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"robert f. kennedy bridge" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"With fake plates. So far this year earlier this week to officers arrested three drivers who allegedly used fake plates to avoid paying the toll on the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge. Tonight. We're looking at mostly clear skies will have love about 58 degrees tonight. Sunny. Tomorrow's gonna be another nice one. Hi near 79 with the loaf about 62 tomorrow night. Increasing clouds on Friday high near 83 degrees, and then on Saturday we could see some showers. Thunderstorms in the afternoon. But that's nothing new. You're listening to W when my C It's one of six. Support for NPR comes from caring transitions, a senior move resource to help families ease the stress of life's transitions, offering relocation, home, clean outs and the resale of everyday household items. Locations at caring transitions dot com This is all of it on W N Y c. I'm Alison Stewart. Thank you for sharing part of your day with me Whether you're listening on the radio online or on demand. I'm grateful you're here. Here's some of the stories team. All that is working on for you for this week. Tomorrow we'll have a listening party for songwriter and producer Georgia and Muldrow. Whose prolific career as often focused on black identity. Justice experimentation. Wilson two tracks from her new record bread of to Wait. Oh, three. Excuse me, the third installment in a series of mostly instrumental albums. And then as part of our Juneteenth coverage this week, Nile Rodgers and Robert Randolph will join us ahead of the inaugural Juneteenth Unity.

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