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"robben island museum" Discussed on WABE 90.1 FM

"Liftoff from a tropical rainforest to the edge of time itself James Webb begins a voyage back to the birth of the universe The lift off of the James Webb telescope bringing some Christmas cheer to scientists looking for signs of life in the universe NASA says it's about 100 times more sensitive than the more than 30 year old Hubble Space Telescope This is NPR news Pro democracy protesters are back on the streets of Sudan's capital denouncing the military coup two months ago The protesters are marching in Khartoum today even after the prime minister was reinstated a month ago their demanding the military have no role in government Last weekend three protesters were killed there are also allegations of sexual violence by security forces who are reported to be using tear gas today A South American the South African though government is demanding a U.S. auction house halt the sale of the key to former president Nelson Mandela's robben island prison cell where Mandela was long jailed for his opposition to apartheid Cape bartlet reports on why the country is upset by the upcoming auction The minister of sport arts and culture nati Mateo said it was unfathomable that Guernsey said New York was auctioning the key given its painful apartheid legacy It is expected to fetch up to $1 million The key must be returned to its rightful owners with immediate effect and this option must be halted he said in a statement The seller of the key is believed to be one of Mandela's former jailers and robben island where the freedom fight has spent the first 18 of his 27 years in prison during wide minority rule The minister said the key should be returned to South Africa and kept in robben island museum I'm Kate Bartlett in Cape Town A key is among Mandela memorabilia being sold in New York at the end of January to raise funds for a memorial garden and museum at Mandela's gravesite I'm.

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