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"robert wessel" Discussed on Heartland Radio 2.0

"Incoming found good to see that lizard dude there. What was that. What was that. I sometimes wrong. Check it out fucking ticket out. Isn't a chat yet. Yeah i guess you can pull it up on the fucking actual screen if you want. Oh is that real fucking that was that was. Hey see. i'm serious bill. What is it. I don't get swearing. Jane he lives. Don't you pete. Oh branch realities johnny. Is that something. I could see it being something all. I'll tell you what franken being the new one. Why not getting macho mentioned Extracurricular disney's gonna appreciate okay. I agree. I think there is some. Toby always wide open schedule. So so he'll be all mcgwire. Hit that guy with his car and then seized news. When it's only to require was like a fucking amazing poker player molly's game he's talking about. Yeah he's michael cera. Molly's wants one hundred sixty seven times. Oh sticky fucking plate. Stacks all the on the carrier you. Yeah yeah why. wouldn't you just see. Why would you as the whole day she question. Why like to eat. It flowed very well genuine. Tom cruise two-zone stunt. You know yeah. Speaking of is that train thing in here yes sweet gore volve cumby dallas man in u s dies age. Thirty eight hotels. Yao ming thank you eagle. He's not seven eight now. He was like seven six. Really eager had a massive. I believe it was a tumor pressing on his to terry glenn which made him Grow to the to the. That's what happened to the big show. He had it on his right and they took it out so he stopped growing. Big bad show. I don't actually know that. I'm sure there's some truth to that if it's coming out of your mouth because we know you always have at least a hair was andre the giant. I thought that was jerry. Andrei had a i forget the actual term of the disease draw draw by. That's this is something like that where he actually the. That's on right. Who really do to itary gratuity. We have moment sounds a big one too. Yeah i gotta be honest. I thought holes person was going to be tolerant. Seventy eight well that's us. I know but still not in the united states there's aid for guy in china. I believe they meet over right now. Got fucking eight foot. Three robert wessel turkey. Buck knew it. A thought always let dave baker. The president of the hall of fame was tall scott in the us. Now he's just as bad as what does turn it off as well. That guy's dead but eight. Eleven eight talk. He's on he's been the show. Oh yeah again. Poked and prodded in the lab for sure. If i had eight eleven was you. Were experimenting on the frigate. Hey look i. Don't i don't know why wouldn't we i. I don't hold anything. I'm just saying they're trying to figure it out. Make some southall as david. Morgan wallace hewitt Five eight hundred. I think ways like four hundred. Yeah four hundred he makes taco fall. Looks like an absolute shrimp still secretary of banquets. Yeah i'll talk. Oh he's like seventy seven parts. I'm david you might be sky in the united states. Have probably actually. Oh my god look at that man. Oh if that blood snap. So india is going through the queen's body that car doors as we don't have there's no fucking ruler tall enough capabilities measure this man on measuring for. What are they used to fucking elephants at the zoo taunts. Next what am. I does good here going to be. Oh has announced season eleven of curb. Your enthusiasm will begin airing in october. Go here we go also optel session. Damage signed me up also coming back in november yellowstone. Let's go september bill. Billions is back in september. This fall is last season. You watch the last season and billions of dollars packed. Friday co shut everything down now. It's all coming back baby. Gimme a cocky show. Also it's probably in here but there's more shows coming back sees back on friday. The seventeenth did in fact Was the morning show. That is also the morning shows back. Many seats from newark is coming in like october season. Three of the sopranos we done for the movie. I'll once football is back. It's gonna be tough to being those. But like i'll get three or four episodes in tonight. I'll try and get like at least halfway through meadow. Just had sex with her are a it'd as she did. She came home. I'll pumped wanted to robin antonis. Face tony didn't take the bait though. Yeah well that's good meadow. Thank you tone. Meadows sometimes tries to poke tone dykes rarely works. Yeah no it is awesome stuff stuff happening though. The sopranos really is the best. This last episode with metal. Did kind of stink though. So i down exactly. That's the first and we're on season three. So that says a lot about this. Parental enjoyed sunshine with the rain. Makes good episode in better zeke. Can you explain what's going on. Yeah so this is basically. There's a trend going on and they're not where you grab your old self with a young self. I saw going crazy but if you look at the bottom left. Bob bos beast. Why would they do this to him. That is us. He's kind of a weapon as a kid. Singer looks like a weapon was deployed. Fuck y'all from it to best of all the gives hassle hobby cake. You're looking off aged day. Rob load off sebald sexes. Bob is that hair is unbelievable to roberts has aged so hot so that's not young mel gibson now and i love matt leblanc. But they're really doing a favor there because he is large now. Well friends for union. Not help him johnny depp. also weapon hormone second. Noble was impressed..

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