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Episode 1085 - Scott Caan

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Episode 1085 - Scott Caan

"Happy New Year folks. It's twenty twenty and it's time to turn your great idea into a reality with squarespace. Launch Your Passion Project Showcase your your work sell products of any kind of with squarespace with beautiful templates and the ability to customize just about anything you can easily make a beautiful website yourself and if you do get stuck square spaces twenty four seven award. Winning customer support is there to help head to squarespace dot dot com slash W. T. F. for a free trial. And when you're ready to launch us the offer code W T.F to save ten percent off your first purchase of of a website or domain. Oh here we go here we go again twenty twenty another a decade. I made it. I made it. I'm in decades six of me all right. Let's do the show all right. Let's do this. How are you? What the fuckers? Here's what the fuck buddies. What the fuck nears? Happy New Year. Happy new decade. Is that too optimistic. You know we're in it here. We go again. We made it another year. Are things getting better. Some things are definitely not getting better. Other things may be I personally. And then my sixth decade of life on planet Earth fifty six years old and. I don't think I really took into consideration. What this transition means like for me? New Year's is kind of a I I I don't do much on New Year's I don't go to parties. I don't work on new years I used to. Sometimes they used to go out and do the early spot get out in now maybe go out to dinner but the last few years keep a low profile watch a movie. Take it in the The the changing of the year with the someone close to me and that that's usually been the thing. I don't think I really thought about the the fact that we're entering another decade that it's been a decade and that there were some markers this decade I mean. This decade was a decade for me. This was the decade. Really for me it might. This might be the not the last decade but this might be the pinnacle this last decade of the Marc Maron Experience agreeance of the Marc Maron trajectory. We might be arguing downward now so it was a big decade. But I'll talk about that in a minute. Let's get some stuff out of the way today on the show. Scott Caan is is an actor. He's the son of James Caan. He's on Hawaii Five. O that's currently in its tenth season. He's in it's on Friday nights on. CBS I ran into him at Mogadishu. You're in New York City. When I introduced myself he knew who I was? I've liked his work in the oceans movie. Always very funny with Casey Affleck. I have not watched very little Hawaii. Five O I always like James Caan. Tough Ju- you'll you'll feel feel the presence of me poking around in and Scott cons a brain in life for tidbits about his old man but you know you also lived. Scott was no slouch. Ouch he's been there and back in. It was nice to talk to him. Even though I did probably get a little annoying I tend to do that with the sons or daughters of the people who do the things. It's hard to avoid it but usually I'm respectful but I think we got a little something they all anyway. Scott Caan is here my tour dates if I could did the freezing portion the freezing leg of the hey. There's more tour begins Thursday January thirtieth in Cleveland Ohio at the Agora Theater. And then we go to January thirty first in Grand Rapids Michigan at the Fountain Street Church. Saturday February I in Milwaukee Wisconsin at the Turner Hall Ballroom Room Friday February fourteenth. Take a break from the freezing go down to Orlando Florida. At the hard rock live and then onto Tampa on Saturday the fifteenth of February Ed Worry at at Strasbourg Center Thursday February twentieth. Backup to freezing Portland Maine State Theater Friday February Twenty First Providence Rhode Island at the Columbus Theatre. Saturday February twenty-second New Haven Connecticut. At College Street Music Hall and Sunday February Twenty Third Huntington New York at the paramount go to W. pod dot com slash tour for links to all the venues. Can you dig it. All those dates I will be doing with Dean del Rey Eh Dean del Rey and me. So the ten year marker the decade marker the new decade business it was ten ears in September since the beginning of this podcast since we since when I started back in two thousand and nine at the old house in the old garage and that's a that's a big deal. The arc of this decade has been very very impactful and life life-changing period of time for me. I'm now in a new house in a new situation. I'm about to move into the garage of this house. It's a nicer garage. Avi Sweden Sweden. It's all redone and and it just. I guess everything goes on. Things are certainly different but I tried to take a look back with a little bit of gratitude. The tude over the last couple of days as we begin this New Year with some trepidation. Some fearsome hope also some some weariness some the idea of like you know like when can I just ease out but look I just hope that you took a bit of time to express at least to yourself Some gratitude for what you do have and what has gone well and and maybe How how you can do things differently? As I've said before it's difficult to live in a world where you're maybe things are going well for you personally but things outside you seem to be spiraling out of control and I guess it's just we have to find a balance and figure out what we can do to help out. But I reconnected with somebody. If you've been with me on this show. Since the beginning I had a roommate at my old house her name was stash under Zia Stash coup sake she. She used to live with me over at the old house. When I started the podcast she was around man and she she she was is there when I got in the bathtub with my jeans? She was there when we were just starting out trying to figure out how to make money packing envelopes with me sending Swag Swag out to people that that donated. There's it was before gofundme as and before the fan. What is it called Patriot which is wake set up a website? You know if you like the show sense the money I'll send you. I'll send you a t shirt and some stickers. Hundreds of economical of. She was there at the beginning. She live with me and the reason I reached out to her is. I wanted to tell her that Luanda had passed because she added relationship with the cat in the sh the cat used to sleep with her and and she loved that cat. And that's how he reconnected and we had. She came over our shoulder the house and she We talked about how our lives have changed. It's been almost a decade. Read is very nice. 'cause she was there at the beginning. She's doing fine and I'm doing fine and it just is and I wasn't tension. There was one of those situations where I think i. I met with her a couple of times to apologize for the same thing. which wasn't anything? I just felt that you know when she moved out. It was weird but But everything's Okay Man Scott a baby. Yeah things change and it was great to see her and we it was. It all happened because I reached out out of respect for her relationship with my fucking cat with Mike my past cat the Fonda. And now we gotta deal with Monkey. Ma'am monkey seems a little out of sorts. I don't know if that's you know. Maybe I guess they grieve. Why wouldn't they but like I sit down? He climbs up to me. He's literally like a baby. He'll climb onto my chest and just tuck into my shoulder every time and he sweeping I think he took a week or two to you know for him to I guess register that his sister was gone. But maybe that's it is that it I don't know whether it's a New Year folks. It's time for turning over a new leaf turning the page. All that turning stuff and also time to turn your dream into a reality with squarespace. If you've I've been meaning to get your passion project off the ground squarespace is here to take some of the stress out of your decision. You can easily make a beautiful website for whatever project. You're looking thing to start a new business platform for your artwork. A place where you can sell the stuff you make. squarespace makes it easy with beautiful. Templates created by world class asked designers. And the ability to customize just about anything with a few clicks. Sell whatever you want to sell. Using Square spaces e commerce tools use easy squarespace analytics to keep track of your growth and take advantage of square spaces. Twenty four seven customer support. Your site will look great on mobile devices. You won't ever I need to do a software update and it's easy to buy domains. squarespace empowers millions of people. Turn great ideas into something real. So what are you waiting for. Four head to squarespace dot com slash W. T. F. for a free trial and when you're ready to launch us the offer code W T F to save ten percent off your first purchase of a a website or domain that scores base dot com slash W. t.f offer code W T.F. Look Scott Caan is here and He's on Hawaii five. o I that show must have a lot of fans been on a long time. It's ten thirty and on Friday nights on CBS. We talk about a lot OUGHTA stuff and It was nice to meet him and here. We are being Scott talking. Have you done any voiceover work where he had to wear the cans and talking to a Mike. Scott I've auditioned mm for things that they didn't hire me for but so you know cartoon voices for you know I'd like it. Sounds like a good gig. You have pulled that thing in so like you know right in my mouth. Yeah Yeah yeah no I I got like I said I got a thirteen year old dog. That's been my best friend. And she's got this thing called Degenerate allopathy what is that. It's basically the spinal donald disease were back. Legs shut down and they stopped working. But I'M NOT GONNA I'M NOT GONNA do too much. You know when she you know I live in. I got got a lot of steps. Yeah so she can't really make it up and down the steps now so when she when she can't get up I'm GONNA I'm GonNa end it because you know I'm already leaving actually take hager with me everywhere right now. I'm already league at home. And she looks at me like you know I go with you. Yeah we got a lot of steps you live in New York. No no go live in Laurel Canyon not got fifth floor walk up and there's like forty something steps man. So what do you do. You have a plan you. Yeah I'm just GONNA not push it further than it needs to be pushed. You know you're GONNA YOU'RE GONNA put her down. Yeah they got people that come over and do a man. Yeah I mean do you. The sit there with her and do it but you have someone come over. Yeah have some acting take the vet. No no have someone come over here to deal with this before. I mean like I was telling on you before we started. I'm kind of I'm kind of okay with death. What does that mean? Are you really just think you are a combination of both. I think. Part of me I'm you know there's like a party that gets can be cold to it because you've experienced a lot of it and then there's another part of it that's like you know we you know we're all eventually going to wrestle with God at some point and we never win that one right you know so. It's a tragedy right. We're all GONNA die it doesn't it doesn't end well for any no if you wrote. This is in a movie like this. Is the story and your Diet. Every it's always tragic and one thing we know for sure. Yeah and if look if it were me you know I know what I like to do and if I get to a point you know we're all going to be at that place and we either have to be courageous or not. We either get to go all right. There's more for me to do that. That I look forward to right if not. Let's let's be done and see what's what's next or there's nothing next than let's be done so I I mean I try to reconcile that Shit I mean I'm fifty six and I think about it more than I used to trying to be okay with it because it's on some level it's the one thing we all know for sure that we're GONNA die so on a practical level it should be the one thing that we're all relatively comfortable with but it's actually the one thing we're all terrified out of court and by the way I'm not going to be a tough guy I'm scared of I don't want to die like my life right. It's funny when I was younger. I was reckless because I didn't care. Yeah and I didn't care about What would happen to me now that I really liked life right? Of course now Mike well wait a minute. Now I dig it. I want this to go on for a long time turned around but I just I feel like if I get to a point where I can't do the things that I like to do or like with my dog. I see see that she doesn't want she's not happy. She's not herself anymore. Then I'M GONNA go. What what are we doing anymore? You can have someone put you down is that no but I'm not gonNa you know yeah. I don't know what it is so I don't know what I'm GonNa do. I still got a minute man. I just wanted to happen quick. Yeah I mean that's another thing. Look I don't WanNa do eight years of slowly losing my brain rain and getting goofy. I hope I like to. I'd like to go to the gym at ninety two in the morning and get hit by a bus later in the afternoon. That's perfect. Yeah Ninety two. That's that's that's nice. How your genes your good? I think pretty good. Yeah yeah well I mean now. Are you friends with your. Yeah Oh that's good. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah because it's a must be an odd thing. Because he's like one of these kind of stocky Alpha Jews seventies one of the three. I guess right right. Hey enacting world during world in the world in general I you know I. It's funny I I only knew tough Jews up there. There's plenty of Tuft. Yeah yeah so what do you mean like your family my family. You know people that I knew people knew growing up. Yeah but But yes in the acting world. There's like him and who else the tough Jews. Now you've got burned fall. He's Oh John Brennan thought half to full Jew. I think he might be full. I can't remember. I talked to him. Genuine tough kid. Yeah for sure. Yeah Yeah Shiloh boof. He's a he's a half a genuine tough kid he is yeah. I mean by the way I don't I know John John. Yeah and I actually I used to box. He box box with some people that he bought. Yeah so I've heard stories but genuinely tough and I don't know Shire. I've heard stories that he's a tough kid. It seems like I'm not. I think I'm more of an Alpha Pussy really tough but I mean so you you grew up in Hollywood I did and like the whole like Well how did it work out. I can wha- how many siblings. How many kids is your dad? Have like how that outbreak a lot of different wives. I got a sister that I met when I was twelve that you met when you were. How the fuck does that happen? Did you not know about her. I knew you better but it was just something we didn't really talk about. I walked into the house. I was twelve years old. I was the first wife the Yes yes his first wife well. There's also one that suspect that I think think was an old quickly so I don't know if they count that one but how have might have been before that are after. I don't know anyway. Yeah I walked into the House I was twelve years old and she My Dad said Hey this is your sister Mr Meet your sister and she looked at me and the first thing she did was she said he stoned and yeah I was yeah preserved reserved. And did you have trouble. He looked at me. And you know. He said he's been smoking weed. And I said no shortage guy but you know that was my. That's how our relationship started with my sister and then she you pick me up from school the next day and brought it ate the we dropped in my lap and asked me if I knew how to roll a joint Hollywood so so then. So you're the middle. He's a bad to say on your second year. So you're the second wife Iowa on the son of the second right now and then he's got another one another three the three. Yeah I got I got a twenty eight year old brother. I got a twenty three year old brother and I got a nineteen or twenty brother and the twenty and the twenty three or from the same wife so he stuck with that one. How old is he? He'll be eighty next year and is he working. He's a he's he's actually right now he's he. He's he's obsessed with fixing him you know. He's been a maniac most of his life. He rodeo you raised boats votes. He rode motorcycles. He did everything. You're not supposed to do body so he's just done another back surgery but a pretty heavy one always recovering from that. But it's it's it's a slow tough one. So he's he's kind of working through. Go over there. Yeah Yeah Yeah now. So when you're growing up like who like what's the scene. I mean 'cause like I I've talked to a couple of Hollywood. You know people that you know. I'm on the Hollywood people category. What's okay here? It's not matter Hollywood. People like I've talked talk to people whose parents were in the business and they're in the business at bigly junior for example that specific. It's not it's not a judgement thing. It's a specific diffic- type of lifestyle and throughout the duration of this show. You know if there's anything that starts to reveal itself is you know this is a community like any other community of working people. They just have to be movie stars and completely some of them around their minds and spend too much money right but But like growing up quite the what was. What was the house like? who were the people that were around? Who the things that you were the your peers in that in that world? I mean or your Dad's ads. I mean he was kind of the Anti Hollywood dude he he he sort of Didn't speak highly of that world You know he said if you ever turn out to be one of these Hollywood kids so I'm GonNa give you a beaten talk every day so really. Oh Yeah Yeah and who is. He like like who what was examining. Just don't be don't be a brat or I'll kill you basically you know my dad's you know. He's played tough guys but he's genuinely only a tough guy. He is. Yeah toughest guys I've ever met. I remember reading that year. His father was a butcher. Yeah Yeah I mean. This guy was a my grandfather's hands were like One finger was like to your thumbs. No the Guy Yeah. I knew him he passed when I was I. Think seven or eight years. Yeah but I mean he would you know he could lift people out of cars at seventy years old. He can bend quarters with his hands tomorrow. I'm not kidding. He ripped phone books in half. I mean he was like yeah weirdly. Take strong show you he could do. Yeah Yeah Yeah whip but so anyway containing Hollywood thing. Yeah he anything but this business anything but being like one of these Hollywood people with sort of his his his trip so it Mattie now no because I think he respects what I do a little bit. Yeah he's almost proud but I think you you know it's so weird to hear though isn't it 'cause he was like you know he was doing it a a long time. Yeah I mean. He was in Westerns. You've always in that movie with Dean Martin and he crises like. Yeah Dorado John Wayne. Yeah Yeah Yeah. It's wild wild point. He must have loved show business. Yeah Yeah I mean you know you find something you're good at and they tell you give you money to do it. Why not and you and you like it a little bit? Yeah You keep doing. Yeah and none of the siblings. None of the other people went into show business now. They're all creative dudes. The the boys are all creative. My sister not not so much I mean she might be created. But you didn't really go into that at all. But yeah they're all creative kids one way or the other and they working in the industry a little bit the the second brother he's He's part of a theater group and he works in the theater. And you know I mean as you know it's not it's not You don't you don't just get to go raise your and go okay. Here's here's a job you know. Of course yeah. Yeah I mean I was wondering what their aspirations that. There's no butchers or dentists. There's no bushes are definitely definitely not dentists. It that's not gonNA happen though. No I I remember my my little brother. I went over to the house when he was like twelve years old or something and he was doing homework working. Yeah my dad ended up just taking the homework and doing it and his wife started screaming at him. You GotTa let him do his own homework because he's not going to be a rocket. Scientists don't want like these kids fate is. He's decided already. Yeah so but you didn't start out when you were growing up. We didn't weren't always enacting now right no I mean. At first I was into anything but having to go to school you know. Yeah I didn't like school. which is another thing? I don't think school is for everybody. It's probably true right. I mean it shouldn't where are we going to. What was it? Were you in Hollywood Hollywood high or went to Beverly Hills High School. Yeah Yeah I made it to tenth grade that was it. Yeah what's it but I I got I got I got a record deal And then I went on Tour for the beginning of my eleventh grade year. I was on tour for About nine weeks and at the time if you remember Cypress hill pain I was on tour with those guys and I got off that tour and then they said you're GONNA go back to high school. Oh now and I don't think you're performing the SOS you were a rap guy. I was a rap guy man and you were successful rap guy. I kind of knew but I didn't i. I didn't go get the record or anything. You can't get the record it doesn't exist. I don't think really but you. So you're like the white rap guy. Yeah sure. Did you have a partner. Did you did. His name is Allen Mamani goes by the alchemist. He's a big. He's probably one of the most respected hip hop producers in the HIP hop today. Oh really yeah he selassie stuck with it. Yeah so like okay. I was just sort of looking for a way to be different creative and not have to do what everybody else else was doing. Rap Music in the early nineties was not what it is today it was sort of like the punk music of of my. Yeah it wasn't mainstream. It was anti-establishment test Ashman right sure have been Bibo and being about graffiti and being about break dancing singing and DJ. Yeah that kind of thing was was You know now you got seven-year-old girls who live in fancy neighborhoods hip hop is their thing and sure mothers are pumping hip hop wasn't wasn't yeah. No what's going on home when you well you just want to drop out of high school and the old man all right. Why wasn't really close to the old man? Then I was Kinda he get. He got remarried eight and he was doing that life. And I I was with my mom at the time and repaced off no no wasn't part of your life. No Yeah I mean I just you you know. He's always part of my life. Never like a knock you down. You don't say Fuck You my dad De ah today I saw the rebellion was out. Yeah well we didn't have to. You Know I. I don't know we're all friends more than I just respected him. We had a good friendship. Now your mom or anything you want to drop drop out of high school on the go do up. She was yeah she no not at all man. No she's yeah she My mom she's isn't she she's passed a few years ago six six seven years ago now but she was Pretty interesting lady who was not not normal by any means. I mean I was twelve years old. I got kicked out at school and she walked into the principal's office and told the gophers himself. You know what I mean. She's a different kind of late. What did she was an actress too? She she was a she was actually a pretty good actress. Yes she was a an actor and a model and She was hairstylist as well. Oh yeah it just free spirit kind of person. Yes she was she was. I mean I don't know how she was a bad bitch show she was bad ass. You know what I mean. She She didn't really take a ton of shit she was pretty cold old. Like yeah and You know I said you know. I think I'm good at this thing. And she was like we'll do it. Don't do that other thing. You're not good at fucking. Yeah so all right. How does the rap career stop So we went to we got signed to this This label in Europe and so so we went to go do this show in London. I think it was called top of the POPs or some some goofy. Should I duNno right. It's called but we went there. We look out sixteen eighteen years old We went there and when we got there they had done a remix to our song and our our album was about to come out in the states. And when we got did they say this is the remix and this is what you're going to perform on the show right and it was some goofy house. Knicks of our song wasn't even your mix. They like house. Music at the time was big in London and this is what they want. This is how they wanted to pump our record and leered. Yes so we The night before the We we're getting per diem. Am every day so we decided we gotta keep getting per diem while we're here so we collected all the per diem. Yeah and then on The morning we were supposed to leave and do the rehearsals and do the show. We took a flight to Amsterdam where I never told anybody. You know the the label dropped us and then they call it our label in Back in the states. Which is Tommy boy records at the time and I think that that pissed them off too so then they ended up dropping us and not releasing the record? That's my story I mean. Maybe it's because they found out that the record they didn't like it as much but it's a much better story that they dropped us because we did something you know you ran off with the per diem Wales on TV which we did do yeah. Dan was fine right very fun at seventeen years his old Amsterdam staying in youth hostels for two weeks and you bailed on the TV show. They didn't even say anything now at D.. So you have. Do you have the record most of the songs that we did. Yeah yeah that's that's kind of disappointing that to put your fucking record out. Yeah but then you know look I found something else the I like to do creative with the acting. Yeah Yeah Yeah the acting when we when did you first start doing that We were actually doing a show at the Santa Monica Civic Nick Center and there was a director. What was your rap? Name skills okay skills. Yeah skills in the alchemist skill. No he was actually called mud foot at the time skills in mud foot Okay Yeah if you're looking at you're looking at me like you're kind of making fun of me now. What do you mean why me as much as you are making fun of myself? Yeah Okay Ego. When you're sixteen is amazing you know what I mean I know I? I'm not making funny but it so you can make fun of me. Always it's nice. I mean it's it's I think it's it's a little you can get a little laugh. Yeah why not. I hope everybody's laughing their ass off you know shit Um uh-huh so you're doing a show on saying anyway. Launched edit this or do we just talk and then they got you know older. I get the more self conscious I really happening. I think so I think I get more You know when you're younger you WANNA be a kind of WAGGA. Yeah and then you realize that. That's all bullshit. And then you you get Today you say the wrong you put your foot in your mouth today. Everybody knows about it every we have you done anything anything hateful okay. Good and you'll stop me if I do know you know but I but I appreciate that it is Kinda weird where you know when you have the sort of life lessons especially if you've been an asshole or you've been arrogant where you've left some wreckage you get to a point in your life where you're like. What was Zeynep doing that? Also today like I said you say the wrong thing. And everybody's mad. I think everybody knows is about. I think more I if you do the wrong thing. That's worse to saying the wrong thing. It's not like you're going to drop the N.. Word or something right now. No no yeah so so. I don't know what's appropriate. What's not appropriate anymore not really not really Giovanni have you ever gotten there? No no but I don't know him. I've interviewed him. Yeah yeah very good guy. Yeah he's a good guy intense guy. Good actor very very actor. You have a long time. I did. I've done a couple of movies with them which ones I did. Boiler Room with him or did gone in sixty seconds with him. Oh and I directed a movie that he was called the dog problem. The dog problem. I saw that credit wake that was how many of you directed to two and a half two and a half movies. You've directed in the middle of one. Now no no no I I wrote wrote a movie called mercy that my good friend Patrick directed but we sort of wrote and directed it together. I mean he's the director of the writer but we got we worked on it. He directed I shouldn't into that. Let's come around to that. You're in Santa Monica doing the gate long story short. Yeah this director who was making this movie called the boy called hate About this young uh hoodlum who steals a motorcycle and kills people and he he came to my show and got in touch with me somehow and said. Would you come auditioned for this. And I said no and then when I read it I thought I'd like to ride a motorcycle and then You right at the time. Did I ride motorcycles. Yeah Yeah who ride. Motorcycles Maldive I don't anymore I have a five year old daughter and my my my Gal said when the when she got pregnant. We never ride a motorcycle. Ever I said fine so I haven't ridden a motorcycle five years because she's going to die in the motorcycle that was I think that's what she was going. And it's it's good because he is honored that yeah I I still have a bike but it just sits it's there it's not calling lamb. It does sometimes but I've been here a couple times and yeah I it's fucking scary. Buddy Deane like he got someone A car just random off the road and he went down on the highway and fuck and like got me at skinned up pretty good but he let's look I mean skinned up. Pretty good as you made it. Yeah it's crazy and he didn't ride for awhile because they got by now but he was a lifelong biking. I I think I just like looking cool anyway. So I'm fine with it being gone. I think I never wrote him. Because my dad was an orthopedic surgeon and like he dragged me to the hospital when I was in high school and showed. Okay I got this sort of scared straight shit right. I could've could've used you heard a lot of orthopedic surgeons in my life even taking the hospitals. What did he do knees elbows? Sure he was in the guy back. He didn't needs Backs hips he was full on his partner. DID HANDS HE GETS set. Most bones did some sports Medicine as well. Yeah real deal. I guess I got a yeah I've had a bunch of surgeries. Oh yeah from what from all different stupid stuff. ACL's torn by says broken collar bones from white fallen off. Shit I did I can cars no no. I don't a lot of Brazilian Jujitsu Tokyo's fight on the street. Yeah I like not to have you when I was a kid all the time. I really got into them. Yeah but not as an adult. I think I've been to fights and that's in twenty years right. Yeah Yeah. It's not my impulse to fight him more. I don't go associated. Yeah I get it. Yeah and your smart. I guess some guys. Just don't even think twice. Well I mean you know when you're younger it's like proven stuff but no I hope I know I don't want to feel like I should have been in one one fight we can when we're done with this. We'll go down. I think that don't have a chance here. Everybody's gotTa Chan. Is that true. Yes you learn you. Absolutely it's hit somebody squaring the go to sleep so you could get one three absolutely provoking. You're absolutely not. I don't WanNa fight you at all see Z.. Do this movie at boycott. Hey Yeah so anyway I just when I did I hear sort of realized that this is a good world for me. I didn't know if I wanted to write direct move the lights bringing food but wherever these group of Weirdos was into this trip and that was the first time you've been on a set like that I mean I guess you know my dad. Dad didn't work a ton when I was growing up a lot of time. Off for whatever reason but I didn't really view it when I was a kid has something to do you like okay. This is this man's job but yeah when I was there a part of it I felt like okay. This is my my group of people. Oh yeah there's so many different kinds of people in one place doing different Shit. But it's all it's all like you know this creative energy going towards this one thing. Yeah sounds pretentious but no it's true. It's not pretentious. It's a it's a business and you know when you get on. He says if you if you say something's pretentious than it takes away pretentious right. No I think that like it's weird when there's the thing that we do when you're involved in show business where you know you sort especially if you got more of a kind of a street smart rugged sensibility where you kinda trivialize it. But it's it's fucking real business and people work hard and there's all kinds of people involved in one thing. Yeah working towards this one thing. It's kind of amazing you get on the set and you're like there's like one hundred people that I don't know what they're fucking doing but yet doing real jobs right you know. They founded the fucking person. That's figuring out how to hide your Mica so when you get that bug do you. Do you take acting class. I did I went to this This place called playhouse West is a Oh yeah theater company company in the Jeff Goldblum and Robert Carnegie. That's their place. Yeah but it was a really cool place because it was a part of it was an acting school but then the other part becomes the theater company so after a a couple of years after you learn how to act whatever the hell that means. Yeah then you know you craft of Agra down then there's the next level of it which which is like you become part of the theater group now you're putting a plays all the time and people are working on plays writing plays acting directing in place. You have access to these three theaters right and you on and off for the last twenty years. I've been going back there and putting up plays So it's this great little thing to be a part of anyway. That's what I did and go bomb. Like one of the guys guys who created. He started where he's him in Robert Carnegie Robber Carnegie's I don't know that guy he's one. He's like Sandy. Meisner protege really yeah and and And and do they both teach at the place. I don't Yeah Robert Still teaches there But I don't believe Jeff does anymore. Did he used to a lot. Yeah and did you take what Jeff No with Robert I worked with Jeff a bunch. Yeah you know over the years. He's interesting actor. He's one of my favorites. Yeah he's really seems to be the real deal. What makes assume your favorite like what is it about the way he does it? Just the way the Worke Ray. Yeah but he's he's. I've never met anybody who is more I. I mean in life and when he acts. Who's more attuned with? What's going on with the other person? He's couldn't be more in the moment you know. Yeah Yeah Yeah. And there's something like really interesting inhuman about it's like he's interested in everything and he's interested in that's to me. The best actors are the ones to pay the closest attention. So that's why true compulsive about he's he's he's studying you always and that's you know that's to me acting as you you can plan all the stuff you're GonNa do can just pay attention to what the other guys do one or the other people are doing. And that's what makes people more interesting if they're interesting to begin with and he's very interesting. So yeah he's Mike you know he's been around forever to doing little parts and little things. He's very good man. He's sweet guy too. Yeah he's an acting lesson just because when when he's when you're talking to him he's like Oh really. Yeah and yeah. He's trying to get into your body right now. He wants to work off of it and the other guy was mostly Meisner ish stuff like yeah he studied was Sandy Meisner. So yeah repetitions and did you find that helpful. I mean I still yeah I did. What was it seen studies and you get casting productions at the place and that kind of stuff? The production ended up pretty much. Being what the students did. Peop- students would ride. And then you also you know back in the day back in the day said that but at that time you go get rights shape more as time goes You get rights to do you call Sam French at the rights to do play the dramas producing San French produce. It was that combination of you know people writing people directors would come to the to the school and they would end up directing plays writers would study. I think every good director writer acting a little bit. Yeah because I think the first time I saw you and like notice to you I think was in that There was the one with Jennifer Aniston. Where you play the trainer? Yeah but it was great though like I remember because I didn't know you were and who's that guy and then when I found out your McDonnell. Yeah that makes sense. What makes because if I look look at you you kind of remind me of your man right? Is that right to say. I mean I'm not a handsome guy but there's a moment where my guys it made sense to me. I thought it was douchebag but I thought it was you know he had a full full life inside. Sure that guy thank you. I'll take it and then like when I start to notice you in the All the oceans movies. I don't have to notice me. I mean you know I think like I why would I talk to you. I wasn't yeah good point but But this stuff that you in case you do in those movies very funny to me. Think it's a funny dynamic kids like a comedy team. Thank you guys. Have a thing that kind of built over the three movies. He's where you kinda gotta stick together. Yeah all you're going to do with. Casey is just pay attention to him. He's so interesting and really yeah I think so so I just sort of showed up and just paid attention to AKC reacted to basically. That's it. That's it no homework. No Hawkins Engine Casey here so this goes on like you know. How do you can do you? You find that you're challenging yourself as an actor absolutely not. I've been you know on the movie yet. But it's been a minute I've been on a procedural show for ten years which is longtime dude. Yeah and it's it's listen. I'm no complaints man. I mean you know. I'm lucky to have A. How long are you in in Hawaii? Every year About six days of every month was a hell goes. Yeah just go and I'll do a couple of episodes I don't do all of the episodes anymore okay and then And then you know come off so they don't so they shoot a lot of it just exteriors in Hawaii. All of its in Hawaii like I said though who. I'm just not in all of them. Yeah you were in all of them no in the beginning for how many years two or three years. Yeah Yeah. So that's great so you making money in your sleep deep now. Yeah Yeah. It's good but to answer your question. Am I doing things that I'm really right You know excited about her. What did you ask? What was the challenge in your challenge? No Oh for sure. Oh the Do you want to of course. Yeah Yeah I mean I think that's a guy thing man I mean like how often you know. I'm at the beginning though in web. But you seem like you're always in good stuff and you seem like you're an stuff that you're should be excited about. That are different for me like you know. I didn't like now like my opportunity. Started to happen when I was in my forties so I have a sort of type you know and I've I've done a few movies. Not many and and yeah I can say no but I don't see you I haven't seen you do a ton of stuff again. This is a weird thing to say but I don't see you doing stuff for the paycheck. No I don't I didn't I never set out to do that with acting. Right was never it was never. Do you do anything just for a paycheck. No no not. If it doesn't like that's a pretty amazing. The closest I get to that really is like Like I'm going to go up my iva comedy special social dropping in March and I've got this hour that took me a couple of years to put together and once the comedy specials on sort of dead in the water right so oh I just added like six or seven dates to go make a little money because I can you know but it's me doing but it's something that you've dug deep for my shit. Yeah so what I mean so anyway. That's a that's a right. I never had to do acting because they needed money. Yeah which is a different game it is. Yes because you gotta make compromise. Yeah now did you find that you were being typecast. You mean as a result of why I ended up you know. Do you play the same guy a lot I think I I don't know I don't know maybe when I was younger but Dan you know he's not I thought Gee uh-huh Jockey Dude no no I guess not I guess I my Jockey Dude I duNno I dunno you. Tell me I'll take it. You typecast me. I I just met you know you do the Brazilian whatever resilient you know man you should try it. I I should try something you oh you don't. You're not into any kind of I. I will run up the hill. That's great man. I do exercise and I've worked out and stuff competitive thing and I don't WanNa be crying on a mat notice. Ah I gotTA I know. I'm competitive but I I don't I don't like losing. Yeah I don't like losing you know but you you know how to deal with it because you know you've probably played a lot of shit. Yeah I guess everything Losing personally I get it but you gotta do it Komo and you got to do all that stuff we gotta do. I don't I don't know what you gotTa do. I'm fifty six. What do you do fifty six to get into game? What you WANNA start playing basketball? I play basketball. I don't know I'm just saying stuff. That's difficult hard. It's like. We got to push everything. If you just sitting around. No no I push myself up the hill start running up. It's getting down security. Everyone's different if I didn't have exercising. Ju Jitsu I'd have probably have to take going by go. Forty five minutes up straight up and then I run down. It's like an hour and a half and I hadn't done it in a couple of weeks. I did it today. It was great. Yeah I mean look. You can't have a panic attack while exercising. No that's just a heart attack. That's that's true but you mistake for a panic attack. Yeah yeah yea this is just a panic. Yeah that's that's better if I drop on the health that's good. Yeah happens quickly. Yeah so but I got the the big book of photographs. It's a beautiful book. Thank you so you do that kind of stuff. And also you mentioned like writing and directing now when you do like so. You're right place I do over and a lot of plays like four length Kinda. Yeah Yeah Yeah I was gonNA bring you some. I thought that that would be silly if I would have time to read them but it would have just been uh-huh like giving me French Samuel French book. Yeah and saying here. Let's talk about this. So when did you start writing the place Right about I I don't know ninety eight ninety seven ninety eight because we were having trouble getting the rights to do the place that we wanted to do at the work house. Yeah so I would go home and write scenes and then I would bring the scenes in for different actors and then we'd work on them and then Robert Carnegie was there and he would say keep doing this. Don't stop doing this. And then scenes turned into one turned into full length. Plays plays and then I just I. Just that's where it started and then I just really got into writing. And and what do they produced. Yeah Yeah Yeah I've had. I've had a lot of produce place I that's how I mean. That's how they get published. You got to get them produced and then reviewed and then the big way have you had big openings in New York and stuff. I am sorry. I don't know you don't have to know this. I wish I had no no don't want this could've brought them for. You could read them earlier but you know I. Yeah I You know when you're younger you ever noticed you talk to young people and they wanna tell you all about all the stuff that they're doing I get the less I want to talk about. Anything push what I'm doing. Yes you know. I CAN'T STAND IT I. I don't even want to be on social networking forms. I'm not has feel I mean I don't know the difference so you know I mean I'll creep out on instagram to look into some fake account. Just Oh yeah I don't have you know not like posting pictures of my child and yeah I think new values or whatever I I'll do mushy I've done in my shoes and the cats have done but listen. I'm not knocking. I know but it's like draining. It's like a whole other jobs. Men I mean how many every day I go wait. The today's over you wanted me to also post things and worry about how people respond. That's another thing I don't Wanna I don't WanNa do the wrong thing as much as I don't give a shit what people think of them wanting to be hated either. Yeah you're nervous about that or someone makes a comment. And then I'm like getting into a beef with somebody over the thing that'll happen voided mental hygiene probably and maybe I'm just at the I. Guess if you're young creative today you have to be a part of that. That's what they tell you right. I mean it's a very competitive game. You know what I mean branding machine. Yeah maybe it's true. I don't know but I see a lot of people just like you know. These people are going four five ten times a day. What else are they doing? I look at it and Mike. What's the matter with? Yeah what am I looking at for you ever. Because it's interesting to look at some time so the place because I'm curious about plays actually because a AH theater 'cause I become friends with Tracy Letts Who's WHO's a great player? Yeah and the whole process of writing especially when they're a little abstract is sort of interesting into me so how'd you learn to do it just by reading them and just like you know like I said at the plows worked on we. uh-huh at the school. You weren't really supposed to grab stuff from movies. We were always going after. Yeah good plays 'cause you know on the stage and that three favors birth Shanley David Rabe. Oh yeah rage. Good though Great Shanley what about Shanley. I Dunno Shanley one one of my favorite writers ever. What was his big ways? I'm Italian American Reconciliation Danny and the deep blue sea The Dreamer examines is pillow. Someone just mentioned mentioned this guy to meet today or yesterday women Manhattan Cbo Ryan wrote doubt. He wrote Jehovah's Volcano who. Yeah he wrote MOONSTRUCK INSTRUC- I. I feel like the stupid. Why why why because like? I know that I enjoy theater. If it's good theater and I don't go to it enough I don't seek it out when I do who I find it very moving and unlike anything else. Yeah and I'm always sort of fascinated with it because I don't know how they I don't know how the evolve can be very unusual to me. Sure but as an actor actor. I think that that's the the experience as an actor that yeah that's the one kind of going for the play. Yeah because you get to kind of live it from the beginning to the end and that's the thing and and some of it gets weird can't get weird. Yeah and do you write weird place. I don't know if they're weird. Yeah no my sleep about relationships. You know what's a setting. What's your first big play the first ever wrote the published was called two wrongs. Yeah it's about A man and woman both see the same therapist and the therapist I Tries to set them up which is nothing. Something therapist shouldn't do right. They actually fall in love and then the therapist actually falls in love with the woman as well. Yeah and so. Then the therapist purpose breaks them up and then it explodes. Yeah because he falls in love with her so then he tries to pull them apart and just the idea was to be. I'm into therapists. Purpose and therapy. I think the therapists are interesting. People and I always wondered like today have lives too you know therapists have feelings or you know what I mean. Of course. Of course they do right but as a someone who goes to therapy you just imagine that they're perfect right because they have all the answers. They're smarter than everybody. They know what's going on you. Go Yeah I I'm a fan. Fanta therapy yeah yeah. Did you have a therapist. That sort of inspired that where you're sorta wake the fuck up. There's there's there's a reference to therapists and almost everything I've ever written. Yeah so yeah. So were they helpful. You even the ones that aren't are helpful you know everybody's either here or cautionary tale. Alright I guess or maybe just a a bore and wasted time. That's a cautionary tale. Guess isn't it. I mean your family your friend everybody you either you know either. Look at them and go. I want to do that or I never WanNa do worth status. Quo's at a cautionary tale kind. Yeah I don't WanNa be boring. Yeah I don't want to be not interesting because I've been to therapist. Therapist just started going recently again and and it's it's okay. You know I used to joke about it like when you go back therapy. And if you're in your fifties or your late forties and you don't you don't waste any time you can kind of walk any like all right look. Let's get into it. Yeah why we can't fuck right and I know listen. Knowing knowing what's fucked is is really helpful. I know for sure you know no doubt you know so. I guess there's all these different avenues now with the therapy in terms of like what is his. PTSD and what isn't right from. Because if you everything really right right so if you expand the definition of that you know what what how how much of your problems or whatever your shortcomings are whatever. your your emotional. Obstacles are are based on me maybe emotional trauma that you never never even recognized. This has to be right. Yeah it's just a reframing of the same shit right time right yeah Mommy Daddy would you do it over and over and over and over again guard. I understand stand this a little bit. And that's it right or you take pills. And he just never. I never was always always adverse to pill me too. Yeah I tried them. Yeah yeah I I I mean you mean. Drugs are like yeah. I mean listen. I don't want to down talk. Some people need You know look chemical imbalance or whatever else the truth of the matter is is. We're all All that stuff comes has to come from an right. Yeah there's some people are just born goofy you know right but For the most part I'd say ninety five percent of it is is how we raise our childhood or what screw to supplement a younger. You know it's weird though because as you say like you had a kid and you know you say that there's a party get older and you you're not you don't WanNa be is you know cocky or whatever you know what I mean that the sometimes age just Kinda like the same things aren't as important as they used to sure which is fucking Gift right but then you come up against for me as a guy an older guy. I'm not married and I have been married twice. I've got no kids and there's a reason for that right. I don't don't want kids great. Yeah but I don't know why did you want a kid. I feel like I always wanted a kid so the kid was on purpose. Well yeah pretty much. Yeah Yeah Yeah yeah no I I wanted a kid. I don't know why I wanted a kid I think it's just in my DNA. To WanNA kid. I think it's supposed to be in all all of our. DNA sure on a on premise. Level sure sure but then listen people the decide look at if you can be Happy he and you don't need that. Yeah then then yeah they have your yeah that's a that's a whole other thing to happiness. Happy happy relative term. I mean yes also but I mean if you if you can get through life and in realize. I'm glad I didn't do that. Yeah but I mean you know look I mean what are we here for right. I guess I mean I'm I'm I'm not. I'm not saying it's bad or good. I'm not I'm not either saying I'm just realizing as I get older that like you start to realize it's a finite yes we're back to death you know it's like what is it because he's been a lot of time repeating yourself or doing stupid shit or whatever it is is it that that are your patterns and then one day. You're sort of like I got to make some different choices race right if we're not constantly trying to be better constantly trying. Yeah fix the shit that we've done over and over and over again we're not living right right but also like learning to accept certain things as well right. There's some things like well. This is just the way it is. Yeah Yeah Yeah you know and I got an instead of beat the shit out of myself right sure. Sure sure yeah you can you can fix. What have what have you had success present fixing? That's a pretty big general but in your mind everything man. Ah goofy past is with relationships are how my mother my father and you know being with the woman for ten twelve years in going. Oh this is the way to do it or negating or getting through things right Using different tools that I didn't use before you understanding things or not having to be right. That's a big one right. I mean or able. I Dunno ordinary seeing the big picture of like wait if I could you know make it to the end and be you know content and be with this pro. I mean. Look when you're young. It's about fun right I I guess well what's for me. We all wanted to do was have fun and as I get older. I'm like okay. So you trade a little bit of fun for more meaning all right as you grow older. It's like all right. Let's try to make things Deeper deeper and more meaningful relationships or friendships. Or whatever. You know you're young or your friend. Does something stupid. And you're like I just want to punch him in the mouth and as you get older you guard. How can I helped my friend not being idiot and so I don't want to punch him in the mouth right but when you're younger heads and go fuck you but it's Santa? We could do a whole three hours on what you know when you can be fixed. And what did curious to me in the sense. That like what I do know for sure. He's a lot a lot less. There's a what A lot of the things. I thought were very important. Not I agree and and that gives you a certain amount of leeway. Yeah you know what I mean a little freedom freedom and it just falls away naturally. Yeah which is a fucking gift tomorrow and now like Ya demeaning also like. I'm not that I wasn't a guy that just wanted to have fun now. I'm getting to that point but yeah for I'm fifty six juncture. where I'm like? Well what do I want to do in my life I my my the whole life was fucking struggled to get where I am and then like some somehow or another. The miracle of success happen right and now. I'm sort of like well. I don't know what I WANNA do this right now. Just bought this House and I love it bows vows living in a shack right so I don't know what what do you do now. I work down. Stop I mean right. Keep doing what you're doing when you write. Plays like the like the therapy play. Do you find. Do you find that you resolving things like. Do you find through the writing process that you you're able to enact in resolving and see things differently is that part of the experience no Maybe subconsciously right. It's got you know I mean you know. What did the other subjects you into doing? It's usually about relationships. It's usually about trying to figure that out. Yeah I mean. We're a communal species Russia. We're supposed to be with other people people and that's what I hear. Yeah I mean I tend to like once I get there but yeah getting there is difficult so anything that anything worth digging into his difficult and and we just do the things that are easy. That's boring they're also going to end up being eighty something or ninety something shit. What did I do you know? It's difficult to learn how to play the Qatar. I mean so you got guitars that yeah yeah but that's not easy to do. You could go your whole life and go. I never I never dug deep into that and tried it. I mean I- MARTIAL-ARTS IT'S A. It's a hard thing you get beat up and you get the broken bit but you're you're you you you you accomplished it anyway. Going back to the question I think on on a subconscious level when you're writing something or Acting in some taking a photograph autograph or whatever it is of course. There's a part of that that's You know therapeutic right at the end of the day. If you're a creative person am I still. Don't I don't WanNa do when I grow up. You know what I mean to yeah. I'm still searching for what's going to be the thing that I'm happy that I when I'm dead. I O that exists and to me see that's not. I haven't I certainly haven't done that yet. IT'S NOT HAWAII FIVE O. It's definitely you know. But you're right man it's not and look. I'm lucky enough to do something. Anthony I like enough to get get paid to do. Yeah Man but what seems to me that like the that that is a nice thing to have that Gig because it does afford you a certain amount of freedom to do other things and do things you WanNa do. Yeah well you just start doing. The photographs. Were were directed. My first movie and the documents are no no. This movie called Dallas Three Sixty to the Jeff. Goldblum is actually. I gotTa Watch that movie. How they do? It's okay. I mean it went to festivals had been a movie Did all right but The cinematographer this Guy Philpott met He was a great photographer. And he sort took me through Film Viagra fee school. While in that movie and I just got obsessed with it but again that was just something me trying I mean. I don't consider myself a photographer. I got really into taking pictures for ten years and we still do not really. Oh that was it. I mean I did. You know I don't know man like I said I'm trying to you know you're not bumming me out. I'm like I said I'm still trying to figure out what I can be when you're younger you do things kind of you. You WanNa get pat on the back a little bit. You know you want people go. I really liked that and as you get older. You're like I'm not so interested in that I want to do it. Yeah and then you go. I want to say something something. I want people to understand this and go all right. I dig this and I'm and I'm with you and thank you for that and then you go past that stage and you're like just want to do something that I like to do and I I feel like I'm being creative. Don't you find though like look man like I'm starting to feel that way about acting. It's something I always wanted to try like. I always had it in a good one. Thanks yeah but like there's there's there's a lot of sitting around yeah true and you know it's What's the saying they don't pay you to To Act if they don't pay you a a way to pay like it and I wanted to challenge myself and I'm doing a role where I gotta you know I'd be a little different than who I am coming up next week and I'm nervous about it but whatever but I I don't like I'm glad I'm getting these opportunities to try it but like I don't know if it's my life and stand up I've been doing my whole life but oddly what's happening to me now is like is there a time time where it's okay to be like nothing. I'm done doing things. Yeah man if you as long as you got like you said you're not living in a shack anymore with the thing is right. That's true but like I'm just I guess. My point is no matter what you do what you you think in your mind. I'm going to do something that's GonNa be the thing that I'm GonNa be proud to lead or whatever all that stuff drifts you know fades man Dan. What do you mean I mean it's like what is the relative importance of fucking anything that anyone's accomplished eventually? After five years three years it's gone. It's behind you doesn't matter but if you're a creative your I mean I hate to use the word artists artists. Yeah and you get to a point where you don't WanNa do it anymore. Then you're probably ready to die. I guess like my cat gonNA crawl under the bed yamen. I mean she's like I don't do the things I used to do anymore. I'm not you know my dog doesn't run up the steps and catch ball Paul Anymore. Jump up and catch a Frisbee jump up anymore. You think she's happy and no one hundred three hundred years ago. We were travelling and the dog couldn't make it across the river. We see a dog Komo dominated and head with a rock. It's a wrap on the dog. Names have good lives now. They did that with people even insurance grandma couldn't make it across the rid. Ira Yeah Grandma. It's been fun. Yeah gotta go. He moved yeah. We can't miss this winter. I think people still do that. They just put them at home so I don't want to a home. No Yeah I hear someone say change the diaper. I'm going to look for a shot of heroin or they wanna do it now. I give him. You're saying but again you know I say oh. I want to do something that I'm proud of and go okay. I did that. I hope that when I do do that thing I immediately want to move onto the next thing right or other was was. You know what's wife or it's you know you're old and you just want to hang out with your Gal and kids if you have kids or get a new cat. I'm just sitting read sitting read. Well no good no. How many plays have you written twenty? Yeah and how many have been published. Well I have Four plays full length plays published through dramatists. You know three yeah and then I have a collection of plays in that collection. There's about fifteen plays and those were all the plays that were like back published after I had gotten unpublished. And that's all the stuff that I did. At playhouse West that never had a bigger production than at playhouse. And these are things that get done. You get residuals from Kasur six dollars here. Yeah yeah have have you seen productions of your plays done that you've walked upon now never Know and the do you want to do your place. I I mean my I would love to do a play in New York but I go over. You know. It's like a gotomeeting and they all that's cute you write plays you know. They don't take it seriously why I don't know maybe because I'm on Hawaii five O or I don't know no I don't know I don't know maybe I haven't written anything good enough yet for for that. I mean it's a it's a tough world to get into. I've never acted in a play. I've been on stage acting acting in. La For twenty something years. I've never done anything in New York on Broadway off Broadway off off off tried. Yeah and I mean not vigorously vigorously. Yeah but that seems to be like if you've written like twenty so that seems to be one of the things that has lasted the longest in terms of what you like to do. Sure you're being prolific. Doesn't mean that you're good at it right. No Yeah I of course. Not but you like doing it. Yeah so what about fatherhood. How's that going? I dig it man I dig. Get my daughter's a a a an amazing smart Sharp beautiful human being old. She's five I mean. Everybody thinks about their kid right genius genius genius lifted. Yeah yeah she You know man. There's there's there's a few things in life that make all the bullshit go away and she's one of them. You know what I mean. It's great but that's real like and you're in you live with the mother I do. Yeah I can't Ah I don't have one but I know that it does something to you. Yeah man it's a lot of things to change you really do. What did you wear nervous going into it did you? Were you concerned. Yes concerned you know like I said everything's either heroes Taylor cautionary tale. So I don't everything I do with my daughter aside from just watching her and enjoying her is I hope. I don't fuck this up. I hope you know my my friend once told me I told those are always having a daughter. She has two kids and she had a rough childhood. Yeah I said I'm just worried I'm having a daughter and I. What do I know from raising girl I could raise? A guy is slapped him around and exactly or my dad did the opposite of the bad and she said you know all you have due for a girl that if you don't want her to be a stripper is just love. Her great perfect. I can do that now. Is this your how many make your kids is your father have to just my daughter and then my sister has a son if you like it. Yeah he does. Yeah Yeah they turned into into something else that old man sometimes when they have the grandkids. He's the same no really with their. Yeah well I think because sometimes they can in a good good way they can show up better because the kid leaves. That's the idea right right. You know my my girl. The other day was talking about you know talking about her grandparents. Were so good with her. Why are the key? Why can't their parents is good? Because when you're a parent US figuring the shit out by the time you're a grandparent you go. I know just what to do. And then when it gets a little goofy I can go home where they can send and the kid away right and that's back to death man that's like Same thing with death like you know. We're young we lose our great grandparents and then we lose our grandparents. It's and then you lose friends along the way and then by the time your parents go you should be prepared and able to deal with death and able to kind of understand that just you know what this cat. My parents are still around. Yeah grandparents are gone. But what's the bummer. Right the mid the missing. It knows no bummer. It's just like I it really. It's IT'S SORTA like breaking up with somebody in the same in the same. You don't WanNa do it. It's going to be paying funny. You say that because every girl that I couldn't break up with I kind of have this sick feeling like well. If they just die. I'd be okay right because you don't WanNa you don't WanNa do it. Well no I also break up. I just don't want them to if they're gonNA have to decide whether I could have worked acted out or been better. Yeah well I know but yeah I get all right. Yes but it's just like these things where like I broke up with somebody not too long ago. It's harrowing to to sort of come to the moment where like I'm doing right. And it's it's it's the worst thing ever it's heavy. Yeah not unlike you. I think you know putting a cactus. Just we've sold more final but approaching it and saying like all right. Let's do it right. You're you're you're not a religious guy you know not at all we brought up with any I mean now my dad was like a you know like just. They're tending to be religious Jew. My mother was a he probably was brought right up with it and then got away from it. Don't even know how much it was real for him. Yeah but And my mom was born Catholic and then was born again Christian will so she was deceased. Ah She was at when she threw the end. Yes very much so really here were you. And how would you in. That happened when she started that. Yeah fifteen in sixteen off. She saw it happen. Yeah strange strange. MUST have pains not pay man. Look whatever whatever whatever floats your biscuit yeah I get it but that's one of the transitions like what just happened. If you're happy if it makes you happy you know people that go after. Yeah did you have. Did you bring the church and stuff stuff. I mean she would say that we before my mom use interesting lady. I used to get into trouble when I was younger. You know arrested and Shit arrested fights. Yeah late nights. Whatever going to Cali would clubs and I'm fifteen sixteen years old? And you know she. She wasn't kind of mother that would say don't go. She would just say. Let me let me pray for are you put put hands on you and Jesus keep you safe but before that though you were fourteen. She wasn't doing that right. No no there. You mean praying. Yeah I mean like you know I mean it's a big shift from like you. Whatever she was before she was born again? And then you know how did it happen. I mean that's all I mean. There's there's a lot of you know different That's that's a long story. Oh Yeah Yeah I mean I mean you over here. I'll just make it simple ever know any born again Christians. That didn't do a bunch of crazy ship before they became sure. Yeah so they're all kind of going oof maybe let me try to fix the lost a little bit lost and if that fixes them and it does good for you I mean I guarantee you that when she passed. That's what made her okay with passing. Yeah you know when it was like hey you wanNA fight. And she was like no. I'm good I Jesus. Can we can judge judge but we could also so she pushed it. Yeah out there. And she got too far out there and then she need. She needs to get back that sure. Yeah yeah which is better than people. That didn't come back right. Yes do you. Do you talk about That kind of stuff on the. What do you on this show? Yeah sure religions. Well yeah recently. I've gotten a lot like I talked to Paul. Houser the guys in the No. Yeah I just see. I don't know he looks familiar face on US billboard everywhere. He's very good. Yeah Yeah I talked to him. We we got some got into some. Jesus he's so he's into Jesus. He grew up with Jesus. His father was a minister. Okay Lutheran Administer. Yeah but he kept the Jesus heated. Yeah but it's it's sort of has yet. Yeah I mean some people get away from it again. Whatever whatever you know I give it but like there's something kind of fascinating when somebody snaps into it? He has dramatic saved as a dramatic right like I talked about that onstage. Say for me to find God at this point in my life the real the wheels would really have to come to me too man. I don't know it's weird. That's that's what does that tell tell you I mean why. I'm just curious about when when your mother changes into the born again. I mean AH fifteen and you're out of control yeah. It was good for me because she was like. I'm I'm I have no worries. I'm not worried about you going out. And I'm I'm not worried about that are coming by here doing hoodlum stuff because we're all taken care of so for me as a kid. I all right great. Yeah nothing can hurt you. But there's no disciplined after that I and I haven't had discipline since I was twelve so but so it was just sort of like well. Jesus forgive forgive you and did you. Did you not even about forgive you. You're safe you're protected but you didn't try me. I was hanging out with animals. You know who's just gotten out of prison isn't that escaped life sentences because they were underage. She's like you're fine. Where'd you meet those guys? Don't know man you know I don't know it's like an exciting reading time I mean yeah but I mean I always you know my dad was again like he was tough. Dude from Queens. Yeah so for me I was constantly trying to to be as tough as you know. That's what I had to live up to right like the worst humans. I could surround myself with the more legitimate. I was as a a person when I was young. And getting validation from him. I don't even use paying attention to that part of it but I definitely was. You know you're trying to just. Ah Yeah. He hung out. Here's his friends. Were like Israeli drug dealers and mobsters and shit. I'm like I know a guy who stabbed someone I'm GonNa hang out with him. That was it. Yeah and and so what did it take for you to get out from under that. I guess No I mean look going on this thing. The first thing we talk about that you know no no no I I know going into talking. ANYBODY WANNA go. What's it like having Dudas dudas props I'll be under it forever right? No no no I mean just wha what did you take for you to realize that you were going to be defined by different things things. Oh that's that has nothing. That's that's you talk about. Did what have you fixed over the years. Here's what was your moment where you I gotta get this murderer out of my sure. Sure listen I still talk to the murder I mean I I have boundaries and you have to prove older I get. I'm trying to impress less and less. You know what I mean right right you you got some self acceptance. Yeah and I I know what I want. I don't want any trouble man I want to hang out with my my my wife and I want to exercise and you know hang out with my kid and and do some good creative because like whether like see I like I only know your father for movies and for my whatever. I'm projecting onto the guy you know like I was in but but like you know I i. I knew that he was relatively tough to you. I don't know all those things and it's no different than any other fucking crazy. Father that a male child is trying to get it. Just sort of live up to you know what I mean sure. It's just a little more E. I k.. When you tell me I victor James Gone right right right different? You can picture me trying to live up to my crazy mother and father. 'cause I don't know right you know I mean I was. I was going to try to be a doctor. Ah Good thing happened. No He's out of his mind and other ways but he never hung out with Jewish mobsters and they weren't Jewish mobsters yoga got the two Jewish drug dealer army. Whatever yeah we I met you remember? I met you. Yeah logo and they have. Have I go there because they have A. They have a lower here allow which is a Yemenite dish that they only make on the weekends. Only reason I know that is because drug dealer friend to his his wife would make it every Saturday and Sunday and we'd go over there and have a lower. I Like I love that place. I go there on Youtube. It's my favorite restaurant. I remember I recognize you and we chat and we were going to do this. Jason Kao Yeah You said Let me get you and your dad on all right right like an ass fuck it. My wife was like I love him. I was like he's a jerk and I'm kidding. She listens to show she does. She's a fan. Yeah I mean like what what that would have been great. Great Have you and your dad on like beats you down I just sit there and listen yes sir. What do you want me to start? And that he just had back surgery he can't even get out of bed right now. And if he gave me a dirty look I'd I'd crumble off. You know what I mean. Yeah intense man do all the other younger. The younger brothers have that same thing with him. I don't know I didn't really grow up with them. Talk to him down you a little bit now. Say like terrified no I I mean I I respect the a lot of respect I get a I couldn't I couldn't I couldn't tell you the half of reality because of of what the respect no I mean I just have. I can't. There's nothing I couldn't say. A bad word about the Guy Gordon. Listen like any father. Of course there's bad shit to be said but yeah I don't have the balls nor would I ever say anything all right disrespectful. Well I'm just glad you got closure closure wait a minute still woven ended you know. Yeah yeah no no. No you're right I got close. You're okay you're comfortable. Acceptance one hundred percent. Good talk in Yemen. That was Scott Caan. I thought I thought that was a nice finish Hawaii five OS curly early in its fence season. It's on Friday nights on. CBS You can go to WTO PODS DOT com slash tour for all of my tour dates. Oh Yeah I just people keep telling me this I wouldn't know it but My show Merran. Four Seasons Amerian are on American networks. I know that American net flicks. It's everywhere but a lot of places the fourth season. But I know here in America offer seasons are on Netflix. And it is being taken can off net flicks. I think on the thirteenth this month. So if you haven't seen my show and you want to watch it do it now right. Just want to put that out into world okay. I'll wa Wa wa I want I want I wa Woah Woah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Aw La la La la La la La la La la La aw Lama lower.

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