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"robert nosy wilt chamberlain" Discussed on C-SPAN Radio

"Now, the second by him of high ex law legislation and liberty is called the Mirage of social Justice in it. He said it's social Justice, quote does not belong to the category of air, but to that of nonsense like the term a moral stand. The summarize high accents the proponents of social Justice articulate, no rules of just conduct that would lead to social Justice or stated differently social Justice rests on the idea that every single individual can behave in just were moral manner. We can and probably will have social injustice. This is paradoxical if not incoherent result. Let me give you sort of an example, imagine that you have a musician whose highly popular, and he sells his CDs for twenty dollars a pop, and he sells millions of CD. So he's going to become very wealthy by selling his CDs. Is it unethical that he sold his CDs? Now is it unethical? So we bought his CD. No. But it results the inequality in necessarily will. Stole that from Robert nosy Wilt Chamberlain. He's able but nobody knows who Wilt Chamberlain is anymore. You have similar examples were society people earned income by offering goods people want to buy obviously, professional athletes, but also people that sell other goods, whether it's software or anything, you can imagine. So social Justice wrestling a proposition that people can universally behave ethically. But somehow it leads to injustice, Michael Novak who is a Catholic philosopher. Once put it very well when he said, quote, Hoboken, intrigued and treatises have been written about social Justice without ever offering a definition. It is allowed to float near has. If everyone will recognize an instance when it appears the vagueness seems indispensable the men it begins one begins to define social doses. One runs into embarrassing intellectual difficulties. It becomes most often a term of art whose operational. Meaning is we need a log that. In other words, it becomes an instrument of ideological intimidation for the purpose of gaining the power of legal coercion. Now at least one of the speakers in our series disagreed. John mossy other free market fairness. Largely except Rosie and ideas about Justice, but he argued the free market best achieve that. Just. Conservatives classical liberals and libertarians holding an unplanned distribution is just if the distribution is the result of individuals acting freely in accordance with just rules. The core of their understanding of what constitutes dress rules respect for voluntary exchange and private property. Individuals may and should act on their conception of merit or Justice. The government should not enforce a predetermined distribution of income or wealth, individual effort merit preferences. Character values and freedom matter morally. Conservatives classical liberals and libertarians celebrate the fact that people have unequal. We're diverse talents. Preferences risk-averse attachments in cultures because these are these are central to the rich tapestry of an enlightened humane and prosperous society. These differences inevitably will lead to economic differences, and those differences are not objectionable. Let me take just a minute to define my terms conservative. I mean, a philosophy that values and ordered liberty and traditional that Britain. This would mean writers like Edmund Burke, Michael O shot, and Roger scrutiny who was also a guest in this series. The United States has been authors. Like Russell Kirk Richard river, Robert Nisbet in terms of the founders, it would mean federalists like John Adams and Alexander Hamilton, for example, like classical liberal. I mean a philosophy rooted in the lock you into tradition. Informed by Adam Smith. Prominent twentieth century proponents of classical liberalism would include Milton Friedman and Friedrich Hayek in terms of the founding generation that would mean democratic Republicans like Thomas, Jefferson, James, Madison, George Mason. The conservative movement. Today encompasses both traditional conservatives and classic liberals by libertarian. I mean, a philosophy of us government cellphone center, nearly so as protecting the life liberty and property of its citizens and a commitment to the libertarian nonaggression principle leading proponents of this view would include Robert noticing an rand and Mary wrath board. Now, it's become clear to me over the years. These views form a continuum each represents a constellation of principles and commitments that's recognizable. But there's no single bright line tests definitively demarcates a conservative from a classical liberal from a libertarian. In fact, there are many varieties of each philosophy. But any conservative classical liberal or libertarian is much more committed to liberal progressive or socialist. Now, most conservatives classical liberals libertarians don't find it to be a particular moral concern, the a middle income person has a lower income and less wealth and affluent professional within a millionaire has a lower income and less wealth than a billionaire, relative wealth or income ratios don't cause them anxiety. They're not etiological committed some predetermined government enforced distributional outcome. The bar libertarian, Robert nosy, memorable descriptions, they reject the view that wealth. Ring come is like manna from heaven to be distributed by the state, and they and they generally you're okay with capitalist acts among consenting adults. David Burton with the Heritage Foundation today at heritage. They prefer unable prosperity to equal stagnation and poverty. They support fairness not equality of outcomes. And don't regard inequality of outcome as fair we're just instead this e equal protection of the law. Equal Justice under the law. What conservatives classical liberals in some libertarians? Find to be of moral concern is not income Orwell's inequality per se would poverty because poverty hinders. The ability of the port flourish to lead of filling wife public policies private-charity, education and other initiatives to poverty and create opportunity or warranted. But the pursuit of economic equality is not the objective of these efforts should be to alleviate, poverty and create self sufficiency rather than dependence. So the people may thrive an existing government programs to meet those objectives. After millennia where most people lived in grinding curry and even the affluent lives lives that would be considered hard today. Free enterprise. Led to the great enrichment, a thirty fold improvement and the material well-being of humanity is lifted many billions of people out of poverty and allowed for longer. More fulfilling lives in contrast. There's no more reliable means of driving a large proportion of a country's population into poverty and to seriously pursue implementation of a socialist agenda and economic equality. Poverty is not a function of economic cloudy, economic policy narrowly construed can have a substantial impact on opportunity and the incomes of the broader public. But typically is not the cause of long-term hiring. Sometimes people are poor because of chronic mental or physical conditions. Our infirmities, they make work difficult or impossible. Other poverty is driven by counterproductive behavior. It causes people not to thrive including substance abuse, failing to graduate from high school having children before marriage or failure to seek work. Furthermore, existing government policies are ineffective were calls rather than alleviate poverty government policies that caused poverty include creating poverty track. Traffic's use me. So that working makes little or no economic sense for low income persons making it illegal for less skilled workers to work creating barriers to employment raising costs prices slowing economic growth and impeding opportunity in generally. Other work is both economically, socially and psychologically uplifting. Government policy. Systematically, discouraged work. Labor force participation rates. Particularly for men have dropped precipitously. The necessary price of pursuing the Galateri.

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