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"robert de angelo" Discussed on KTRH

"The day president trump made a similar visit it Dayton Ohio he met with democratic senator Sherrod brown and may our noun Whaley both of whom were calling for bands on so called assault weapons mayor Whaley says they also pushed for stronger background checks reiterated to the president the importance of action around these issues and guns with people dating are waiting for action from the Washington DC residents from criticize democratic Ohio senator brown for his characterization of their meeting calling the senator a failed presidential candidate and accusing him and other Democrats of politicizing the shootings K. T. R. H. news time is six thirty four the race card the left loves to play it they love talking about white privilege they don't tell you they're making money off it K. T. R. H. is cliff Saunders is live with more the academic types making speeches about white privilege are raking in the dough Robert de Angelo just got paid twelve thousand dollars by the university of Kentucky for speech by the way they didn't include travel expenses are into committee men Robert Armstrong says this is discussed we have all our party gets booted feet from full speed if it just grows and grows and grows the only way that's why the hate this president so much because president trump to stock does not thank you there are a lot of speakers for higher like this in Armstrong's has been real racism happens the narrative makes it tough to get anything done in a crowd so to be free but that sells for what they've done and it is hardly the black community is hardly minority communities and and their property from now think about this d'angelo's average fee is between ten and fifteen thousand dollars per speech while the average annual median income for African American families forty thousand dollars while he's donating the money though do good because right sure yes I'm hearing silence San Antonio congressman walking Castro is defending himself against withering criticism after he tweeted the identities of dozens of prominent community members or donating to president trump's reelection campaign the Texas Democrat says he wasn't technically doc doc saying a practice that is banned on big media social platform docs thing is when you tell somebody somebody's physical address or phone number none of that was in this graphic that I shared which was first put up in circulated by local local indivisible group walking gas through is also the chairman of his twin brother holy ons presidential campaign you may have heard his own political career with the tweet some of those prominent donors also gave big money to his congressional campaign in an accent hundreds of suspected illegal immigrants are rounded up in Mississippi as federal officials Kerry out one of their biggest raids in a decade authorities say six hundred and eighty mostly Latino workers were detained at a string of chicken processing plants outside Jackson they were bused to a military hangar for processing those who could show they were in the country legally or allowed to leave after agents also search their vehicles New York City mayor and democratic presidential hopeful big buildup Blasio joined Hannity to talk border security he rejected president trump's call for a border wall saying eleven million people are already living in the U. S. for decades in the biggest don't ask don't tell in American history if you don't have the wall how we gonna stop them all get in with a wall without a wall that's not how you do it what you do is you create an actual border security mechanism yours every tool you need where police and community of working together in this city we have a hundred and seventy crimes that if someone's convicted on their own documented they're out here the two engaged in a wide range of topics including energy policy and abortion tune and handed the weekday afternoons from two to five on Katie are H. K. G. R. H. news time is six thirty seven a growing number of people have stopped using soap and water to clean themselves yeah you've gone nose blind outside the social ramifications Baylor college of medicine microbiologist doctor Jove petrous sini says it's probably not that detrimental written out of the water will make you clean enough but you still will probably be susceptible to potential order and other issues and if you're working with food or if you're working in a health care environment you definitely want to wash with soap he says the bacteria that grows on your body is important for natural health adding it's good to cut back on anti biotics soaps because over washing is unnecessary well do you have an opinion on this would you ever consider cutting back on bay they answer our question of the day AT T. T. R. H. dot com and then sound off on the subject on our Facebook page small you later on the Houston Astros extending their winning streak to six games beating the Rockies fourteen to three the.

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