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"Nothing. So she's got her plans in the pot, and we're going to now to see what happens Remember that the roots of these plans can either go one direction towards the sound of watering the pipe or the other direction to the sound of silence. On the fifth day, they take a look and discover most of the routes, a majority, the rich quick hitting toward the sound of water. Exactly, exactly. So they just went right for the MP three fake water, not even the actual water, just the sound of it. Just this out, that that sets interest is interesting. That is interesting. But what? How would the plant here's something like they don't have years or a brain or anything like they couldn't hear like we here Well, maybe they definitely don't have a brain. No question there. But they do have repairs. This is Jennifer free. I am the blogger of the artful amoebae at scientific American and she was willing to entertain the possibility. The plants can do something like here. So what do we have in our ears that we used to hear? Sound militaires? Yes. Right. And if you go to too many rock concerts, You can break these hair's and that leads to permanent hearing loss, which is bad. So may be the root hair's which are always found right at the growing tips of plant roots. Maybe plant roots are like little years. Maybe each route is is like a little year for the plant. I dunno. That is cool. That is definitely cool thing. Get is is in animals. The hairs inner ear are sending the signal to a brain, and that is what chooses what to do. That's true. If a plant doesn't have a brain, What is choosing where to go, I don't think Monica knows the answer to that. But she does believe that you know that we humans We are little obsessed with the brain. And so we are and the depression. Oh, I would say the conviction that the brain is the center of the universe. And and if you have a brain in a never system, You are goods and you can do amazing stuff. And if you don't have one by default and you can't do much. In general, Okay, It's a very biased view that humans have in particular two words others. But still, I mean to say that a plan is choosing a direction. I dunno I mean it Like when a plant Benz towards sunlight We off We've all seen House Wednesday. Would you say that the plant is seeing the sun nominess? Just it's it's reacting to things, and there's a series of mechanical behaviors inside implant that are just bending it in the direction of meat. Couldn't just be like that. I think of that sphere. And I think if I move onto the next experiment for Mungomba You're gonna find it a little bit harder to object to. We need to take a break first. But when we come back, the parade that I want you to join will come in swoop you up and carry you alone. Inflow of enthusiasm. Hi, this is Ashley Harding from St. John's Newfoundland, Canada. Redial lab is supported in part by the Alfred P Sloan Foundation, enhancing public understanding of science and technology in the modern world. More information about Sloan at WWW dot Sloan dot. Pay A Simon Adler here. I'm one of the producers here at Radio lab, and I wanted to take a quick second to tell you about something that, uh, that I think pretty interesting that that we make here besides the show. So we have a newsletter, which I know everyone does, But hear me out unlike a lot of other newsletters out there. We don't waste your time by just blab ING about what our next release will be or begging you for money. I actually we we do a little bit of that, but what what we also do is each time a new episode drops. We send you a list of staff picks essentially a collection of things. The folks here who make the show have come across recently and are excited about They range from books and music to TV shows YouTube clips, art exhibits blogs. It sort of a repository for the stuff that's got us interested, but for whatever reason of We're not sure how to turn into a radio story. So. If that sounds interesting to you at all, I hope you'll sign up for it are newsletter, It's free, and he can sign up in about just thirty seconds At radio lab dot org slash newsletter or even easier Just text are l news as in radio, lab news two, seven zero one zero one. That's our news two seven zero one zero one And thanks. I'm Robert clo, which radio lab is supported by Wordpress dot com. Creating your website on Wordpress.com helps your customers find you And remember you and then connect with you at Wordpress.com you'll find hundreds of beautiful designs. The ability to add a custom domain name features to make your business more visible online. Wordpress will help guide you through the process from start to finish in offers 24/7 customer service. Should you need help. So get fifteen percent off your new website today at Wordpress.com

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