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"robert trove bobby" Discussed on Hostage

"Vatican Council of nineteen sixty two that forbade corporal punishment in Catholic schools. So not only did Bobby fear the nuns on religious grounds. He also knew they might just pose a physical threat if he misbehave. Saved. All of this helps to explain why Bobby went along with what came next. On the morning of September twenty eighth nineteen fifty three. Robert trove Bobby to school in his pale blue Cadillac, the six year old set quietly and respectfully as always his feet dangling off the leather cushion his hands clasped in his lap. The car came to a stop in front of the school Robert leaned over helping Bobby collectives bag in his coat a nun opened the door greeting them. Bobby hopped out slung his leather backpack over his shoulder. Goodbye, dad. He waved Roberts smiled and nodded the non closed the door and waved as well. She took the boy's hand. And let him inside Robert allowed himself a few moments to watch he was proud of his son. He was a little softer. Maybe then Robert had been growing up on the farm or his other son Paul had been as a little boy, but his heart and his enthusiasm for the world was infectious. Robert forced himself to drive on. He had a full day ahead as always the dealership didn't run itself. Bobby had a normal morning. He dutifully prayed and chapel paid attention in class. He was getting better at reading in between lessons. He showed off his Jerusalem metal to the other students. He liked telling them about how it was supposed to remind them about the holy land. But then late in the morning, something not so normal. Happened sister wrong arrived in class, interrupting she said bobby's onto come to see him. He didn't know we had an aunt, but he followed. It was an innocent mistake, but one that would cost Bobby and his family dearly. Up next. We'll examine just how Carl hall in Bonney Hetty plotted and executed the kidnapping now back to the story. In the early weeks of September nineteen fifty three Bonnie heady found her life engulfed in preparation for the kidnapping at practically every meal. Coral lectured, her about the plan, making her repeat her role in it out loud..

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