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"robert h edsel" Discussed on Stuff You Missed in History Class

"On may eight the akron took flight again this time travelling down the east coast to georgia and then cutting west to california the ultimate destination for the akron was sunnyvale california but a stop was planned at camp karemi in san diego county and this stop was a tricky undertaking the crew a camp karemi had not brought in a dirigible hiked the akron before and the specialized moorings that were used at the navy base in lakers new jersey we're not on hand and to further complicate the landing craft was lighter than normal because it had burned so much fuel on his crosscountry trip and because the heat from the sun had warmed it the gases inside it expanded to be less dense so just wasn't as easy to control was it normally would be those two factors led to a loss of control of the ship and to prevent it from hitting the ground news first the mooring cable had to be cut this did prevent a crash but it also resulted in a tragedy four of the men who were holding lines to the ship didn't let go and one of them fell from a height of fifteen feet which is 46 meters and broken arm three others held on initially apprentice seamen c m coward was able to cling to the line and not lose his grip and after a wild ride of about an hour he was pulled onto the akron yeah there was allegedly an attempt or a thought for a while that they were going to lam just him on the ground but then they realize they were not confident that they could do it without like slamming him into the ground so he ended up being polled aboard two other men were not so lucky aviation carpenters meet thirdclass robert h edsel and apprentice seamen nigel m hinton both died after they lost their grip on the lines that they held and they fell to their deaths and when interviewed a few days later coward who was the man who had survived said quote i just hung on i saw the other fellows fall in it didn't make me feel any too good but there was nothing i could do about it said to hang on tighter.

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