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Trump calls Mueller report summary a 'complete and total exoneration'

Brian Kilmeade

05:08 min | 5 years ago

Trump calls Mueller report summary a 'complete and total exoneration'

"President Trump is wrong. This report does not amount to a so-called total. Exoneration special counsel Mueller was clear that his report quote does not exonerate close quote, the president his conclusions. Raise more questions than answer. It is unconscionable that President Trump would try to spin the special counsel counselors findings as if his conduct was remotely acceptable. Let me just tell you about this character. He's for thirty years. He's been trying to get at the President Trump any can't presents mocked him mercilessly mercilessly when he was a state Senator whether it was right or not. That's a fact and now report comes out they does exonerate him. In those words, and he wasn't want the president to do. It's unconscionable. He could sit there in the street and get heckled only once which I give the MVP award to the heckler. In New York. You just started yelling Adam during it. It might have been Howard Stern guy. I'm not sure. But I only regret that he stopped Nadler's an embarrassment to the Democratic Party. If you want that to be that person to be your Representative and the person that the average American has in mind when they go to the voting booth in twenty twenty good luck. Scotland's in whol in Dayton, Ohio. He's got. Thanks for your show. Have hats off to you. It's time for this to be done was. It also positive scattered agenda of America back on track for all of the feelings that he's had to Bill what he's doing a good job. And. Bowel cancer thing. Boy, there's a ROY. America's just you know, the people running the country at Sterry always contenders, sir. Oh my goodness. In the stuff. They're running on from the new green deal that the governor of Washington is backing to come LA Harris. Let's have free pot free prostitution. Let's start. Elizabeth warren. Let's start breaking up companies to free healthcare free free college free preschool. I mean, it's impossible to do what they're doing Scott. I don't know what they're doing right now. But the president got an opportunity just get stuff done start knocking things off his list. This is a this is his second biggest day since he won the election. No one ever give him credit for it. Remember, they said, well, you didn't win the popular vote. Then we had one of these independent candidates demanding a recount, three states, president of gaining more votes than the electoral college, the delegates who ceremonially supposed to back up with the state. Does they started to be try to flip? And some of them didn't do what they were supposed to be doing. Then incomes the Russia investigation, and some people just keep on looking at for another reason not to not to look at one of the biggest upsets in political history in any country any time. That's what happened in two thousand sixteen. Don't want want to acknowledge it now. Molly Henneberg weighed in and said, yeah, this is a coastal one chapter. But. Opens up another cut Twenty-eight buying into this dossier that now today we know not anything in that dossier led to has has proven to be correct. So this is this is a very important moment in the story. But it doesn't mean it's over because. Yes, the one storyline is done. But now the other storyline. We'd better get we'd better see a lot more about what was going on. I like to see it done and by the way after impeachment when Hillary co when Bill Clinton was impeached in the house, and it stopped in the Senate. They they stopped investigating. They are going to keep continue to investigate now after the Robert Moore probe Eric who's on news ninety six five in Orlando hair. Brian. It's so sickening. The media for two years told us that Robert Mueller had the greatest integrity in DC. And now they're actually on MSNBC saying that oh to the Russians. Right. And did he did he sell out? I think what Trump should do is. Now, put them on the defensive. Have Adam Schiff declassify all of it. Let them see the Adam Schiff was leaking. Let them see what McCain did. And then Friday, five o'clock. So that they have to wait for the week, and he should say, I'm I'm asking Mr. bar to investigate what really happened 'cause Robert Mueller Alice h he's a witness and Rosenstein, he wrote the letter to fire each he's a witness. How the heck did he wind up having this whole thing? I'd like to hear your could on that. But I tell you what I love the I love the tactic of leaving them there for the final summary. Don't you Eric? So instead of saying, well, he jettisoned the guy who's going to wear a wire rod Rosenstein, and he said, no come here, you read with Robert Muller said, and I want you to Luke over my shoulder win and writing this summary, and you tell me ride am I doing anything that you don't trust Rosenstein was there for the letter to fire Komi Rosenstein was there for the meeting with McCabe after Komi was fired and launched the Robert Mueller investigation. He signed the FIS away. Aren't and he was there when he got exonerated. So I love for people just to looking for an opening and Robert Mueller. Oh, now robber mo-. He might have been compromised or they're doubting. Robert Muller, really, Robin Mullah who's good friends with Bill

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