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"robert crave" Discussed on WORT 89.9 FM

"You're just right How blind I've been. I've had seen it. Thus his true that taxes you must pay without a word off us. You are subject to the laws man made And yet no word or note. Can you sing out where it will count? I'll help you win the vote. Yes, I will. Thank you, Joe. Well together soon people orders he will If you're yes. Up. Next. Elizabeth Knight, and I don't have any notes on who the male singer is on that, but that's called winning the vote. From songs of the suffragettes. Smithsonian Folkways released 1958 before that request. Hard times Come again No more. The Stephen Foster song. Versions by the Red Clay Ramblers. Judy Collins and Jonas Field When morning comes to America that's live from winter stories live from the Oslo Opera House came out this year as well. Sean Watkins and met Chamberland. Be lonesome Election blues. Herself title released they released earlier this year as well. And then the vote about buggy from 2012, Gerry S. Paxton. And Jim Lusk. And more songs coming up here on the green Morning radios. Special Election Day special got a big set coming up to sort of Take a lot of time up in this last hour and going to start off with The youth on sample of Atlanta, a song called Get Out and Vote. Another single It came out this year. And then the people United can never be defeated. Perry Winkle. After that, another request trio with their version of after the gold rush. Can long quest is going to stand and fight. And then we're going to hear a song about the president's From that election Songs album that we started our show off with Oscar brand. Followed by this man by Robert Crave, played that song a bunch now and then vote anyway by Stuart starts. And then if there's time we'll see what else we can fit in. But for now, let's just start this nice, long set off with a wonderful message Tune here. Called Get out and vote by the youth on Sambal of Atlanta..

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