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"robert hanssen anchorage based baker" Discussed on Timesuck with Dan Cummins

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"robert hanssen anchorage based baker" Discussed on Timesuck with Dan Cummins

"Alaska the most remote part of the United States so much uninhabited land and total areas twice the size of Texas with over three hundred and seventy five million acres bigger than Texas California and Montana combined and it has less people living there the North Dakota just slightly more people in Vermont. You can really get away from people in Alaska so many places where you can find yourself with nobody else around for miles and miles and miles an Alaska resident Robert Hanssen anchorage-based Baker chose to use this uninhabited remoteness to his raping and murderous advantage for over a decade in late nineteen seventy s anchorage police began receiving steady reports about missing prostitutes and topless dancers initially Shirley disappearances caused little concern. Such girls were notorious for leaving at a moment's notice usually without telling anyone where they were going but then their bodies began to be found and soon Alaskan police knew they had a serial killer in their midst. I will take a look at Alaska America's forty-ninth state and its most notorious serial killer Robert Hanssen Aka the butcher Baker today on time suck breath. Hello meet sacks happy Monday. Welcome back to the cult of the curious. Welcome back to more true crime. After a brief historical Michael break. I'm Dan Collins Aka master sucker Ak the suck Lord Ak profit of Nimrod and neither a butcher nor a Baker unless Tater tot casserole counts. I can beat the shit out of one of those crew mushroom soup green beans ground on beef tater tots lawry's seasoning salt three hundred and fifty degrees and then get the fuck in my belly where you will not stay long because you will tear my insides apart. You are listening to time suck recording today in the Suck Dungeon in Quarterlane Idaho Reverend Dr Joe Motherfucking Paisley's Zach script keeper flannery the last day before vacation recording this two weeks ahead of time hoping the world still exists hope you're not listening to this and some kind of dystopia and post apocalyptic nightmare nightmare hope the world didn't fall apart just two short weeks hail Nimrod Hill is to fina praise bojangles and five Robert Hanssen thanksgiving to our patriots space hazards for helping US donate twenty six hundred dollars this month two hundred plus abandoned dogs of everglades Florida Rescue Lincoln.

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