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"robert christian hansen" Discussed on Timesuck with Dan Cummins

"Marching into Iowa February Fifteenth Eighteen nineteen thirty nine the day after Valentine's Day a baby boy is born in Estherville Iowa's Coleman Hospital. This baby boy will grow up to be a man who will not become some kind of Valentine's romantic lover. Maybe if he would have been born just one day earlier earlier maybe that would have fixed everything maybe cute could soften them up a little bit probably not this baby is Robert Christian Hansen. He's born to a Danish immigrant Baker named Christian Hansen and his wife Edna and he'll soon become a insecure troubled angry monster of meets AC jobs were scarce Estherville a quaint little town roughly six thousand people the town mostly famous for four hundred and fifty five pound meteorite that fell to Earth a few miles north of Estherville in eighteen seventy nine so in nineteen forty two and rob it was three his family headed west. They moved to Richmond California just north of San Francisco on the San Francisco Bay where they would live for five years and in Richmond Christian and Edna would quickly tire of the hustle and grind trying to pound out a living in a much more populated area uh they longed for the comparatively simple life of small town Iowa and they save money to move back to open their own bakery nineteen forty seven the hamptons return to Iowa with their now ten year old son and the two year old daughter and they settled in Boca Hannah Silo Small Town One hundred twenty thirty five miles northwest of moines founded in eighteen seventy within the county of the same name Pocahontas was one of many towns created during the rapid settlement of the flat fertile mid West Corn Belt after the civil war the town was named after that famous Virginian Indian princess who's benevolence and interventions on behalf of the Jamestown settlers in the sixteen hundreds had made her the symbol of the American Indian welcoming Europeans into the new world the basic ethnic mix of the town and its surrounding farms established by German Bohemian Scandinavian Irish Immigrants Lots of Immigrants Roberts Dad was one of these immigrants Pocahontas epitomized the wholesome small town Americana of Mid Twentieth Century America lifestyle portrayed shows like leave it to beaver father who knows best pocahontas had town grain elevator. The railroad came through town had a cute little main street.

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