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" hinkle hinkle" Discussed on KDWN 720AM

"So Hinkle Hinkle, Uh, Lucas Oil field. Um Purdue, and for Wayne. Was five locations. Life. Yeah, but Lucas hold after half to two courts in the end zone's going simultaneously. They won't play simultaneously. Yes, because the sound of one what did they won't play something, boy. I was, like, all right, well, I mean, whatever it is what it is. I mean, you can What happens during the tournament of one team comes down with covert. That's the big thing they're talking about how they're gonna do it. Um one team ruins the entire turning well, so They're gonna have the hotels and floors like each team's on the floor. I'm like, Okay, that's Whatever. But if a team comes down with it, and I guess it's kind of like the basketball tournament that they had. You had to test negative X amount of days to get in. And once you're in, you're in until you're done. You're not leaving. So, like the bubble in the MBA. Yeah, but we saw what happened, And this was in the NBA with guys who are getting paid to make sure that doesn't happen with Daniel House. Had somebody come up to his room. You don't think he's college because you can try to find a way to think of him? It's harder in the college level than NBA guys. Professional grown men at the college level. There's thumbs on people more than people. I was there. Well, there's a dog was, but you also have my favorite term, which is lack of institutional control. Which is why coaches get fired. That's on campus, though, and I'm not. And my problem is I've been on recruiting trips. And I've been on the cost campus people who think that college coaches know everything that's going on or anything like that. Your mistake. College coaches live nowhere near campus. Like, Oh, my gee, Shefki ain't living near the crazy I told parents all time Your kid lives down the hall from you don't know what he's doing in his room, and you expect a college coach? Who lives 3rd may not want to know what he's doing in his room. What's that banging like 30 minutes away from campus? He has no idea what's going on in that dorm room. He has no clue, especially on the football team $115 on football team. He has no idea, but okay. Like I said, Worst case scenario do comes down with covert in the tournament. We're gonna cancel all the games they're gonna afford dude can have to forfeit. I think that's what they're going to have to do is once you're in It's gonna be hard for me, but there's not enough time. To test necessarily in the sense that what if, Okay, you say you have to test it says negative three times. What if you don't test negative three times and then your teams out of the top teams out and they have people. They have a protocol where The first four out that team not take your spot. So now it's on you. You know the deal. You gotta test you got, but that only works for the first round. What if you're into the sweet 16 and one of the sweet 16 teams test positive, So I don't think I don't think that anyone's leaving once your end. No, I agree, but I think they're staying right. But what if it happens? But once you're in and the it's almost a bubble situation again, I get that. But stuff happens. But if it's a bubble situation, just like an NBA bubble, if everyone's testing negative, and we're all No one's days brought baseball was in a bubble. Justin Turner tested positive Game six of the World Series as he had people from the outside in that family members and there's no one coming in. Go from the gym. We go to our hotel. That's what they did for the basketball tournament. And the room service guy doesn't realize that he's positive brings up food to room service. In the past, people have the test negative as well. That's what they did in the bubble. That's why I was saying the bubble work an MBA because if everyone's testing negative It's not. There's something right there, and I just want to.

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