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Wisconsin gov.-elect won't rule out suing over bills that would limit power

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Wisconsin gov.-elect won't rule out suing over bills that would limit power

"Has happened before in many a legislature Democrats. In fact, I've done this in the past two Republican governors in lane duck sessions and other states joining me now from the state capital of Madison, Wisconsin, incoming democratic governor Tony got elect Devers. Welcome to meet the presser. Running check. How are you today? I'm okay. Let me start with this. You had said you were going to personally lobby governor Scott Walker the outgoing governor whom you defeated to veto this legislation. How those talks gone have you met with them. I communicated with governor Walker over the telephone a few days ago and laid out my physician that vetoing the legislation was going to be an important thing. Not only for you to make sure that our our what happened last November the vote of the people Wisconsin is actually upheld. And we're putting people in front of politics, but also just bad legislation. And I made that made that pitch and was noncommittal, I know publicly he's said another arenas savvy plans to sign most or all of it. So I'm not particular courage to at this point in time. But it's it's around Scott Walker's legacy. He he has the opportunity to change this and actually validate the will of the people that voted on November six did you negotiate with them? Did you say, you know, what look I know x is really important to you. I get that. But what's with y and z here was there. A why did you go to? And say, look, I I really think this part is just crazy please veto that if you want to keep this. I get it. No, I I talked about a few areas that are really important that actually Republican business leaders have talked about that that would take away power imply implicate and make make economic development much more difficult in the state of Wisconsin. But the entire thing is a mess. It's a hot mess. I believe that. He should be towed. The entire package impact at least three or four the pieces that are in there. Now, he has vetoed previously. And so it makes no sense to me. He's he's been a longtime public servant. And and I and he he he has a legacy here. So we're hopeful that he will veto the whole thing. I'm curious after you were elected and quickly. We heard word that the Republican speaker and the Republican majority leader in the legislature. There were considering these bills. Did you reach out to them personally before the bills started going? And if you did what was that conversation like? Well, I I met with Robert Vaas this speaker much before those words that rumor came down the pike. I haven't had a chance to talk immediate was last minute is one of these. Here's a rumor. And here's here's the bills that have been worked on for several months. But know, Scott, you didn't won this election, which got Walker at one this election. We wouldn't be sitting here talking to you today. Is there any party, you know, one of the things that the speaker said he goes, well and hindsight, maybe we gave the governor too much power take the partisan hat off a minute. All right. I know that that perhaps many people read that comet tongue in cheek. But do you believe he's right? Well, there are things in that Bill that really had nothing to do with giving Scott Walker anything. So I don't agree with that. We have balanced power in the state of Wisconsin legislature in both sides are Republican. I'm a democrat. The attorney general's have democrat. No, I view this as completely different than the, Robin. Boy, you said, and that is that we are trying to invalidate the of the people people Wisconsin voted for because they know that I was for good schools and good transportation system and good healthcare. They didn't they didn't. They didn't elect me to fight over. Administrative powers in the state of Wisconsin vis-a-vis, the Republican majority. Now, I think this this this gets us off to bad start. I I think it's a mistake. But we we'll continue working to get the people Wisconsin to convince Scott Walker to think about his legacy and make sure that he vetos language democratic congresswoman Glenmore said the following the legislatures who injured near this coup their actions amount to a smash and grab hijacking of the voters. Will you think coups the right word here? Well, that's that's always seems seems strong. But the fact of the matter is. As I just said if Walker had won this election, and he did not I did we wouldn't be sitting here. Talking about this today. We wouldn't we wouldn't be talking. It's Scott Walker wouldn't be sitting here talking about. Jeez. They're they're trying to they're trying to balance the power here. So no, I think is directly related to the to a win by a democrat in that be me. And we need we need to have this. We need to have this vetoed. One of their rationale has been well governor like abras margins all came from two cities, Madison and Milwaukee. We have to represent the rest of the state. What do you say to that charge? And more importantly, you want a very narrow election. How do you? How do you reach across this divided state at this point. Like, it would have been a lot easier without this legislation. I'll tell you that I have reached my present job is state superintendent that's a statewide elected position. And I've reached across island all all all numbers of issue. So that's part of my DNA. I'm an educator. So I I always try to find common ground, and I'll continue to do that going forward. This just makes it more difficult. But I wanted me election anyway, you slice it. I want me election and actually narrowed some of the. The votes out state, and I've won lots of those counties out state in the past. I governor I will be the governor of the state. It was represent doesn't veto this legislation. Do you plan to sue you really think you have standards? All all all issues are on the table. I I'm not making any promises one way or the other. But we're looking at all issues all options at the table. I need to stand up for the people Wisconsin. There's two point six million people that voted in this last election, and they expect me to do that. So I'm going to we're going to pursue this governor elect, Tony abors democrat from Wisconsin. Thanks for coming on sharing your views. Good luck. When you take when he actually takes us. All right. When we come back. The one issue

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