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"robert jesse coen" Discussed on All The Kings Men

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"robert jesse coen" Discussed on All The Kings Men

"From? Looks like they dropped again. Unfortunately, we have a second one waiting. They're just saying number same number. Okay. All right. So again to get into that point. What do you think the direction is? Is it a two goalies system for the king's next year, potentially? Or they go potentially. Yeah. I mean, I could see them splitting time. But I think the lion share of the work would be given to to Cal Peterson agreement with Jesse says, I think they got a taste of Cal Peterson this year on what he can do with the NHL level. And I'm guessing they were pleased with what they saw he put up better numbers in the NHL than you did in the H L kind of in front of a patchwork defense. So I think Calvi the guy, but maybe a fifty thirty type situation that fifty games thirty games back to the phones. This is all the kings met live. What's your name where you're calling from? Hey, this is the them calling from LA. Hey, buddy. How you doing? What's your dealer? Hey, I'll be going. Good good. Yep. What's your question? But just in in response to call it. I think trading it would be counterproductive to what the king by. Now. There's going to be a lot of good players available. You gotta say GRIs got them, maybe cold and the Russian guy, and he falls because people don't want to take a chance on them. And I think that you know team sans. Helen watts. Look forwards is still and can take solace in the fact that auto getting anything sealing the Avs they felt a fourth. No. And and another thing is like, you know, the kings. They can't they did we can't take do the gotta make a run for the playoffs every year looking this is just this. This is just a proof fly. So. Yeah. Keep ahead of kings fans. I know hurts but pretty good player. We'll thanks for the call. I don't think there's any any emphasis on taking for this team. I'm certainly was a saying that you just look at the roster and you look at where they finished this year. And how many teams jumped from thirtieth to? I over on the league or fifth over on the league, it just typically doesn't happen. So that's why I think it's going to be a couple years. They're talking about the the retooling of the roster that's going to take a couple of years for that all to mesh and for this team to be competitive. You know, interestingly enough, the Rangers who have this great pick this year. They move all the way up to number two their team that liked the kings have kind of gone with that retool method for years and years and years and then finally a couple of years ago, they say, you know, what we're rebooting completely right? And we are just going to call it an actual rebuil-. We're sending a mess base. This is the product that we're going to give you for the next few years a rebuilding product. And when we think it's built up again, we'll be ready to compete, and it's an interesting philosophy to take. Because again, we're talking about a company and organization that decided not to do that for ever which is why they've never picked number one either in the draft and the kings. It sounds like are adopting that same philosophy and half for many many years, which is we're the kings. We're going to report this thing, we're not rebuilding. And we have veteran talent on the roster. So fascinating to see the direct. Action that they do choose to go. And I think that's still sort of to be determined. See how the offseason plays out for them. We are expecting market Nettie kings, director of amateur scouting here in the next few minutes. Robert Jesse Coen. Dave Joseph from the king's headquarters in El Segundo. This is all the king's men live. More exclusive kings content is available on their dedicated channel on the iheartradio app. Now back to all the king's man that your host, rob brendor and Jesse Cohen. Welcome back to the kinks the silicon Elsa. Good. No, all the king's men. Live out rented Jesse Cohen Dave Joseph at his draft lottery night the kings are going to pick fifth. That's the pick that they have right now. We'll see through treats that are made on the undrafted. You just never know what can happen. But as of right now, they fell from what was hopefully going to be the number one or two spot all the way down to number five not too terrible and still lots and lots of great players on the big board on drafted choose from. No better person to talk to about what draft is going to be like all the guys who are available because God knows he is probably scouted. Every single one of them. It's the kings director of amateur scouting marquee. Nettie Mark, it's rob Reiner. Jesse Cohen -oday Joseph. How are you? Outstanding. And thank you very much for giving us a few minutes. So obviously some disappointment in this room and in this office right now, but from your perspective, and I asked this of Dave earlier, you must look at this. As a big challenge, you fall from what was expected to be a guarantee of either Jack Hughes or Cafo Kako at number two to this number five spot does the scouting staff as a wholesale. All right. Now's when we earn our money all these guys we scouted. Now, we have to really find a gem in number five. I mean, it's it's certainly we have to we have to you know, I if we're picking second one. We've relatively. We would have a pretty good idea of overtaking so fifth opens it up opens it up to probably six or seven players when at one or two you really looking at one or two players. So certainly a little hole work to be done. But you know, if you look at the history of the NFL draft, very very good players reveal what five so it's just a it's just a matter of getting the right one Mark we got asked this question earlier. And I think it's probably the most obvious question in this scenario. Do you look to fill specific roster spot in the in the king's development program, or do you just take the best player available? I I think that's this before I the next question. You have to take the best player billable in the you know, I've never wanted to shy away from areas where the kings made mistakes. I think the biggest mistakes we've ever made at the draft table have been Duffy for need instead of drafting the best player available. And and I can think of a couple of times, you know, I understand. The emotional portion of of of wanting to fill a need you. See you see a. You see a deficiency in your team? And. You want to fill that need it. The problem is you know, we've done that in the past. And when the players ready to play all of a sudden that need isn't there anymore. Most at the time in the first round, especially when that house the first or second fix. You're talking minimum of three to five years for these guys to be players. You know, your best case scenario really picking some three two three two fifteen three to twenty is a three year window for the guy to make the team afford

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