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"As well and over my father hand side our very own social contact as it. Dan yes yeah. I've been listening to these guys act. They actually very good. You like them all most of most. There's a couple of don't float your boat. Yeah it's just not my style i understand. That's probably it but the production value and most of them are phenomenal. What people can do and say. Why aren't these guys. Signed to a record deal. We were talking about just a minute ago. That microsoft windows microsoft eleven. That's producing ice cream. Dan you did a little research and find out. Yeah they're doing ice-cream they they did one whole skyscraper and they made the whole thing blew and have windows. Eleven up the side stupid. Did this crazy stuff. And i mean i think they said that it's it's going to sell a lot of people wanna get. You're going to be saying the isolation i want to know about the ice cream i don't care about windows love. The ice cream They just said this on the given away new york city but i think they were flavored. As you're missing the whole thing. Dan people want to know about the ice cream. They don't care about one eleven okay. Let's see what it is fleet. Bloomsbury ice creams okay. They teamed up with. Mikey likes it ice cream in new york city way. Free frozen dessert. So it's bloomsbury bloomsbury is it. Looks a froze frozen. Mix of the default bloom windows eleven. It just says it's ice creams bloomberg doesn't say we'll flavored is. Yeah you talk about your ear right checking and says please get in touch if you experience a human blue screen of death which is I know rain freeze now earlier. This year nasa was looking for a couple of people to do this experimental thing because they're trying to figure out you know. Can we survive on mars. We're trying to figure out if we can at least get through all the things that the elements when space traveling to mars and then landing on mars and colonizing mars. Can i say mars one more time. It's kinda like when they do with astronauts to experience weightless weightlessness. They put him in like big vats of the ocean. Like betsy ocean but in swimming pools. So that this is going to be that simulated room that building so nassar reveals now. They found the four people. I know all you people out there waiting for email to see if you qualify nassar reveals the four people who will live and work in its quote unquote. Mars habitat this past summer. Nasa announced that they were seeking applications from professionals who had certain qualifications and were interested in spending more than a month and a simulated. Mars habitat fast forward to today october. First the space agency is back with the names of the four people who spend forty five days and living and working in hera h. e. r. a. The human exploration research analog development project. This might be a dream for some space agents in the privacy. See or private companies. See a number of technology innovations days need to see. They need to make sure that a fresh food throughout the so right here. Yeah among other things. Mass nasa wants to teams will interact with each other and performing the duties while living in a relatively cramped myers habitat including the behavior. They may exhibit. That's what hair comes in the latest simulated mars living experience kind last forty five days and involve relatively young healthy nonsmokers who can pass both psychological and physical tests. You have psychological echinacea and that to me is going to be the whole test. Yeah you gotta understand that you are literally you're being picked up off this planet and it's kind of like what you went through when we landed on the moon to land on the moon dan. I don't really know so it's taken us out of our rock that were that's flying around through space and projecting us however many light years it takes to get to mars. How long did take tomorrow. I think one and a half years for the rover to get there. wasn't it. yeah. It was quite a while and then for them to land on mars and then build this thing so that psychologically in itself and you're only four people. I panic if i'm in the swimming pool by myself for any length of time. Yeah i that's not for me anyway. So the primary crew that upcoming on the hair message hera mission. Sorry they should spell these words right on. The internet would include laura cornell monica garcia christopher roberts and madeleine willis as well as nasa is selecting backup crew member. Just in case you know they fade out or give me out of here. Justin lawrence and pool wang additional mars. Have that emissions will take place. Further through september twenty twenty two giving others a chance to participate as well. They got a little video here. Let's see what happens with this video. C. three sixty inside the habitat for humanity so or habitat habitat for. Mars is what it should be called. So there's habitat for humanity mars sanity. There's one he was showing me more. Is that it. It looks like our here. It looks like the studio doesn't a small little in the studio and one big door that says one on it. That's it. That's all i got. That's not very live sticker. I think so now. Let's see imagine dan if you will you imagining. I'm imagine you getting out and being drunk in the woods when he give stuff away you ruin it. We do that dan. So imagine this so. Imagine you had a hard night of turning it on and getting ripped up. Let's say you one forty five thousand dollars and it's some kind of keno thing and you're buying shots of beers of of everyone at the bar. Unfortunately like mr robert jarvis that passed away and you go stumbling out in the woods and you just say you know what i'm just gonna pass out here in the woods and just take a little nap. Did the right thing didn't get behind the wheel of a car. I didn't wanna go anywhere. I just wanted to do all this stuff. My brother-in-law did that did he really. They found underneath a piece of plywood. Who's dead to supply. He was dead way to bring story down. Ask what he di- of what intoxication hypothermia. He was an alcoholic is drunk but he fell asleep outside underneath a piece of plywood. Yeah they found him he well he. He was drunk and he lost everything and just lived out in the woods and the puck we supply with well this man right here. A turkish man was reported missing after not returning home following a night out just drinking and having a good time. He was joined. Hold on now. I want to give this away so they sent out a big search party in this search party. This gentleman joined the search party combing the woods for several several hours. Then when the potential rescuer shouted his name he realized that they were actually looking for him so so he's a group of people there and just decided to help them take it away a drunken construction worker. Who had been reported missing spent hours with a search party looking from self on tuesday. According to reports relatives of baihan mutlu fifty reportedly became concerned when he didn't return home after night drinking with his friends in england. All in turkey's bursa province. His wife was able unable to reach him on his cell phone and officials revised as friends lost him after he warned into a forest so they had a search party and he just saw the church party and joined in going on. Hey hey hey hey. And he wakes up and he goes. What are you guys doing. We're looking for a guy. come on come on. Help was for our hope. You follow find him. Hey john paulie john polly. I'm right here. Everybody bandmate lou. We're are you the guy realized lou. I'm the guy now. You know you have to pay for those those rescue or the search parties in turkey. You probably don't care. He probably owed them money somewhere now. What if you were to walk into somewhere. Not being the so. You're a famous person and you walk into somewhere and you weren't even recognized for i mean let's say you're everyone knows your name but they don't know your face for example. Let's say if i know. Jeff bazo i know that named jeff bazo. I haven't seen enough pictures of him in the social media in style to know if he was to walk up to me and ask for we'll probably bald head we usually but how many how many people do you know that. Have a bald head. Weasley face easy damned easy.

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