligature mark around dakota's neck okay lake so apparent that when they showed it in the documentary i was like oh yeah ligature mark. You're like in my professional opinion mark. Like i've seen one now. This is really interesting. I've never heard of this before. There were also It was there was also blood. Pooling in the nail beds on the third and fourth fingers which he said was indicative of somebody trying to relieve pressure from a ligature. Like if you take your third in the your middle finger ring finger and you do around your neck lead. Yeah you're try to the thing out like crazy. So there was definitely more mazing. That like forensic pathologist can see that and be like. Oh that's what. I want to be that smart like unreal. I'm not even kidding you. This case made me wanna like go take a couple of classes in forensics. Just still just to learn. I don't have the time to do that at all. But i want to. But so interesting. And as for the ligature mark he said it was quote strongly suggestive and entirely consistent with a ligature having been applied around the neck. I do not hesitate for one moment to be highly critical of the neck evaluation. Wow and for an again. I think we send it in part one but for another person like in the business to be critical of another person's work is a very big deal. Yes not happen a lot like it's not like friends. Kefala jets are running around being like well. That fucking hack got a lot of respect within the field. It's like 'cause you're all in your all supposed to be in it for the right reasons the same reason you know what i mean for the to speak for that dead person exactly. That's what you're supposed to be in for and it's like so you wanna believe everybody's in for it for that. You're not going to go questioning people. You think they did their job. No didn't look at those two in early. Look at this and you're like so if one of them is if like cyril wecht is being like. I'm questioning this evaluation on this one part questioning it with you mean questioning and which means there's something wrong with it right now the. Da was like no no no no. You're highly mistaken very like honored guest. They tried to say that the ligature mark around yokota's neck was blood from his mouth and nose so numerous and wow his mom was like. That's super weird. Though 'cause he was in the water for forty days like i feel like that would have washed off. That's a a bold one. Ten numero dose most of the ligature mark that was like super duper apparent was on the back of his neck. So it's like how exactly drip down and like pool around like an angle and like. Were they dry out for a sunday drive did it. Did it defy gravity and go somewhere no not made me want to link belt on our show tune but that doesn't really happen to me a lot. No it's like. I feel you on that because this is one of those moments that i won't do it. No but i get what you what you wanted to do their wavelength. I'm here with you. defying either. But cyril wecht said that he strongly suggests the reopening of this case and he definitely thinks that at least the very least very much they had the. The manner of the death should be changed a homicide. Yeah like we're talking ligature marks. we're talking blood pooling. We're talking missing forty days. How much more do you need to say this as a homicide. I don't understand now. Unfortunately for that to happen. The medical examiner would have to be willing to review the case and he didn't want to until the family went to the media. Which i thought was really. I'm just gonna go ahead and say like that's fucking chitty i was just gonna say that shady shady as hell that's real shady like it's shady sounding here i am that's shady. It's like i guess you could say it's like one of those things again but like put your fucking pride aside. Their child died. Well that's the thing it's like at least sit there and go okay. I think i did the job. That i i feel proud of shirl look at it again well and if you had full confidence absolutely you originally found ice think he would go into it and say shirl do it again because i rate job one hundred percent think that because i don't wanna die updating job. The first time. I think so not doing it again. I'd be like okay family. Who is grieving. Who i am supposed to be giving answer. That's my whole job. That are they might just off for your loved one who can't speak anymore and it's like of course i would go back and be like sure i'll take a whole nother look at them. Obviously and i'll give you the same findings if i did my job cracked and if i didn't then boom we got mine right. Yeah that to me is like so. They went to the media. He was like. Oh i'll meet with you but as of two thousand nineteen. I haven't seen any update that he did review this case. I tried to find any up. Dealer is not all right kevin. That's something we're going to have. Shock have come out now. Obviously i firmly believe that somebody murdered dakota. James granted all the evidence in the photos alone. But i have one more tidbit for you. There was a transaction made on dakota's credit card two days after he disappeared when he was discovered his credit card was found with his body. So who used that credit card. That's weird very weird now again playing devil's advocate. I will say. I believe it was like some kind of like pay pal transaction so i know that those can be scheduled kind of like i think. They sometimes like how like an automatic payment. Come on a little bit later. Yeah maybe you spent the money on tuesday and it. You're right so. I guess it could be like a case like that. That's new to look out. I will say that. Piece of evidence isn't as compelling to me. is everything else. Yeah but it's there it just a fun little tip it's there and it's there. It's here's the on top of everything else. That's the thing you have to like even the small things when you put them in with the big things they bought. That's when you start to get the whole picture. It's true channing. And there's some other things that i left out with each and every victim because i really want you guys to go watch the documentary like there's usually a couple of things and i didn't want to take all the work that they did. Obviously yeah so definitely go watch that. This vase killers dark matter on oxygen. Yeah now there are arguments against the smiley face theory. And i think we kinda talked about basically throughout this whole thing. Smiley faces are very common. Graffiti drowning is very common way to die. Unfortunately and the biggest thing of all is that. What is the motive. That's that's the thing that i that's the thing with. Is i do to why i know not. Everybody has some people just like to do bad things. But it's like this is a very big operation it's that seemingly would involve a lot of people. It's like a cross country. This is a ring and absolutely and it's like so. What is the purpose of the ring. Is it just a ring that likes to do this. I don't i don't get it but it's so weird because you usually don't think of serial killers working together. Because they're egotistical exactly together. Yeah like in most of the time in the grand scheme of things. No but only if you would this. That's the scariest part. When there's no motive are i. Billy loomis just going to say billy luma screen. Go watch that documentary emailing are going to watch your shit and also just says like because we talked a lot about like dead bodies in forensic pathology go read stiff by mary roach and it's a really good book. I have the book. I'll let you. I'll let you borrow it and it's not and you can all bar my copy. It will just pass it around. Everybody write your notes in the margins. I want that link maryono from gilmore girls and but yeah. It's a really good book. It goes into a lot of like the after death stuff and it's fascinating. It is fascinating. Because i mean. I only touched the tip of the iceberg leaning. What i read it. I would love to find. Oh yeah i've so many now that you'll be like oh and i think it will be helpful like going forward with for sure. He says you know always so. Thanks for listening guys. Wow that was amazing. And i am still stumped. Are you fucker. i'm still still some. There's a few for sure murder one hundred percent don't even like i don't even have to bat an eyelash. At a couple of autumn like ono see all have been accidents accidents but this summer and they're very similar so i don't know like it could be the same people but that it could just be different people. Yeah i don't have any games is you. Tell me kevin kef kev kevin. But in every single case that we talked about there was only moderate decomposition and all of these bodies were found in the water. While doesn't really happen but then obviously like weather and blah blah. Yeah exactly so. Tell us what you think guys you gotta take. Www that seem like it was like tell us. Tell us what you think. If you'd like to be considered all right guys we love you and thank you so much for listening and we hope you keep it. You're that you're only nine. You're selling offense. God darn it. Sorry

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GSMC Baseball Podcast Episode 174: Coronavirus Update, AL Central Preview, AL West Preview, Top 6 MLB Stadiums

GSMC Baseball Podcast

1:12:01 hr | 1 year ago

GSMC Baseball Podcast Episode 174: Coronavirus Update, AL Central Preview, AL West Preview, Top 6 MLB Stadiums

"In Baseball PODCASTS. We cover everything major league from sprint tree to the world series. Got Your Favorite Club cover from New York to Boston to this. Is the Golden State media concepts baseball? Podcasts hello and welcome to the G. S. MCC baseball podcast brought to you by the G. M. C. podcast network. Thank you for listening. I am your host Kevin Mallik today of of recording. It is Wednesday march twenty fifth. You're listening to this either Thursday Friday or maybe even over the weekend since we're all at home. Pretty much quarantined across the nation. I know president trump has yet to impose the national stay at home order but a handful of states like we discussed on Mondays episode as well as quite a few cities. They have ordered stay-at-homes as recent as this week from Monday's episode until now the governor of Pennsylvania has issued a stay at home for Montgomery County where I live in Pennsylvania so I will be at home almost exclusively for the next two weeks here but That's no excuse not to get you guys. Quality content out there via the podcast. If you're listening on Apple Itunes or spotify or wherever. You're getting your podcast. Please share us on your social media pages. If you're on the apple I tunes you hit those three little buttons down. The Right Click share go over to facebook and post something saying. Hey if you're a baseball fan you'd like this podcast check it out. We appreciate it if you are listening and you haven't done so already scroll down. Click the five star review. That really helps us. Continue to spread the word. It helps with the algorithm within itunes for us to be on the up and coming or news in noteworthy whatever section that they have within the. I tunes podcast function. That helps out as well as writing a review. We don't have any reviews written out there. If you guys leave a five star review write a review. I'll read them here on the podcast. We want to engage you guys via social media out there as well instagram. Facebook twitter comment concerns. Give us a question if you guys have any questions. Hit US up on twitter will answer those. Mcc baseball on twitter. We'll we'll go back and forth. We'll have an interactive segment here on one of our shows if we get enough questions but the first segment here today once again. It's the national news. Everybody's discussing it. There are no sports continuing to go on. So we'll just talk about the corona virus in general once again but there is finally good news. That was released here as of Wednesday the twenty fifth the Senate finally agreed to a stimulus. Package this was after five. Seven ten days of negotiation back and forth both parties looking at different situations. A lot of the Democrats. Want to make sure it ends up in the end users and the word is the Republicans. They're trying to take care of the small business side of the economy and after five seven. Ten days again of intense negotiating. This seems to be a a bipartisan bill. Meaning that both both parties obviously agreed to it not a democratic bill or Republican. Bill but bipartisan. That's nice to hear in times like this. We're able to still come together on the same page and realize that the people out there are going to need this stimulus package would do to layoffs unemployment and running through a brief checklist out there. If you guys haven't seen what's going on across the country obviously it changes a little bit state to state but nationally. Some of the good news is we're going to get checks in our pocket we're GONNA get money from the federal government now. There are stipulations if you file jointly it's up to seventy five thousand individually or one hundred and fifty thousand if you file jointly. If you're over that mark the amount of twelve hundred per adult will start to disperse and start to get less and less. But if you made under seventy five thousand last year you'll get checks up to twelve hundred dollars as well as five hundred dollars per child so me and my wife. My daughter we. We're going to expect a little bit of money here and the cutoff they do have is. You'll get nothing at all if you as a single filer. You'll and you're over ninety nine thousand dollars. You Won't receive any of this money and if you file jointly. Obviously that math adds up to one ninety eight where you would not get any of this funding as well but as as regarding to time line where we're looking at a lot of people are saying. Checks are going to be cut out in April which means obviously with the federal government. Give it a few weeks after that. Anybody who files their taxes knows it will take two to three weeks for everything to process and finalise itself so we can expect those probably the month of May now that it's already the end of March ear once again the Senate has agreed on this and they're still a timeline for ultimate approval. President trump has come out and said he will approve this if it does reach his desk. But that's the other tidbit here. What we'll talk about a little bit later as where we go from here but additional language in content. That's in this stimulus package significant amount of money for all the hospitals and healthcare out there. Obviously we're aware of those people on the frontlines. Battling this illness and the lack of resources that were starting to come upon especially at these smaller establishments. Obviously the big cities will be overwhelmed. Be just due to the millions and millions of people and the lack of overall hospitals within the immediate area and then the lack of resources within those hospitals so I I know a lot of resources are coming in from overseas. We've changed manufacturing. Plant some companies here in the. Us have said. Hey we're going to start to make these as opposed to you. Know our normal product since that industry is deemed non-essential and has been shut down so a lot of things are happening internally to to help with healthcare and hospitals and obviously this money for them to basically that person or individual through insurance and just everything would be way too much so a lot of money going into the hospitals and the healthcare vertical one stipulation or kind of. I guess snag in the overall approval of this package was the airlines. The airlines are GONNA GET BIG BAILOUT. Which makes sense of course because if you're told to stay at home you certainly can't fly anywhere and generally with I think seventy five or eighty percent occupancy rate. That's what the airlines are running their business on that profit. That's supposed to come in and now that that's at tend fifteen percent. There's two three people on every airplane. They're losing money. Big Time with every flight that goes on there with gas salaries personnel everything to have two or three people make a couple of hundred bucks but the problem is that this happened in the past with the car industry now. I was in college the last time this happened so I wasn't as aware or present as a responsible adult. Kinda see what was going on. I was just more worried about what When my exams were and where the party was that weekend but the cars apparently used that bail out to buy back a ton of stocks. They didn't use that correctly and they still went bankrupt and still went out of business thus obviously the recession. Because hey we already helped you once says the federal government. We're not gonNA do it again. And they're worried that the airlines could take the same kind of instances. Hey we got all this money so what we're GONNA do is buy stock now that it's very low and then when it comes back up will make more money. We'll we'll help ourselves out and basically the government said. Hey that's not allowed. You need to put this back into employees resources infrastructure. Whatever you need to do but this is the only money you're going to get so if you screw this up and use it incorrectly. We're not GONNA help you out again a second time. And that's the problem you know if you're if you're looking at the market now a days looking at the airlines of you think they're ultimately going to bounce back. I'm unsure just due to the discussion around what's the correct word for it where you get sick a second time where it comes back around You know we want to think that once it passes we're going to go back to normal but then you're going to get four hundred people on an airplane once again full capacity and that's just not going to continue to spread if they're going internationally or even domestically it's this is going to be a long time for the airline industry to bounce back whether it's twelve eighteen twenty four months. I think it's GONNA take a couple of years even until potentially vaccine presents itself. Where hey you got once you get this vaccine. Now you're good you're never gonna get it again because if it just continues to be circular go away come back go away come back this new way of life that we have the travel both domestic and internationally via the airlines may not be the way we want to go about it so the airlines are very much in a tricky situation moving forward but again we touched on it but the what happens next here the Senate has agreed upon the stimulus package. They will vote as of Wednesday that will pass based on the negotiation that everybody has been doing once it passes through the Senate it then goes over to the House of Representatives for the House to vote on it. We haven't had any inclination on when they would vote on this The general public president trump. Everybody obviously thinks this needs to be done asap every day that goes by where this is implemented in. The wheels are turning. Small businesses are going under. People are losing money a lot of bad things happening in the economy and then if the house were to pass it then it gets sent to. President Trump's desk where he has already said that he will sign off on it so that is a positive where we don't know exactly what the house is thinking. Nancy Pelosi Speaker Their House. She kind of walked around the question. When asked hey? Is this going to pass? How do you think it'll pass? Do they do remote voting with people being sick not being able to be there in person? It's a very tricky situation. But I anticipate this being done by our next show next Monday. Where we'll talk about? You know the finality of this. How it went through when it went through what to expect moving forward but overall good news stimulus. Package a lot of you guys. Listening to this out. There will receive money from the federal government to help you guys pay bills and then once again in the future hopefully have some discretionary income to either travel or or put back into the economy as we try to get back to normal here but day. Ten eleven of quarantine were continuing to push through this. Everybody stay at home out there if you can. Obviously I know certain individuals. Don't have that luxury. So if you do have that option please stay at home call. Your friends facetime. Them have a little bit of a happy hour via group. Facetime if you need to do it that way with the Internet and the technology we have you should be able to get things done from home such as myself recording this podcast here in my basement in my studio still getting great content out for you guys out there but that wraps up the first segment here of the MCC baseball podcast brought to you by the GMC podcast network after a brief word from one of our sponsors. We'll come back. We'll talk major league baseball. We've got some updates. There via the corona virus will take you through what to expect some timelines from conversation so hang with us here for just a brief moment will come back talk in. Mlb this is your ultimate. Stop for everything sports. The golden state media concepts sports. Podcast shoot I say more from the NFL. Melby the NBA MMA. It's all in here. Golden state media concepts sports podcast. Listen hello and welcome back to the second segment here of the G. S. M. C. That's the golden state media concepts baseball. Podcast brought to you by the G. S. MC podcast network. I'm your host as always Kevin Mahalick coming to you here with episodes every Monday and Thursday. Not a lot going on. Obviously in the major league baseball world nothing on the field to talk about specifically we do have some injuries to bring up later in our fifth segment which will just be are random bag of assortment for baseball to talk about here but this second segment. We're following up on the corona virus in the first segment. I talk to you guys about the stimulus. Package that is in the process of being past may have been passed depending on. You're listening to this if it's the weekend already the weekend of the March twenty seventh or twenty eighth but the an article that came out by Jeff Passan of ESPN and Major League. Baseball touched on a lot of things that we have been talking about here in regards to the MLB in the corona virus. And I know you're probably thinking. Hey CAV a lot of this is repetitive week. After week but it. It's the story and the topic of conversation. It's what everybody's talking about. It's how everybody's trying to stay up to date stay on the forefront make quality decisions regarding logistics infrastructure back to play. It's not only the baseball side of things but the business side of things very very much being thought through and this is highlighted in Jeff's article where he says the MLB and the PA. They've been meeting over the course of the last three or four days where they are quote unquote juggling a lot of different topics the first three or the biggest three that they're talking about are advancing player salaries. They WANNA make sure people at the big league level are compensated here for the month of April as well as the end of March opening day. Being tomorrow I believe Thursday or today Thursday. The twenty sixth again recording this on the twenty fifth from the home. Studio here so if new information comes out Thursday or Friday. Don't hold it against me because we're recording here Wednesday but advancing player salaries big concern within the MLB non player employees will get paid through April cost cutting potentially coming in the month of. May that will be an interesting conversation. They want to make sure everybody gets paid through April. And may they're gonNA start looking at cost cutting however I know it's not entirely baseball related but the Philadelphia Seventy sixers my hometown hoop team very much ashamed to be a fan of right now and embarrassed honestly for ownership and I don't know if they're going to recover from this in the public's eye but they cut worker salaries twenty thirty forty percent depending on your income for the month of March and literally thirty minutes after this happened. The net worth of the owner started trending on twitter. Basically saying hey you're cutting twenty percent from people making seventy grand. Thank YOU MR two point. Two billion dollars in the bank. Yeah we're really. We're really sorry that you're losing some money this month in the pandemic and you're GonNa take it from your employees. Well it took all of about twelve hours for the city of Philadelphia and the Internet to remain undefeated basically throwing a big Beep beep since I can't cuss this. This podcast a beep beep back at the sixers and they reverse course saying hey. It was a wrong decision. We've realized that. And we have now righted it and a lot of the other NBA owners. And I'm sure now discussing Major League Baseball. Mlb owners are upset with Philadelphia reversing course because they were very much on the wait and see approach. We're going to see how Philadelphia reacts to this how he's the owner of the New Jersey devils saw say the Sixers and New Jersey the devils not a lot of anger with the devils fans. I'll be honest the sixers though we came in hot at the ownership and was not pleased with what was going on as well as the AA. They came out reverse course. Trevor Lawrence trying to start a go fund me for victims of the corona virus and the instability said. Hey you can't use your likeness to raise money. Are you kidding me for the pandemic? I know this is a baseball podcast and I just thought that was absurd so I wanted to bring that up here as well so everything coming around. I don't think they're going to cut costs in. May I know they're going to want to? But that the feedback and the pushback from the public I think will make them. Reverse course and then payments for minor league players were a big concern within the MLB because they haven't been compensated since last September like we talked about. They don't get paid for spring training. It is a per diem per meal allowance but not their salary to which they're compensated on throughout the regular season so those were the three biggest ones that they're trying to iron out today this week tomorrow to try to figure out for the month of April specifically basically pay. Everybody is what they're going to have to do. You just have to pay them for April and then figured outcome may hopefully. We're coming back. Maybe you can delay payment. We'll see what happens but they're compensating everybody for the month of April shadow to MLB for stepping up. And doing that. The hope that we're hearing out of these conversations is to begin in early June or middle of June which then gets set a July kickoff like I talked about I said July fourth is my sweet spot my date where I think everything will start to get back to normal. There's conversation around the All Star Game July fourteenth potentially being away to kick it off. I don't know what are they gonNa vote last year's All Star Team I. I don't really understand that as I'm reading. It and communicating with people. How the All Star game would be a nice kick off. Its opening day. Just do it. Who cares what it is. It's GONNA be fantastic to see baseball. I know that the All Star game was supposed to be in. La Hollywood big money dodger stadium celebrities. Are you just going to say? Hey the best player from every team come on down for a day. I don't know I don't get that but they're hoping early. June started off in July. That's what I'm thinking about There is talk from the players that up to two days a week. They'll be willing to play doubleheaders so whatever that is. They're going to need a day off a week. So that gives you six days to double editors is four four other game so eight games a week. Let's talk July four six eight. Let's see twelve twelve times eight ninety one. Oh six even with the doubleheaders. If you're starting in July I know they said as close to one sixty two as possible but as close to one hundred or even over one hundred. Maybe a better goal here I I. You got over half a season you gotta play more than eighty one games. That's how I feel for this to count as a legitimate championship if the phillies win it. Don't get me wrong I'M GONNA throw it in everybody's face like accounts one hundred percent but whoever does win this year there is going to be a little bit of A. Yeah but you know it was only eight games. And if the Raiders Games last year the nationals wins even made the playoffs and they won the whole thing so clearly. Is it justified? If you're that city heck it's justified and if you're not obviously that's going to be your argument but two days a week up to double headers. Maybe a Friday Tuesday double header at the end of the series before travel days. I agree with that. I think we are going to see more double headers to nine snow. Way they play the sevens like we talked about last week. But I I would love some doubleheaders. If there's not going to be fans there anyway you don't have to worry about tickets day night. Doubleheader is clear and clean in the stadium in between Games. Just play man. It's like you're back in college like you're back on the tournament routes. They're weekend fall. Baugh trying to show off with the showcases doubleheader. Let's go lay some up. Let's play some ball. It'll be fun to watch these guys. Just get back to their kids days even more of Hey. Let's go running back a half hour next game. Get a sandwich in between games. Get back out. There played double header so both sides have agreed to play into October if necessary with playoffs possibly coming at a neutral site in November. That's again back to if the Yankees or the phillies are in the postseason. They need to go play in a warmer climate. They could head back down to this spring training complexes to play quote unquote neutral site but a little bit of a home field advantage because of spring training. Obviously you have fans of that team kind of hanging around there year round or would be willing to make the trip such as a spring training atmosphere. Playoff expansion has been discussed. Not in a ton of detail right now. They're really gonNA wait to figure out how many games they're gonNA play. And then if that means how. Many teams will make the playoffs. The more games played the less teams will make the playoffs. In my opinion. If you only get fifty sixty games you might as well play a World Cup style of Group. Match to best of thirty two. Yeah why not go? Soccer best at thirty two group play round a sixteen best. Three the way down boom there you go. Everybody gets shot the people tank and they're going to lose anyway so not not a time to talk about their. But where the stalemate comes into play the quote UNQUOTE STALEMATE THAT'S THE DOOMSDAY SCENARIO. And that's the scenario that I talked with you guys about in regards to cancelling the entire season. If we're able to control this virus and get a season what do you do with Miki Bets? The dodgers there's no way they're gonNA let him walk after trading these prospects and not getting a single game out of Mukhi bets. And if you're a player you're not just going to let a year of your life be washed because again you'd be a free agent at thirty one instead of thirty. Maybe you get four years instead of five and it costs you twenty million dollars. They didn't pay you during the year. That wasn't played. And now you're not getting paid on the back end because you lost your so basically they just took a year of compensation off of your dinner plate and that's where the players have a huge problem with it and there was a conference call with a ton a named Big Name players involved upwards of seventy five one hundred people Sunday night talking about all these different circumstances all these different situations so it was nice to see that the players are very much involved with. What's going on the Mike? Trout's the Bryce Harper's the anthony ran dones all of those individuals front santer trying to figure out and make sure that we have a solid structure moving forward and once we can get back. We get back home in and everybody's on the same page that wraps up the second segment here of the G. S. MCC baseball. Podcast brought to you by the MC podcast network that wraps up our corona virus stock for the episode. I know you guys. It's the first twenty minutes or so every one of these episodes but it's everything we gotta talk about. Stay safe stay home. Just tell all your loved ones that you love them. Obviously everybody out there do your part wash your hands. Stay home facetime video time. We appreciate everybody. You can't stay home and the healthcare profession. Shout out to you guys who have to go to work And all the essential workers out there keeping the US up and running here as long as we possibly can. But if you haven't done so already right it's a review gives five stars wherever you're listening. We appreciate it. I'm your host Kevin Mahalick. We're GONNA PAUSE RIGHT NOW. For a brief word from one of our sponsors. Hang on the flip side. We're going to be preview in the AL sensual. Can the twins win at once again? Hang around and find out. Tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts. Now listen close and here this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching. The golden state media concepts podcast network is here. Nothing less than our podcast. Bliss with endless hours of podcast covers from news sports music fashion entertainment fantasy football and so much more stop lurking around and go straight to the golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed to build. That podcast is whatever it baby visit. Www DOT JESUS MC podcast dot com. Follow us on facebook twitter and download on itunes soundcloud and Google play survey. Welcome back to the MCC baseball podcast brought to you by the G. S. M. C. podcast network. I'm your host Kevin Mahalick once again. I appreciate you guys listening out there if you haven't done so yet share this podcast with one of your friends. Who who you know is a huge baseball fan. Loves Major League Baseball? Maybe is not a listener yet. Send them a link. Say Hey check this out my boy CAV. He talks to us. Every Monday and Thursdays got good. Takes good entertainment on everything Major League Baseball? Now that I've gotten guys updated on the corona virus. You know everything. That's going on with the stimulus package you up to date with the MLB PA conversations around potentially starting up in July. We're GONNA continue around the divisions with my previews and my takeaways in this segment. We'll discuss the AL central in the next segment talk about the Al West. That'll wrap up each division across the leagues and the next Monday. I'll give you guys my playoff predictions on ultimately. What I think is going to happen. And who is going to make the playoffs based on all the feedback and everything that I've been talking to you guys about here over the last couple of weeks so jumping right into it today the Al Central Alphabetically here in this division starting out with the Chicago White Sox. The White Sox have had seven straight years of under five hundred baseball. Oh Man I know that I know that feeling well rooting for the phillies here. The last decade but yeah the White Sox seven straight years under five hundred however there were a few bright spots last year. A couple of them in particular. Al batting champion. Tim Anderson a young kid. They're continuing to come in his own. Should be a force for years to come here in the American league hit everything last year and I looked for him to continue to improve this year they also had the American league. Rbi leader in Jose or bray you. Jose continues to drive in runs. Hit power is not so much an average guy anymore but Still a tough out in the American league central in the middle of that lineup they added Catcher yeahs Monte Grande doll as well as rightfielder no more Missouri so they look to the offensive side and said Hey I got Tim Anderson. I gotTa Jose. Abreu you let me add. Dha Edwin Encarnacion who continues to be a bit of an ageless. Wonder he continues to rake and just drop bombs wherever he goes so. Now you've got Jose Abreu Encarnacion Anderson add Grand Dome Azzaro. There you go. You got a little bit of an offense coming together a little bit of a lineup there at least in the middle of it the heart of your lineup is going to be difficult to to walk through once again here if you're the opposing teams from the pitching perspective. They got a couple of guys coming off. Tommy John that they're hoping to bounce back. Michael Kopech Carlos run down a row. Don Excuse me through in an extra. And they're he's coming off a Tommy John so they bounce back and have solid years as well as they added to left east to the starting rotation Dallas Kaikal. He worked his half a season in Atlanta into a nice deal with the white sox and then they added Gio Gonzalez. Who's been around the block a little bit from the left handed side but a professional pitcher? So the white socks go this year. Should be to get over that five hundred mark. I think the playoffs. Maybe a little bit of a stretch but ultimately should be improved from a year ago continuing around the AL central the Cleveland Indians. They're actually trending the opposite direction. They had ninety three wins last year. They were a wildcard team. They had won the division. I believe two or three years running until the Minnesota twins finally took that title last year. They didn't make any additions. Big additions offensively. They'll continue to run out the likes of Jose Ramirez Francisco Lindor Carlos Santana. They're infield very strong and we'll have to carry them offensively now. They did trade. Trevor Bauer but the rotation of bieber clubbing Gerin Carrasco still a solid top. Three the bullpen. You know could leave something to be desired. They've a few good arms back their hand. He continues to be solid if he bounces back. So strong names in the Cleveland. Indians ninety. Three wins didn't make any huge additions. Trending down ever so slightly once again. Pitching should be solid enough. They do have professionals. But as a whole the Cleveland Indians I think for the first time in years this is going to be when they start to come back to Earth and unfortunately I think they may have missed their opportunity and winning that world series when they went to that game seven against the Chicago cubs in the rain. Delay may have turned the tide and and sent the title Chicago instead of Cleveland. But yeah that's the Iranians heading the wrong way here still potentially a playoff team but not improved over last year in my opinion next up we got the Detroit Tigers. They should be bottomfeeders once again in this division. Unfortunately really not much to look forward to if you're a tigers fan when it comes to baseball this summer this fall Matthew Boyd left handed. Starting pitcher he continues to be trade bait four teams out there if there is a trade deadline. That's where it gets very interesting once again with Boyd. If they play fifty eighty hundred games. When is that trade deadline where they be able to get as much for him because scouting could very much be affected? The trade deadline. I don't know if they're going to allow scouts to travel. I don't think people will be flying yet in regards to see this minor league player. It's going to have to be a local scout or video and because of that I don't think you'll see as much activity during the trade deadline just due to restrictions on travel and scouting and money and everything along those lines so Michael Fulmer needs to be healthy for the Tigers. Jordan Zimmermann doesn't look like he has much left in the tank right handed starter form. He was in Washington for years standard. Very much a professional but he seems to be trailing off with the tail end of his career and then Miguel Cabrera from the offensive side he continues to slide down down and he's owed a ton of money him and Albert Pool Holson. Chris Davis are the three new poster child's for big money contract deals for two months term. Too Much Lane that the player doesn't live up to from the tail. End Side of things and doesn't give you that money's worth Ryan Howard. Was that guy from. Oh nine to fourteen now. Cabrera Poll Davis. Those guys says we turn into the two thousand twenty here. They did add Jonathan Scoop or shoop as well as Austin Romaine offensively to try to get more professional at bats. Shoop was very good last year in Baltimore row. Mine is a professional like I talked about. Won't give away at bat so should be slightly improved from last year but very much the fifth placed team here in the AL central spoiler alert for my final standings air. But the Detroit. Tigers are not going to be very good the Kansas city royals. They had one hundred losses a year ago. New Manager Mike. Matheny he comes over from the Saint. Louis Cardinals manage them for a few years passed as playoff experiences. A very respected manager at the big league level. That's a positive move for the royals. Their pitching staff however leaving a ton to be desired. They had the fourth worst. Era In baseball last year at five point two and they didn't do a ton to improve the rotation they're just hoping that their internal prospects or their people that were in the division last year continued to improve. It's GONNA be interesting. They signed Mike L. Franko from the phillies. A bust of a prospect to replace Mike stockists who finally moved onto a long term deal. They're going to need people to step up. Can Kansas City. There's Duffy in the rotation. I believe from the left side. It's just man. Detroit and Kansas City Hug just and Kansas City was right there in the playoffs making the world series. They how the mighty have fallen for them very very quickly here and then wrapping up rounding out this division. The Minnesota twins one. Oh one sixty one last year their first ale central title since two thousand and Ted. Twenty ten back when I was in college watching them play Joe Mauer. Us probably still catching at that point. They were never able to make a run but always in playoffs. Always in postseason contention coming back to this year. Sophomore Manager Rocco Ball Deli Hill hope to avoid that sophomore slump for his guys the adjustments that have been made for their hitters. They did add Josh Donaldson to a four year. Ninety two million dollar deal. He's GonNa like hitting at target field. I know that much from the right side hitting them up into that field porch. So offensively can they mash yet again. Kepler Who else everybody man. They got a great great lineup down there but they did lose Kyle Gibson in the starting rotation gabby good solid professional starting pitcher. They replaced him with Kenton Majeida. So that's probably a wash from the Minnesota perspective. My eight a little bit older. Maybe a little bit less stuff but less money than Gibson as well. So will they be able to hit Minnesota like they did last year man? I think they're going to be able to and I think they win this division again. So let's talk about. Let's talk about where we see everybody. Finishing I have the Minnesota twins once again Jose Burritos and him at the top of that rotation should be very good and then following them up as a surprise and number two. I have the Chicago White Sox. I got the white sox. Possibly in playoff contention honestly. I don't think so. But but flirting with it based on some of the conversations. We've had here next up. I have the Indians in the end. You could put them second in the division. That's probably where the popular opinion is. Just based on years past. I think the white socks make a big leap forward this year. Jump the Indians who continue to fade and then rounding out with the Kansas City royals and the Detroit Tigers very much in fifth place bringing up the rear so the twins. They seem to be the winner here. The front runner far and away. Then you've got the white sox and Indians battling for second third place. But based on playing the royals tigers could put themselves in playoff contention because I do think both of those teams blues one hundred plus Games this summer or if we played one hundred sixty two you know. I don't know what the reference point is they lose a sixty out of one hundred instead of one hundred out of one sixty but that wraps up the third segment here of the GS MCC baseball podcast brought to you by the GMC podcast network. We talked about the AL central. Hang with us here for just a moment after a brief word from one of our sponsors when we come back we're GonNa talk about the Al West there's good going on in the Al West. This year was going to be all about the Houston Astros and the sign stealing scandal but corona virus came in and said man. I got your back. You're GonNa talk about me. Twenty four seven. So we'll talk about that and much more for just a second Mahalick. Gmc Baseball PODCAST. Want to know the latest and soccer that listen to the golden state media concepts soccer podcast of MLS is the world the Premier League. We've got you covered. The latest update hottest matches news on the. League's top players. It's the golden state media concepts soccer. Podcasts listen hello and thank you for listening to the GS baseball podcast brought to you by the G. S. MC podcast network. I'm your host as always Kevin Mahalick. Today's episode Thursday March Twenty Six. This is being released if you're listening over the weekend at home during quarantine. I appreciate your ears. I appreciate YOU TUNING IN MMA recording this episode here on Wednesday the Twenty Fifth. Getting you guys the latest up to date information on the corona virus at the top of the show about the conversations that are happening every day between major league baseball and the MLB PA everything from coming back in June to the doomsday scenario of know baseball across the board a lot of conversations being had so there's Information leaking out coming out week after week day after day. Here as we try to work through this pandemic as best we can and get back to living our lives as normal as soon as possible last segment. I preview the AL central for you guys. I believe the Minnesota twins. They're going to win that for a second straight year. They've improved adding Josh Donaldson. I think the Indians Fade and one of the surprises. The Chicago White Sox if you haven't looked at that lineup or that rotation do yourself a favor and dive into that a little bit. They're going to surprise some people this summer. And I think finally take that. Step back into contention even if it is at a reduced number of games here but this segment is all about the Al West our last and final division to preview here on the podcast starting out alphabetically as always with the Houston Astros. One hundred wins last year for the third straight season they were defeated in the world series. Obviously game seven at home the only world series in history where the road team won all seven games at just doesn't make sense even still. I don't know how the heck that happened. But the Astros. They got a little bit worse this off season. I'll be completely honest with you anytime you lose the best pitcher on the planet. Your team's a little bit worse than it was a year ago. Garrett Cole signing with the New York Yankees they still have Justin Ver- lander and sat grinky at the top of the rotation. This is why they traded for Grinky in the middle of last season. They knew that Cole was going to get paid. And they weren't going to have the financial stability or or opportunity to match because they're over the luxury tax this year. Anyway they're they're GONNA pay that tax being over that two hundred eight million dollar threshold but very much be competitive so worth that extra ten percent but they bring in grinky so the top two in this rotation very strong Justin Burland or did have surgery during spring training this year. That's a concern for Astros fans as he gets up there in age is his body starting to break down. The arm still seems to be their last year his spin rates very much at the top of the League once again. Second in the CY. Young Zack Rinky. Very good as well. The top two guys. They will be strong. It's just a matter of if the bottom of the rotation will be able to match the top of the rotation and keep Houston in a lot of these games. The bullpen is very strong. My Buddy Ryan Presley Roberto Zuniga Joe Smith all back Josh James. Back from last year's team in the rotation mccullers junior is the one gentlemen coming off an injury who I didn't mention who should help them out on the mound but eight out of nine regulars coming back as well. Everybody except for. I think Josh Radic wasn't a regular. And right maybe was I know he played. I don't know if he was a regular. But eight hundred nine back so they should be right around one hundred wins once again and I look for them to win this division for a fourth straight year. I don't know if they're going to hit that. One hundred win mark or winning percentage. I guess whatever one hundred sixty two percent is. I don't know if they'll get to that point but I do think they'll be very good once again next up the angels. The angels here finally trying to get trout to the playoffs. They made quality moves this off season. They added Joe Madden to be the manager of the ballclub. He comes over from the Chicago cubs. A new voice needed. He comes back home he played and was in the La Organization for years and years. So he's excited to be back. They made a splash of the off season. When it came to position players adding Anthony Ren dawn to the fold on seven year deal. So now you have Rangoon Pool Halls Shohei Otani and Mike Trout all in the middle of that lineup at Justin Upton if he can bounce back and have a solid year and all of a sudden you gotTa lineup there of just due to swing the bat rand owns one of the best overall hitters. In Baseball Mike Droughts the best overall player in Baseball Otani show disgusting power when he was healthy last year then he got hurt so they're hoping this year once again he can start for them once a week and the other three or four days with an off day mixed in there as well and then upton bouncing back from a pitching perspective. They missed out on the top of the market they were going after. Garrett Cole people thought he was GONNA come back to La being a UCLA guy coming back home to the west coast but he went where the money was no hate for going where the cash is. That's for sure the rotation once again. Otani potentially in the rotation then they added lower end guys like Julio Teheran and Dylan Bundy professional arms but not top of the rotation guys so the bullpen full of names. That are there. Okay nothing crazy here. So they're going to have to out hit teams announced hit their own rotation from day to day. And that's the only problem. I see them running into the look for them to possibly by Bat at our. Excuse me by an arm at the trade deadline if we do make it that far as a potential move to get them over the Hump because the next squad the Oakland as being an east coast guy. I don't know how this team does it. I I can't figure out every year you look up and you go. How is Oakland went in ninety seven games last two years? They won ninety seven games. I don't know how they're doing it. They don't have any names. Then you look at the Statue. Dig a little deeper. You look at some next level fan graphs and spin rates and sabermetrics and their rotation loaded with guys who are young and throw hard and fill up the statute when it comes to the metrics. They got four out of the five or under twenty eight years old. And they're all extremely hard. Throwers they all throw strikes. They got puck from the left side. It's it's one of those where they sneak up on. You go man. What THE HECK. This guy's throwing cheese again. We just can't get a break here facing the ace. And then their lead at the plate. Obviously by Standard cast of Characters Matt Olsen at First Base Matt Chapman at third. Chris Davis continuing to rake there and the D. H. Tony Camp who they added from the Astros. He'll be at second base. It's just that they are an under the radar excellent baseball team last year. They did start slow and came on late so they won't have that luxury this year of figuring things out as they go but they're certainly in the mix for that next next lot they're out in the Al West the two teams remaining here in this division. Unfortunately I'm not sure it's going to be super competitive this summer. The Seattle Mariners for one are in tanks. Fill their live with the Tigers. The Orioles those types of teams. Just try not to embarrass themselves. They are oh I couldn't imagine being a mariners fan the last time they made the playoffs. Two Thousand and one. I was twelve years old in the seventh grade. Living Outside of Dallas Texas. In two thousand. And one. If you would've told me hey you a mariners fan. They made the playoffs the next time. You're going to see them in. The postseason will be after. You're thirty one years old like Oh God what torture not even make. The Playoffs. Let alone win a title. Just who gosh? And they are going full rebuild. That word is they're gonNA move on from Seger and his contract if they can kyle seager shortstop as well as Dee Gordon at second base both of them have one or two years left to to get even more prospects to see if they can play they got JP Crawford at shortstop from the phillies organization. He he's just he's not gonNA pan out. People talked about him as the top prospect baseball. Kids just can't hit. I plays a solid shortstop. But he can't hit doesn't have the bat speed doesn't have the strength. I don't know what that was all about like ever since Aa. The kid hasn't hit I. It's been years. Oh He's number one he's never hit it. It's just I don't get it so they're going to be the youngest team in experience as well as age when it comes to the twenty twenty season. So look for them. Look for the kids. They're GONNA try to figure out who's who can play in. Who can't that's really what this summer is about. Seattle not exactly winning games but who can play and who can't so if you're up in Washington it's GonNa be a long summer watching. Those mariners play ball but the final team here. The Texas Rangers Little Bit Energy Coming at Arlington. They got new ballpark. They're moving into. They made some moves this off season to try to get the juices flowing. The rotation they have of Corey Kluber Mike Minor Lance Lynn Kyle Gibson and lyles rounding out the rotation. That's a five. That's as solid as most to her as any you know. I don't think it's number one but I would put that up against a lot of if you're going four or five deep it certainly cheaper than the phillies rotation minor Kluber Lynn. They all got cy young votes. Gibson's a solid professional and number four. He was like the two in Minnesota where the three owed to Rizzi and burritos. Then maybe the three Gibson so him at the four here. I think. We'll manage expectations even better and allow him to find his rhythm and settle in on an offensive perspective. They added Todd Frazier who will be their new third baseman. That's a nice move a veteran coming in there as well as Robinson Torino's veteran backstop he'll be the new catcher. Joey Gallo out in right field. Will he continue to hitch in Choo Choo D. h? Willio door or Rauno door. It's it's a solid lineup down in Texas. Where if they're pitching comes together. They could sneak up on people that that's the battle. That's going to be happening this year. This CEO West I think is open for discussion behind the Houston Astros. I think Houston. They're coming in the favorite here. I think they win the Al West but two three and four. That's the conversation I'm having the five of the mariners one astros five mariners the as angels. Rangers or your two three four. I'm GonNa say the as finished second. Just because they always seem to figure it out they always put together a solid ball club and then the angels at third with their additions their move Mike Trout continuing to get better very much impressed with that and then the Texas Rangers rounding out is the fourth place squad but better than most in regards to a fourth place finish so astros as angels Rangers Mariners in the Al West. Leno you guys think out there. Let me know how you think they're gonNA finish on social media if you're not following already do so on facebook instagram twitter as well. We'd love to hear from you. We'd love to engage. Interact leave us a question. We'll we'll do an ask me anything segment on twitter. If you guys send in questions I'll have them answered. Give you my take on what to expect too. You're moving forward. But that wraps up the fourth segment here the GS MCC baseball podcast talking. Al West giving you guys a preview my prediction on the standings hang with the Sierra afterward from one of our sponsors we'll transition into our fifth segment which is a little bit of a mismatch hodgepodge of takes for Major League baseball no real structure. We're GONNA be talking about things. Such as how the big leaguers continuing to work out some social media guys. You've gotTa follow in the meantime Classic Youtube Games to watch a view injuries. We're going to talk about it all so hang with a seer. Gsm See Baseball podcast. I'm your host Kevin Mahalick. Are you looking to get your college football? Fixed looking to get the latest news on your Favorite Schools Deems Diaz Mc College football podcast. Is Your ticket to all things college football. Join us as we talk college football from the National Championship. The college rivalries the bowl game to the heisman trophy. So which converts is the best. We've got you covered for the big ten as these big twelve the PAC twelve ADC and everything in between download the GMC College Football podcast on Itunes stitcher soundcloud Google. Play or anywhere you God gas just type see us empty in the search bar this welcome back to the G. S. baseball podcast brought to you by the GSM see podcast network. I'm your host Kevin Mahalick discussing all things Major League baseball. We've had an excellent show so far for you guys. We've talked corona virus. The new stimulus package that was agreed upon in the Senate as of Wednesday as of time of recording by the time. You're listening to this. Maybe it's passed all the way through. The House gotten onto the desk of the president and he signed it and Cash and checks will be on their way to a lot of Americans bank accounts in April. Or May we're all going to need it out there with the tough times. We're going through right now. Then we discussed the AL central Minnesota twins. I believe once again will reign in that division as well as the A. L. West which goes the Houston Astros one more time. Repeat Division champions in all three Yankees Twins Astro said. The best got better in the off season. I don't know how else to tell you guys where there's not. A ton of upsets happen in there. The conversation that we're going to have next week a lot of it is going to be about the wildcard. Who's going to win those spots because those are the three who's getting four or five in if they expand it who will be six or seven a lot of different things to talk about here but in the fifth segment. This is a segment guys since. There's not a lot going on around Major League Baseball. Currently we're going to discuss a bunch of different topics a bunch of different things. There's really no theme for this segment. It is just you know right now that we're going to start out with social media who you guys need to be following on social media some interactive things that have been posted out there like a lot of people are given to. To`real 's some coaching suggestion for you. Guys out there who are home with kids. How can you help them in the backyard? Alex Rodriguez a rod he. He gave a very detailed Video on instagram. I believe it was a live stream going through some long toss. Then talked about drills hitting drills ee. Talked about how he used to hit. Black beans with a broom stick. He would be in hotels on the road. He would order black beans or beans from the kitchen downstairs. Get something out of you. He would carry a broom stick with them or one of those Training sticks that are very thin and toss beans and try to hit himself and basically said the next day. The ball looked like a softball coming in there. Because if you can hit small beans with a small stick yeah. You're good enough to hit a baseball the next day so that helped him get out of a few different slumps and I thought that was an interesting behind the scenes. Look at what's going on next up Nelson Cruz. He posted some pictures of his workouts. What he's doing down in Dominican Republic Nelson was one of those international players that was able to get back home that we talked about. They were worried about them traveling. And then getting back into the country obviously You Know Nelson was able to get back before anything happened out of control. And he was doing a lot of stretching resistance band workout so it was interesting to see because Nelson. Everybody thinks he's going to continue to slow down. He was here in Baltimore when things are going. Well now. He's in Minnesota when things are going well he seems to bring positive energy and a lot of work ethic with him wherever he goes that rubs off on the kids because he isn't slowing down so for him to show you that takes stretching resistance band exercises and not just the big weights. Being thrown around was nice to see behind the scenes. Harold Reynolds analyst for the Major League Baseball Network. He gave some drills some hand eye coordination footwork. Double plays relay transfers things along those lines things to do at home things to improve upon and then a lot of people just posting videos of them working out and then hitting and baseball fan out there. If you'RE A high school kid. Who's at home if you're a fan? Who's you know of any age? If you just enjoy watching swings to teach to your children potentially whatever situation you're in a lot of people are posting their swings to facebook instagram twitter. Where where they're working. You know at local facilities to hit and David Doll posted. Some Alex Bregman posted a few different workouts. Evan White first basement and the mariners posted one where he's He's got a tennis ball and he's basically hitting it against the wall working on his bat to ball skills his hand eye coordination so if you're a pitcher or if you're a position player that a lot of these major league players are are posting what they're up to now because we're we're going. Oh what are they doing? I if they can't get to the park and work out. What are they doing at home? Hey this is what they're doing. Mike Trout. He posted a video of him. Doing long toss quarantine costs as they put it. A lot of people are practicing with their wives or girlfriends now Nolan Era Nado third baseman for the rockies. He posted a video working on some drills online. Seven straight gold gloves. That doesn't happen by sitting at home. His COUSIN JOSH. Flynn says who's also in the rockies organization. Has Videos of them working out doing things. I talked about Bregman. He's hitting off the machine for breakfast per his caption so basically early morning workout washing your hands. We got aroldis Chapman. Doing some bench press he showing off the gym cable lifting exercises how he has his Cuban missile nickname. Wilson can share as a catcher for the cubs. He said nerve bullets out of a NERF gun from his roommates trying to stay sharp trying to stay connected hitting a smaller object with a smaller batteries. Away to go. Let's see we continue through here homework outs. People are post them online. Lomo Logan Morrison Brewers Michael. Lorenzana the reds. He's a he's a good one follow because he he's built dude doing it. Both you know outfield and pitching so a lot of fun to watch next up. Let's see as we're continuing to just bounce around here segment five if you guys are missing baseball a ton of classic. Mlb Games are currently on Youtube. Whoever you're a fan of there's an article on Major League Baseball Dot Com. That gives you the five best games to rewatch for. Whoever you're a fan of such as the Blue Jays Joe Carter Joey Bats Donald Encarnacion. The Orioles got CAL ripken junior iron man crews in the playoffs Tampa Bay rays reaching the world. Series Wildcard tiebreakers. It's it's pretty cool. How on Major League Baseball? They've come together. They posted every game from last year the year before on the MLB package or MLB TV. Which is now free for everyone over the course of the next thirty to sixty days so if your team was good over the last two years head there check that out maybe in a Phillies Fan. I watching Gabe. Kappler managed team over these last two years. Yeah you know the only game. I may watch the bryce Harper Grand Slam. That happened last year. That's the only one that I would wanNA see. It's an and I don't WanNa get out of these last two years so these ones on youtube go all the way back. I've watched game five of the clinch in two thousand and eight playoffs already. You can go back to nineteen eighty for the Philly's fan so whoever you're a fan of go to youtube type in cardinals full game you can watch the David Freese Game. You can watch you know then. Mb Kershaw full game pirates. You Can Watch Garrett Cole back in two thousand thirteen you can watch back in one thousand nine hundred seventy one them win at all. Whoever you are. There's at least five seven full games on Youtube. That are fun to watch. And and kind of click back on and even stuff with O. ATE and the PHILLIES. I remember that okay. That's cool. There's little things you forget. So if you're watching it a third or fourth time you'll catch something new this time that you didn't see in years past but one of the last bullet points. I want to touch on here. Is Noah Syndergaard Noah? Syndergaard is going to have Tommy John Surgery. There's been a lot to make of syndergaard how hard he throws. How mechanically sound he is. Is Tommy John just inevitable if you throw one hundred miles an hour or can the human body sustain somebody? Who does that syndergaard through as hard as possible? He's throwing over one hundred miles an hour. Can the human body physically maintain the ability to do that year? After year summer after summer or eventually is attendant ligament muscle going to break down where you're going to be required surgery. So syndergaard was out this spring training with discomfort and then now it's come out since the pandemic that they've talked to team trainers they got an MRI and it revealed a tear in the owner. Collateral ligament the UC L. Which is Tommy John Surgery? So the discovery was due to that ligament being torn which now means is twenty. Twenty season is over. It's a nine to twelve month recovery period. And the worry with mets fans and just in general with baseball is that this is going to affect twenty twenty one syndergaard being a free agent after twenty twenty one. These next two years were extremely important to what they were doing and what he had going on in regards to possibly get paid getting that hundred million dollar deal so now you're going to have a Tommy. John Surgery missed year and then only one year back coming off Tommy John. Where typically the? They're not lights out that first year they get back. There's command issues there's issues there's mechanical issues as well. They they just don't come right back in where they were. So he's basically going to miss. Twenty twenty possibly have a little bit of a down year in two thousand twenty one and then somebody's going to get a deal on syndergaard either. He's GonNa come back and figure it out in two years or you know he's never going to be the same which is certainly a possibility. But last episode we previewed the least. I talked about the mets being second or third place because of their rotation. I no longer think that's the case. I think the phillies are now able to jump the mets due to that loss of starter loss of depth and put them right there with the nationals and firmly in the mix for that wildcard spot so as a phillies fan. You know unfortunately never wished injury upon anybody but it certainly helps to phil's this summer in the mets just another blow like I said they're the mets. They'll figure it out. I don't know what it is but that wraps up segment number five here on the MCC baseball podcast brought to you by GSM. See podcast network. We talked about a little bit of everything. How the big leaguers are working out who to follow on Social Media Games. You can see on Youtube and then injuries that are still occurring information. Still coming out about this summer. So Noah Syndergaard has to get Tommy John Not a good look for the mets. That's a huge blow. No matter how many games they play this summer but just a devastating bummer for the fans in New York. And the fans of the mets. So hang with us here though. We're GONNA pause for another word from one of our sponsors when we come back. It's our fun segment our sixth segment. I'm GONNA give you guys my top six ballparks that I have been to last week I gave you the bucket list ones. I want to get to this week. Top six I have been to. It's an interesting list. I think you guys are going to like it. Stick WITH US. Are you looking for the very best? Nfl and college football podcast then check out the GS. Mc football podcast. Get the latest football news both on and off the field from the NFL draft to treats to the rumor mill to the NFL combines. They got you covered. That's GSM see. Podcasts DOT com slash football dash podcasts. Get UPDATES I'm college. Rivalries key insights and much much more. It's football talk the way you want it. This show eat sleeps and breathes football. Don't forget to like them on facebook and follow them on twitter visit. Yes MC podcasts. Dot COM FOR MORE INFO. Hello and welcome back to the sixth and final segment of the MC baseball podcast brought to you by the MC podcast network. I'm your host Kevin Mahalick coming to you with two episodes a week every Monday and Thursday. Talking Baseball for you guys. Wherever you're getting your podcasts out there but you already know that because you're listening to us here do me a favor however share us with one of your friend's head to social media share this episode on facebook on Lincoln wherever it is. I know you can hit those three little dots at the bottom right here under your podcast APP. Go to share instagram twitter. Whatever it may be actually texted to a friend say. Hey here's an excellent baseball podcast. I've been listening to these past couple of weeks. Have you checked it out? I know you love all things baseball. It's a fun conversation with Kevin gave him a like. Give them a review. It really goes a long way so I appreciate you guys as always tune in here this sixth and final segment. We like to have a good time. We like to have some fun. That's for sure here and last episode. I gave you guys my top eight bucket list. Ballparks that I have yet to see game action in well today is going to be the top six ballparks that I have seen a game at or that I have been able to attend in my life here so from six to one starting out with number six. We're going to double dip here and our triple dip. Let's triple dip shall we and this is going to potentially upset a few with the listeners out there. But I'm putting Fenway Park Wrigley field in camden yards all in one and all in at number six. Now you're saying fenway number one Wrigley's number two of course well that's based on this day in history and the aura but in terms of actually attending and watching a game. They haven't been the best experience for me and I've been to all of them. I go to camden yards. Every summer. Fenway every summer I've been to Wrigley once and I sat in the bleachers out. In the outfield. The upsetting part about that is you can't walk all the way. Ramle Wrigley. Either. You're in the outfield or you're behind the backstop. You can't do both. I've never seen behind home plate. Wrigley field which is like dude. What's up with that? Let everybody walk around. It's a price thing. It's a general admission thing so I had a great time drinking out in this but on the bleachers but I wanted to walk around the stadium and I couldn't do so so that was upsetting. Then Camden yards. Yeah it's a Nice Park but when you're walking around you can't see everything and then you get to left field. There's nowhere to watch the game whether you're at your seed or outside it's just it's one of those where it's a little bit old. It's beautiful right there in the city right against the you know the building the financial district down there a lot of fun a great atmosphere but just overall with all the new stadiums and the amenities they have. It's like man this isn't great. And then Fenway Park. Personally the chairs are old. They're uncomfortable. They're tight it's small. I'm a big dude. I'm over six to two hundred. Plus it's tight for me to get in there and then there's also pulse you gotta stay around. You can't see everything in the game because the stadium was built a hundred years ago. Of course it's not built the same way it was today. They didn't have the engineering. So it's old seats tight seats. Polls in the way great atmosphere I've been there for a LCS games watching the astros the past couple of playoffs with my buddy. So don't get me wrong I- fenway's a Lotta Fun. All the bars right around locally a heck of a good time drinking before and after the game same with Camden same with Wrigley Wrigley Ville. All of them have great atmospheres great situations but just not top ballparks to actually watch the game as a non fan of that team or whichever team you're watching specifically so the top five. I have number five coors field out in Denver Colorado Mile High Stadium there and chorus field. They have the purple row. That shows you. You're exactly a mile up. Then they got the horseshoe out in center field where you can watch a game for five ten fifteen bucks. All the trees the landscape kind back there for the batter's eye just a beautiful atmosphere in Denver. A Nice city a nice ballpark. Very clean very crisp. Just a lot of fun in Denver. When I was there watching a game number four citizens bank park the Philadelphia phillies and this gets back to like camden yards. And what I was talking about as I continue to travel and see more and more stadiums. I find that it's unique in Philadelphia. That when you walk around the entire stadium on the first level no matter where you are you can pause it anytime. Turn look out and see the field. See the game standing room only an entire three sixty around the park again Boston. You go down underneath. Can't see anything and Wrigley. You're in the outfield. You go for a drink. Can't see anything you're in camden yards. You go behind the dish around the plate. Can't say anything and Philly wherever you are even. If you're waiting in line for food you can kind of lean up. Look out and you're seeing the ball game there so you don't miss any of the action you want to do a lap. Hey let's pause. Bryce Harper said. I WANNA watch this here. Okay let's keep going. Let's pause reese hoskins. Let's watch us here. It's a fantastic ability to be able to do that so I love the fact that citizens bank part is just open entirely with that concept number. Three is the new Yankee Stadium. I enjoyed the new Yankee Stadium. Their food and amenities topnotch. What are they have Sushi? They had beer beer but different bars with local breweries things like that. It wasn't Miller. Leighton a can you know our young living in a can whatever it may be. It was a lot of fun at Yankee Stadium. It was an open atmosphere on the lower levels such as citizens bank park. You could see the entirety of the field. It's new so obviously. Everything is sharp fantastic. We went in through the players kind of entrance areas so they had a little waiting area where I talked to David. Wells had a conversation with him so that was fantastic. And just a great experience at Yankee Stadium and I think would be a tremendous atmosphere for a playoff game there as well. That's on the bucket list. I only saw regular season game there with the Astros up in up in the Bronx Stayed in Manhattan went up to the Bronx number. Two target field in Minneapolis. Yes again my buddy Presley was with the twins before the Astros so I went out checked him out there. Gorgeous new stadium. My goodness gracious and again not being a twins fan just kind of a fan of a buddy. I didn't really care who won the game so I was more impressed with their drinking areas. They're lounges bars. Their food their walkways their common areas. It was it was very beautiful honestly and then you got the city and right field up their past the walkway you watch. People hit home runs onto that walkway up. There you go around the corner you can see all the Games you know the double deck out in left field. It's just a very very well built. Well positioned stadium right in downtown. Minneapolis right there in the district. What do they call it? The Warehouse District in Minneapolis. It's just I had an excellent time at target field. I was very impressed because I know in Minnesota Baseball. It's cold they had the Metrodome wasn't for years and years and it's just like man. How can this be? That's a fantastic beautiful stadium and then wrapping up the top five or top six. Pnc Park. I touched on it with our food segment talented to check that out but PNC out in Pittsburgh I off the openness at citizens bank park same thing at PNC. So the reason I love Citizens Bank Park is why I love. Pnc Park same openness as well then they got the Rub Roberto Clemente Bridge crossing from the city across the river to the park. Where all the fans come over you can see the entirety of the city out in Centerfield right field. You got the bay or the river. The kind of like San Francisco Bay Shots. Well you got. River homerun potential here at Pittsburgh and beautifully new stadium. The food is tremendous good. Local beer section. That you know it's on the north side right next to Heinz field so it's great parking lot great tailgating great atmosphere all across the board. So if you haven't been to PNC. I would recommend doing so as soon as possible to catch a game out there. But that's six to one. That wraps up the six segment here of the GMC baseball podcasts. Let's see Fenway Wrigley and Camden coming in at number six across the board number five. We GOT CHORUS FIELD OUT IN DENVER NUMBER FOUR CITIZENS Bank Park right here in Philadelphia number three the new Yankee stadium in the Bronx number two target field in Minneapolis. If you haven't been to Minneapolis yet get there. It's a beautiful city rooftop bars. How does how does Minneapolis have rooftop bars? Philly really doesn't it's way colder in Minnesota. I didn't get that so love. The atmosphere loved the city and then. Pnc Park out in Pittsburgh just a beautiful beautiful skyline view to watch a game. You even forget the game's going on you stare at like it's a picture or painting for the most part out there as well but again that'll wrap up this episode of the GMC baseball podcast. We appreciate you guys listening here. As always talking about the corona virus talking about Major League Baseball and the CORONA VIRUS. How it's continuing to have implications on the rest of the season the doomsday scenario. Obviously nobody wants to talk about where they they don't have any baseball continuing to wreak havoc but I gave you a preview the AL central the Al West next week on Mondays episode. We'll give you a playoff preview and we rounded out this conversation with all things Major League baseball communicating. But if you haven't done so already follow us like US Social Media Instagram. Facebook twitter rate review. Share the PODCAST. I know I hear you guys with that but please do so. It really does help out. Spread the word of GSM. See as well as myself so if you enjoyed your time here go ahead and do that but thanks for listening to the GMC baseball podcast brought to you by the GMC podcast network. Thanks and have a great night. Everyone listening to the Golden State media concepts baseball. Podcast part of the Golden State media concepts PODCAST NETWORK. You can find this show and others like it at. Www DOT GMC podcast dot com download. Our podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud and Google play. Just type it. Jesus Mc to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music throw sports entertainment and even Weird News. You can also follow us. Twitter had fits. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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Sports Talk with Lance McAlister 7-16-20

Lance McAlister

1:41:58 hr | 1 year ago

Sports Talk with Lance McAlister 7-16-20

"This is the arnelle carriers sportstalk. Presented by Kelsey, Chevrolet. Sports talk is brought to you by rising star Casino in rising Sun Indiana where you can play staying at getaway, eighty door and window. They sell the Best Ed Service. The rest trilogy medical services. Trilogy, H S. DOT COM furniture. Fair, I, Island Flick Repose Grosses The Fun Food Company Delta Dental. We do dental better Delta H. dot com backs sled tractor, helping you grow Your Business Skyline Chili, feeling good, it's skyline time Robert Jones planning home of the world's friendliest plumbers, one hour, heating and cooling comfort is just a call away Cincinnati va with. All of its healthcare heroes for caring for our nation's Heroes Kelsey Chevrolet. For Indiana from our family to your Fam- Papa John's pizza now, offering no contact delivery go to Papa John's dot com, and by our in L. Carriers, your global transportation provider. visit us at our L. C. dot com. Now sports talk on seven hundred wwl Johnny. Looks do at six Oh nine seven hundred wwl. W. This in fact would be our carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet I'm Lance McAlister glad to heavy here? The weekend is here. Congratulations. You made it this far. Let's hang out for a while. We'll do it for three hours and then sterling is in nine to midnight tonight. Get plenty original drop in some bengals. You're going to hear from Jay, green coming up in less than one half hour and are what should be our final off the beaten path topic until October. With baseball fingers crossed a starting one week from tonight. We have headlines, and then we'll go. We start with the reds update of the reds holding a scrimmage tonight at great American ballpark six forty starred. They're actually playing what they're calling a summer series. The coaches have drafted two teams. They're going to scrimmage the next three nights. Whichever team wins the series taking two? Two of three gets Monday off I kinda like it again. The opener one week from tonight against the Tigers the first official I I guess exhibition game this coming Tuesday night first regular season game one week from tonight. Reds made some roster moves today. They option to the alternative summer campsite outfitter Aristidies Aquino along with pitchers, Justin, Schaefer Matt Bowman and Joey Kunal. The reds also have reassigned infielder Jose Garcia in pitcher tyler. Thornburg to the alternate site. Reds today, signing, undrafted, free agent and Zions Ville Indiana native. Center fielder Jacob hurt hurt hurt a bees out of army I'm sure glad I wrote that up phonetically and still didn't get it right. A yeah cop meanwhile was an Atlanta brave in theory. It looked like the reports where he was signing. He will not sign. He has tested positive for covid nineteen. He remains. Remains a free agent by the Pittsburgh. Pirates outfielder Gregory Palumbo tested positive for covid nineteen today as well bengals update. The bengals have officially resigned wide receiver. Aj Green to that one year franchise tag pen to paper. He will be in training camp. The deal is worth eighteen million dollars. You will hear from coming up at six thirty five another NFL no today Andrew Whitworth wife, tweeting that the entire family plus her parents have tested positive for covid nineteen. In Gulf second round action at the memorial tournament in Dublin, Ryan Palmer and Tony fee now share the lead after two rounds at nine under Jon Rahm is second one shot back at eight under tiger. Woods had a round of seventy six. He stands three over right now as we speak, it looks like the cut line is going to be three tigers. Going to sneak in Brooks kept good. A sneak in Phillies to over Bubba is to over again right now. The projected cut is three over bryce. Bryce into Shambo is not going to make the cut. He had a ten. He went all Tin Cup on the fifth hole today at par five fifteenth, actually yet ten hit out of bounds twice and is six over last check. He was on eighteen. Our Guy Jim. Herman. Seven over Jason Co cracked the former. Xavier Golfer has withdrawn from the tournament. No reason given for everything else. You've missed a do this to my blog. You'll find it. At seven hundred wwl W DOT com. The blog is. Is presented by me. It's free. It's got reds. It's got bengals. If you missed our conversation last night, we did a five for fifty. The five plays the define Cincinnati sports over the last fifty years that was in honor of this being the fiftieth anniversary week of Pete Rose and Ray Fosse in the collision at home plate, so we got into all right. Let's say that's one of them. What would be the five plays plays not games, or seasons plays that defined Cincinnati sports over those fifty. Fifty years that was fun and we also talked about and Joey Votto is the most criticized Cincinnati sports star all time all of that you can catch up on in blog form at seven hundred. WWL W DOT com. All right. We begin here where It was kind of Nice this morning. When I saw a tweet from the reds, it was a beautiful shot of a of a stadium albeit empty, and the sun was shining, it proclaimed opening day one week from today in that tweet said. It'll be different. But it'll be special, and it will be ours Hashtag. Take the central. One week from tonight, I will be sitting here delivering. The inside pitch, and then Tommy Thrall and Jeff Brantley will be delivering reds baseball, and it'll sound not exact- exactly like. Not really similar to, but in some way shape or form, it'll be something like this. And it's a swing and a dry deep right field back goes. Hey, word and we're tie. Now it may take on a bit of a different form. Maybe that crowd noise will be pumped in. You'll certainly hear that crack the bad. Let me say this though is going to be damned good to have baseball back on the radio. Is it not are you with me? I'm going to talk a little reds baseball early. Let me open up blinds right out of the chute at five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred and pounds, seven, hundred odd at and T.. It feels like and I don't. Don't want to jinx but I. don't believe in Jinxing so I'm going to say it feels like now. This is going to happen. Does it not I? Mean for the longest time we wondered for many reasons including the the labor unrest in the back and forth there's GonNa be no season at all. And then we wondered about the virus, and there's GonNa. Be No season at all. And now we're about to put two weeks of three in the books it feel although I do is. Is I say this I feel like? Chevy chase and rusty in vacation when they finally got the wally world, and they started running, and it was like two chariots of fire, and it was in slow motion as they were running towards the gate, and then when they got there. Sorry folks, purpose closed Moose out front should've told you, but it feels like this is going to happen and the thing that strikes me. The more I read about in the more I listened to what is happening in other. Camps. This camp here. And this is a good thing it is been. Boring. It's been routine. It's been like clockwork. I mean if you dig into what's going on in other camps. It's in some places bordering on chaos, and yet it feels like one week from tonight it actually six days away because the Thursday night will officially mark the opener of baseball, it'll be the Washington nationals and New York Yankees followed by the giants and dodgers, but it feels like this is happening. Want to get into bed as we continue its Arnelle carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet on seven hundred WWL W. Six, twenty, three seven hundred wwl w. it's earn. Carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet Arnold carriers your global transportation. PROVIDER VISIT OUR LLC DOT COM Kelsey chevrolets open for sales and service by the way just saw this pop up on twitter from the athletic twenty seven years ago today, the bow in primetime show Yankee Stadium Yankees royals Bo Jackson for the royals Dion Sanders prime time for the Yankees, they combined for four home runs. Bo hit three at Yankee stadium that night. Dion hidden it inside the park homer, and if I remember correctly and watching the play that's. That's where Bo separated a shoulder he dove headlong, stretching out to try to make the catch a ball. Hitting the gap by Dion couldn't get to it. He hits the ground. Shoulder dislocates ball rolls to the wall. Dion circles debases Bang Bang plate the plate. He tries to go up and over the Catcher then reaches back and touches. Home Plate on an twenty seven years ago. Bo In dion unbelievable man, what an that was i David Bell said something interesting today on the zoom call the they've been operating of two camps, great American ballpark and press go. Thirty guys at Gray American ballpark the rest of the group at Pasco ultimately, there's going to be thirty that make the major league roster on opening day, and it'll stay at thirty for the first two weeks of the season. Everybody else will. You'll carry a three man taxi squad as well so when the reds go on the road, three taxi squad players, which will include a catcher Tyler Stevenson and two others will travel with them. In case, something happens, do players, and those would be the the reinforcements, but for everybody else. Think about it. Their existence if they're not on the major league roster is going to be at presque Oh perk for the next sixty six days once the season starts. The major. League is going to play their season. Everybody else will be in Mason at presque park for the next sixty six days once the season starts David. Bell talked about the difficulties surrounding that. For All the players that are at Pasco that don't make the team, it's going to be more important. I would say in a typical. AAA team staying ready to contribute just because of all the unknown going into this year we stay healthy. You know given the circumstances just going to be. Incredibly important so. I believe the staff that we have at Pasco? Chris, tram is is running things over there. Might be might be the greatest challenge that they've ever had in maybe anyone in Professional Baseball from coaching standpoint just because ever really important job. And they have to be creative every day to to keep these guys ready find ways to keep keep it competitive. Keep them competing without outside competition to do that for the for that long of a period of time. It's GonNa. Take a lot of creativity. I think that the learn a lot and be better for it. I also believe they're going to do a great job with. We have the facility for we have the right people in place and I think the key to. It is just GonNa be making it fun. You know keeping them ready keeping a competitive and finding ways to. Have Fun with it. I. Think about that that group every day you're GONNA wake up. You're going to go to Pasco. You'RE NOT GONNA HAVE A. Quote Unquote real game against other opponents. It's going to be the same group of you every day and trying to change that up and make it creative because you can't be. You just can't sit back and goof around because something may happen either poor performance or injury or positive test, or whatever scenario on the major league level, they have to make the call to Pasco. We need so and so and you just can't be sitting around for the next sixty six. Six Days goofing off at preschool field, so it's gotta be the creativity of some some scrimmage games made I. Don't know. Maybe they played pickling hatbox. Play some five hundred. Maybe they used ghost runners one day. Maybe they use pitcher's hand one day, but all of that the assignment of keeping what will be what twenty five or so to twenty-seven guys not just interested in as best a game shape as possible when you don't have real games going on every day. That the challenge, but as I mentioned. In listening around Major League Baseball and I listen to various podcast and buster Olney and listen to sports. Talk Radio in different cities in here that the beat writers for the other teams talk about what is going on in other places and I read a piece by any McCullough today, and they athletic or yesterday, and he said into the sport of baseball offers its fans a choice as opening day approaches enjoy the silver linings or fred about the all consuming cloud and. And he mentioned what's going on around baseball. We're on Monday. A group of six cubs, players, including their manager couldn't attend morning workout because their test results weren't back the cardinals have a reliever. Jordan Hicks type, one diabetic, who's dealing also with Tommy John Surgery and the comeback trail? He's opted out of the Astros. Manager said this week. Quote I. Really Do think that whichever team has the fewest cases of Corona virus is GonNa win on, Tuesday eleven umpires opted out. Earlier this week, the Astros outfitter, George. Springer MR workout because of a delayed test and his Andy Road days like these qualify as good ones right now. and. He points out you know were a week away from opening day in the Blue Jays. Don't know which country they're going to call home. The nationals began the day wondering if they were going to have to play in a minor league ballpark. Because the city Corona, virus regulations in DC. They've been cleared today. They can play their games in DC the astros rookie of the year. The American league rookie of the year a your. Your Alvarez has not reported camp yet because of various things going. Going on Freddie Freeman returned today to the braves after what he's gone through, and Andy pointed out day to day around Major. League baseball, players and coaches kind of disappear and reappear. Sometimes explanations are offered, and sometimes they're not. Maybe it's a positive test or other things he wrote. It is difficult to predict how the season will go when you can't say who will be on the field, and it's difficult to predict how the season will go when you can't say how long it will last. And yet we sit here tonight one week out, and it feels like, and it's funny as I set up the opening topic, I see a tweet from. Ken, Rosenthal, who's quoted tonight on Fox sports Moebius saying it appears quite obvious that we are going to get to opening day, and that alone is a triumph. Ken Rosenthal the Major League. Baseball beat guy for Fox and they athletic. Get everybody else. Yeah! One week out, knock on, knock on wood and cross your fingers. I think we're heading towards a regular season for twenty twenty. It's going to be vastly different than anything. We've ever experienced, but it's going to be something that we're GonNa. Get to experience when we come back Aj. Green you will hear from the Bengals wide receiver on. The Franchise tag on training camp. Joe Borough negotiations and his future. AJ, next after we check news arnelle carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey. Chevrolet seven hundred w out of you. News traffic and weather. News radio seven hundred W ell delegates Cincinnati. Restrictions remain in the Commonwealth with the six thirty report I'm Sarah Elise Breaking now the Kentucky. Supreme Court is keeping governor any corona virus related orders in effect while legal challenges against them continue the order that dropped Friday afternoon, says the governor does have the power to declare such orders during a public health emergency such as the pandemic, so all of Beshir's current executive orders including the mask mandate remain in effect for now in his briefing later Friday. Bashir said I'm not excited. Because that is or could be perceived, a win I'm relieved. I'm relieved because I've sat up the last two nights. Not Sleeping worried about how many people would die if we didn't have any types of rules in place. Attorney General Daniel. Cameron responded to the ruling via twitter, saying in part, our goal in joining these cases is that the law is followed and the rights of Kentucky Inns are protected I'm Suzanne Duval this afternoon. The Kentucky Governor announced five hundred thirty one new corona virus cases. It was the third highest daily total the status seen since the beginning of the pandemic, the total case count now in the State stands at twenty, one, thousand, six, hundred and five eight new fatalities were also reported raising the death toll to six hundred and fifty three. Six thirty, eight, seven hundred. W W. Learn L. carrier dock presented by Kelsey. Chevrolet. mcallister! L.. More on the other side of the glass again the newsroom, overseeing it all we do it till nine. You're off the beaten path topic coming at eight and then stirling from nine to midnight tonight, couple of notes for we're going to AJ Green Tiger shoots the seventy six in round two today at the memorial as as we speculated, the cut line was three when we last talked. It is official. Tiger will advance. Tomorrow Brooks Koepka also at plus three. That is the cut line. It's the sixth time that tiger is made the cut on the number over the last five years, and the second time in that span. He's done it at the memorial. He did it in Twenty fifteen that from ESPN stats and Info Tiger will play the weekend Brayson. The SHAMBO will not after a ten on the fifteenth the Red Scrimmage about to get underway the summer series, the first of three consecutive games. Winning team gets Monday off. Fred's reds versus the CINCY baller team the CINCY baller team, wearing green, according to Bobby Nightingale of the Inquirer Mark Sheldon speculating. They're wearing the green. The Saint Patrick's Day uniforms because they never got to wear them the first time, so. Role about tonight's have three days of scrimmage in winner against the relax a little bit on Monday all right. Let's get to the J. Green News of the day. The announcement becoming official of this afternoon, the bengals today reciting AJ during to that one year. Franchise tag one year contract Katie Blackburn bengals executive quoted in the release saying. From the day, he joined our organization nine years ago. Aj Green has been outstanding player in class. Act She went on to say we look forward to the opportunity at the end of the season to discuss keeping him here long term he has been an integral part of our team in. We expect this year that he will be the same impact player. He has always been AJ entering his tenth season stands second in Bengals history in receptions, second in receiving yards, tied for second in receiving touchdowns and I in one hundred yard, receiving games seven. Seven pro bowl selections third most in Franchise History Gino has eight Anthony Moon News has eleven and Zach Taylor saying today age as one of the best receivers in the NFL. He's an important part of our plans were thrilled to have him in the fold from day one. We're looking forward to the impact of his talent in leadership on our offense this season without further ado Aj met with the media today and spoke for the first time since all this has unfolded by zoom. Here's the Bengals wide receiver with the media I know you kind of. Data come where you reluctant to sign your franchise tag at all. Like I say with everything's going on We had great come session with the Bengals, I think. The biggest thing with with us. We had open communication the whole way through this and. I'll talk situation best for me. Scott there and play on his Franchise Act, and then we revisit his after the season. Agent what when you got drafted together in two thousand eleven. The fact that you guys started work together right away and establish that chemistry. You have another young guy important. Start together right away established chemistry. What can you take out of your experience? With Handy in two thousand eleven can apply now in two thousand twenty with the Isan Trophy winner. Man Just just go out and have fun I. Think for India night. When we first who I got got drafted to the eleven. We didn't have ot a we. We went straight into. into training camp just like this this situation that we're going to have to go right into. Training camp so I think you know Joe Everything, I'm hearing by Joey's Margai. So you know I like he can handle all this CICI's played in the biggest level so for him to describe the gaming. Bright spots all the time him. Aj Do you look at this. Period where you can reach a contract and be enfranchised, tagged as now just part of the business. You've league long enough to understand. Do you put that right frame of mind for yourself. Oh, of course you know for me. This is not my first. act. So I think I'm going to different situation. A lot of these guys who were got franchise. This is not my first big deal so I'll have money saved up. I should have enough money saved up. I'll be fine home, but I know like other guys who've who've been franchised man bay. Really bet on yourself for me you. Ten Years in being franchise tag for like a bad thing anymore. What he fights. You most about don't know how much watched on say. Things are guy, but get a play with. Everyone and see. If, there's live around the down getting nice. What excites most. Often means. For me! Is You know his energy? You see the energy that he brings his teammates. Watching the national championship in how fired up he is not. quarterbacks to be that but. He's going to blame that energy to this. You know to us the same as you. To L., man I'm excited to get out there with. Talked about how you came in and twenty eleven. I remember you talked about how you say you're GONNA. Come in and be with Chad. Happen so basically you are. You're Kinda was Kinda you WanNa cast the thousands right now to higgins comes in, and you feel like you can maybe sounding board for him that you didn't have when you were. More so that's that's. That's my biggest thing you know coming in. A. Mullah mark coming right after after me and not now had TV in Washington Guy Developing questions. That's t's going to be the same way guy that he's. He's willing to work. He's a quiet guy like he's going to really help us out this year. Agent with. What you said you know you re hardline. That's he wanted to tag Get let go at. What point did you change your tune on that and say you know what I'd be okay with the friendship? When did that START SHIFT NEGOTIATION I? Think I think forces is having Alvin of. I Katie bengals organization that we had great open communications over these last couple weeks. We all came to turns like a lot of things going on in this low. Just let me go out and play football. Is Distinct. Next year. Aj You feel like nationally people forgotten about how great you are a little bit, and does that. Put a chip and he? They're pissed you off a little bit, and does it motivate you to play for another big contract? Mean after this year you can opportunist big contract if you know for me, is I just WanNa play football again i. know the work that effort in each and every each and every year each and every week. I don't get caught up in the you know who's better than who you know. Who's the top receivers? I know what brings that table and I'm GonNa feel when I know the work that I put in so always comfortable. With myself and I don't care what other people say, but when you put that table when I'm out on a feel. You speaks for itself. Imagine during this process. You probably received a lot of unsolicited advice from people that WANNA. Tell you something. Outside of your family I mean. Who did you listen to the most? And what was some? They said that you. For me this is my family man, I got. Among were just from. You Know College Houston Qiamuddin. Mass Choir Prince Miller may we all? Each and every day mandate. He just told me you know has got the player game. Leaving God, he's told me God. Man and everything else take some I, told these guys every day. Always keeping you level headed, and I'm so any my wife's better sign attack, not not not losing eighteen million. Aj Green earlier today portion of conversations with the media, and yes, that was from his back Porch I. Assume his backboard back. The birds flying around around his His porch needs the eighteen million for birdseed to feed all the birds in the backyard Aj said that he considers. Himself capable of four more great years of football and his goal is. He told Jeff Hobson this morning for bengals. Dot Com is to play four more years and retire as a bengals. HOW FEASIBLE POSSIBLE PLAUSIBLE! Is that we'll do that and more as we head down the stretch to seven o'clock, we're flying in this first our. Carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred WWL W. Head down the stretch to news eight minutes away eight minutes from news time here on seven hundred wwl w. it's Arnelle carrier sportstalk. Kelsey Chevrolet in eventful bottom of the top of the first from great American ballpark will get to that in a second. Grab your calls on the reds. Follow up on the AJ conversation. Go bigger picture with what Dave Lapham told me earlier this week. When you join me on Sportstalk I, asked him about the prospects of there being an NFL season. What is your confidence level that we going to have eight football season, Gosh. Couple couple of even a couple of weeks ago. I would have software. I'm feeling now. It's closer to fifty fifty now that it seems like in my eyes. I hope I'm not sure that the training camp is GonNa Start exactly when they think it might start. But You know I just I. To me. I. I can't imagine you're not gonNA. Play Footba when it's a fifteen billion dollars I can't imagine not gonNA. Try to play a worth. Everybody's worst nightmare is the season starts, and then it comes to a screeching halt. Team that tolerates uncertainties tolerance of uncertain. Theme my think this year. It's an odd thing. It's not anything about injuries. It's tolerated certainties of the coronavirus who's handle the best different factor allowed to play. Dave Lapham earlier this week? That entire conversation reaction to A. J. Green in podcast forum at seven hundred w dot com, and through the iheartradio. APP free in both cases and presented by my friends. The podcast is by Richter and Phillips Jewelers Six O. One Main Street they are the best in I. Certainly, thank him for presenting the podcast. If you go to richterphillips, dot com slash lance. You'll get a fifty. Fifty percent off deal on your next purchase from Richter and Phillips Jewelers. That's richterphillips dot com slash lanes, stocks some reds. They'll give you an update from the ball yard where there has been a home run. There has been a better and he has left the game and a lot of activity early on. We'll get to that in a second but Indianapolis. We go, Ron, you or on seven hundred wwl W, welcome. Thank you for having me on I was wondering yeah. Got My fingers crossed Santa. Pray into the baseball. Season can get here and plus. Get rid of all the political garbage is out there and something out going to get my wife's to. TV and I'll take the radio to see if I can pick up when I can pick up around the area here I was wondering. Is Anybody GonNa have a schedule come out. say like USA Today of older. Looking sort of go race schedule with hopefully. Looking for the. If you're looking for their enroll run, thank you. It's a reds dot com as complete schedule. If you're looking for all of major. League Baseball GOTO MLB DOT com I. Thank you for your call in. Appreciate you checking inside talk. A little reds baseball Taylor Mala, got touched up in the first half inning. A three run home run by Matt. Davidson I think it was a three run shot. It's three nothing I'm trying to talk in watch. At the same time. He hit net. Nick Castanos in the back I mean square in the back in it drop, Nick and nick was down for a while he got up a under his own power, and left the game Travis Jankowski. Pinch ran for him, but it was square. Look like right the numbers in the back. Davidson jacked one to straight away field a four hundred. It's four zero. Five destroyed away went four six got over, but it was straightaway and deep, and Taylor Mali with a little bit giddy up on a fastball blue. Mike dacas away three nothing between Fred's reds, and the CINCY ballers the first of three in the summer series between the reds teams in the intra-squad again play tonight tomorrow, and Sunday winner of the series. Joey votto just granted out. I love talking baseball. Even when Joey just ground's out I, like I just like seeing moving pictures of stuff happening. That's related to baseball. Joey was robbed a hit. Second First Second Second Baseman actually looks like they're playing with. Ten guys. It was deep into right field, and it looked like someone other than the right field. I'm trying to look at the big picture of their life and play, but Joey ground's out, but the winner of this three game set. Get Monday off now I. mentioned the the Reaction Around Major League Baseball is. We're getting closer to this one thing that has caught. My eye is the reaction from. Media outside of Cincinnati and in other central division towns to what the reds have done, and are doing I'm reading the Saint. Louis Post dispatch this week in their column tip sheets, and it mentions one. The kernels are missing key pieces to anthony. Rizzo is battling a sore back for the cubs. It had A. Marianas back and points out all the editions. The reds have made investing one hundred, sixty, six, million in free agent hitters in the off season, and they include observations from Jesse Rogers of ESPN, dot com, who covers the cubs in Chicago, and he wrote of the reds there an even better pick now with the D.. H. Being implemented there so deep aristidies. Aquino might not have a spot. He'd probably start on about thirteen other teams in the National League. The reds are loaded. He writes. The team is stacked from top to bottom though there are few questions in the pitching staff, but it's a team without a glaring hole. The reds will win the national league central. That's from Jesse. Rogers who covers the cubs? For, ESPN DOT COM J. Jaffe of fan grabs said on the same pieces week for the Saint. Louis. Post dispatch the light up that only two above average hitters last year. Suarez and winker added to Moravia Free Agency and Castanos in Moose Dacas, and there's plenty of reason to believe that a healthy Nixon zeal and a more representative Joey votto can add to that total as well their rotation projects as the NFL's third best that from the Saint Louis Post dispatch this week all right? Let's do this in the in the seven. o'clock hour I tried to do this earlier in the week, and we ran out of time on it, but next week, the Texas Rangers or going to unveil their new ballpark. Actually players are working out in it. I right now it is. It's a pretty amaz Clo-. blyth field is the name of it. But it is being described as a one of the ballpark that is going to start the shift away from the Retro Era of Major League Baseball ballparks. What I'd like to do for maybe a segment. They athletic this week has their national baseball writer. He has been to every major league ballpark. Any ranked them this week. I'd like to maybe do a little ballpark tours with you for a segment, and maybe the ballpark's. You have been to, and that would recommend that you would rate as must see. Maybe the things you like the things you didn't like I'm going to run through. What is being written about the the rangers new ballpark the unveiling of it I'm GonNa tell you where he ranks this writer for the athletic ranks. Great American ballpark in what he rates as his top five major. League ballparks, you're invited to the conversation. Five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big one and pound, seven hundred on at and T., maybe for a segment of this seven o'clock hour. Some some conversation along the lines of Ballpark. With your help including your travels over the years as we continue, let's check new straight up top of the hour Arnelle. Carrier Sports Dot presented by Kelsey, Chevrolet seven hundred WWL W. The following takes place between seven PM and eight PM. Let's keep rolling. Seven nine seven hundred wwl w. this is L. Perio- sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet one hour from now off the beaten path, it would be It would appear to be our last week until October the end of baseball season. corey if all goes. According to plan, knock on wood again Let's begin this hour with this. For you and we'll We'll take some calls on it. I've got all lines open to. It's perfect to set it up. At Five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big one and pound seven hundred on. T. We can't get. Into baseball stadiums at least. At this point in the early stages of the baseball season. That doesn't mean we can't talk about baseball stadiums. There is a new one opening in what I WANNA do is I've got this list from the athletic. I'd like to kind of run through where you tell me. Where have you been? What have you liked? What would you highly recommend from a stadium standpoint? Austin just offered up a minute maid park the Astros during the break. The new one is opening in. The Texas. Rangers, Ballpark Arlington I think it specifically in Arlington it is being described or at a piece in five thirty eight as the ballpark that is going to shift US away from the Retro Era of stadiums. Camden yards opened ninety two, and that ushered in the Retro area, and that was the game changer in designs and aesthetics and location, and it sparked the greatest boom of of of stadium construction in more than eight years, but is the piece points out. The Retro area. May may be over now. And this new stadium. According to the early reports and I've seen a few pictures of the seats are closer to the field than any other Retro Park. It's an anchor of a suburban mixed-use developmental plan and there's a lot of excitement surrounding it a bit dull. By the fact, they won't be able to put fans in at least early on, but he got me thinking about a piece in the athletic earlier this week by their national baseball writer who has been to every Major League stadium. And they asked him to rank them. Top to bottom his favorites least favorites. And our run through some of these, but I would like just from a personal experience a ballpark. You have been in and one that you would recommend checking out. I have seen some. I've been to some. I haven't been to all I wouldn't even say have been to a lot over the years. I've been to been regularly a number of times Wrigley. If you've never been go, watch a game in the park and watch a game from the rooftops, both in the for never forget the first time I walked in Wrigley and up the up the the hallway that the concrete. To. Your first view of the ballpark. And it takes your breath away. The Ivy, and just the sense that no babe. Ruth called his shot there in that ballpark and and Ernie banks and billy. Williams in Ferguson, Jenkins and Ryan Sandberg, but when you walk up that that ramp and you get your first sight of the stadium and the Ivy, and the the rooftops. It is a really cool feeling I've been to the white. SOx Park Not much to it I went. I was at the old Yankee. Stadium I haven't been to the new Yankee. Stadium I I loved the shot of the monuments at old Yankee. Stadium will take your breath away I've been to Cleveland I've been to Philadelphia I went to Philadelphia for the reds philly series in two thousand. Ten. My wishlist. I was telling Austin this I. Said and Kelly gets on key Casey and and me. Because we we save year. We're going to Pittsburgh to PNC park. We have yet to go. That is on my list from the view from where it's located the bridge to the I would love to PNC park in Pittsburgh. Fenway, I must get to Casey. was out with his friend. Nate in the Boston area last week, and drove by fenway took a picture and send it to me. we were invited years ago to go to fenway by the Yukos family, and it was when he was in the hospital and had to politely decline I want to go to fenway. I have not been to camden yards. I WANNA go there. Let me give you the list from the athletic. Here's his five, and then yours at five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big one and pounds seven hundred on at and T. if you have one to recommend number five on his list Baltimore Camden yards. The Retro Ballpark crazed the beginning the warehouse this week was the anniversary back in ninety, three of junior, hitting the warehouse in the home run Derby the only player who is hit the warehouse, a regular season or Homerun, Derby number four and his list Fenway Park. He writes the Red Sox have been masterful and the way they've upgraded the ballpark while maintaining its charm. The cool thing to me is. What they've done with the green monster and the seats above the Green Monster I would love to see that view. And he points out. It looks like the way they've done it by adding seats. It looks like it's been there the whole time you know there's some place in Wrigley has upgraded a lot of stuff. Some of it's kind of over the top, but yet Wrigley has been able to maintain the sense of the tradition, the history and the feel of an old time ballpark at regular number. Three on his list is San, Francisco Oracle Park, and he wrote. It's hard to imagine that any ballpark in the history of baseball has done a better job of taking advantage of its surroundings. The Bay Bridge Looms in the distance Kayakers, Jockey, position, mccovey cove, making the water reachable. Add so much personality. They're likely. Likely has never been a bigger venue in the history of the game from candlestick Park to Oracle Park number, two and Wrigley Field. He writes just like fenway. It's lost nothing with modernization I would agree I mean the brick, and the ivy is just so cool on the rooftops number one his list and I guess I'll put it on mine. Dodger Stadium he's is if you, WanNa moment of aw. Go to the very top of the stadium. Look down at the ball field below the mountains that form the backdrop the wavy pavilion roof over the outfield pavilion, and the color the seats, the graduate from Gold to blue designed to mimic the setting sun over the ocean. That even sounds cool. The Exterior landscaping is immaculate. It is a lasting example of mid century modern design. It remains a jewel because it's everything that ballpark should be beautiful, comfortable and timeless. Anybody been to dodger stadium. I guess that goes on my list. I would have PNC I would have fenway. I would have camden yards. I would have dodger stadium and the other one just because I see it so much because the reds play there so often. I'd like to go to Milwaukee. From Bernie brewer sliding down roof, open to go for a series and see what it looks like the difference between roof opening roof closed all right. That is our starting point for a segment. If you want to jump in on this. Dick me out a little ballpark tour in a place. You Major League perk. You've gone to in one. You would recommend I'll give you where he ranked great American ballpark. Give give you a hint. He does this in tears. The group I just gave you was a league of their own the top tier. He List Great American Ballpark in Tier Four, the a tear for the major, League ballparks that as we continue. Kevin Okay. Because often the phones as well darnall carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred WWL W. Tonight at nine. Sterling takes your calls in shares these experiences. Usually railing embarrassing experiences style by never admit to. Stirling tonight at nine on seven hundred WWL W. Seven twenty two seven hundred wwl url carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey. Chevrolet. Thanks for hanging out. Take it in the show tonight the tiger or the Rangers next week will open up their new ballpark, and I was reading a piece in the athletic this week by their national baseball writer Mark Kerry, who has been in every major league park and ask them to rank those stadiums? He has a great American. Ballpark number twenty four on his list. He writes. The reds have such a long history which is reflected in its adjacent hall of fame, but the stadium does little to distinguish itself also he writes I get it the. The team has called the reds, but does every seat in the house. Actually have to be read that from the athletic this week. He has PNC park at number eight, and he says start with a view namely with the Roberto Clemente. Bridge especially when it's jammed with people arriving for the game, then there's downtown. Pittsburgh lit up at night looming in the distance. The ballpark creates a feeling of intimacy, and it creates an unmistakable experience I've got to get to PNC park and I guess I'll say it for another year because nobody. It looks like it's getting into that park this year. Let's go to the phones and. Ed You to the mix for a little bit of a ballpark. Tour Troy's on seven hundred. WLIW or I'm sorry it's Kevin. Inch Roy Hi Kevin. Atlanta, what a what a great topic tonight! So it two thousand eight, my father in law, my son was eight years old. We we, we decided a joke. You know we all start doing one one at least one stadium a year so. Twenty one to twenty two stadiums. Everyone of your bucket list we've been to, and and they're all spectacular Dan. You're one hundred percent right, but. We started with. The next year we went to the Yankee Stadium before the old Yankee Stadium and a few years later, we came back to the new Yankee Stadium All city field. Wrigley and all. That's awesome but i. have to tell you a quick story about her about our favorite. Our Stadium is San Francisco. San Francisco. And my son, who was young at the time you know He. He was all into it. You know he he he would go on. Drives Diners and dies couple of restaurants we were going to, and and and we would get there, so we go to San Francisco his. His goal would be batting practice every game and his thing is I. Want Right Bill I WANNA. Sit, mccovey, cove and Practice. And that you're. They were playing the phillies and. Can't park to be playing for them. And he threw a ball up to him, and then came down and signed it, and we left my father in law in right field, and we came back up and Mac Fairview member Matt stay home. And he was launching them, and he was lots into mccovey cove and there was one. Is Great. It goes up because over our head. It hits the railing and goes down. We're just watching people chase after the ball and laughing all of a sudden we hear my father and I go out son of a and you know, and as long fall ever go on. What's wrong with you and he something hit me. I well, what? Hey I don't know, but it hurts and the. Seventy five eighty year lady gave out you okay. Hit Me! Well, he hit another ball. Hit you right in the has no. He's been right in the hill. At. About ten at the time. Bob Does look down the ball land between his leg. No. Way Got Holding two balls up and then the the bad part about my father-in-law, who's the greatest greatest human being the world that'd be never watched star. He's the old man for. Okay. Bad He's refusing any healthy. The comes down if we need to take the medic-. No, no, no. Then management comes. We need you. Take the medic-. No, no, no, and then then they brought the medical him and. I call my Wa. Laughing and roundedness laughing at my dad got hit the head. You. Why am I like? He's ultimately okay right. All I guess thinking about. Was the movie weekend at Bernie's something happen? I didn't sleep that entire night. Something happened what we were going to do so. We've had we've had some tremendously great great memories and I really thank you for the topic tonight. Thank you for the story. Thanks for calling tonight never weekend. I, that's a good one and that ball priming, the big giant mid at and left and mccovey Kobe and the kayakers at. Barry Bonds Land Out. There would love to see that doing downtown. He's been aware of everywhere Joe Welcome to sportstalk. How are you sir? I'm well you. You've hit like the trifecta Fenway Wrigley Dodger Stadium. All in about a three to five years fan I. One went to fenway when I was the first year. They had to see the monsters. I think that was like Oh three or four. Wrigley in the first year, they had the video boards. We were there. comparing those two. I always said in terms of the ballpark. Wrigley, but in terms of the atmosphere, it's Boston. they're playing Tampa Bay, but they break out in the senate thirteen Yankee sucks so. Did. You can't beat that I'd say a couple things about. Really Unique, as we sat in center field. The entire outfield section of dodgers, saying and has its own entrances and exits. You can't access any other part of the stadium that you're seeing there. So you're tickets, specifically tells you to go there. and I don't know rhyme or reason, but so I didn't get the mountain view but it's like Beach Ball Party. It's just a matter of WHO's how many beach walls are going to happen watching security chasing down. How many get on the field? Field I mean. It's like a big block party down there, so joe? Did you get the sense that you know? The cliche is dodger. Fans show up late and leave early. Did you get that sense I honestly on that night now they are. I can't remember the situation with playing stuff, but it was pretty important. Everybody was there. They had a giveaway that night with a big, it was kirk, Gibson Bobble, head, or something like that, but Thank you if you're above six and you're seeing. Action, you better be ducking concession land because of how low there's IBM's our news crazy low. It is crazy, so how about? Hey thanks for the call. Appreciate you. Check in all right. That's good. Maybe we'll do this for for another segment if you want to jump in by the I want to add or off the beaten path topic coming up at eight Oh five I. Want to add in our next segment. Something I was asked today I said last night. I love him. Listeners either tweeter email me questions that I can turn into topics and I was asked something today. Today that I don't think I've ever stopped to consider, put together a list for you know how much I love list today is the anniversary of Joe, Dimaggio's hitting streak, ending at fifty, six, nine, hundred and forty-one Cleveland Sixty thousand fans on hand couple Nice plays, Dharavi Pittsburgh. Joe Dimaggio's streak at fifty-six, longest in the history of baseball ends on this date nineteen, forty, one I was asked today. What I consider the most impressive player streak in sports history. And I, said well wait a minute one. That's a very good question. Because I've been asked. We've talked about team streaks conference streaks winning streaks overall I don't think I've ever thought about a list of the most impressive consecutive streaks from an individual player standpoint. Dimaggio streak at fifty-six consider is a dozen more than the next closest, and that's Pete. That's the longest sin I mean. Still doesn't away is the closest anybody got to his consecutive games hit streak, but then I started thinking baseball football basketball. Then I started thinking golf tennis, track and others, and then I started furiously jotting things down, and then went to look them up all I ask you. What's the most impressive player streak? In sports history. That plus your Ballpark tour will grab by Jeff in Canada gene and todd and whole lot others to get to before the off the beaten path topic at eight o'clock tonight. I think it's I think it's going to be a good. We'll are now. Carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet on seven hundred WWL W. Seven thirty eight seven hundred wwl W arnold carriers sportstalk presented by kilt Chevrolet I'm lance McAlister sterling's in at nine tonight we'll do the off the beaten path topic coming up at eight O six The reds are scrimmage I. If three in their summer series, it's the Fred's reds against the Cincy ballers and Taylor Mali has been touched up for two home runs. Runs by Matt Davidson Making a bid to make the opening day roster nick. CASTANOS is fine according to Mark Shelton. Who tweeted? He is back in the Dugout, and the reds have said he is fine, but only Mark Sheldon's answered to the most impressive player streak in sports history. We consider him a player for argument's sake. He says he ate a pizza seventeen consecutive days. He says officially. I once ate pizza seventeen days of in highschool. Let's go back to the phones. doing a little stadium tour thing I would the I my my initial reaction when I was asked, a question about the streak was ripped, because he think ripken, you think ripken thinks streak I mean it is pretty difficult to comprehend that he played in twenty, six, hundred and thirty two consecutive games from for for almost seventeen years. He played every single gate. And yet. Pretty, I mean Richard Petty Won, Ten store ten straight races at one point in nineteen, sixty seven in a year and I didn't even believe this. I had to look it up in the year. He won ten straight races. He won twenty seven races that year. Well, HECK! How many races were that? You're Richard Petty Petty One twenty seven of them in what year. Byron Nelson Won Eleven Straight Golf tournaments in one, thousand, nine, forty five. I would lean towards I've always been blown away that Edwin Moses did what he did he one. Hundred twenty two consecutive races hurdles over nearly ten years I mean think about the aging process of somebody who's in that sport and from nineteen seventy seven to nineteen, eighty-seven Edwin Moses one every single hurdles event. He entered a hundred and twenty two consecutive. To me is I'm not a big track and field guy and I've never heard anything, but that seems staggeringly incredible. And his Austin more points out. It is hard to dispute in the in this will. This may become. Well it would become easier in the context of how the quarterback is treated these days, and and the longevity associated with it, but is anybody really GonNa? Make it run at Brett, farve and make two hundred and ninety seven consecutive starts at the quarterback position, which is and I wrote it down. It's not just two hundred ninety seven. It's eighty nine more than Peyton manning who second let's sixteen games five. That's. Is He is upset all right what? Seventy three more think of that manning at eighty nine away was over five seasons away when when history ended. And even Philip Philip Rivers at seven. Four Seasons away from two hundred ninety seven consecutive starts at the quarterback position. Now I know it's more two hand, touch and hands off. Don't hurt the quarterback but to ninety-seven. Wait a minute. This caller has been to every stadium, but one Jeff in Cincinnati Welcome to sports talk. What is the elusive one you're missing? Argument feel Oh. Do you have plans to check it off your box? Put check in the box. Yeah I do I'm just waiting for the phillies of the reds to get there. I grew up in Philadelphia so I figure if I'm going to this last day and I might as well go and root for one of these two teams. Yeah, there, you go. Do you have a? Of all the others. I would say. Three my favorites that standout the new ballpark in Atlanta. Everything that Cincinnati should have been? I think they would. They did out in. Their stadium is fantastic to be outside eatery in the apartment is really fantastic and I? I feel like we felt a little bit sure what we we did. This I have been there three times, and from the way they did their hall of fame kind of a walking tour behind the home plate area to kids can kids can rent a glove for the game and sitting? I it's a really cool ballpark. You're right. I've I've actually been to all three of the Atlanta Ball Parsons. That's fantastic the ballpark in Arlington the old one. Introduced to play, and I was at SAFECO, field a couple of years ago, which I thought was fantastic. All right all right excellent. You should write a book once you target. You should do a book. Yeah I the way I've done it as if I've been to a stadium in that city, and they decided to change to get a new stadium I don't necessarily have to go back there. so I've been to every city stadium, but target field I've been to multiple stadiums and phillies. Louis the mets Pittsburgh. India goes San Francisco. Atlanta all three. There's a lot of good ones out there. There's some there's some out there for sure but it's definitely a nice to go and watch games in different stadium excellent Jeff. Thanks Buddy, have a great weekend. Youtube all right, thank you That's good. Yeah, It was suntrust park in Atlanta now. I think its truest park in Atlanta. He's right the area around it. They call it the battery which is like. I don't know the banks on steroids I mean it's really cool walking around that they have the statues. Bobby Cox and Braves Eddie. Mathews Hank Aaron Braves legends around the outside. But May and I'm thinking of The broadcast set up inside. Out Behind the Outfield, the the right field area is where they do their pre and post game shows on the TV outside. There are so many restaurants around there. There's like an amphitheater with field turf down. You can sit and watch the game from the outside. It is just really really I'd go back there again I think Casey and I've made through. My Mom's not that far away from there so when we go see her. During the summer we try to schedule it around a braves game, but even down to I. Can rent a glove and try to Shag foul balls, and then you hand it in at the end of the gate, and there's a waffle house inside of that stadium, which can't go wrong with awful house inside the stadium as well. It's like all right I'm in. Let's do I'm going to stay on time. I'm looking at the clock and I I'm GonNa, stay right on time and I'm not usually all like good at that, so we'll come back with Ken and Jean and Todd and Tyler Moore Marvin, and then hopefully I get all of those, and then we'll transition to the off the beaten path topic at eight Oh five tonight. It's Arnelle carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred wwl W.. Baby. To enforce straight, game. You got all of it any. Twenty twenty season opening day goes down in seven days on seven hundred wwl. Up there brea one round the home of the Cincinnati reds. Down the stretch cruising through our second hour off the beaten path, a few minutes away. Man I I tweet a lot, but there is nothing more unnerving frustrating than looking at one of your tweets. That has a Typo in not being able to edit it i. have said forever just just I would pay for it. Edit, but I seriously I would pay. Let me subscribe per month. Given the dollar amount for an edit button to go in. Because you go through the great debate of right, do I just let it sit there and look at it. Do I delete it, do I? Do I am Sir. Do I go in and respond? Say should be. For the most part I just can't stand looking at it like with this Typo. It's like permanent unless you delete it and then. Deleting it want to edit the Damn Typo. I think the I play just a better speller. Take care of a lot. Never my strong suit when I while. The story I told her earlier in the week I sent a text to my wife, saying I was dealing with a foot issue, a minor annoyance and I looked up online google that never google your injuries at said, I had vamp disease. And so I said that text tour in an autocratic vampire or disease. G again. She said that's embarrassing. It my my foot. I just had a thing from the top of the where the. The, the shoe ties and the little flap, and right there was a not there in a minor annoyance and I. Don't know why, even though I know why they call it vamp disease. Sounds much more serious than it. Actually I mean I don't think it's a disease. Maybe I just don't have it. Looks like it's gone. Let's go to the phones. how about? Here County Stadium Downtown. Can seven hundred wwl. W welcome. Last. To you good to hear from, you gotTa Story I. Don't know if you're Biz resident. I mean your listeners, WanNa hear, but you mentioned Bernie Brewer. Okay. Have you ever been to Kansas state and you see stairs the gate the the. Back when added they had. Well, I had a mini two adult beverages. And were there with our Cincinnati Pete rose on. So I climb up his. There's no you didn't I did and follow new out and hit a home run. And I go down flat. And you land in a bunch of foam mattresses. And when I got there to the gate, I walked out and guess he's met me the police exactly. Seventy five dollars. I'm not allowing thirty five dollars, and now allowed to go to Milwaukee, again. Top story is is I got back home on Monday. And he goes what the heck were you thinking? Oh my goodness. Thank you. I've never heard a story about someone else. Going down the slide down lie with a red hat on the. Get your the man. I like that story. I have a very weak Ed. Thank you all right I'd never heard anything like that. Dent we go gene welcome to sportstalk howdy. I don't think I can follow. By the way I got I got them aloft ballpark book by Lawrence. O. F. Ballpark snap. I don't I don't qualify to good at this, but I mean it's because I work for an airline, and this is like a little over twenty years ago, but I I'm like had enough presence of mind, you know. I, was I kept more baseball memorabilia. I you know I took advantage of getting on a you know getting a flight out to La and you know and I and I went to dodger stadium, and it was like definitely worth it. I mean well. Of course it would have been worth it, but I I it was just very enjoyable, and just like the blue collar just has a call feeling fan. It's just. Just beautiful. Look the you know the geographic setting and everything, but It was just very enjoyable because it was just beautiful and see the thing of it was I I was really hooked on the reds and dodgers in the sixties I. Mean that was the thing and I'm so I I? Really you know I'm somewhat of a doctor fan to not nothing like the reds. But I enjoy kind of following, and you know seeing what it was like out there so. I've. Got To get out there because you're you know you described it perfectly because every photo I, see I think it's just a beautiful setting everything about the backdrop, the the stadium the I just it's a really cool looking picture. Hey have a great weekend. Thank you, Terry thank you. Hear one more for the top of the hour. How `Bout Norwood Tyler Welcome to sports sportstalk? Atlanta you doing how about you? Well Bill so unfortunately only been to great American ballpark actually see a game. A few years ago me and my dad. We went to visit my grandma. Who Lives in Saint Louis. and. This is around like February or you know like game everywhere so. Nothing was happening, but we block. We scaled the outside of the stadium got to see the usual that you. All the statues earn Brian. I don't really catch much for the cardinals, but they have a beautiful stadium. I was just saying how beautiful it was. It was clean. And it it was just really nice. It was like the reds do with their statues. they they a lot of history there, too. So you know it was good to just soak up back this year. I was actually planning on going to Pittsburgh and Wrigley Field. And I just want to touch on that street topic before we hang up. At Chapman back in two thousand fourteen, he set the record of forty nine consecutive strikeout, forty nine consecutive relief appearances with at least one strike. Now I thought about that one. I'm not sure if that one's still holds up or not I've been trying to look and I can't find. The only Josh I'm wondering if Josh Heater or the brewers has approached APP but that's I completely forgot about Chapman set of that. Yeah, yeah I I was actually at a couple of those games, and you know just ruining mine. Just let this the whole. You know everybody in the Ballpark of what was going on and. You know 'cause he obviously took over Bruce stutters record. He broke out in seventy seven, so that record held out for a long time. Man Chat Chapman was such a show when he entered the game in the gates, go open into flames are shooting up in the air, and and then immediately everybody's eyes would go to the radar gun and the using ours. And the stats from that like from that streaker, just like out this crazy I mean it was fifty innings he only allowed one run leaving and only six six of those nine appearances only allowed one run, and for those around came in one game. and His era was one point six zero during that streak. So I mean it with me and that was about as dominant as a run as you're going to see from a closer. You know so. That was really fun to watch, so that's a good one. Tyler Gray weekend. Buddy, thank. You all right. Let let me set up the off the beaten path. This will be our final one until October if all goes according to plan because the rights don't have any Friday nights off and so this will go out with this one. This one is inspired by Casey who I mentioned last week was out in the Boston area with the friend of his, and they drove by cheers in Boston. And he did not go in which what he went by fenway, but digging like spend a whole lot of time. Ronald come on. Then he went by cheers, and I said did you go? And he says no, I said come on, but I started thinking about cheers, and here's what I think we can do. I'm looking for us to compile a list of TV hangouts. TV show spots you'd like to dine drink or hang out from shows over the years with a real or not. Not Concerned. About TV shows over years and the hang outs on those shows whether it was for dining or drinks or just hanging out, cheers is one of those where everybody knows your name. What else? I gotTa Tell You I. Put together a list I have sixty seven hangouts. From TV shows. What would make your list? We'll do that as we continue with our off the beaten path. Topic this off into the baseball season. It's Arnold Carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet on seven hundred WWL W. The following takes place between eight PM and nine PM. All right here we go hour, number three and a Friday night. Thanks for being a part of it. We call it the often beaten path topic every week at this time. This is the last time we'll call it this until probably. October, unless something dramatically shifts are happens with the major league baseball season. I don't I. Don't mind the fact that it will go on hiatus until then because I've used up my. My reserve of most of these because usually I'm not doing the off the beaten path topic April may June, July so. I'm adding to the stockpile to us in October November December You know throughout the year, so I'm running a little thin on him, but my son gave me this one without even realizing it and I think I think there's something to this, and you ultimately decide whether it it works or not. Let's start here. What I'm looking at is TV hangouts. TV show places that dine drink or just hang out. I'm talking burgers. Beers big salads and. I thought this last week went when Casey. was with a friend out in Boston and they drove by cheers. And I was at cheers years ago, I flew out with My college roommate we watched the the Boston Celtics and the Detroit Pistons play at the Old Boston Garden, and we went to remember had a cup of Clam. Chowder such a cliche in Boston and cheers and. Casey saying they drove by cheers. Maybe think of this topic. I'm looking for. The TV show spots the places to dine drink. Hang out that you'd like to. Whether they're real or not is inconsequential. Just have fun with it. And I mentioned cheer, so let me set the tone for it Austin if you could. World Today Jake within you. Taking a break from all your worries Schule withheld the law. There we go. Sam Diane Carla Norm Cliff. Frazier Rebecca. Norm walking in. Norway how you doing? It's a dog. Eat Dog, world and I'm wearing milk bone underwear. I go to cheers had, are you? The may give you another one. How `Bout and this I tweeted the picture of we'll go ahead and say it. How about monk's Cafe? Which is the Seinfeld cafe which is really Tom's in Manhattan? Tom's restaurant is the real life name of it were Jerry and Elaine and Kramer and George Sat in disgust. Yada Yada Yada show about nothing that the sea was angry that day, my friends. Just hang out. Have Lunch at. At at Tom's. What else five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big one and pound seven hundred on at and T. Your flashing back through your mind and your memory, those hangouts, those places for dinner or drinks, or just to hang out from TV shows cell. Phoning Brian's got a goodwin. Lay It on Brian. Go and happy days and Yes now are you going with Arnold's? Which one was forcet Arnold's first, and then became als, or was it. Alison then became Urnal's. So you got me no big Al. it was I think it was als- out over. He did all right. Yes sir. You because you, you'd have to walk up to the jukebox. Aside like Fonzie. Exactly. I. I've put that on the list. Thank you. That's good Arnold's and now he's he right because Al because the other arnold out wasn't Were there three odors to that, or what was Mr, Miaki, the guy from karate kid, did he own or am I confusing shows because Al, though Al was the one with the like the real sad face. Was that I'm trying to visualize each of them I'm visualizing Richie and potsy and Ralph and. FONZIE! But they had their booth and you couldn't sit and finds these booth. That's a good one I'm going to put Arnold's or als. Drive in. Putting the cheers bar. I'm putting monk's cafe. You know if you wanted to get a little, little, little, racy, little, little, dangerous, a little maybe into the criminal underworld What if we added the THE BUTTERBEAN? From the Sopranos. which was a strip club? I will not be I'm just saying if you were looking for things for the list you could. You mentioned the bottom being owned and operated by Silvio Tony's office was in the back, and there was a lot of criminal activity conducted out of the. Dancers as well without any clothes on, but I'm losing my train of thought. What else are we putting on this list for the TV hangouts? Spots dine drink. Hang out and all how this is! This one earlier today it's GonNa. Did Judd lay it on me where you go on? The Regal Beagle's. S You know the thing about that land is when that show was on, and they were hanging out, I was in my early twenties. I covered my share of those kind of places. I. I never did me to Suzanne somers. UNFORTUNATE? Thanks have a good night. The Regal Beagle Three's company. It was the neighborhood meeting place for Jacking Chrissy, and Janet and Larry and even the early days went there by the way I saw flipping channels a week or so ago and I now I'm trying to remember if I were if I remember this correctly. Am I correct. In the late seasons of three's company did Larry Merry Janet. I swore or was it the next roommate that move in digital Larry, Mary. What was crissy's was at Chrissy snow, sister, what was earning kind of a hyper one did he ended up marrying her because I swear I was watching the episode wait. I don't remember Larry marrying and I. Don't remember it. He didn't marry Janet, did he may be married Janet? Tony Mike. Carol Scott Michael and Craig all have places to diner. Enjoy drinks or just hang out from a TV show spot. That is the off the beaten path topic and I think it's got a chance to be fantastic. We continue our L.. Carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred WWL W. Eight, twenty, one seven hundred wwl W are carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey. Chevrolet I'm Lance McAlister thanks for. Tuning in hanging out tonight, shout out to my guy. You see Chris. You've just tweeted. After a full day of no patrons, no problem at the memorial tournament we just now on the final hour sports. Talk you UC Chris I just tweeted. Do you see Chris a place I'm wondering if he remembers I think he does because I. Think you see Chris is a connoisseur of melrose place. They would hang out at shooters. Shooters on melrose place that was a fantastic show that was a fantastic cast as well I in my copious amounts of research for this earlier today I came across the fact that aunt be opened a Chinese restaurant in the light years of the Andy Griffith show, and I have no recollection of that whatsoever. It was the color of colorized version of the Andy Griffith show, and that was like it went downhill and. Kinda jumped the shark but I don't remember aunt aunt be opened up and B's something palace. If I remember it was a Chinese restaurant, was it in Mount pilot but I didn't know that it'd be had a Chinese restaurant. Maybe I should add. That's about it I. will this because I'm a huge fan of breaking bad. How `Bout Gusts Place Los Paulo's is it less polos? Her put put. How's IT pronounced? Less. Her mottoes, her mom, yes, that one that I would to go there and have some chicken and hang out with gusts and Walter and Jesse and Oh. What a good show! I do want to hang out with them, yeah! That that is a could show. Oh! that. That's one of those shows you don't mind going back and watching again I. Keep saying I'm going to do with the she old and Michael Chiklis because that is a killer show as well I'll let me take. Some more calls this is this is a really good one date, and we go John Les this one on me. I love it. Yeah! Yeah, it doesn't really make the definition, but how about the swap for match? John He's a psychiatrist. Characters that went through that way. Yes, checking in on am expanding the definition and I'm including that because they had a homemade still in there. That is fantastic. I'm putting the swamp on my list. Have a great night. Thank. You all right? Let me I'm doing these alphabetically on my master list. The swamp that that may go down as the most creative answer of the night. And I don't think that's stretching the bounds of the definition of the topic because I said TV. Show places to dine drink and hang out and drink and hang on the swap. let's wait. Oh, parks and recreation Tony Welcome a sports talk. Let me first. Say That I'm GonNa Miss Smarty and I'm GonNa Miss Him and I have missed him falling you the shotgun. Yes. You gotta take out of vernacular. News. Yes. Okay, so the one that I called in with, and I thought the second one. Let me give you the second one. Have you ever watched those arc? Yes, yeah, the blue, cat right! Oh! On the water, yes, Marty and his family took a run at that place. Turned into a dump. That's. One, I called in with was scully's from parks and recreation. That's where Tom and mark go to hit on chicks exactly exactly and imagine going in there and seeing Aubrey Plaza. Park and cheated Jones Oh my God. You're kidding me now I'm GonNa now. Since you've gone parks and recreation, I'll see you. SCULLY'S CAN I raise? You wasn't another place in parks recreation JJ's diner. and. World famous WAFFLES JJ's diner. Poland in that show loves a waffle that's. All Run Swanson like the four horse meals of the egg pork lips, if I remember correctly and I think. The other place three stakes in one night. A half we've got problems, we really. Let's get on Pharma Club. That needs some fares. Go I have a great weekend. Love You, thank you appreciate the kind words. Could we add this? I'm in charge. I'm expanding this to include like animation. Austin I after the show. We're going to the crusty crab. We're going to have a crabby. Give me a double. We're going to stop it. crusty grabs sponge. Bob Square spongebob squarepants. Let's go back to the phones. You know what I I keep thinking I should circle back around and watch this show. I've asked Kelly a couple times. Why did we never because she's mostly in charge because she knows how to the TV works, there's too many buttons for me to record all these shows, but This is a show. I should probably go back and watch, and it's part of what Mike is going to offer up. Mike Lay it on me. Hello Mike. Hey. Big Bang theory. I want to go the cheesecake factory. California but I want penalty. Be My waitress. Now let me ask you this I. Have I don't think I have ever watched a single episode of the. Big Bang theory should I try watching it. It's Larry. You gotTA give it a couple of episodes, but once you learn to characters, it is hilarious. Let me ask you a dumb question. Maybe not done because I've been watching when you referenced the cheesecake factory. Is it an actual like cheesecake factory like the one over here at the Kenwood towne centre, or is it just called the cheesecake factory? I think it's just called the cheesecake back or nothing like them into uniforms they wear. It couldn't be that place all right well. I am putting both those on my list including your recommendation for me to watch my category weekend. Right, thank you. How about I add. I'm a big sopranos about Holstein's. That's the old fashioned ICE CREAM PARLOR IN BLOOMFIELD NEW JERSEY and I want to say I think I'm correct on. This isn't holsten where Tony in the family meets with the final scene. Or is that I think that's Halston 's. Austin you sopranos. No. I should look that up before I speculate. Now I'm trying to think of the journey song. What's the journey song that starts to play when the show fades, the black in everybody's left wondering is that it is it really over, but somebody confirm on twitter so I don't have to look it up is Halston 's the place where Tony in the family met in the final episode of Sopranos in the door. The door closes and the whole families that table and Back to the Yes, it is hosted all right. How about that I want to go to? Holstein's how to Oh. We have answers on happy days. We need happy days answers Scott Welcome to sports. Talk helped me out. Okay, Arnold or Mr. he was the original owner. Arnold. AL bought it when Mr got married and less. And do you remember who burned down own? Arnold's Oh. Don't tell me. I think I know this I'm going to say it was Scott Baeau. Who Left Apron on the stove woody closed one night, watching Checchi jody. He's talking now. I have to correct you, Lancia, please only because. That's there is no chance that Andy Griffith could have jumped too short. Because jumping the shark. Play. That's good. That's really okay. Wait a minute why you're while you're here with the Anti Griffith name for me in the colorized version of Andy Griffith show who is the deputy who had replaced? Birdie, Oh, Gee, he was like the goofy Guy Taller I. Can't think of his name all right well. We'll go in search of it. Enjoy a weekend. Thank you that was good. How about? Can I. Give you know Any from callers hang tight more more of your calls to get I. Honestly do I I think I could have started this topic at six o eight tonight and we'd still be doing. Thanks for being a part of the off the beaten path topic, it's Arnelle. Carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred WWL W. Eight thirty, seven seven hundred wwl wrol carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet reading too much. Thanks for all the tweets I'm on twitter Atlanta mcallister twitter feed presented by barley corns. They were voted best patio and best best, bar in northern Kentucky congratulations to my guys at Burley Corns. Thanks for presenting the twitter feed. Atlanta's mcallister are nonsense. Tonight the off the beaten path. Topic is simply this TV. Show spots places to dine drink and hang out of your choice. We're talking burgers beer in the big salad. How `bout lunch? Shelby's famous from boy meets world. Cheap restaurant in which the students and teachers from John Adams High School would hang out. If I remember like the first time visitors to Chevy's famous ordering Code and You could order the clown Burger and who wouldn't want to have lunch with Panga and order the clown murder. McGee one more I'm a big Fan. I'm a big Fan of Ray. Romano an Patricia Heaton. How about NEMO'S PIZZA? Everybody loves Raymond. Later known as Marco's on the show. I believe but in this day and you wouldn't WanNa go to Nemo's because it was known for its its poor hygiene, and it never met health regulations on the show, so stay away from Nemo's pizza until a later date. I love this Wait Oh Centerville. We go toady, welcome sportstalk! What are you got you? Follow them boys. Now. Now did daisy Duke work at the Boers Nassar? Show up worked there. I'm going there. She's working there. And then the country Western, singer Waylon Jennings, was the narrator the shows. That is fantastic I'm putting the boar's nest on the list. That as well does have a great weekend. All right, thank you. Yes, Bo and Luke Duke there is I looked it up. I'm not sure how you pronounce. The town of North Carolina, is it rougemont North Carolina in Rougemont North Carolina? That's how you pronounce it. There is a Dukes of Hazzard Museum. The odor curator and superfan is Stacy Harris and he has created a free museum that is filled with memorabilia, autographed photos and even boss. Hogg's Barber Chair in the dukes of Hazzard Museum. The boars nest was the place to hang out on the dukes of Hazzard. Show well, this is this is right up. UC Chris's alley as well the OC. Go to the Bait Shop from the O. C. which is a club near the beach in Newport on that show very show Barry show. How about all wait a minute? Yeah, let's let's go here their holy. How am I going to get to all these about to Alexandria Kirk welcome sportstalk. How you doing good, how are you? I'm doing great. Friday night. Yes, about fascinating slave, either maybe roadhouse and the double do all one one I like you expanding it to movies, and that's a good call and the double do I got right. There I got right down a whole new movie category and put Double Deuce from A. Well, hey have a great weekend. You will thank you all right I did not know what now let me Let Me Rack my brain on. Some some movies. The L. Street tavern from goodwill hunting. How about who? How back coyote ugly the the bar from the movie in the East village a Koi K.. I can't even say the Word Do Co. Koi Ota. Coyote. If that is a drop on somebody show I'M GONNA be very upset I think I've problems editing on twitter. I can't even say coyote. About the Kansas City Barbecue from top gun. Never Oh central perk from friends, yes, the orange velvet couch, and Joey and Chandler and Monica and Oh if I could order coffee from from from Jennifer Aniston. What was her name on the show Rachel Rachel like a cup of Joe please like you to serve it on the orange velvet couch here for me. What is happening? What is happening in this show? Twitter wait a bit or no email eight. The GIGLI room. Ice, from married with children that was asked to Al Bundy went to the Gigli Room at a strip club. Did how Strip club on married with children? Breaking into a sweat about now, this is a good one. Chuck is on seven hundred. WWL W hey jack. How you doing okay, what do you got? A couple of minutes heard yet, but you mentioned the the Seinfeld. But what about the the super? The Nazi the Nazis? What was the name of that place that the soup I. Austin look up soup. Nazi and signed bill was like a little cafe on. March, through. He didn't like the way you know so your. But then my next one would be a Chicago fire. They always meet at. And My next one was Mel's diner from Alice. With Flo Flo Kiss my grits. Margaret Thatcher I. In the last one I had. A police academy. They, they they said these two recruits that we're getting hard. To Blue Oyster. This is the call the night chuck, thank you so much new jury weekend. Okay, you take care, thank you, soup. Kitchen international was the name of that from fill all right I got to put that on the list and. Look Up. This is going to bug me because I'm a big Chicago Fire Chicago PD, although shows look up Chicago fire, the bar owned by the firemen. It's a single name. All the firemen run it and. What is that? What is the name of the Can't think of the name of the bar. Molly's Austin Delivers Molly's. That's a good one by the way frank void, one Chicago PD one of easily my top twenty five TV characters of all time which? which is say that might be it off the beaten path topic in October. Top TV characters of all time. That's fantastic show. Valparaiso Indiana hope of the Drew Family Reggie. You're on seven hundred WWL WLIW. Hey. Hey. How are you ready? I'm by the. All Archie plays. Yes, all that's GonNa, good one. I am putting that on the list. It is great to hear your voice and have a great weekend all right. All right, thank you, Archie place I forgot. ARGIES play alphabetically are going to put all the way up. Here urges place right. Let me give you another one. How about? How about the Blooberg Diner? that. Was the restaurant Andy Griffith show where Barney was often seen calling his secret love, Juanita Juanita frank owned the Bluebird, diner and it was located on the outskirts of mayberry near. Come on, you can. You can get this near Meyers Lake I'm going to say. They went to the Bluebird Diner now. If I'm gonNA, give you. The Blueberry Diner just thought of the Bluebird cafe from Nashville, which is a really good show with Hayden Panicky era and Connie Britton big county Britain fan. Raina in Deacon and the Bluebird cafe from Nashville. We are rolling. Do It on this date in reds, history and more the off the beaten path. Topic is just TV. Show spots places to dine drink in. Hang out as we continue with our nail carriers sports talk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet on seven hundred wwl, W. Let's make this. A quick went up got cold to get to on this date and rich history eighteen, eighty two. Cyclone ends play during the third inning a cyclone. Of the reds game versus the alleghenies in Pittsburgh with the game tied four, two four, the storm, blew down the backstop and scattered debris and lumber in all directions, the state, nineteen, forty eight, the dodgers sweep the reds in a doubleheader during an argument, reds catcher. Dewey Williams grabs the unpire. Williams was fined one hundred dollars and suspended five games, however with catcher. Ray Mueller on the disabled list with a broken ankle. The reds of peeled suspension stating the only had one catcher Ray Lamontagne. Well Ford Frick. The president ruled that Williams would serve the suspension from the reds clubhouse dressed in full uniform in if anything happened to their only catcher than Williams could enter the game. And if that happened, they would just added the suspension later this date, one thousand, nine hundred fifty six brooks. Lawrence runs his season record a thirteen zero with a four to three win over Sandy. Colfax and the dodgers Lawrence helps his car with a double off Colfax. Start the winning rally in the ninth inning nineteen sixty, two Sandy Koufax leaves the reds, dodgers game at Chrysler fueled after one inning because of numbness in his pitching hand. He'd spent six weeks on the DL. Dl for circulatory issues, one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, one held a one hit through the first eight innings by one mirror shaw. The Red Sea Rut for three in the ninth eight, beat the giants, three, two, two and last, but not least this date nineteen eighty-three Frank Pass story tosses at two hitter reds beat the Phillies, five to to the only hits of the game came on a bow as home. Run and a Mike Schmidt homerun. That is your look on this date. In reds history all right. I'm going to try to get everybody in. This is a fantastic one so good. I didn't even realize what it mental I looked it up so I'm going straight to Eastgate Dan I might make you caller the night. GimMe what you got. To. One is made famous by David Letterman. Grew belly. It was right next door to the urgent and a little bit down from the studios in David would either do a live interview with him or walk down to the the place to talk with him right always love back. Yes, the second one yeah. Previous caller jog my memory lickety-split. From ozark the Strip bar. Go Him. That's where they were laundering money thraw. That is well done. Hey, have a great weekend. Thank you. What does it mean? In these fifty three minutes? We found three strip bars to make our list. We found the the Gigli Room. On married with children. We found about a big sopranos. We found the one who does what is I. Don't know what that says about us. Uh Columbus? We go Michael Welcome to sportstalk. Work I got three of them the touchdown club in coach. Oh yes! I forgot about that. That's a good one. The second one animation drugging and Family Guy. Oh, man, you're pulling out some good ones I'm going to write down down all right. Last about surely that leaf, the Max in saved by the. God Glue. Who would not want WanNa have lunch with Keller. Paschi signed me up. Emigrate night. Thank, you saved by the bell. The Max Bayside Hi Kelly Capacity Jesse Slater Zack screech LISA DID MR BELDING MR belting. Did he ever read it? I'm sure he stopped by the Max. Greenfield and a second military, good fair borne. Craig's waited way too long. Craig Welcome to sports talk. Previous caller got a Image but Previous argued spice. Bar. Yes and then. arche really underminded need it in and forging Her signature did per step bar. And, then that that show became archie bunkers, place and I got my thing somebody better question about who replaced Donna. Marnie fibers warm Lauren. Yes, eighty just wasn't the same when they went to color it. Wasn't it really, wasn't it? It's funny when I think of the colorized version I think of remember when Howard was going for the three hundred game and didn't have power. Go out yet. Remember that what? They had to admit that. They didn't have any black and white I. mean. Yeah I just had to reiterate you know. Archie bunkers place was but you know became else. Yes, that's excellent man. It means a lot. You hung on for that long. Thank you all right. Have a great weekend all right? Let's round this thing out. We can take care of everybody. Greenfield go, Brian, what are we adding to the list out about? Simpson's watering hole. Knows right next to King toots, music, store? Love. GOMER PYLE! What not the Bluebird Cafe? We make now. The Bluebird wasn't the Bluebird cafe. Was It in both it was in the Andy Griffith show to. Go to that. I don't know maybe was used in both. Of course your energy your. You're awesome, thank you. That means a lot. Enjoy your weekend. US Well. The Mos- Simpson local tavern in Springfield next to coup. Qingtai toots music store, but the back room often there were like shenanigans and hijinks going on they harbored fugitives, and it had never been cleaned. From what I remember! Let's see self-loading stand. Welcome to the sports. Talk Well, thank you I. Want to be out of the world will be the catch on spaceport for Tina on Star Wars. So, yes, how could we man? We should have taken Kim that one before now. You get a star for that one nice job. Hey have a great weekend. Thank you Cantina Star Wars once we went to movies. How was them I like the top one about Randy's donuts from ironman to thinking to movies. I can do this one in Verona Vinnie. Welcome a sports talk. Thanks Lance. Swamp! It reminded me of. Trapper John in Hawkeye ordering Tom Adams. She comes out. Oh. That is a blast from the past. That is a good one day forget. I. Don't know what to recall slaw. They were asked. Her Hawkeye Hung Up. He Goes Oh. That's beautiful Oh. This was good. Hey, thank you enjoy your weekend. All right. This was. This is one of my favorite. Topics of all time that I take care of everybody I did. Did we did we mention I get it on twitter. Did anybody mention on air? The peach pit Beverly Hills two one. Oh, a net owned it. You had to order the Mega Burger while you were there Brandon Adele and Kelly and Jim Walsh became involved with that restaurant at one point, and then if you remember didn't branch out, expand the hours and add the peach pit after dark, so we could hang out there me and you see Chris hanging at the peach pit after Dirk with with with the gang. How about Oh? How about from I love Lucy the Tropicana? Ricky Ricardo does bad. bubba blew. Tropicana. How about walkers drugstore on Andy Griffith on main street in mayberry Ellie. Walker just got the name. It was owned by Mr Crawford. You could sit at the cat. Don't have milkshakes. Remember. Opie ran the Soda Fountain the question was was old, enough and mature enough to run. The Soda Founded Walkers Drugstore. He did until they broke the perfume bottle. He got in trouble. I think I'm done. Cafe Nervosa from frazier. The Coffee Place Oh one more ended on for the wire. Fans of the wire chaps beef a pit beef, chaps, pit be from the wire with we bay. In fact, we went to jail, and he asked for a sandwich in exchange for admitting to multiple homicides. He wanted a sandwich from chaps. Pit beef that would have been season two I gotta get Outta. Outta here this was too much fun. have a great weekend. Let's gather on Monday. We will bend to be opening day week for the Cincinnati reds I like the sound of that. Hey, sterling's up next. He's GonNa. Talk with Tommy Thrall. Look forward to that. Here's your news and then stirling, it's been the Arno carrier sports talk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet on seven hundred WWL W.

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