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"Of your Yeah, That would be the one thing because the roast pork would would be so juicy and would be so tender that I would pull that bite off and then, like three different stalks of rock the robber come with you, which is, by the way, not broccoli, right. It's some type of spinach. It's like a a Rabin e or something like that. Yeah, again. Broccoli is broccoli. So I think this is robbing broccoli of its name mentioned named Record Drop. Yeah, People might think it's broccoli in a sandwich. It's not. It's almost like a spinach type thing. I think it's called rapini. People. Why call it broccoli? Rob. There's no broccoli. Once the deal with the broccoli ra. There's no broccoli. Is that eaten by Rob? All right. So here is John and Susan. They're talking about this ongoing crisis in Major League baseball, which one because baseball has like a million Simultaneous crisis right now. I'm not piece of play. Not enough. No, not unwritten rules. This is now we are dealing with illegal substances in tackiness, and now baseball's cracking down on this and telling pictures Get rid of the foreign substances Here is John and Susan. Discussing. It is only John and Susan can of the Yankees Radio network. And Richard's deals up high ball for their loaded up, So they're loaded up for Aaron job, You know, let I want to take that a little further because I think that you know they're going to whether they people asked her what happened with the Astros and everything. Nobody wants to be branded a cheater. They just don't Here comes Dave Bush out to talk to, uh to Garrett Richards for a minute and now remember when pictures were saying that the hitters Hitters are taking steroids and they're fooling with my paycheck because you know hitters who are hitting pictures and pictures. We're getting sent down, etcetera. So now it's the other way around. Now, you've got hitters saying, Hey, come on that no balls like that. This is my career you're messing with, And I think that will change it. And maybe eventually that the offense will start coming up because that You know those drops? Nobody ball dropped two. Ft. Yeah, Yeah, yeah, Quote Nobody's balls dropped two ft. It's a fair point by by series in there very much. It's 23. Yeah, Yeah, Quote Nobody's balls dropped two ft. It's a fair point by by Susan. They're very much fair point hard to argue. Yeah. Oh, man. We're going to get into more of this next hour on the show, but What are they going to do? Dancing around Garrett cold Being one of the guys that used tack it is for spin rate and suddenly reinvented his career because of its seemingly it was all mechanics or the pitching coaches, Houston and now we're learning that all these guys Are really dominant as soon as they found the bounty that is That is the tackiness, Whatever the bull frog sunscreen or whatever they're using. Nobody fall Drops two ft. Watch out more as they're coming for everybody. Can we just let baseball players cheat? Let the hitter sheet look to fit enough? We're gonna ruin the game Enough. I can't Gerrit Cole gets suspended here and the Yankees already stink that you're going to lose me as a fan. Pack up shop. You kick call out. I'm out. Well, I don't think they can suspend anybody. That's where I think it's they.

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"Those improves significantly on of course, exercise moves circulation and enhances brain cell communication and function. And, you know, you can take all the supplements you want. But if you don't exercise, you're not gonna get the same benefits. The same brain building benefits says he would saying physically active. Our nutrition for the week. Kill your animal food. Well, you know what? Something wiggling in your mouth right, but also cook it well to kill the bacteria, of course, And it's okay to cook it. But if you eat animal foods, hopefully more plants and animals But don't kill your plant food. All the plant food does not have to be killed before you cook it. It was basically talking about over cooking things is what I'm getting to Because people overcook their vegetables and grains all the time. I mean, think of the people that have never had rob broccoli or asparagus, which which is crunchy, and on the sweet side, crispy. Flavorful and you know, they cook it to where it's stringing or mushy. I mean, no wonder people don't eat enough vegetables or they're not liking vegetables because they grew up eating, you know, peas and carrots that were so Over overly cooked and so anyway, get off my soapbox here, but you know vegetables like asparagus and beets and carrots. I always sliced my beats, and just they're so sweet and crunchy raw. I never could beats and same with carrots by the baby carrots, and so you just rent some and popping in your mouth, But just to name a few vegetables that you can eat raw and you should eat raw. Right. So let's see elsewhere in the news. Here's a guy at the fast food restaurant. He's up at the counter at the register, he says. I'll have a half pound double deluxe bacon steer Burger, please. And the clerk says. Do you want chemotherapy with that? We'll talk about how food such unseating too much in the way of meats can cause cancer and other diseases with Kathy Freston's is just a few minutes. Right Our diets of the week Now, although I don't drink coffee, I was sitting in my calorie cat kind of catching this week, so to speak, And when I thought of a way that you Do you consume coffee? Could save a few calories on the way with your coffee. So whether you drink decaffeinated coffee or not, why not try decapitated coffee I came up without that is to blow off that head of Web cream or sweetener that whatever the topping is on your coffee, especially if you Go to the store and buy it. It's a Starbucks and sewing but go for that naked head of Java, and you'll be healthier for it and you get used to the taste. I mean, it's a real flavor of coffee, instead of masking the taste of coffee with cream and sugar and spices and all kinds of other additives that air Not good for you. Well, Coffee's too much coffee is not good for you either. But you know you got you got the picture. All right, let's go to the finish file..

Starbucks half pound this week Kathy Freston double 's Java
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"As soon as you don't stop for pringles real pringles of advocates pork. Tenderloin virtual in red sauce nibbled on the last few days and and our wonderful neighbors. We mentioned earlier roasted pork shoulder and the fixings for a sandwich. All we need to do is add the bread to it but basically we have like. What is it Broccoli? Rob Broccoli Rob some roasted peppers some Grove Grove. So we're GONNA make sandwiches. I'm so hungry right now. Got It and that was the great basis for some sick avocado toast that I made for myself place that the smoothie or was that went smoothly. We've been doing that. We're two days without SMOOTHIE RIGHT. Now it's sort of like the natural progression of things even though we have the ingredients. I don't want this to spiral into a third day. So we'll have moody tomorrow but I made Avocado Toast and really it's Bizac Zach Rooks Rule Zach. Hooked me on to this and he was absolutely right is really all you need to do. Get good bread. Toast it but avocado on it and just rocket with trader. Joe's everything Bagel sees me. Oh it is the move ousted now. It is the move. I had that the other day I had it today. It is unbelievably 'cause it's interesting because I like dabbled a bit in Avocado Toast. A couple of weeks ago got all these recommendations like crumble fed on top of that put an egg on it. But if it's as simple as just denying bagels seasoning bagels debating on your avocado smash that into the into the bread and just rock. Avocado test is really the canvas or whatever mixed seasonings you have like.

Rob Broccoli Zach Rooks Grove Grove Joe
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"We are coming into a profound shift of this whole picture in and understanding that repeatedly reducing body fat may be one of the biggest drivers of the problem long-term. Wow so people need. I did this I guess to kind of some some of that up. People just need to if they let's say someone as three hundred pounds or listen to this right now fuck man. I don't have any hope because his he's telling me not to lose weight. But you're not saying I'm not saying they but it might be really smart to try to do it in stages right it might be smart to say. Hey like for this month I'm going to focus on On dropping weight next month I want to focus in a little bit more on just feeling really good. I'm not all that concerned if I if I lose that much weight. was that kind of some the concept like that Be something that would make sense. I I would probably add onto that and say you've got to become aware are of a new way of thinking about this problem and there are checkpoints. You need along the way So let's take some of the things that you did on. One of those is is a Leptin checkpoint so as federal shrink Serum Leptin Goes down and that setting you up to eat more long term so as fats coming down we need these checkpoints that kick in okay so by the time you get to the bottom instead of Leptin being here appear. We've created the opposite effect. Okay so we've hacked that one aspect okay. The next aspect is the the gut by completely shifts when you drop fat and in most cases you're left with actually a a week game sort of interior type or gut bacteria. We've got a fix that problem. I think we did that. One with you too as well so you've got all these checkpoints that are not even in the discussion right now and the the really like kind of why put so much four chapters in here. The hard part of the book to that because this in my opinion long-term is is really messing up and once you get the check points. It's not that hard like the things we did with. You weren't that hard. It was like okay dude. Here eat this here. Eat that and make sure it's at this time and make sure it's is gigantic and that has a big impact. You had very very specific foods. And I think it'd be really cool We're going to try to take up too much more of your time. But Ah this is just so fascinating and it's such an honor to have someone here who speaks so well you know about nutrition. Let's play a little game here. Let's let's throw some food tortoise Joel here and He can give us a scenarios of what the food can do for us from beneficial standpoint. or You could shout. aww Hey tacos or something and see what How he would spin away from eating a quote unquote bad food or so all kind of started it out and all I'll kick off with cucumbers? What are the net cucumbers could do for us? You are really good to start to start up a period of fat loss so if you combine cucumbers with Avocado and asparagus right at the very beginning on you're GONNA get a lot of things that are extremely beneficial. uh-huh Mechanism Avocado is going to actually suppress insulin output. There's a special sugar called mental health yellows in Avocado. And what. What I've seen is when you combine that with cucumber? It's incredible what it does for fat loss at the very start so it's kind of a natural cleanse big. You mentioned having having that even before you have like a meal right Yeah Yeah it's very useful at the very start of a fat loss program And I think also to last last time you're here you mentioned that Cucumbers could potentially help against Being hung over something like that right was that was that was the spirit asparagus pairing muzzle roll roll into that. What was a spurious is kind of like a Swiss army knife of foods? I mean it's it's highly highly utilitarian. One of the interesting things about asparagus is that it actually helps regulate a couple of enzymes involved in alcohol metabolism so space is a really good food to eat around the consumption of alcohol and you know like none of these things are a panacea. It's not like you're gonNA eat asparagus and you're good. It's not like that at all. It's you're going to get a a couple percent impre it but if you learn about six seventy these things. They're super easy to do you. Just add these things in there so this is also a fantastic tool to offset with One of the things that I do a lot is like if I for gopher reservation we gotTA cheesecake factory. And I really shouldn't have eaten it but I did asparagus at bedtime on sort of helped check the destruction a little bit because obesity from Gut by perspective perspective is a fermentation issue. You're fermenting the wrong foods meal to meal the meal you can take that same concept and apply it in the reverse and you can even use it to offset foods. So so you can. You can ferment in a positive direction from it in a negative direction than from in a positive direction meal to meal sequencing so asparagus at bedtime after you've really blown blown it is fantastic for that. What about celery? That got popular not too long ago. I have no use for salary for the most part I mean there. There are some functional Aspects to it it just hasn't been like one of my things too much Yeah Dick Offend celery. One of the things about is it makes you really hungry. And there's there's times when being Hungary's good but there's better tools to to induce hunger got it what's a better tool to induce hunger because some people want to gain some size around here too so combination at night While I wouldn't do it at night we'll keep you up on lunchtime lunchtime. Do a combination of raw broccoli with avocado auto with black beans and tuna. Do our together as far bomber instead of raw coffee no rob Rob lockley brock yet. Raw Rob Rockaway with Nice try. Let me let me let me go through this again. Rob Broccoli Avocado a little bit about Kado Some some black beans not heated and then in some tuna steak like lightly braised and you'll be obsolete. Starving are black beans. Just you know that you get from store those resistant starch. Just by the way they they are as long as they're cold cold. Yeah On the livestream Airbus asks what about Lemons. Limits are kind of a great little add onto. who like a a a whole food cleanse? You know. They're they're good for that I haven't used them too much myself for anything other than that or Lemons with Citrus mic for a really good kind of natural salad dressing. When you're there there's a couple of a couple of like mega fat loss like meal combinations that I've done with people and you just need some flavor somewhere in there and lemons are really good for that if you have too much flavor deprivation wire experiencing fat loss? Your mind goes you you regulating the archaic nuclear brain and then you just eat like crazy so do you Lemons help Do Lemons help you digest Collagen a little bit better. I don't know the answer heard. Somebody say that maybe vitamin C.. Might plan to it so some people talked about squeezing a little lemon some bone broth but what about lost Something like cereal. Thank you that I was. Just that is. That's why I asked because I think number serial which will I love cereal for sure. I guess I can't really do a top three but the top three that come to my head is Cocoa Pebbles for sure. I mean. Come on the cinnamon toast. Crunch yes madrazo basking Ron Ron to do that one. Yeah Yeah and then it's a tie between legit just regular. Cheerios and backed fruity pebbles The place I would use those There are times when there times. When you need to to ex- calories and it's it's it's actually very good to do so again? One of the ways you can maximize muscle growth is to amplify starvation signals. So the more more you get the body signaling starvation the more it's GonNa put muscle on and it just makes sense if you think about it like if you just run through that narrative kind of makes sense and then in a practical sense it actually works so coming off coming up a very specific kind of fast where you've been amplifying the signals of starvation. In fact you can even do it with food. You need to X. Calories for about ten days and it's very difficult to to ex- calories sometimes and so that's those things can be kind of perfect perfect in in that space that can be really useful in that space to do that and it's very beneficial because they have to combine it with a training a lot heavier to axiom calories and other things but during that period fruity pebbles a very useful so this this is like ice cream and stuff like that all of that type of stuff clumps together correct. Not Necessarily sometimes you just you just go off the reservation. Yeah sometimes you just do. And there's there's just no rhyme or reason to it and that is a a section book talk about The new science of meal sequencing. And it's it's actually a pretty fascinating topic. It's it's basically like once once you understand how meals are working on. I give I give it very easy way to to understand it. It's if you've eaten a big meal on your just much less likely likely to have dessert. And the reason is the previous meal has dictated what you're gonNA and you're just not gonna eat dessert versus if you ate You know like cucumbers and an avocado for one meal. The next meal. You're much more likely to Not just eat more. But he thinks that have a ton of flavor. Okay so and that's exactly how obesity works again again. So another aspect to ability is the signaling meal to meal is creating this snowball where it's making you meal to meal. Want more things that are worse worse you can take that and you can make that work in reverse okay and so one of the ways you do that is by understanding. How meal sequence wants together and it's idea that here's your pizza and ice cream meal okay? And then there's a meal before that that is doing in a bunch of very specific things like setting offsetting the damage to the gut bacteria bunch of other things and then the post meal is also offset in a lot of that damage so and then you can go down the list. It's like okay. Well Gut bacteria we have to fix this check. insulin function. We have to fix this. Check check check. And so you can use meal to meal sequencing to to increase insulin sensitivity increase or decrease energy harvest from food so decrease the calories yielded from food. And all these other things that are all part of the new science of of meals sequencing. Do you think that because we talked a little bit about this before. There's some people that they can have a little bit of these foods and have great self control and there's some the people that if they do have a little bit of foods they go off the reservation Which is why they just choose to abstain but your idea of balance is if you want it have it? You know how to deal with it. So can this kind of I guess. Help those individuals that feel that they have to abstain get control of that. Is there a way for them or is that just a personality type of idea on I. I would say that it's not a perfect answer. But to give you the general parameters of it there are mechanisms that are within your control meal to meal Again coming back to the gut bacteria so if I have the pizza and ice cream meal. What that's is GonNa do is the way? Obesity works is going to ferment bacterium. I got that. I'm GonNa make me want more pizza and ice cream okay. So one. Technique is prior to that meal..

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"Kiva? What's category? Would you like a run to the Korea? Okay. This is worth one point. What is the most populous and capital city of South Korea? I heard rob for. Okay. Rob, wait. Can I just say how crazy that robs me? Because I said at like ten seconds before here, rob you guys must be hearing me so late. It's almost like having the chat with typing would've been more. Straightforward. On the run down the chat last time. Rob with the chat, I would like type in and then twenty seconds later at here up note, rob just wrote in. That is correct. No my God. Okay. This is the follow up question for you. Rob in April of this year. Who was the first Korean pop group to perform on SNL? Saham news, uncle uncle knows this. Okay. Kief BTS. They were just echoed shell. I think also. Yes. That is correct. Okay. That brings our totals. Rob has five key Yuba has eight. All right. So next category is Polly wants a question so kiva what category? Would you like, let's do Gordon variety? Okay. This is worth one point, which is not included, which is okay. Which is not a vegetable included in v. Eight and there are four choices low lettuce. Watercress broccoli or beats. Rob rob broccoli. That is correct. Wow. That's where we're wondering. Why have you ever drink the eight rub? I've had it. Yeah. Okay. Have you ever seen water crest? Like, what is that? And nobody broccoli you. Couldn't have that in a drink. It wouldn't. Yeah. Wouldn't be. It wouldn't really be the V eight is kind of gross. So it doesn't puree. I don't think. All right. You're right. Rob your follow up question, which state produces the most potatoes. Why don't normally like to talk about food on the podcast, but I will say Idaho. That is correct. That was worth one point. Matt Stewart probably thought, oh, this is a stumper. There's fifty states. That was a tough one. Arabas seven akitas eight. Oh, okay. Sorry. Rob the next category on the board is meet EA AT, the per us a little bit more food here. But Robert is your category mature smoke on the fodder. Okay. This is worth three points in eighteen seventy one a cow kicked over a lantern in a barn and subsequently started the great fire of what America Rosie's question. I got a time at two seconds early now because otherwise you miss time that was on this. No, you're right. You're right. I missed I'm that. I thought I gave it world. Well, I think I'm on a little bit of a delay. Because I thought I finished the question. Time to properly Kim. Yeah. It sounded like keep it got a perfectly right after Leon. All right. You said like O'Leary listeners who hear what I hear. Then Bill Bill. I did say I did say in the middle of the question. So rob, rob you answer. This you give me the last one. Okay, chicago. That is correct. Without a one point or three g. Gossip is it like the higher the? Underpowered on that one rub. Should've shows American question maker for. You did a great job. Great job values are off The fat. one off. All right. Okay. You're following up. Question is what kind of animal was kicked out of a Chicago Cubs game in nineteen forty five and was believed by some to be responsible for their World Series curse until 2016. We've it was a goat. That is correct. Okay. In honor of my lovely co host of the BNB this next category is living life in full bloom. Okay. Rob. Well, let me gotta go. I'll give you a peach of my mind. Okay. I'll give you a peach of my mind. This is worth one point hard. What is what that's right? What is the name of the turtle light character? Who Mario must fight to save Princess peach in the Nintendo franchise. Rob douse her at is. Correct. One points. Follow up question who wrote the popular novel, James and the giant peach? James milne? It was a road Dahl. Yes. Akiva that is correct. Okay. Rob has twelve of my..

Rob rob broccoli South Korea Kiva Bill Bill James milne chicago SNL Idaho Polly Chicago Cubs Gordon Nintendo Matt Stewart Akiva Dahl America Rosie Yuba Mario O'Leary Leon
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"Your breasts best friend for women out there. Well, this is not new research but worth noting and reviewing Roswell park Cancer Institute in buffalo, analyzed diets of seven hundred forty men excuse me, women with breast cancer, eight hundred tumor free women, and they found that women who ate two half. Cut broccoli servings per week had forty percent lower risk of breast cancer compared to those who averaged just one serving per week. And that's because of Broccoli's compounds the end Dole's, and so far that's another anticancer compound. That's. It's it's a chemical compound that clears chemicals percentage out of your system and the same components occur in smaller amounts and other vegetables. If you don't like broccoli, like President Bush, didn't you can go for maybe Brussels sprouts or cauliflower kale cabbage. There's many other. Vegetables, cruciferous family, but broccoli in fact, Bradley sprouts, specifically have something like forty times more Sephora Fain than broccoli does. So although they're hard to find you can grow them yourself. So if you have the broccoli seeds. And some stores do have those available, but broccoli and another important point to this article didn't mention, but I want to point out, and that is that rob broccoli has many many times more compounds or destroy some of these anticancer compounds when you do cook it, but it's better cooked broccoli. Then no broccoli at all. But make sure you chop chop some raw broccoli into your salads. And just use the Florette the the tops of the broccoli don't use the stems don't have as much, plus they don't, you know, they're fibrous, and they don't taste as good. So all right. So let your broccoli and speaking of breast cancer in this just a review on this. And this is not new news. But as we always say eighty two percent of our information as new eighteen percent review. And it's all good for you, so Spanish investigators. This was reported in the international journal of cancer. They did a six year study of over three thousand adults both women and men and subjects who regularly ate dinner at least two hours before turning in for the night where twenty percent less likely to develop breast cancer than those who typically went to bed shortly after dinner, right and jeans change during pregnancy for women. Let's see this is from Emory University. It's interesting that they took blood samples from sixty three women early and late in pregnancy to investigate changes in gene expression. And they found that many of the changes occurred in genes involved in the immune system and circulatory systems. There are also changes that protect the fetus from the mother's immune system. So. Never underestimate the importance of of healthy just station period. You know when as far as not drink, not drinking. Alcohol number one and taking prescription drugs are less drugs or even coffee too much caffeine is deleterious you really have to stay on a strict diet if you're pregnant and make sure you get a good prenatal with enough folic acid if you're not eating festivals because that's the main cause of birth defects that t- to be defects is deficiency in folic. Allison. All right. Let's go to the funny bone pharmacy..

rob broccoli Roswell park Cancer Institute international journal of cance Brussels caffeine Emory University Dole Allison President Bush Sephora Fain Bradley eighty two percent eighteen percent twenty percent forty percent two hours six year
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"So we'll we'll talk live with meteorologist Heather zehr of coming in about fifteen minutes. You know, I thought it was there's no sign of an end in the shutdown kinda cool thing at the airport yesterday, actor and pilot treat Williams came to town kind of pampered the TSA agents, which is a nice gesture. Yeah, I thought that was kinda cool the observation area. Yes. He's making pancakes and stuff, and he really didn't get political. He says, I he said what are you saying? They don't mix politics with pancakes. You just said it'd be good. If the people talk to each other and work something out. That's so random. Visor what treat Williams making pancakes? When I first read it, I didn't know the pilot connection. And he also says he travels a lot appreciates what they do right through. But but he says it was just a simple. Thank you. I'd like to say that thank all the TSA, folks. Because since then we haven't had that happen again. And that's an extraordinary thing. He talked about nine eleven he was given a a special coin commemorating nine eleven talking that we haven't had such an incident since then, and he you know, as you heard he credits the TSA folks for a lot of that. Bart Johnson interesting guy. He he is the supervisors the TSA for all of New York outside of New York City, and he says that you know, the we've handled Albany and the rest of New York outside of New York City of handled this shutdown pretty well. Anybody who's in governmental service and performs a critical governmental functions such as keeping the American public say, it's an knee. And you're there to do a job. You know, what it is? So therefore the morale is up to begin with. But regardless we're not taking it for granted. We're out there interacting supporting. And giving them the information and tools that they need to succeed. He said there's been virtually no delays are issues in Albany specifically. So that's great. Well, then we appreciate that TSA, folks. No, you're not getting paid. And they are among the essential government employees. They're among the lowest paid of all of them. So the. Saw our producer Rachel pass this along and this made me happy don't bother reading your vegetables for the time being. The they had a specialist come out and say what you shouldn't be eating during the shutdown this nutritionist hysterically of raw foods, processed meats because Tamil. And food inspections are off there are some being done, but not as many as usual so ground beef. They say avoid that for the time being it's very important. Need fewer raw vegetables, including broccoli and cook foods more thoroughly than you normally would get to at least one hundred sixty five degrees with broccoli steam it. Yeah. Rob Broccoli's is my wife makes meet a lot of chicken and broccoli. So just like raw broccoli raw. And or romaine anyway, remain, right? Everybody's still they say it's fine now. But are you are you skittish about romaine? Would you normally you know, I hate to say this. But I tend to trust my local grocery store where if there's a recall there were going to pull them from the shell too. I I don't actually buy a lot of romaine any more Stewart of butter lettuce. Oh, yes. Mike. I don't know if it's any more nutritious nutritious. But it's an option. Yeah. You know? It's funny. I'm I'm not avoiding it per se. But during these recalls. Warnings. We've we started kind of avoiding and then just never got back into it. You know salads are not my favorite thing. Really? And but Roger has a salad with every meal sodas, Linda, it really I guess he grew up with that. Yeah. So that's what he does. And if there's a like the biggest chores like once you get dinner. Annex salad. I know it's in Linda because she eats. Well, and that's why she's looks as good as she does. But like sh- nettling does. She eat salad every day. She gets excited about eating salads. I'm not gonna get excited. Roger like salad, but then he also balanced that with the plenty of chicken. Yeah. Well, now, he's not fascist imbalance. Exactly. Right. This is a scary thing. And it sounds to me. We're still waiting for more details sort of like, and I'm not justifying this in any way. Please. Don't misunderstand me. Sounds like knucklehead high school kid being a knucklehead high school kid really serious accident yesterday. It's connecting highschool near the football field. An eighteen year old from Schenectady high is in the hospital they say with life threatening injuries. This other seventeen year old student. Sean turmoil has actually been charged with Wrexham endangerment, which is a felony as well as reckless driving. They say he was speeding and driving erratically. I guess during the first lunch period, presumably, they can leave the campus for lunch, presumably, he was, you know, driving fast and in poorly or recklessly and ran over this other poor kid. They're not releasing the name of that. This is a spokesman for the smell. It's sustain sustained injuries. Schenectady fire department responded and treated him. He was immediately. Brought to else hospital. So that again, they used the word life threatening which they don't normally do. So we'll obviously stay on top of that you pestle onto me a story. There's more. There are more details about this fort plain mayor is charged with DWI on New Year's Eve. I guess it was. Yeah. It was on New Year's Eve the night before. So it was early in the morning on the thirty first thirty first. So he was on western avenue near pizza Graham. And we we had the story earlier when it happened. Somebody rented someone in he from his mugshot, you can tell you is kind of inner but decline medical treatment. So it just turns out that he was. Play point one nine two hours later. So he yeah, he making a significant amount. And then he apparently popped up breath men into his mouth before they gave him the Breathalyzer, and they told spit it out. And then he put another one in the second time. Yeah. So point one nine that that two hours after the crash that that speaks for itself. So he's doing court tomorrow on that Quackenbush fifty five year old four play mayor Thomas Quackenbush. Actually, I was going to talk about this when read was here. But do you remember a pitcher for the Yankees named John wetland? I don't know. I saw the story yesterday. I remember him. I mean, he had like all these accolades and everything I don't remember the pitcher. I remember him very, well he was a big part of some of their World Series wins. It was before Murray at this time he was the closer in. Mario was working the eighth inning. This was right before Marianas ascension to the best relief pitcher of all time Marian Rivera, but he was the closer for them during some of those World Series wins. And he was he's been arrested now. On child sex abuse charges. This is something that would shake every Yankee fan who knows John wetland. Yeah. I saw the allegations yesterday. And I mean, it was like this. This child was be happened between the ages of four and six. Yeah. This was back. I guess what? Between two I guess between two thousand. I think the abuse occurred a while ago between two thousand four and two thousand six if I'm not mistaken, but he's now been he's charged with child sex abuse. As you mentioned repeated repeated incidents with young young child, supposedly suicidal, and he's had a lot of problems in his in his in his life, and you know, mental issues let's this aisle. Yeah. Yeah. And wetland himself. Also, the they say in there was a book written in some comments by his wife. His ex wife saying that he's all veteran angry about stuff he had to go through as a child and his parents not protecting him. So I wonder if and again, not justifying anything believe me, I wonder if he was an abused child himself. Thank you. Case where people who were victimized as children often become the the victimize her. Yeah. So that that's just shocking. John wetland. So he's in huge trouble now. And I think on suicide watch last I saw one of speaking of creepy adult males, Mr. dangling that member him. He was he was arrested. He was the there was a bunch of complaints. I in lake George no charges were filed. But then Southland's falls outside of middle school where this guy was a Charles Ross was taking pictures, I guess in kind of stalking twelve and thirteen year old girls near the winch middle school while while driving his Mr. dangling truck. Anyway, he's doing court next week. It looks like they're they might be coming to some sort of a deal to me to wrap up this case. I don't know if he's gonna cop a plea or not that's what it sounds like. So he's doing court next week. And we'll we'll see he's been, you know, I'm not saying he should have been jailed all the time. But he's he's out and about free makes me a little nervous strung Kelly five forty four..

TSA romaine New York City Roger Linda Williams Albany Rob Broccoli Heather zehr John wetland Schenectady Yankees Thomas Quackenbush Bart Johnson Rachel producer lake George
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"rob broccoli" Discussed on Bon Appetit Foodcast

"What they can do ahead. You know, unlike obviously brussel sprouts like peeling in separating those leaves. Absolutely. But a raw side it just so little prep involved here making dressing, and then you're taking rob Broccoli's. Slicing it so that you can get all that kind of stem, and all that kind of Krispy kind of tender like inner stem question. Yeah. When you say slicing, or we like, do you need a mandolin or can you? Obscenely by handy. Just kind of want to carve off the top of the floor. It's because if you kind of chop those two roughly, then you get those little biddy flowing pieces everywhere, not not the end of the world. But you know, so if you just kind of carve off the tips of the flurry of the flowers, and then just working down the length of the stock just slicing thinly, but by hand with a knife and peeling any bit of stock where you get that hard tough, kind of broccoli dinosaurs skin appeal, my broccoli, the standards and then chop those because it's delicious broccoli stem could be its own. Yes. And then it's it's a classic Caesar dressing. I mean, the anchovies are optional. And I know you know, they can be like kind of divisive at thanksgiving. I'm eating that was the one. Critique we have it in the beginning of was kind of like, you know, more than a couple anchovies. And all of a sudden, it's like wait does this belong at thanksgiving. But a couple of interviews no problem just gives you a little bit of that kind of you. Mommy, anchovies mixing with my gravy. Personally, I'm a little particular about my ancho v sort of level at but I I do good Caesar the dressings Lewis delicious as opposed to anchovy. Yes. And the other thing so this this this recipe in particular has already because I get advanced, you know, exposure to these recipes this broccoli Caesar has been in heavy rotation at in the music household wrote and the children love it. And we wouldn't know there's anchovies in it. Carl to read the other team's playbook. I I feel like feel like. Marlin to do like a exchange program with Cosmo or something where we trade k- that would be cool to like you need to break him like a Mustang. Okay. Yeah. I think you know, if you see another kid eating something, you might not know. Yeah. So so yeah. So it's kind of like kind of a Slaw. That's then Taunton. Addressing some shaved Parham at the end is Parma allowed at the thanksgiving table, gaffe -solutely, really mine. It's awesome. The gravy, this gear everything. You don't know. What's in there? Just like his part. I mean, he's from Italy. Rugby allowed on the table because it's just so explicitly Italian like Italy Italian I think you can tell a lot about a house and in the family that that is hosting by some of the traditions that make it to the table like sauce brussel sprout leaves like is a thing that we always did Italians love their cabbages and their cruciferous things. We didn't roast the Brussels resuscitate them like s girl, we didn't know what to do growing up because my grandma is just like it's it's thanksgiving, aka it's a big meal. I'm going to serve you torture. Any Umbro, pork roast? A pasta dish. And then I'm going to give you thanksgiving dinner as well. I just feel like in American the Italians get the sixty four days a year at our table. No, I've always I've never not eating oily parmesan cheese. Obey whatever. That's just the idea that there's just like a Turkey because they're supposed to be. Yeah. Yeah..

rob Broccoli Caesar Parham Krispy Italy Marlin Turkey Brussels Parma Carl Taunton Cosmo Rugby Lewis sixty four days
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"You. Oh. Broadcasting. Segment is Wendell young challenging buddy LaRosa heaven declared a talion don't exist anymore while prohibiting discrimination. They practice it. Every time the microphones turned on at city hall. My head starts to hurt. But look to my left and you're right. The goddess is back. Thank god. Because back boys look at it yet the past couple of days just hasn't been the same right Willie. I've been defending you against the sexist assaults. These other guys. I would expect nothing else Willie. I like it when you say that. But Dale Donovan all Dale donavan. Dale Donovan denigrated he's going to become a supreme court Justice anytime soon. No have you done something in high school fourteen years ago? That's a problem. I was so lame. I was always the designated driver for all of those parties. Like, my friends would call me at one in the morning and be like, I'm so hammered. Can you come get me? The supreme court. They're all they're all business owners. And like, I think once a high school teacher at our old high school, which is funny, but nobody unscreened court yet she's in. She might be the only person. I have no background checks. I'm gonna get you on record the Rachel that if in thirty six years from now, I'm up for a major federal appointment that you have no information on me of any type that could come back to haunt me. Possibly in thirty six years. I think those photos are gonna come back in high. They already do. That's a good point right there. I don't know why. I'll let you talk me into that. The internet may be going by that time the internet may be gone. In those pictures are just gone into the here's the thing. That's the worst thing you've ever done so bad. I think it is by today's standards. That's with the that are in there. Now, you're you're you're a boy scout Saint I never Willie cutting heads, right? I never shook my junk at some other woman. She didn't want a shake that I'll say that. We wanna thank Ron's roost restaurant and bar, the world's greatest fried chicken for you. And Joe Fredericks lunch. Joe eight like a condemned prisoner elevating fifty eight years, the young Pam brought the fish down or the lunch down today. We appreciate that. I wanna make sure kid Chris did not eat it because he's not here. Correct. Thirty eight fifty three race road at five seven four zero two two two, but they got the chicken and fish buffet every Friday and Saturday. I love Ron roost. What about you Rachel you had nothing? You're only I like how foul for sprouts broccoli. I I like, rob broccoli. Oof. I'd rather graze in front lawn somewhere..

Dale Donovan supreme court Willie Rachel Ron roost Joe Fredericks rob broccoli city hall Wendell Dale donavan school teacher Chris Ron Pam thirty six years fifty eight years fourteen years
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"Jared and Katie on the number one hit music station. Casey, Al is it possible? There's a pizza out there that can prevent cancer. Wow. Wouldn't that be the the biggest breakthrough of all time all this money spent and this is what it comes down to. Well, there's a team of scientists. And chefs in Italy, they say they developed a pizza that helps prevent cancer. And this is the these are the ingredients wheat dough cherry tomatoes. Broccoli rabe. Rob, rob, rob, broccoli, rob? What does that exactly? Katie. I'm so the head of the broccoli rob looks like a typical head of broccoli. But the stems are longer got you olives. Garlic chillies and olive oil. Wow. What you did not here. Cheese sauce, or meet out doesn't have any of that. So that's not like a normal type pizza. Silly. It's still pizza, but they say those ingredients combined on a regular basis, they believe will can prevent cancer in some people are saying well worst case scenario is best case scenario prevents cancer. No, cancer worse cases, you ate a bunch of pizza. I've heard like tomatoes have some kind of anti like the it's good for your heart. Like, I dunno. I also said the app prevents heart disease that that type of pizza. Maybe we can post the ingredients on on that. But yes, you're very healthy type pizza, but it's not just a chef. But a group of scientists got together. And they're seeing results they've strongly believe it can prevent cancer. Don't they think that if you? Go meat free. At least once a week. It's supposed to be really good for your body to think of me. All things in moderation, which is hard to even one day with no me, it'd be good. But when you're on that day if you're a meat eater. Yeah. There's some breaking cancer news that I was reading about it is talking about this woman's advanced breast cancer that was completely cured with her own immune cells, really breast cancer affects a lot of women. I forget even these. But it's sure say one and eight. At least. A lot depends on your age. Right. So anyway, so now they have some big research project that they did and it completely cured. This woman's cancer by using her own immune cell out, the cancer cells where they're saying could be a huge leap. Oh, my gosh, Sharon cancer, because if especially breast cancer that is so common Kirk cured hers. They could probably it for other cancers. It's it's relatively new that just came out that using your own immune cells, she managed to cure this woman's breast cancer. Who was thinking she was planning on dying. It was advanced right now, it's one eight one eight hundred eighty s women not sure for the world. But I'm sure Jason probably correct to as you get to you narrow those age groups is probably higher percentages is one in eight of all like adult women. Right. So you get older ages. It might be even higher. But even. No kidding. That's crazy. No. Yeah. So that hopefully, there's some breakthroughs on the horizon. Because I mean, we all know somebody that's been affected by cancer. Matter of fact, that's why we got heavily involved with one zero seven five Kay Zales kisses for Kate. Because what they do a great charity right here that we're part of right here in the Tri that helps families who have children who are suffering from cancer, you know, to be able to pay their bills, you know, be able to spend time in the hospital and be with their children while they're suffering from cancer and not having to worry about the day to day stuff. That's at home. In fact, me Matt and Josie attended the they just opened up a store storefront in Jamestown. Yeah. Yeah. I was out of town. So we went into the they had like a little special maybe celebration that they opened up the storefront. And in the storefront is just in Jamestown kind of near the deck. If you're familiar with that across the street from that, and you go in it's a nice storefront, and they have sewing machines. They also do a lot of work like for the kids. They have like capes they give them to make them feel special in the hospital. Also, you know for a girl, you know, being in the hospital nonstop, you think what does the gown do? It's a huge deal for them. Not just for girls. But for young kids that are have to wear you know, when you go. Like, a drab depressing gallon that reminds you of the hospital, right? And even just a fresh clean gown. That is it can lighten your spirit the kids love it. It's brightens their day because that's their life. They're in the hospital every day. So they love anyways opened up the storefront. They have sewing machines everywhere, they have so people can can come and volunteer. And so and and there's I forgot her name. But there's a woman that's a little bit older at does it. And that's all she does is so so gallon. So that's a good start for that them for the storefront on that aspect. But yes, that's what they do. They raise money to help families and kids with cancer. And Matt was there and Josie was there at the time? I think he has run out of town. But it was a it was cool. It was cool to see that they're growing, especially since we've teamed up with them, right? Yeah. It's it's it's a great foundation. Because. Heaven forbid that happens to your family. But at least there is help out there where you're not like, oh, how am I gonna pay my power Bill, and you have to work extra hours instead of spending time with your kids, even your just your power Bill? But something you don't think about how am I going to pay for gas to get to and from the hospital every day. Right. Should not be on your mind. Take time off work. I mean, I think if and this is terrible. And sometimes when I think about I think about my own kids. It's just like because we take for granted all the time. Like, we say like, oh, there's their shoes on the ground. They get mud in the house. And then you think he's taking step back. And you think that's what I wouldn't want that not to be there. Because the parents the kids have either passed away or have cancer. They would do anything for their the mud to be in the house again. And so basically that when you when you have a kid, that's you know, has cancer hospital all the time. How can you work? I don't want to spend as much time or be with your daughter. Those five ks yells kisses for Kane is a great organization, and we will post a link. So you can learn more information about on our Facebook page, also set one of seven five ks heal dot com. If you're interested in in assisting finding out more information about them if you want stop by volunteers from your time. You can also donate right on the perfect. I wasn't sure. So I don't want to say you could you could donate right on the websites. Perfect. Because then you know, that money stays here to try to help families right here in the tried. And it goes a long way, they're very careful in they're very smart with how they distribute is a hundred percent of the funds go to that. Which is amazing. One..

cancer breast cancer Sharon cancer Broccoli rabe Rob Italy Katie Matt Jared Casey Facebook Al Josie Kane Jason Jamestown Kay Zales Kirk Kate
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"It's going to be as healthy might have other health problems. So you need to find a way that you can keep that. So short chain, fatty acid production up, but also kind of directly inhibit methane. Do you think sustainability of especially things like cattles is an issue? You know, there's, there's a lot of talk about, like fake meat, seeing made and stuff like that. Do you do you kind of for c. twenty years from now fifty years from now that we don't have, we don't have regular meat anymore. Now we're going to have meat. Isn't it already started with like McDonald's and fast food. Yeah. I mean a lot of a lot of fillers. Yeah, right. A lot of that stuff is fillers. I try to stray away from ground beef for the most part unless. You can find it ground yourself or grunting yourself from a homeless small children there I heard. He's here in California. Outside of Davis, though. Yeah, yeah. So I think we're going to start exploring different protein sources for sure, but it's all going to be about efficiency. Can we increase efficiency? So that's the other part of methane. Production is methane is actually a waste process in the animal. It actually takes a lot of energy away from the end will that could be used to build mass or to produce milk, things like that. And it's about ten, seven to twelve percent of the total energy consumption. So if we can inhibit Matana Genesis, then potentially that energy can be redirected into short chain, fatty acid production for use in the animals, energy and larger mass right, more elk things like that. Don't they? Sometimes some of the farms, don't they somehow use the methane to you can. Right? Yeah, as a as a energy source. Right, right. So you burn it right? So you can burn that methane down into c, o two and release energy. It's a, it's a natural start your car with cow Albert's dumb and dumber. When he farts into the lighter. Right? It's similar. So most humans actually don't have Matana jen's. Mostly what you're seeing is just force but got Got a Jay. out of the car in the morning. Yes. Everyone's eating cabbage, like fuck up. Yeah. Oh, man. I can't get the car to set more broccoli, raw, broccoli, rob broccoli. It's, I think multifaceted approach making more efficient animals, you know, decreasing the methane, making bigger animals unless feed. I think that's most great. You know, solutions are going to are going to be multifaceted. Now cows somewhat is going to sound weird, but cows are somewhat like manmade nowadays anyway. Right? Because they came from other. They came from other animals at some point, and then we're bred to kind of be the way they are today. So the the domestic, it'd be way off. I mean, there's always been account. Yeah, but there's been a significant just like dogs. There's been a significant breeding effort to get animals to be more efficient. Right? We would the a wild. Cal, a lot different. If you could find a wild cow, then what you see in a pastor's today, you know, people who are raising before premium. So of genetics has a large part to do just like you saw with the. I've seen. I and I, you know, it's internet. So I don't know. I've seen images before of you. What people would say. We're like, you know, cows from thousands and thousands of years ago, they had these big ass Antlers near kind of Jack than there a lot thinner looking. They weren't. They weren't what you typically see today, but I don't know. And that's. I could get. I couldn't personally get much deeper into the the animal science Bush because I'm like about right, I know, and we'll do in they're dead. And I can analyze the room with microbiome, but you know, that's why we're in the animal science sprint. We have people for that. Tell them about some of this studying of iron that you did and was that in humans without in cows or so, mostly just lifting weights. Nothing as. No. Andrew to take a big bite iron a couple about a week ago, bench press in the way one nine overs teeth. So the iron studies..

McDonald cattles rob broccoli Matana jen Davis California Andrew Cal Jay. Jack twelve percent twenty years fifty years milk
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"Life is you wanna stop engaging in debates with idiots now this is big the us chamber of commerce estimates that seventy five percent of employees steal from the workplace based upon their most recent research i have found that most people really really are not happy with their life but yet they're happy to tell you how you should live yours and so i wanna get into this here have you guys robert i'll start with you have you ever found yourself my bright years ago not now your vendor self on social media debating with somebody and losing your happiness as a result of this debate i studied theology okay i was raised in a very a very christian bubble environment and so back in college i would consider that one of my hobbies but nothing meaningful every ever came from it and so i totally stopped doing it however i recently fell victim to doing this again i think anybody out there if you're listening you could absolutely fall victim to this because if you're not careful that remember social media has been created to make you want to use it it's like candy i mean it's it's like skills i mean if you're out there to be honest if you have you ever had a skittle or candy bar i mean unless you're being you know dishonest with yourself in the world you probably going to like the way it tastes i mean most people like the way candy tastes was designed to be something you want nope rob broccoli that's that's what i like really everyone yeah everyone is that not normal i think i'm just saying is like the reason why looking at like sexual images is something that guys are like wow i i i'll tell you what i don't find the female body attractive so i know everybody does i mean every guy does right the thing about like eating bad food is someone might say well i don't like sweets at all of course you do because that's what it was created the you like it i don't like ice cream at all they're very few people say i will tell you this i do not enjoy the flavor of ice cream i don't enjoy the feeling of sex and i don't enjoy i don't enjoy i don't joy candy i mean to me well one of the things i enjoy the most is things that tastes bitter right things that have no flavor at all like i really enjoy kale kale to me is awesome an abstinence to me is the best and i'll say sitting down sit abstinence and kale those are my also i enjoy pain whenever i'm physically exerting myself i enjoy sacrifice and i also enjoyed delaying gratification are you a buddhist monk on i enjoy all these things and i fact i joined denying myself and so that's why i get offended when anytime i have joy no the thing is these are all things you want but if you engage in these things it will absolutely lead you down the wrong path robert tell us your story about engaging in social media and getting into an online debate with a human i don't want to go too much into detail i just keep it vague but yeah so so i generally you know have done a good job of staying away from social media primarily through updating the apps recently found a did a game where i wanted to see how many not how how me notifications could i get i wanted to see i wanted to get up into triple digit numbers of notifications as a way to abstain from using social media but recently i was on there in the middle planning wedding and i'm having to use facebook as a tool to get the details get people's addresses the senate invitations and all that and come across this person who's being real critical of a friend of mine who's starting a podcast of their own right and so this friend and so one of a mentor figure you know is being real critical and you know it was the type of deal klay where i hear you talk about hey you wanna pay attention to the type of people that have grown real businesses of their own right right and this person was being real critical and i don't believe has done that has grown real businesses of their own so i don't like it when people throw rocks at what people are working hard to build and so i went at it with this guy on social media.

us chamber of commerce seventy five percent
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"Up aw king don hanover and i know one thing and myself flat on my face pick myself back that's why maybe seven six with piscopo the morning mama mia where do you start asking you where do we start i have to you know i don't go out i don't wanna go because he who humbles himself is exalted and vice versa so he's going to put up that on my i can't on my gravestone i've been a puppet of popular pirate potapov king been up that see that's too much to put on the gravestone so maybe i'll just put he who humbles himself is exalted so either or you know frank sinatra bills has on his great you know that right i do know this the best is still yet to come very good close enough the best is i love it i love it hey a good morning frankie good morning good morning to you it's joe on the radio seven seven yes there's a lot to get into first albany new cat yes he stood us up at the nino's we are best time on macdougal street at the greenwich village location of didn't he knows we had the best pie ousted us up he just didn't show we were all there the whole wonderful sales that laura was grayson and mary and debbie do hanes showed up because it was so big news everybody came up and they would say joe and one collection that was permeating the whole sit down there as a big election night we took a break it deneen with the day of that opened in that beautiful that open window that overlooks macdougal street cafe why would you be hendrix plate right down the street posted something online with mike burke the great owner of the nino's and everybody's saying one thing was an al franken i gotta make well he you to make an appointment without like months out no and if it's a tattoo or a cat he's not shown i said i was not attending because i was going to get a cat debbie at that point reproduced an email that you sent unbound month ago rsvp seeing that yes that's true al did thank you he did say off air that i'm going to say that i'm going but i'm not actually going and then and then and then the person who had invited all of us frank volpi said i will not be going he said give me a pass for old time sake i said i will not be going my wife wants to get the cat and that's it though someone vacation she wants to do something listen it's great we had a great time of thanks to mike burke indonesia's what a great running up the bill with africa broccoli rob broccoli or how about that column on my goodness clam pie of it we had a great time i feel bad though because the firefighters staten island dog we're to the deniro's stanton island so the firefighters actually hurt some of them showed up thinking we rather i will make a personal trip to didn't he knows the staten island just for the firefighters are the great thanks one the firefighters should listen more closely this is true kill is the firefighters were winners anyway because they got to go to deniro's and hang out and enjoy some great pizza three is while we definitely love to have you on staten island i'm still wanting to show you the joe piscopo stone that we got you at the museum the garibaldi mutya museum for christmas years ago it's going to be one of those things where because it takes so long to get to staten island you'll be all those gas think about doing it until that day because you're going to have ten thousand other things going on and you're gonna say i can't believe i have to go all the way stat of utah me the firefighters are there i'll show up i swear to god i could do that and we appreciate mike burke we appreciate didn't he knows and we certainly have such a respect for firefighters thermostat nyland our show i'm so anytime i'm telling you and also the kids i think are going on vacation today she's going on.

don hanover
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"The i your basement though no if the if there was a place where you took them over the village laugh at the why these the we had a dog with on sovereign joy number one strike number one number two the cost something if the looser landed dog now well they everyone lived in apartments so the dog or just just stacked dark ages thought was put your dog cages seraya act up front well now doggy spot right sure and i went over there icrc idiot checked in one of those places for three days i wa i was actually offended as some of these told me they dearly hearing her as one thing at a pet store the other day for a vegan dog foot i regret that face because if you will make an unhealthy dog if you owe vegan hank our friend rob schneider he had a dog a registrar territory i took care of your can do he demands that we feed it bra rob broccoli dog should everywhere and died of dive diabetes young he had diarrhoea oliver our house and digestive debbie without okay rough data that's it it's it's it's it's a it's a grandiose that he which is i don't i don't think that i know better than a dog what a dog shitty i made broccoli may be good for me scavenger their evolved to scavenge yes that is the and a and a carnivore that scavenges right adjust your diet accordingly i i'm sorry so so when they should be the presidential suite and i really almost like threw up on the on the threshold other get no i can't see this i this offensive to me and it's over they keep you know where my hundred be music right and that's okay but there was spa music playing and then i was just like really well that we've gone now is the asked the can't just have the the pillows in the air conditioning in the we've we've gone off the rail but how much of that i had a a moment from this morning which was.

rob schneider icrc three days
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"Doesn't really burn center when he uses the fireplace when it's let it really is that we can have a fire and then you now what the gets really cold up there in the slight he when i would guess so i would guess so and so little fire sometimes is nice storms ended up that but is i don't care that for you don't forget the cook i was going to ask you you know my friend sousa which can air does are news here oh man yeah he's ginger read cookies and they are outstanding by that does have a favorite indeed yes center as a very favorite kind of cooking are the around when the round was so square cookies for the i just around aced funny the set score wednesday spot should we be also because last year we last some carrots out for the rain garrett because we thought that they're probably hungry to or anything else we should leave out for the rain your today like characters that a good starting point when he low carrots below broccoli they love rock all that's tebow's wow rob broccoli to robert and that doesn't given the wins you know what i'm saying if they're flying around and then you're behind him you know no yeah we not three zero three seven one three eighty five eighty vibe had three zero three seven one three eighty five eight much that has left to how did behind but he has a question for misses klein they've got already had you're on with intimate quiet here's your closet what are your first near him it's an win and when and she's a prince us oh yeah and he centuries the go i was depend says well you you you definitely married up santa i think as man we all marry every game steve does that i had to your question yes thank you very much do.

sousa garrett tebow santa steve klein
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"Know if brooklyn's that with you like that night yeah i do so it's kind of the creating powder bankers for the that's both at the and what happened here and there more willing to try to really that and we get of aren't in the dude actually growing up another one bit that it's built try to that there it on that they would have had it on the table but they are tied get i didn't know in it the best win of the best pick the i've been taught me it's the power of presentation if healthy habit number eighty but it takes in it the out by the whole bill poll and i but little girl work and it health i can get even gulp beat think that would normally put it note on little containers you know it's just kind of appealing to creativity appealing to model yeah i get it line and not your after the curve match to pull so the book really is a fun way for people to take in the idea that it just because you look at alternatives an options it doesn't have to be trying boring that you're eating the old days when we were is starting the natural products industry people on the imagined that it was spots in cardboard and you get cuerpo and you could have you know just drive foods that had no flavor and in to some degree it was a limited scope but it's really not that way any more you even come up with ideas with containers in concepts at home what's that about well again it's got to dress and that make it we even do that with a two i can't tell you how many picture but taken in the kitchen to get my camera right here i get but they have is the or per that matter sometimes you pull out of that spot in a shape it just crack and so it began creating a powder the the ancient with it and not this in my head but when we first got married he eighth i think it but it let it basically in broccoli rob broccoli and he had negative because the asian with it and nobody.

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"rob broccoli" Discussed on Power 105.1 FM

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